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Arsenal will NOT lose Mannone to Italy

Arsenal have two of the top three keepers in the squad out of action due to injury, so reports last week that Vito Mannone was looking for a return to Italy were about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. The 24-year old Italian keeper has reassured Gooners that he has no intention of leaving the Emirates anytime in the foreseeable future.

“I want to make it clear, because there have been unfounded rumours, that my contract is not ending in 12 months.

“I’ve got a few more years and I’m happy to be at Arsenal right now. I’m looking at the present and the future is not in doubt.

“I want to stay at Arsenal as long as I can, I don’t want to move to any other club.”

Mannone was obviously the subject of leading questions by a reporter who asked him if he would ever like to play in Italy and Mannone mentioned AC Milan as the club he supported as a boy. Reports claiming that Inter Milan and Napoli were tracking Mannone probably stemmed from this first report.

Injuries to the Polish keepers Szczesny and Fabianski have given Mannone the opportunity he has been waiting for and he has not disappointed. Although he will probably lose his place when Szczesny returns, he has done enough to leapfrog Fabianski in the pecking order.

Mannone is hoping to break into the Italy first team after playing seven times for the under-21s. I, for one, am glad he is not in the squad now because we could not afford another injury. Buffon has picked up a knock during the international break so Mannone is better off safe and sound in London.

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal will NOT lose Mannone to Italy

  1. syed

    Mannone a worthy back up keeper..its far time v had a plan B, just in case..
    Wengers faith in the itallion stallion has clearly paid off! 🙂

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  2. John Legend....

    I think he might still leave in not so long a time. Our number remains better than he is and even younger. I believe Szcz wȋιι always keep him on the bench when fit. However, if he does not mind deputizing the Pole, he wȋιι remain a Gunner, if not, his days wȋιι be numbered at the Emirates.

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  3. bergkamp

    Arsene should keep Mannone and provide him opportunities to play in Champions League and FA Cup as a backup for Szczesny in injuries and lack of form. It will always make Arsenal have two best goal keepers in team

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  4. amol

    Mannone is getting the chance….he should capatalize on it…

    N janaury transfer target should be jovetic or dzagoev or Isco

    rather than adrian lopez n Llorenete

    just being available cheap doesn’t mean arsenal should sign them. I think we have two good strikers in giroud n gervinho
    now a more creative second striker is must
    who can play striker as well as on wings…

    Isco can play on wings n as a playmaker…
    Jovetic can play on wings n as a striker..

    Bringing in Llorenete will mean wenger doesn’t trust giroud n gervinho

    Infact I think gervinho is far far better as striker than on wing
    where he is dead
    no good at passing nor at crossing n bad at tiki taka

    so he’s better as false nine….

    Arsenal need a player who scores as well as asits often…

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  5. ButtFlaps

    Manonone is top top #2 goalkeepers, we must to keep. He knows he will get the CHANCES!

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  6. Riyan

    Admin, can we please have an Android/ Samsung app for this website please? I like to read this site on the go, so it would be appreciated.

    ADMIN COMMENT yes it is being set up as we speak few teething troubles but won’t be long

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  7. BalancedView

    Alex Song too was very happy with life at the Emirates and also had more than 12months of his contract left but where is he today?

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