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Arsenal WILL sign Spanish striker

Why I’m certain that Wenger will get a striker from Spain in January by KJ

There’s been a lot of talk about Wenger buying a striker in January as Arsenal clearly need one. However, one of our targets Klaas Jan Huntelaar has signed a 2 year contract extension at Schalke 04. In my opinion, that’s brilliant news for Arsenal as he’s not close to being a striker good enough for Arsenal. However, Arsenal are looking through La Liga for our next striker as their economy is in a mess at the moment and many teams are in debt. This means Wenger can find a brilliant player at a good price. Here’s the targets:

Adrian Lopez: We’ve been interested in the 24 year old Spaniard for quite some time. He’s been hailed as the next David Villa and will definitely add a different dynamic to the team. He’s good with his feet and has brilliant movement. He wants to move as he’s failed to sign a new contract with Atletico and is unhappy. He also has a lot of years left in him as well. Price will be roughly £13 million.

David Villa: Recently, we’ve become interested in the illustrious striker that is David Villa. He’s won everything. He does everything a striker should do brilliantly and has a wealth of experience. He has that winning mentality that this team could really do with. He wants a move because he feels he needs to be the main striker. He’s been benched as a result and is very likely to move away from Barcelona. However, he just turned 31 and may only have 3-4 years left in him at best. Price will be £13 million.

Roberto Soldado: This striker is quite different to the others. He’s more of a fox in the box but does know how to pass. He’s very clinical and is at his prime. He’s doing well with Valencia and has no real reason to move. Price will be £15 million.

All 3 players are brilliant in their own right. I’d personally want David Villa as he has a wealth of experience and is the most proven player out of the three. Who would you want Arsenal to sign?

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95 thoughts on “Arsenal WILL sign Spanish striker

  1. KidKnockout

    Adrian Lopez is very inconsistent and doesn’t actually get a lot of assists even though he plays with Falcao, I don’t see how he gets compared to Villa but if Walcott goes then I guess we should get both Lopez and Soldaldo.

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  2. leo

    what’s this obsession with ba seriously way overrated last season how many goals did he score on top he is demanding 90+ a week cavani at napoli earns 35/week should we pay ba more for that get someone better like soldado/llorente + david villa on loan

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  3. Gunner4life

    if we get villa or soldado than they will be cup-tied in the champions league and hell we aint passing bayern without atleast a good striker so i say lopez

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  4. mani_gooner

    @leo wel said mate

    dj+15m to napoli we can get cavani in return..

    WIN WIN situation…but, im dreaming.. 🙂

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  5. mo

    PLZ SIGN ANYOF THESE 3 JOVETIC, EL SHARAWAY AND CAVANI btw napoli si not doing great in thier league.
    and jovetic was injured for abt 4 weeks but he played yeterday and SCORED 2 GOALS

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  6. ChrisLau90

    Surely we don’t need another striker. We’ve already got Giroud, Walcott, and Podolski (and sometimes Gervinho) all competing for that position. Signing another striker will just make Walcott more likely to leave. The only thing I feel Wenger has to sign is perhaps another midfielder and maybe a winger.

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  7. mo



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  8. Psalmsyn

    Am just tired of dis speculations…let Arsene do the job guys bt a world class striker will be it…wait… a versatile Dm too please wenger.

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  9. dave

    So those ppl on here who said they knew klaas had already signed for us were lying? Surely not. Buy lopez and loan villa 🙂

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  10. YoungGooner

    In my opinion we really dont need to sign another striker, we need to sign a GK, a LB and a CDM. If we sign Landreau, Shaw and Wanyama our team will be very very good. Change our formation from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-1-2 and our team will look solid. Out 1st team would look like this:
    And our 2nd would look like this:

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  11. Shiva

    @awesomo – Are you high?

    Villa or Soldado if Walcott stays. Both if Walcott doesnt sign the ting.

