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Arsenal will sign Zaha in January!

Despite many statements by the Crystal Palace owners and manager stating otherwise, Arsenal are confident that they will be able to make Wilfried Zaha an Arsenal player. Not only that, they think that the deal might be done in the January transfer window rather than having to wait until next summer.

The 20-year old England international, who was born in the Ivory Coast, has made up his mind that he wants to come to the Emirates, apparently. The wing sensation is a long time fan of Arsenal, so it will be a dream move for him. It is not just for sentimental reasons that Zaha wants to make the journey from South to North London. In Arsene Wenger, he knows he will have a manager with a proven track record of giving opportunities to, and getting the best out of, young players.

The Mail reports that Arsenal will start the bidding at £9 million in January, although Crystal Palace want closer to £20 million. Palace were hoping that a bidding war between Manchester United and Man City would help them to get as much as possible, but if Arsenal know the player has settled on the Emirates it could help us get a better deal.

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60 thoughts on “Arsenal will sign Zaha in January!

  1. KJ

    Ian Holloway has again criticised Wenger for talking about Zaha when he hasn’t done anything of the sort. It sounds like he knows Zaha is on his way out.

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  2. abel

    He said he’s frustrated watching arsenal and will never watch them again.well if he’s been serious then forget about him

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  3. Gunnerineverylife

    He is an Arsenal fan,that may make him lean more towards us but I cant see us spending more than 15m for him.

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  4. leo

    arsenal i think will make a bid of around 7-9m + add ons but i still think we should go for holtby his contract ends in summer theo looks likely to leave

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  5. jimi

    He said he wont be watchin Arsenal again but it doesnt mean he wont be playing for them

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  6. ks-gunner

    i rather want to be given ryo chances to develope at arsenal and keep walcott…. istead of spending big on an another youngstar…

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  7. Tiko

    If theo goes, we should swap him with Hulk

    Sounds like a good deal what do u think ??

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  8. leo

    the french media is linking Arsenal with 33-year-old free agent goal keeper, Mickael Landreau, who recently left lille would be better/cheaper sell fabinaski he is on 36 a week has played 55o games was the 3rd choice backup gk 4 france in euro 2012

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  9. Jordan

    People saying he said he’s frustrated watching them and he will never watch them again that’s not true he did say he gets frustrated watching them sometimes and then later on the same night posted but I am a big arsenal supporter. He’s well welcome here at arsenal

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  10. Prithvi

    @ tiko……hulk will cost us how much we spent in the last 2 seasons together………..people please give some good suggestions…..anyway….COYG

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  11. Zak

    I’m not really bothered about getting Zaha to be honest. I would rather we got an experienced CAM and shifted Cazorla to the right and Rosicky on the left with Podolski as CF. I read that Sneijder may be available for around £6m as he is out of favor at Inter. Perhaps £6m + £5m signing on fee and wages of£130k pw would be enough to get him? Plus he would bring a winning mentality with him.
    I like the sound of us maybe getting M’biwa, and getting rid of Djourou and Squillaci. I think I would prefer to get Rami though as he isn’t the type of CB that goes on marauding runs up the field, and we already have 2 players like that in Vermaelen and Koscielny, but either CB would be a huge upgrade on what we currently have as our 4th and 5th choice.
    A new LB is essential as (hopefully) we will be losing Santos. This is 1 area I don’t mind Wenger bringing in an unknown as he has a very good track record with LBs (Van Bronkhorst, Cole, Clichy).
    Top of our list though should be that DM we have been missing all season. Capoue or M’vila for me, Capoue is going to start making a stake for himself in the French national team, and so is likely to start going up in price, however if we bought in Jan before his stock gets too high, he could be relatively cheap for the job he can do for us. On the other hand though M’vila has got that class that no amount of training can give you, and yes he seems to have been a handful for Rennes but under Wenger I fell he could realize his full potential, and his price is going to be fairly cheap for what we would get in return.
    I don’t think we need a striker if we can get Henry until the end of the season. I would love to see Podolski play there though as he has the shoot on site mentality and I feel he could be more clinical than RVP, as long as he gets the passes. His power in is left foot is unreal and if the keeper blocks, he will probably end up in the back of the net aswell.

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  12. AFC_Gooner

    We need established talent – we know buying youngsters is a good idea but they need elders to guide them.

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  13. jay jay

    what are those kids for if they prove stupid when they come up get experience and start behaving nasrism, ciscism, now walcottism?????????????? bet buy expensive already established players, this where royality will alway come from not nurturing those greedy chaps.

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  14. Nick from Portugal

    Keep Theo, keep Sagna, the former is a game changer, the latter is class. I would also give Arshavin another year and start playing him.

