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Arsenal will not be signing Henry again says Wenger

Arsene Wenger has put an end to the speculation over a possible third spell at Arsenal for the 35-year old French striker Thierry Henry. The former Gunner and goal machine has been training with the Arsenal players during the off season from his club, New York Red Bulls, in the American MLS.

The Arsenal manager had kept the possibility open, but had suggested that a another loan move at the Emirates might be one time too many for Henry. He did well for us last year, scoring the winning goal in two matches, but Wenger would not want him to struggle. When asked specifically whether there was still a chance he might play for Arsenal again, Wenger gave the simple reply, “No.”

“He is not ready, he has just come back from holiday anyway. At the moment we are not on that case.”

Officials at the Red Bulls, Gerard Houllier and Andy Roxburgh, did not seem too keen to risk Henry playing for Arsenal again. Perhaps they thought that, at his age, Henry needed to rest during this period. They would have been in trouble if he picked up an injury in the tough world of the English Premier league.

Henry could still help Arsenal, by giving precious advice and direction to the Arsenal strikers. Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, Gervinho and Podolski could all do with some words of wisdom from Arsenal’s all time leading scorer, with 226.

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20 thoughts on “Arsenal will not be signing Henry again says Wenger

  1. Toni Balle

    Ummm, its 228. I don’t know why it isn’t 229, because his shot against blackburn was clearly on target, but hey, doesn’t half tarnish his goal tally! Oh, and bob, get your facts right!!!

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  2. leo

    good because we need long term soluitons not part time now hope wenger make some signings + we still sign zaha else we will regret just like we did when we missed out on mata/hazard & many more he is better than gervinho 4sure

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  3. Tron

    I’m very happy about this personally !…… Great player and always will b to arsenal fans but he didn’t look sharp until his very last game last year ! I think it’s time we stopped accepting the cheaper option all the time , I pay a lot of money for my season ticket , is it that unreasonable for the fans of a team that’s the most expensive in the league to watch to look forward to a big signing every now and then ???

    I’ve heard some of the transfer targets and laughed tbh , 20 mil for cabaye ??? Even if I thought he was what we needed I wud b laughing , we will not b paying 20 mil for anyone !

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  4. Gundam

    yeah i agree if there is any rumour that has promise of a world class star it is turan

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  5. Sank

    Buy quality get quality.

    fellani or baines from everton.
    goetze or isco

    and get arda turan but please dont buy lopez.

    wenger please dont take gamble and spend money.

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  6. Ams

    Henry should go to management..or be a trainer..
    I really hate arsenal board right now…curse trophy this season if we still use the same addition of proven rotation in the team…no competition…I dont know if we can finish top 4….stupid board..

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  7. tom

    Adrian Lopez has scored 3 Goals in 25 Appearances so for this season. About as useful as a fart in a spacesuit.

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  8. lhkhnkjnj

    djouru + rosicky (only if you dont play him and give him chance) + great great bentner and some 38 million that wenger was willing to pay for cavani should be enough to get cavani

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  9. true goon

    Thank god for that,this could be a sign that Wenger realises that he’s been letting us down an needs to buy some fresh talent

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  10. lhkhnkjnj

    wooo hooooooo great season so far!! not gonna end up in champions league next season…… we all know that wenger and board are not gonna spend this window so we are gonna go behind blue shits, spuds, everton and swansea for sure no title this season 🙁 and worse maybe we finish behind spuds 🙁

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  11. issaias

    we need a strong imposing defensive mid fielder….. we cant rely on the unreliable diaby and arteta is out of position at DM.another powerful center back and clinica striker…end of z puzzle…… and please give some playing time for rosicky

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  12. mario

    The Daily Mail reports that RVP stated to a Dutch journalist that ‘It makes me laugh the new contract I was offered by Arsenal and I threw it in the bin’.This sums up Arsene Wenger and Arsenal who have a massive pile of deadwood collecting wages yet they couldnt offer RVP a decent contract.Appaling management.It’s not only handed Man.U the title but massively eroded Arsenals fanbase worldwide.Yet fans that go to the Emirates do nothing about such utter mismanagement.Just boycott.

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  13. Mojo

    Could be a very risky gamble in my opinion!

    Last year we owed a lot to van persie, that’s obvious … But without Henry’s goals we would not have gotten 4th! He scored some really important goals for us and he lifted the squad.

    So not getting him back tells me that wenger has something else in mind! I just hope it is a new signing!

    If theo signs then good, he will probably alternate with giroud up front and on the wings… But gervinho is woeful and chamberlain can only play on one wing at one time, plus he is coming more central these days.

    Gervinho will go to acon, no big loss for me, but it means we are a player short… So we either need a striker or a winger… I would have thought Henry would be a good option for the cheap skates up stairs…. And not just that but I have watched him a few times in America and although it is a sub standard league, he is awesome at times! I still think he could do a part time job for arsenal!

    So in all… I hope wenger buys in , because we do not have the adequate replacements to fill in for acon or strengthen us in the second crucial part of the season.

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  14. sinero

    who know what arsene wenger wants anymore. I don’t know if wenger can still tie his own shoe lace.

    Only God can help us this time.

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  15. true goon


    When did the Daily Mail say this?RVP said that they didn’t discuss the contract they were talking about the team,transfers and the direction of the club.He wasn’t happy with what he heard and the meeting was ended then he released that statement on his website.He didn’t even see the contract

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  16. Moses

    I hope that we do make some purchases in this window to improve the team, as it’s looking to be a tough fight for a champions league place, even tougher when the team drops points against the likes of Southampton. Watching last night you could easily see that the team needs a game changer and someone who can get a goal when we really need it.

    I love Henry, he’s my favourite player ever, but that aside if he isn’t the guy for the job I can completely understand that. But if the club are saying that they don’t think Henry can do the job, then they need to look elsewhere to buy someone who can do that job, because if we want 4th place we need as much help as we can get.

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