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Arsenal will need to repeat history in order to win the title

Arsenal will need to repeat history in order to win the title by KM

Hello fellow Arsenal fans from around the third planet in the solar system. Are you still buzzing that Welbeck goal? It really got me, because it was the fair result and it saved our chances to get the trophy we last had 12 years ago…

White Heart Lane and Old Trafford. The last grounds where Arsenal became champions. The two grounds we visit next in the league with a pretty poor record there in recent times. It’s been a long 10 years since Adebayor rolled the ball into United’s net for our last victory at OT, although last season we did manage to win there in the FA cup.

No need to say this is by far the worst United side I have seen since I started watching Premier League football, but still we have mental problems going there and it’ll be a tough one. Surprisingly though the tougher one would be Spurs who are in the best form right now. If we are to challenge for this title though, we’ll have to go away and get the results.

What will happen in Europe may also swing the fates one way or the other, and I saw Barcelona play the other day and I have to say Messi is out of this world once again. Suarez scored a hat-trick but Messi struck a stunning free kick, gave an assist on a plate for the Uruguayan and the way he passed the defender for the penalty and the pass he gave from it was just sensational.

Bayern may dominate a German league featuring pretty much only one strong rival, but Barcelona is on another level. I am being realistic, it’ll be very hard to get past them, unless we play the best game ever and they are not at their best, but we cannot afford to get thumped.

I hope Koscielny recovers for that game, because a defence consisting of Mertesacker and Chambers against the best attack in the world is not a dream match up. On the upbeat Messi has never scored against Cech! He even missed a penalty once!

If we manage to get any sort of a positive result from that game, should be another huge lift and we’ll need confidence going to OT. We’ll be the favorites this time, but we’ve been there before. Two make or break weeks are coming up. They’ll tell us volumes about how strong we are mentally and squad wise.

Until then, enjoy.
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21 thoughts on “Arsenal will need to repeat history in order to win the title

    1. StopPraisingOzil4LittleThings

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        1. Davros

          He is still very good player. He just needs consistency. When he has consistency, he will be just one level below WC, which is still excellent

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      1. Renoosenal

        Ozil sloppy and overated?????

        Then why is he on 17 assists with 12 games to go? You haven’t got a clue mate.

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        1. admin

          That comment… and username.. may be a definite indication of a troll.

          thumbs up I ban him???

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          1. admin

            What goalscorers? ? If the chances that Ozil had created were converted he would have treble those figures!! Do you actually watch the games?

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            1. TJ

              Nope he wouldn’t have trebled it. About 20-22% would be considered exceptional. We are 6% behind the leaders on conversion (the Foxes)…and 1.8% behind the Spuds. Our conversion is at 14.2%. I have seen enough games to know that sometimes we score 2 goals with 4 shots on goal. Sometimes we get 0 with 30 shots on goal. Some of these days have been with Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Wright etc…shxt happens.

              Do we need to get better at converting chances…of course. There are 8 teams with a better conversion rate than us but still behind us! The 2 teams ahead of us DO have a better conversion rate…FOR NOW!

              We want a new striker than show me a guy who does the work OG12 does..who is faster than him and is more clinical…I am 100% convinced AW will buy him or I will quit supporting Arsenal after 42 years.

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              1. Godswill

                Bring in a good striker and you will value Ozil. Did get what Welbeck said? He clearly stated that he had to position himself well when he saw Ozil on the ball because it was to be a good chance and it was.

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  1. goonerboy

    If we take the game to ManU, they will surely fall…Who is in that team that could hurt us?Mata? Martial or who?
    I do not fear Man U at all,right now,they are like Norwich lol…
    The thing is Man U will be up for it cos they lost to Sunderland and we humiliated them @ the Emirates…and that could also be in our favour should they come out and attack…

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  2. StopPraisingOzil4LittleThings

    The Win against leceister came at the most important time and especially with Welbeck coming back…

    I tell you the players are gonna bi on fire………..