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  15. Patrick Ssekatawa

    He’s a terrific prospect with great pace and exhilarating dribbling skills and an eye for goal. Best of all, he’s an Arsenal fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wenger should go all out and sign him, especially at this time when Theo Walcott is stalling on signing a new deal

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  16. Gunnerineverylife

    Diame has a 6 million release clause in his contract,Wenger must try to sign him,Granero also has 5 million relegation release clause,if QPR get relegated then we should snap him up.

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  17. Little Monster

    Why would Zaha join Arsenal? A pay rise? Should stay where he is and fight for promotion with his club. 1st team appearance is more important for him. Just look at the game time Welback , Ramsey and Lukaka got, he should stay in Palace for his own good.

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  18. afc

    i really want to see wellington silva play for arsenal it is really irritating that he has to go on loan and he ain’t playing for us. joel campbell too! its a joke

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  19. JustJoy

    Conceeding goals is MY PROBLEM, AW said he will sign 2players in January so we are left with the same TEAM XCEPT he sell Some DEADWOODS… Zaha WELCOME HOME.

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  20. bob

    Zaha…. go to ManU mate, it is the best for your future…Arsenal are in a mess…you need to play with winners.

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  21. eddy

    This is great news and all, but happens to the rest of our wingers? Ryo myachi?

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  22. bob

    What is going on with Ryo Mayachi? ..I am not seeing him in the loan teams sheet.

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  23. realist

    Whats the betting wenger signs him then says i have always thought zaha could play right back or something like that?

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  24. Paddywhack

    Zaha is an Arsenal fan so he will sign for Arsenal, right!!! Wasn’t Ashley Young also an Arsenal fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. stephen187

    I’d would have rather called back miachi from his loan then spend maybe 12m plus add ons. Least myachi has played in the premier league. Zaha might develop into a good player but he not going to save our season this year…and look how tarrabt was sensational in the championship last year yet this year he’s just decent…get some ready made quality in!

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  26. Poon dog

    Another unproven youngster to be matured to potential at arsenal then sold on for profit and glory for other clubs

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  27. Dan

    This kid really does look like the real deal. He’s a tall fella aswell and much more direct than Walcott was at that age. Even Fergie supposedly thinks he has the bottle to play for Utd, which is quite something.

    The problem is going to be price, Wenger’s gone and pissed off Palace by talking about him, and its not as if they are prepared to sell him anyway.

    £12 million + add ons should do it, but we’ll probably offer peanuts and end up getting nothing.

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  28. md31

    zaha is good player but still we need dm and striker and full back plus one winger

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  29. Jeff


    Why does this website need to sensationalize everything??

    He MAY sign. He MAY also not sign. I don’t want him at all. Another English overrated player

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  30. Suka

    every year come to january arsenal buzy with problems they created themself. We will not be worrying much on transfer if we dont sell all our stars…

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  31. Gundam

    I was not into him at all at first.. seemed a bit overhyped… but since he is a fan… well that is what we need. players who want to play for the “club” and not just for a bunch of extra dollars. our most important players right now are the loyal ones that love arsenal.

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  32. drockgunners

    I dont care if zaha is coming or not but we actually need DM,striker and may be left back….give arteta a creative role rather than deffesive

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  33. Bonny

    I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but I’m a born and bred selhurst fan and as much as I would love to watch zaha in the premier league, why would palace sell the one player pushing them for promotion which brings a +20mill cash pot, for 20mill or less and risk not getting promoted? Maybe in the summer but not now.

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  34. S.H

    Zaha will go for about 12M. I’m really excited how his transfer has panned out over recent months. Steve Rowley speaks highly of the kid and who wouldn’t? The ball seems to stick to his feet, even if he gets bumped. Walcott is a marshmallow, constantly falling over like a little bitch! I want to see players who want to fight to keep possession or use some sort of trickery or techncial ability to create space. This will give Arsenal so many more chances around the box. If we have a player that enjoys taking other players on, then we have a spark that we so desperately need atm. That’s why i said in an earlier post that Wenger needs to play Rosicky and Arshavin as an impetus card to initiate the attack. This is an attribute Zaha has over Walcott. He can create, whereas Walcott relies on others to give him the through ball or kick it into space where he can use his only asset – speed!

    In Zaha we have a player who is already leaps and bounds ahead of Theo in the technical and ball control areas. He is also a brilliant crosser. Hey i’ve seen some games where he can be inconsistent, but then again so is Walcott. At least Zaha skillset brings more to the table, but we can excuse Zaha for this as he is about 5 years younger than Theo. At 24, Walcott shouldn’t be making those typical rookie mistakes that we so often see him commit. I was over Walcott about 4 years ago. The kid just doesn’t have the innate talent or gift. I’ve seen amateur league games that have better dribblers than Walcott. That’s embarrassing!

    So Walcott fans, as I said in an earlier blog, if Zaha joins, you will soon see the difference in quality between the 2 wingers. Don’t say I never told you so!