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  12. synsix

    Ba is nothin special i’m tellin u/he is at best a decent forward and thats all there is/I, for one, wont like to see Ba in Red n Whites/he is not excitin and definately not a Top Top Arsenal quality

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  13. AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa

    Let wenger sign whoever he wants. Our opinion doesn’t matter.

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  14. jackson

    Adebayor plzzz ! Swap with Poldi or Giroud
    Great header this dude..Need goal really ok ?!

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  15. Frencher

    Soldado, he has every attribute you could want in a striker. Speed, power, sharp passes, arial ability and clinical finishing from 25 plus yards out. He’s got the most to offer arsenal in terms of age and ability. We would still need another winger though…

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  16. the king

    lopez is avrage not even on the starting eleven in the madrid team….but ofc typical arsenal those are kind of players we buy. becouse we are pritty much an avrage team this days.

    wenger should look more at llorente and Mvila
    just 2-3 world class players we need then we might be fighting with the top 3 teams.

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  17. Arsene Ocran

    in fact cavani looks more red n white than those over-aged players and also adrian with wanyama will revive our passion for arsenal.act fast Arsene,there is money in our coffex

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  18. ThirdManJW

    There has been so many articles about what striker we should go for, which is strange, as the main area which needs strengthening is midfield. Giroud has been fed scraps all season and so was Walcott against Wigan. Even RVP didn’t have tons of chances last season because of Cesc and Nasri leaving, and our creativity has got worse since RVP and Song have left as well.

    We need to start dominating games again, and start creating chances for fun like we used to.I know Walcott and Giroud aren’t world class but they’ll start scoring more often with more creativity from out wide and in the middle.

    I think we need playmaker/winger, def mid, back up LB. Having natural winger will allow Podolski to play up front more often. This will give us enough striking options along with Walcott and Giroud.

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  19. Gooner83

    Mate, Barcelona don’t sell top player in January and they’ve already said they won’t sell David Villa. If Walcott stays we won’t be any strikers… Mark my words!

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  20. temigunga

    Arsenal needs a fighter in front of goal like Cavani/Falcao. Lopez is Ok for me given we have Carzola to supply balls. But then we need defensive midfielder like MVilla/Capoue and possibily a defender who can run not the Metersacker type! To my opinion, Conscielny is better than Metersacker although the combination with metersacker/conscielny works more than Vermaelen/conscielny or Vermaelen/Metersacker. In addition, playing Vermaelen on the left frank (I think) has reduced his efficiency as a center-back!

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  21. leo

    25m + dj for cavani should be good or llorente neither are cup tied stephan el shaarawy & jovetic are valued at 30m

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  22. Richard

    Top Top players won’t join us as the transfer fee will be to high and why should they halve their income.

    Until we pay the market value and the going rate of pay for this type of player then only in fantacy football will they join us.

    Also AW supports our board over the Russian who probably won’t let him go his own way without direction from above, so off we go on another AW crusade to develop a team which will waste another 6/7 years because we will not be able to get the top top young players either.
    Not all of the five just signed are nearly good enough or will ever be good enough, if they become good enough then you all know what will happen and round we go again.
    The Russian would not let that happen so AW would leave as creating a team any other way than his would not be acceptable to him.

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  23. KickuPtheArsene

    IMHO I think Ba would be a good option. Here’s why.
    1. Wants to play for arsenal. Surely we need those kind of players.
    2. Proven EPL experience. We got Giroud & Podolski (Gervihno the year before) from other leagues. They are good, but just haven’t seem to have locked into the EPL yet. We need someone who can score goals right now. I believe Ba is that guy. Nothing fancy, but proven.
    3. He’s cheap £7.5mil. We know exactly what he costs. Not rocket science.

    Some say Ba is not Arsenal calibre. He’s one of the EPL’s highest scorers. What more evidence does anyone need? Surely he’s an easy, sensical option right now?

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  24. NolanGooner

    Arsenal should sign someone who gives us a different option to Giroud, not someone who will just cause selection nightmares! Someone with good feet, nimble and flowing movement, someone like Aguero or Suarez but obviously not them. Maybe Pato or I don’t know…

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  25. JStarr

    Saniti plus Arteta plus Villa!!!!! Top it with Isco and we will have some serious Spanish flair!!!!!

