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Arsenal will NOT get Villa from Barcelona

Arsenal have spoken to Barcelona and tried to persuade them to sell David Villa this January, and the Spanish international is keen on the move, but the Barcelona president has squashed the transfer and told the media so in no uncertain terms. Sandro Rosell has made his mind up and told the Catalan radio station RAC.

“I completely rule out the transfer of Villa during the winter market.

“He is ours and we need him and there is a lot of the season left.”

That is pretty clear, then. It does not sound like a manager stating that they do not want to sell a player days before he leaves. Rosell has control over the club, and his word is final. It is a big blow for Arsene Wenger, who had hoped that Villa would be the big name that Arsenal fans wanted and he would have fitted in with the Arsenal team perfectly.

The only bit of silver lining on this cloud is that Rosell specifically mentioned this window. That suggests to me that Villa will be available in the summer. Barcelona are trying to get Neymar at the end of the season and are rumoured to have an agreement in place. With Alexis, Tello and Pedro misfiring, Barcelona are worried about the possibility of Messi picking up an injury, so they are keeping Villa in reserve.

Villa will not be happy, and neither are we, but Wenger is going to have to get somebody else, and quick.

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116 thoughts on “Arsenal will NOT get Villa from Barcelona

  1. Julzeh

    Pathetic, i mean i wasnt sure on villa myself, but this sends out a message how pathetic we really are when it comes to buying players in the market. The way it looks at the moment, is that we will not buy anyone this winter and will suffer by having to play players like Gervinho and Ramsey everyweek. We give barca hleb(lol) fabregas,henry and song and this is how they respond, FxCK the lot of them.

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  2. trm

    All the players We are linked with I DO NOT WANT.
    AW said he is looking to sign 1 or 2 players this window. I hope he does not include TW in them figures!!!!!
    I assume though due to Chamark & Djourou freeing up space he would want to fill the void. I am crying out for some protection for our defense. Beyond Caz, Art & Wil I do not see anyone stepping up. Time to bring in another creative mind and a defensive minded player…thats 2 players Mr Wenger…as per your requirement 🙂

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  3. DrPepper

    Again, no word from Arsenal or Arsene about signing villa – we don’t sign the player = blame the club/wenger

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  4. dilla

    Pep Guardiola announced that he’ll be back coaching in the premier league next year. Fingers crossed.

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  5. true goon

    Wenger has lost confidence in Ligue 1 only hope is he’s holding out for some1 better or some1 playing in the EPL,spain or germany.
    People are dismissing McCarthy,but he’s a Wenger type of signing,he’s not a big name,he won’t be on high wages,and it would be easy for to just buy him an stick him on the bench.
    Unfortunately thats not what we need,i’m not saying he’s not good enough,cos Wigan have talented players i think we shud have gone for Moses but as usual…What we need ae players who will come straight into the team,no question,we all know whih positions,CB,DM and Striker

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  6. GP

    Big clubs with ambition have a different mentality.
    The aim is to reach the top and stay there.That cannot happen without quality players and a manager that wants to win.
    Barca also has a president who wants to be re-elected every year so they have to please the fans too.Their fans love Villa
    If you keep these things in mind you will always compete.
    Something our manager and board forgot years ago
    We abandoned that policy but sadly unlike the Barca president, we cannot vote them out.

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  7. Gooner

    We also aren’t propped up by a failing government, the football bubble will burst and it will burst in Spain.

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  8. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Arsene Wenger suffers from a crisis of inability to make transfer market decisions. And yet they have the whole year to plan. What a shame!

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  9. gooneray

    I fell it’s a bizaar situation that we sell our best players on the cheap to the spanish tossers when they give no good will back the other way. I couldn’t give a monkeys about Villa to be honest but I would like to see Arsenal be stronger when they come knocking. Overmars, petit, henry, fabragas, Hleb, song, how many more of the team he builds will he let them have. If they owe money for song make them cough up now!!!

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  10. Anyass

    Wow thats a Good mark of a Great CEO and a Team with ambition and welling to do but if it was to be that Ars guy he would jump jubilating that Barcelona are after his player and now you want their player and they are telling you to forget about him Arsene need to go for good he has done all he could for the club

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  11. GP

    If the bubble bursts in Spain then so be it.
    The point is Barcelona are not responsible for solving our problems,we are
    Further more we created our problems.
    We are sitting on a pile of money but still talk about loan deals.

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  12. aaa

    I am getting really pissed off with arsenal being such a stingy miserly club. they make millions of pounds every year and scrimp around all the time buying ubder rated players. i am so disapointed this year with our ambitions. i detest the board as they sit on auto pilot using our club as a cash machine. i dont blame RVP for leaving. changes are needed. i’d consider laudrup and michu to replace wenger as our club is totally stale in its management and ambition!!

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  13. Gooner

    OK then, so we should spend all of our money and hope the bubble doesn’t burst?

    We spend what we can afford to.

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  14. GP

    We are NOT spending what we can afford.
    We are spending much less than we can afford which is the promblem.
    The money we CHOOSE to spend is not enough to build a good team or keep the good players we have.
    The same people that make excuses for this board and manager are the same people writing long list of fantasy signings.
    Do you not understand that nothing can change without changing the people responsible?
    Wenger had involvement in building the stadium and the training ground, do you honestly believe that he cannot insist on signing or bidding for quality players?
    There is just too much denial with some of us.

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  15. gooneray

    Clubs that have spent to strengthen like united are still at the top where we have fell away. We have stagnated and need fresh blood

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