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  35. S.H

    If Zaha joins, it won’t be long before fans forget Walcott. The same fans loving Walcott now will see that the Ivorian can bring so much more to Arsenal than Theo could ever in 8yrs. 7 trophyless years and people are still waiting on rookies like Walcott to improve! Eradicate the weak, take in the strong. I couldn’t give 2 shits about how much of a good blokea player is in the dressing room. You see that’s where the problem is. People never want to give a nice guy a hard time due to his harmonious ways, but I always put the club first and think that we need to take more responsibility as a team to get on top of under-performers. This is when Verms has to open his mouth and get on players on the pitch. We are just a bunch of nice guys and that never wins games. I’ve played competitive sports all my life and still do at 34. Nice goes out the window the moment I put my gear and game face on. I play to win not to have fun. Anyone who says fun is more important than winning knows nothing about being competitive. That’s typical of people who don’t understand the pressures of wanting to win and simply a cop out for those who weren’t blessed with the heart to compete. They are just happy to participate! Sorry but competition always pushes you to work harder and this is what I love about it. It makes you a better player and a stronger person.

    If we can get Zaha and keep Walcott that would be ideal, but if we lose Walcott and not attain the Ivorian, then I would be very disappointed. I just think Arsenal needs a winger or 2 that can dribble past players and cut into the box. Someone like a Valencia or Farfan. Zaha definitely falls in this category, and he could be so much better under Wenger’s tutelage. In 8 years, I’ve hardly seen Walcott improve. He’ll be flashy with a goal or an assist here and there, but then reverts to the old Theo as we all know. I’ve frankly had enough and we need to be more CRITICAL if we are to improve. One has to ask, if Wenger thought Walcott was worth the increase or to play CF, don’t you think he would have agreed to Walcott’s demands already? Why is Gervinho still preferred over Walcott as striker? Wenger can see the little details that make or don;t make up a lone striker. If Theo didn’t have such a shocking first touch, but stronger technical ability, then maybe Wenger would put him there more often. I’m glad the boss can see as I can see, that Walcott is a better winger. Just run boy, that’s all you can do! No true CF stops his run when Cazorla has teed him up with a perfect pass for an open scoring opportunity. That play just sums up Theo’s brain!

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  36. S.H

    Tamil Sundram

    Yes very true. Ox shits all over him in the technical department, vision and natural ability. i’m sure Theo has gone home worried about his place in the first team. As much as they are good friends, it still doesn’t mean anything when it comes to career opportunities. There are so many players that play for Arsenal or other teams that are younger, better equipped, and more advanced in terms of decision-making and end product. Walcott fans need to open their eyes and either closely watch Theo or see the obvious difference in skill level to understand what separates a good player from a great one.

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  37. Max Pro

    He is just overrated. Why are we buying him when we have podolski,walcott and the ox . These three are really pacey and very good. I would say Isco would be much better for us. And we really need a CDM. The best one would be Ahmed Musa [google him]

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  38. GDL

    @ S.H wenger cant see shit if he gervinho as stricker over Walcott is because his crazy not because gervinho is better than Walcott he puts Ramsey in the starting line up n he sucks so stfu n stop hating so much all ur comments say something negative bout Walcott

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  39. Dan

    Don’t forget this is the same arsenal all of us at the beginning of the season where expecting great things from only one difference is the amazing diaby is not fit. He is key to us but is to injury prone so I would say sign m’bwia as a utility man who plays really well a cdm but can easily fill in across the back plus he loves to play passing football. You got to question why Wenger doesn’t pick his strongest team I.e ox and theo on bench and Ramsey out wide?

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  40. S.H


    So you spend more time with the players in training than Wenger does right? How do you know? You have more than 30 years management experience do you? That’s why I trust Wenger and laugh at people like you who think they’re smarter. Go figure mate!

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  41. jed


    MUST SELL – Gervinho, arsharvin, Djourou, Diaby and cocquilin (players that are worth something but just not good enough)



    Squillaci, chamack etc. etc. etc. etc. (the real spuds!!)

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    if the rumours r tru..we will get Zaha n Raheem both r Arsenal supporters to our club this January

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  43. true gooner

    Arsenal will sign, Messi, C Ronaldo, Cavani, Falcao and Gotze in January. wish dreams come thru.

    IMO, the only person we should sign in January is Guardiola while we move Wenger to Director of football.

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    stil it doest change the fact that the greedy board are trying to coup more profits tru proven player sale each year and left wenger in more headache each year..

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  45. Invincibles nice (1)

    Looks like Wenger expects Theo exit. Would prefer if we looked at an established German os Spanish international.

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  46. Invincibles nice (1)

    Agree with @ Bonnie, Why would anyone sell a player who could push them to the PL, they can always sell in the summer if they dont make it. Sorry admin but your way off on this one, theres no way he is coming in jan. Hopefully this will make us look abroad with there being abundantly more gifted players out there.

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  47. Bob

    “i only signs top, top, top players!”

    Look what he has taken in, 4-5 players tops that had maked it at another club.

    AW you lives in a world off your own. LOL

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