    OOOOOOOO Santi Cazorlaaaaaaaaaaa…..OOOOOOOO Santi Cazorlaaaaaaaaaa…….in Jan….OOOOOOOOOOO Daviiiiiid Villlllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 🙂

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  26. 2GunnsUp

    All this talk about signing a new striker is not as important as securing a CDM, we are badly suffering in this area. If we sign a quality CDM in the mould of Song, or Yaya Toure our chances of wining will improve significantly.

    As far as a winger is concerned we already have a decent one in Gervinho….i admit he is a frustrating to watch but we already paid millions of pound for him so its worth the effort to support him and let the training staff coach the attributes he lacks into his game {final pass or cross} Wenger tend to play some players out of position and when they fail to live up to his expectations he phases them into oblivion i.e Arshavin. Eventually it makes for bad coaching and bad business.

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  27. Baldylox

    Ba is too lazy for our counter attack and im so confident we will not be buying villa that i will eat my own hair if we buy him ….. And i will enjoy it!

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  28. gunner

    you forgot one other spanish striker: ALVARO NEGREDO
    the guy is exactly what we need: 27 years old, 6ft, fast, can create goals for himself, good in the air and very, very agile and an awesome finisher.
    his stats
    2009–10 – 35 appearances – 11 goals
    2010–11 – 38 appearances – 20 goals
    2011–12 – 30 appearances – 14 goals
    2012–13 – 12 appearances – 11 goals

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  29. Somtee

    I am confused I don’t know if we gooner sign anyone,I thought it was Huntelaar and Henry but now it is looking unlike.My dream signing Cavani

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  30. IHaveADream

    Just picture this squad with only 5 signings, the whole team’s dynamic will change and it wont dry up the transfer budget. I don’t feel we need another DM, Coquelin is a quality back up until Diaby is fit again, if his problem persists then maybe consider Capoue, M’Vila or Wanyama for the Summer window.

    – IN 55-60m (Mignolet, Mbiwa, Shaw, Zaha & Cavani):
    – OUT 35-40m (Fabianski, Mannone, Santos, Djourou, Squilacci, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner)
    – Net -20m, but that’s not even considering the severely reduced wage bill.

    First Team:

    Second Team:

    Future first team:

    The future is bright, any person can see this, lets just hope Wenger is the one to realise this potential.

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  31. Young Gun

    Good Source: Ac milan president has confirmed Aexander Pato wan’ts to leave the club. Should Arsenal come in for him? (although he would be cup tied for uefa CL)

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  32. Invincibles nice (1)

    There isnt anything about Lopez to suggest, hes a brilliant player in his own right, unless his opinion of himself is such as Bendtners, thinking himself and Nik to be the best two players in world football, in there own right of course.

    David Villa used to be a brilliant player in his own right, and in everyone elses opinion. There is a very big ??? hanging over the once superlative Spaniard. Also his very pacy play, harrying and hurrying without looking rash, have vanished from his game due to age, as it always has done. I believe if there are no injury worries then what he could still provide, would be, good link up play, occasionally giving some very good assists while also finishing some off.

    Soldado seems a fine player, i dont think hes going to be a dream team player of sorts, but a fairly solid goalscorer whos physically strong and well capable of holding on to the ball, passing it about, bringing others into play. At least youd have more of an idea about what youl get from Soldado.

    I believe it would be a good idea to root about in the Spanish league, im sure there are many very promising players who we dont get to see due to there non CL participation.

    Myself, i like the look of R Madrids Gonzolo Higauin, who looks a very fine player indeed. With Madrid most likely chasing Falcao Neymar, and a preferred starting berth for the reliable Benzema, now could/would be a great opportunist poach. He is a very solid goalscorer who can link play well enough, good with his feet and can see a pass, very strong physically and good in the air. Would love to see him wear the famous red and white.