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  3. AlanShear

    Let’s have some physical game against barca…and as for ManU game, we juz need to play our football…no more red card please…

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  4. Jazlon

    its been a while since I have commented on here buuuuuuuuuutt……

    Boy oh boy…what a moment welbeck produced….at 93 mins I can honestly say I was walking out and about to switch of the tv….I then saw ozil saying a lil prayer…and stood still…boom “WELLLBEEECCKK””(peter drury voice)…magic and passion I tell you

    While it is wonderful…..I am really concerned about our goal scoring prowress…I want our forwards to become hungry again…and take responsibility when in a goal scoring position….

    I feel wenger should move walcot again to the centre of the pitch…and maby even re-introduce joel…for more movement and creativity….

    If we stay consistent….have defensive stability…100% commitment and concentration + healthy rotation….we will be crowned EPL champions and even shock the world by beating barca….

    I feel ramsey and sanchez just needs to relax a tiny bit… do the basic…and grab your chance once its presented..

    speedy recovery to gabs and koss…we need ya”ll…

    let the tough journey begin


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  5. TJ

    In our Gunners I see a team starting to come back to their best…while playing below the level we know they can…we are right up there for the title. Spuds have had luck and yes some good play. Are they “scary”? Not by a long shot. Is there more upside from their game? I can’t see it. ManUre…should we fear them? I think not. We’ve already thumped them this season, now we need to do it in their backyard. The others…Man City away? Well why not…let’s see what form they cobble together come time we play.

    The team just needs to focus on getting the rhythm back from the back line to the finish. It’s spurts and starts at the moment. It’s not quite a well-tuned engine but it’s getting better.

    We don’t need to repeat history…each game WE MAKE OUR HISTORY…i hear lots of rhetoric about who has an easier run for the next 12 games. The cliche is very valid – at this point of the season there are NO easy games. This season has highlighted better than others…on any given day…any team can another. There are teams fighting to avoid relegation; there are teams fighting for spots in Europe; there are players playing out of their skins for the big pay-off.

    As SAF once said – this is “squeaky bum” time. Frankly I hope AW will focus more resources on the EPL as opposed the UCL or FA. For the UCL…we would have to get a win and at least a 2 goal cushion for the away tie & then play out of our skins and scare the bejeezus out of Barca. have we got the goods to shake them up…I tihnk so, but we will definitely need some luck too! We have enough depth to cover the FA Cup so I’m not too worried about that….if we go out by resting key players for the EPL…i think that’s a reasonable risk to take…but again…I think we have the necessary depth to cover the FA Cup obligations.

    In 3-4 weeks we will have Jack and Santi back…fingers crossed we don’t have injuries to key players in the meantime. All I see is UPSIDE…we aren’t just hanging on to a title challenge by playing our best…we are in for 3 titles while clearly not at our peak!

    Journo’s and the media scan these sites to get a sense of the Fan Vibe…don’t feed them negativity!

    Pump up the boys!

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  6. Davros

    Can you imagine how many assists Ozil would have with Aguero or Vardy or even Lukaku or Kane.

    I cry whenever Ozil’s passes are not converted.

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    1. jonestown1

      People like to imagine such stuff, sort of suggesting Ozil would be on 20,30, 40(!!) assists at the moment if he had “decent” finishers in the team – but reality is a bitch. The PL assist record is 20 – MO is on 17 with nearly a third of the season left. Something must be going right! Bit of context – Ozil never got more than 17 league assists at Real Madrid with Ronaldo, Benzema et al. What went wrong there?

      Yes we would always like better finishing/conversion rates but hey ho. And it is not as if Aguero or Kane or Vardy or Lukaku never miss or fluff their lines. We tend to watch every minute of Arsenal games and highlights of most other teams. We notice our misses and most other striker’s misses go unnoticed. For example, Aguero has been pants in the last few games – Giroud would have been lynched on here with some of Aguero’s recent fluffed efforts.

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    2. jonestown1

      Mate we have created 327 chances in PL so far this season, Ozil is creating at a rate of nearly 5 a match. With 100% conversion rate we would be scoring an average of nearly 13 goals a game! You must be crying a hell of a lot! 🙂

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