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Arsenal will not drop Mannone

A growing number of Arsenal fans are becoming concerned about the reliability, or lack of it, exhibited by our Italian keeper Vito Mannone. With both Polish stoppers, Wojciech Szczesny and Lucasz Fabianski, still in the treatment room there have been calls for Arsene Wenger to give Damien Martinez an opportunity in the first team.

Wenger has rejected this idea and is determined to show confidence in Mannone. The manager has discussed things with the young keeper and is doing what he can to bolster his confidence. Mannone must be aware that he has made some bad mistakes recently, but losing confidence could make things much worse for him and for Arsenal.

“I’ve spoken to Mannone. We both know mistakes can happen to every big keeper.

“But I’m not tempted to play Martinez. The biggest quality of a keeper is experience. Putting an even less experienced keeper in now wouldn’t be the right thing.”

Wenger is trying to boost Mannone’s confidence but he is also telling the truth. It is frustrating for Gooners to see Mannone make a mistake but it does happen. Remember that in Szczesny’s last game against Southampton he fumbled an easy ball that led to Arsenal conceding their first goal of the season.

After putting in one of the best goalkeeping displays I have seen in a long time against Borussia Dortmund, Joe Hart made a mistake last Saturday that almost cost Manchester City. Mannone needs to quickly put it behind him and concentrate on the job at hand.

Wenger is doing the right thing, and as long as Mannone does not let his mistakes get to him, the experience he is gaining now will help him in the future. Having said that, if he blunders tonight I will be shouting some serious abuse at my TV screen, he might even hear me.

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal will not drop Mannone

  1. rvp

    im afraid this article was poorly written,
    please try and improve your fluency.

    ADMIN excuse me your majesty if my english is not up to your standards. Please explain to me how i have failed.

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  2. Imi

    Well yeah, Why drop mannone?

    He has more experience than Martinez so he’s the obviouse choice ..

    Can either make or break a keeper when they make mistakes.. Remember barthez, he can make the most fantastic of saves or the worst possible mistakes …

    I think That’s where almunia went wrong, he made a mistake and never came back from it… I think manone has a good mentality and will be strong and take fabianski’s place…

    Problem with Fabianski is that he’s too nervous even with his experience you notice his nervousness … Scz has a good character and doesn’t mind yelling at his defenders which a keeper should be good at… for me i’d rate Scz 1 and then Manonne 2, Fabianski can battle it out with Martinez for all I care.

    Furthermore, Tonight I honestly see arsenal destroying Shalke. Here are my reasons:

    Giroud and Podolski are both PUMPED to snap out of the Norwich game… especially giroud.. This is his time to shine and he will score more in the champions league than the prem league due to his adjusting time to the pace of prem league.

    Santos had 1 game on Norwich so he should be ready properly for this game as he has been on bench for a while.

    If cazorla is rested i’d play Arshavin in his Place either way those 2 will destroy Shalk.

    We have players who are hungry and that’s what’s going to happen tonight.

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  3. robkrieger

    Good point, lets get behind Mannone, he’s not bad for a third choice keeper.

    when we’re qualified for sure in the group stage, and there are still games, it would be good to give Martinez gametime, since he is only one injury away from 1st being choice.

    to RVP: you’re afraid? I hope you didn’t piss your pants, lol

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  4. Gooner

    What good is dropping him now? I have heard no calls to replace Mannone with Martinez.

    We would be replacing one slightly inexperienced keeper with a massively inexperienced keeper…pointless.

    For better or worse we have Vito until Szczesny comes back, we should support him…purely because we have nobody else.

    Possibly rectify the situation in Jan, by considering bringing in a new keeper.

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  5. 14

    cant wait to see Szczesny in our goal… he will be onw of the best keepers in a few years, but i agree he needs more experience, best way to get it ub the 1st team. Smash these germans today Guneers!

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  6. Sam c

    @imi wow your a bias fun! How do you know podolski and giroud are pumped exactly? For all we know they are lacking sharpness after the Norwich game and are tired. And what are your reasons for arshavin ripping s halve apart? They just beat Borussia Dortmund on the weekend, don’t insult them by saying arshavin will kill them, we can’t beat Norwich fifs! It’ll be a very close game, no way we will ‘destroy’ them.

    As for goalkeeping, it should have never of got to this. Fabianski has always been injury prone so wenger should have got a second choice goalkeeper in, it’s not mannones fault he’s not good enough, look at other top teams third choice they will be no better

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  7. Carl

    Wenger to make changes v Schalke. Giroud set to be dropped, Gerv up top, Coquelin in, Ramsey on right. Big test for #afc, great home record.

    John Cross twitter

    Guys and girls , happy ?

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  8. Rodrigo Caio

    You can’t even compare Mannone with Joe Hart.
    Hart destipe his mistake in the last game is one of the best goalkeepers around. Beyond being very regular, he is a keeper that does some extremely hard saves.
    While Mannone beyond not making any hard saves constantly fails in extremely easy and basic saves!!
    We need to buy a top class goalkeeper in the next transfer window or hope that Szczesny’s form is back and he lives up to his full potencial!

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  9. bhatty

    fabianski should get the chance when he is back. he is not the most talented one. i belive i scheczny, but he is the one with most experience. the most solid keeper wew had since seaman if we look at the stats. martinez is the future beside scezny. (problems with spelling scheczny :P)

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  10. YK

    Arsene will not drop him, this is one very good thing he does for his players, I only hope after he has improved he wont choose Shity instead of Arsenal

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  11. benah

    Ramsey should never start any arsenal game. if he starts today i will be ready for a lose, i tell you gunners

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  12. Dan

    I don’t really care about him he’s just another one of Wenger’s projects that he’ll continue to play until he’s preoved right about him (which he won’t be), a bit like Walcott.

    Szesesny could be great very soon. But Wenger needs to bring in a really experienced keeper for the big matches with Prem experience a bit like the spuds did with Friedel.

    Shay Given or Alan McGregor would have been good.

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