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  33. Arteta8Cazorla19

    His shit please dont sign him his not premier league quality the defences of the teams will slaughter him , please bring Cavani and end this striker discussion

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  34. EASYwin

    Wenger will just sign another 17 year old wannabe that wants success but doesn’t provide anything like gnabry, coquelin and a few others.

    Llorente, m’biwa who is very strong AT CDM and a class winger such as Mertens from PSV or Capel for Sporting Lisbon.

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  35. Deviant

    in my opinion, Soldado or Demba Ba would be true choice. But i prefer to Demba. Becouse, he plays in premier league and he can get accustom Arsenal easily.

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  36. EASYwin

    David Villa is a player i refuse to associate with arsenal because he is not our sort of player despite him being amazing and he doesn’t have 3-4 years left in him, he is 31…

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  37. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Nolan Gooner, i think your correct, with the point/type of player who we should be looking to recruit. I wouldnt want Pato though, i could never and i mean never understand why people rated this guy, moreover i definitely cant see why some of our fans want him now. The most overrated player i have ever seen, talk about inconsistency as the boy truly flatters to deceive.

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  38. andy

    we don’t need another striker, remember podolski? Him and Giroud with poloski playing abit deeper would work with theo rotating in imo
    However we need wingers because Gerviho isnt cutting it frankly need a pacy and skillful winger like navas with santi on the other side a new CAM being Hotlby.
    and a better CDM, if we’re going to be serious Vidal or Alonso class players not cheap but we have strikers who know how to finish why waste money podolski in his actual position is one of the worlds best.
    and finally a new LB again someone like Baines would be prefect

    All in all
    we should get

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  39. gooner_4_life

    This winter

    Loan Villa

    Buy holtby 5m
    Diame: 5m

    Sell Squillaci 1m
    Andre Santos 3m
    Chamakh 3m
    Arshavin 3m

    Loan out Frimpong

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  40. GunnerG

    @ThirdManJW @gooner83 I totally agree with u. its funny cos I wasn’t a big fan of Theo and always though is overrated, but these last 14 months changed my mind. I’m now convinced that if he stays he’ll be our next TH (maybe not as good, but not far from his standard).
    AW taught me another lesson I guess.. anyway I hope Theo stays.

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  41. David Angola

    We are in January! For now Demba Ba is the right guy bcz with experience of PL and could fit for champions League, if not able for Demba Ba, AW try Llorente, he also fit for Champoins League and as spanish the Tiki Taka could be working bettween the triangle Cazorla,Wilshere, Arteta with him as the forward striker!. Get Michel Vorm to Challange SZZNY, a defender to substitute André Santos and may be Sunzu to try him in Alex Song position. Do not worry AW, we will finish before Chelsea (podium) and why not eliminate Bayern!!!!

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  42. YK

    and all AW hater who want the so called special one, what do you say now? he is tearing Madrid apart, they lost to Malaga! special one?

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    We need someone to be putting the ball in the net not so called strikers who can’t score Don’t we have coaches to correct the flaws of present players so they can score?

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  44. Slykeller

    For me i prefer Lopez, Ba and W,Saha but d’nt (Gooners) be surprise if Wenger sign unknown under 19 players and says his great future player and started nursing him, but by the time this player is going to useful for Asernal his going to sell him to the other team.

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  45. Twig

    Lets just leave signings to Wenger, okay? I think we’ll be saner that way! 😀

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    totally agree with jon chelsea looked good just maybe because they pay the price for top top players. are you licening mr wenger gazidis and co.

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  47. LoCkAy

    I am afraid, but it seems that Wenger will stick to his new found formation and line up…
    With the trio OX-Walcott-Podolski.!!

    That would be a big mistake because Walcott is not a striker and had his best performances playing as a winger.

    I am waiting and curious to see if he does evolve in his choices and changes his tactics.
    I doubt it, but let see.

    Against teams playing high ( Wigan ), Giroud is a better choice and he is a real striker.

    Anyway, we need more quality players and dissipate the deadwoods.

    We cannot get rid of Ramsey as he signed a new contract ( disgrace !! ), so we are stuck with his low level football. Thanks Wenger, nice move “idiot”…!!

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  48. realist

    We play 4231 meaning we have 4 attacking players 2 holding and 4 defensive. currently on our books are walcott cazorla podolski giroud chamberlain rosicky gervinho arshavin chamakh eisfeld gnabry neita ansah watt. plus campbell bendtner park afobe wellington roberts thats 20 attacking players and i have only touched the surface of the academy. unless we shift some we aint buying no one.

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  49. CRABBY

    Mr Wenger should buy – Capoue DM(£8m), Zaha LW(£10m), Cavani ST(£30m) and El Shaawary AM/ST(£15m) then get rid of the dead wood – Chamakh, arshavin, djorou, Bedntner and diaby
    We could recoup at least £20m from selling the dead wood and our total cost of buying would be around the £45-55m which is bloody cheap if you ask me and we would have one hell of a strong squad!

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  50. true gooner

    Carlos Vela is scoring goals in Spain. I feel we were too quick in getting rid of him. Wenger is not a good Manager. What are his plans for the countless Players we have on loan. Sanchez Watt, Denilson, Eastmond, Campbell, Park, Frimpong,Bendthner,etc. Which top team has this amount of Players on loan. Wenger senselessly aloud Arshavin to go out on loan in February and afterwards we played AC Milan @ Emirates and were short of attacking midfielders. It was poor management. Arshavin could have had a good impact off the bench, but he was in Zenith because he needed more games ro get into the european championship. Wenger has lost it. Rotate ur squad Arsene.Play Podolski thru the middle.Why is Eisfield yet to feature in a EPL match? We bought only him in January. Give him a chance. When will we see Sanchez Watt in the first team? We should be playing to win the EPL and Champions league. Top four is no trophy. We need 2 players in January. An attacking midfielder who can also play in the flank, Any one of Sneidjer, Ben Harfa, Taarabt. And Capoue. Wenger has been given too much power in the club and that is killing Arsenal. He was Ok to get a draw away to Aston Villa. Guardiola will see that result as a failure especially when we are 15 points off the league leaders and no trophy in 7 yrs. Wenger must buy in January. Anyways I’m not a coach, I’m an Engineer and I’m paid to deliver results.If Wenger truly Knows his Job, Arsenal should have won at least an FA cup in the last 7 yrs.

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  51. jermaine

    if we looking at la liga then sevila are struggling navas is a world class winger and negredo is better than giroud. valencia are 9th soldado is world class benegra for dm diego alves could be agood buy he is xp an better than szezny also they have a ready made replacement in gaita. if barcelona dont want alves he be welcome here he could be 1st rm and 2nd rb allowing jenkinson or ramsey a loan .david villa could also be added as temp gervinho replacement

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  52. gery

    To be honest, to be realistic, I bet 2000 pound that Wenger will again sign a 16 years old player, probably a defender or midfielder, from God knows where. We’ve been talking about Arsenal transfer target for like 10 years and no one has ever satisfied our expectations. Maybe Arteta is the closest, and Podolski also. But the thing is, Wenger always keeps his inconsistency in signing players. He signs a good player in one transfer session, and loses even his best player in the next window. It’s always like that. Even if you fly with Emirates today, you will not see one single thing related to Arsenal FC. Pathetic!

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  53. Tom

    Whats peoples opinions on alexandre pato? Only 23 i believe. Not starting for milan, rumors of him wanting to leave. Very skillfull, good in the box and plenty years to improve. He’d be good for a fairly cut price. In all honesty you need a striker who can score 25 goals or so to be close to winning the league. Would be a pleasant surprise to got falcao or cavani, but i think its just a dream.

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  54. gunnerwionnawin

    To be honest arsenal need tons of work and Wenger doesn’t seem able to listen to us fans. Our problems lye deep within, firstly our defence don’t seem to be able to cope with change or pressure which is why we need to sign a defensive midfielder like m’villa plus were still missing our fluency in midfield which is why we need Kao moutinho or isco. Arsene must sign a world class striker and the only two that would fill the boots with class are cavani or damaeo both great and promising strikers with years left in them, if we get these we could go 4312 and have cavani and walcott upfront together with either podolski or cazorla as an attacking midfielder and our cm would be wilshere m’Vila and moutinho and could play sagna-mertesaker-vermaelan-Gibbs . Also if Wenger doesn’t want to spend he could swap skocieney for vermaelen and play vermaelen as a cdm with wilshere and isco and still win matches… I seriously doubt this will happen but as a gooonner we I’m optimistic

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  55. georgegooner

    I’d rather Villa due to his experience and that is what we’ve been missing out on in the last 7 nearly 8 years

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  56. Goonertron

    Wenger has brought in Carzola and Podolski this season. I got confidence he will find quality.

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  57. Ivan nadiope

    I think for now need someone who had not played champions league this season therefore Adrian lopez would be a better signing.

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  58. D1G

    Bring in the Spanish invasion!!

    So far Arsenal’s spanish players are good… actually EPL’s spanish players are good.

    The latest being Cazorla and Michu.

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  59. Big Gun

    Why Wenger doesn’t make a bid for M.Suarez again is beyond me. They guy is absolute dynamite. Fast, nimble, very clever striker and he is no slouch. Good in the year and has great vision. in actual fact he is a brilliant all round striker and won the Belgium golden boot last year.

    It would be nice to get a striker with BPL experience, but what options do we have? I like Ba, but he is another sloth. He doesn’t chase and we need someone like that up front, someone like Rooney, Tevez, Suarez.

    M.Suarez would be a great signing, along with Adam Lelana on the LW (WE NEED A DECENT OUT AND OUT LW) and some fists in midfield/defense – Mbiwa or Fellaini.

    M.Suarez, Lelana and Mbiwa would be my dream signings in Jan. And of course WE KEEP WALCOTT.

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  60. Neo

    Giovinco-should replace-gervinho- G FOR G!!
    we need a powerfull striker too… Llorente/Demba Ba, but its up to wenger.

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  61. propofol

    sign falcao
    and why not we need to change mentality from ok players to best players available if we want to be the best team otherwise position 4or 5 mentality can never be changed.
    when actually vl v b thinkin of top 2 slots and competing from them?

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  62. Gundam

    All I care about is that we get a fast skillful clinical finisher… that is what we need, we don’t need another hitman, 1 is enough.

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  63. Nick

    I personally do not think we need to buy a striker. With any luck we will be able to hold onto Theo, then we will have 3 striking options Giroud and Podolski being the other 2. I think we should focus on buying a couple of exciting attacking midfielders like Isco and Ben Arfa. Isco a former team mate of Santi linked up really well with him last year at Malaga. Newcastle seem to be dropping like a stone at the minute so we should take advantage of that fact and put in an offer for Arfa who Wenger is a big admirer of. Those two plus a potential def mid player like Strootman and the good times would soon be here at the mighty Arsenal.

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  64. donal de burca.

    i wish i was a betting man , i would gladly place a hefty bet with the writer of this article , wenger will not sign a spanish striker this january , nor will he sign any striker for that matter . when will you people realise that wenger is pulling the wool over your eyes again .please wake up and smell the muddy football that arsene has kicked at you .

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  65. RT

    STOP WITH THE ZAHA TALK! I’m sorry but he’s nothing special, at best a Championship Theo!! He is also way overpriced – but if they’re happy with a Gervinho/Zaha swap I’d be happy with that!
    I think we should be signing ISCO and Adrian/El Shaarawy – Imagine the Spanish flare running through our team with Arteta/Cazorla/Isco/Adrian – WOW!

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  66. alex ohelume

    gooners always! pls enof of promises, just get one of them & remember to sell de deadwoods.

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