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Arsenal will soon have Wilshere back to his best

Jack Wilshere has already surprised people with his performances for Arsenal since returning from his long and horrendous injury problems, but Jack promises that there is much more to come, and it will not be long before we see it.

Arsene Wenger has been ultra cautious with our midfield star, physically and mentally, but it seems to have worked so far. Wilshere himself is surprised at how well he is slotting back into life in the Arsenal first team, and he feels that his top form is just around the corner. His attitude and application have been extraordinary after such a long time out, but he knows that he is still lacking that initial burst of speed that takes him past opposition players and makes him so dangerous. Wenger has been working him in the gym specially to get what the Frenchman calls his `burst` back.

“I know exactly what he means by that-It means just literally the first five yards. That was one of the strengths of my game, the first five yards, to beat a player. He says it’s slowly coming back, so hopefully it will come back soon.

“Now I’m feeling better and better as every game goes on, and there’s no hiding place when you’re playing at the Emirates, Old Trafford and you’re in front of everyone. You have to be at a certain standard so you don’t let your team mates and your fans down.

“But I feel good now and, hopefully, with a few more games, I can get back to my best.

“I think the boss did it quite cleverly, because if he had told me the day before, I’d have been a bit anxious and not slept as well.”

Wilshere is likely to play some part in the England friendly against Sweden tomorrow, but Hodgson has promised not to start him, apparently. It will be good for Jack’s confidence playing an international game again. As long as he does not play too long, it will also help him to get back to his peak, and Tottenham could feel the force on Saturday.

Jack is a true Gunner, and will be determined to get one over on the old enemy. If the other Arsenal players follow his lead, they won’t be going far wrong. Just don’t get sent off, Jack.

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal will soon have Wilshere back to his best

  1. sarsfield

    Jack Wilshere is a major reason I am not completely worried about the future of Arsenal. I think his injury may help him become a smarter, more aware player. He is number 10 for a reason and I dont think it will be too far down the road until he is captain.

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  2. arsenal first lady

    Jack The Beast!!!!! One of the very few reasons i still got a smile on my face for being a gooner.

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  3. Bouba

    Let’s get something straight, Wilshere is with us for now, but I can easily see him being sold in 2 to 3 years ( to make another profit ) because we won’t have win F… ALL AGAIN.

    Sagna and Walcott might be the next ones to go…






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  4. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Bouba

    its a matter of time Sagna leaves hes turning 30 soon….a third choice to groom to 2nd choice is inevitable….

    nobody wants walcott to leaves but hes not signing the contract……..

    nobody is irreplaceable theres so many talent in England and the world…..

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  5. JONNO

    Just prayin he doesnt get injured against sweden, wld love him not to play at al but im sure roy will play him even just for 10mins or so. We need him in our team as he can drive forward and carry the ball much like our glass man Diaby.

    Praying for some good news transfer wise for Jan window but i’m slowly accepting the fact that there will be no major signings and we will be hearing the same excuses from the club about why we didnt buy anybody.

    Im still behind my club but this whole situation is starting to test my patience. Must beat spurs, and we must put in a good performance too.


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  6. Bouba

    Have you heard the last from Wenger?






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  7. Bouba

    @ Hafiz

    Well we need to buy those talents.
    We need to have a great squad to attract great players.
    Also, we need to pay them the right money ( which we are not doing ).

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  8. green gunner

    Stupid international friendly. Cazorla is on his way to Panama!So what, Spain can learn that a passing game suits them? half way round the world, mid week between 2 EPL games. A joke!

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  9. ButtFlaps

    Wilshires is top top. When he to back best times, then Wilshires plus Carolza nonstopptable!

    But where is Roskicy?

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  10. joer22

    You don’t need to post the same message on every article we get the idea…

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  11. The Gooner

    Wilshere is just a pleasure to watch and he’s already been an inspiration for our team. We were stale and lacking confidence before he came back and his runs forward, range of passing and determination are always welcome.

    I don’t understand how anyone can say Wenger should be sacked. Keep in mind, he’s the one who hired the scouts that have unearthed talents like Wilshere, Gnabry, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Eisfield, Walcott, Gibbs, Jenkinson etc. and have given them first team opportunities. Granted, he’s signed some busts (Chamakh, Arshavin, Squillaci, Reyes, Jeffers etc.) but he also had many shrewd signings (Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp, Pires, Fabregas etc.) Most managers aren’t always loyal to players who have come up through their academy and just play their big money signings. He brought Arsenal to where they are today; he just needs to motivate these players more, sign more depth to help avoid injuries and be less tolerant to players demanding positional changes or ridiculously high wages etc.

    If possible, getting rid of the deadwood and a back-up left back should be our main priorities. The way we played when Gibbs was in the line-up was incredible since it gives Podolski more freedom to be further up the pitch and to overlap on link-up plays in a relentless attack. A class striker like Dzeko or a versatile striker/winger like Adrian would be amazing but we’ll see if that comes to fruition in January.

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  12. craig2500

    Im worried he will be the next to leave hunting trophies elsewhere after this season

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  13. Bouba

    Where is Diaby????

    That’s brilliant! Another of Wenger protege …!!

    86 games in 6 years, what a fuc…. return…!!

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  14. realist

    @ bouba

    i would like to know how a season ticket is a rip off? my seat at the emirates cost me £37.89 per match. i have travelled to every match this season and so far capital one cup aside i have not paid as little as that to get in any away ground. even at that kazi of a ground stoke away it was £40. At aston villa where you are lucky if u can even see the pitch its £41.

    as for wenger taking us down what a twat you really are. its wenger that has brought us to the heights. the most successful manager in the history of the club. you tell me what other manager could get so many average players to over achieve and finish third in a league where we are the 20th ranked club in terms of net spend. your anger needs to be directed at the owner of the club who has insisted on a strategy that reduces our overall debt and to hell with the trophies. he (kroenke) simply doesnt understand what the supporters want, what the players want, and what the manager wants. All he understands is business, we cannot pay off any loans yet because of early redemption penalties, however his strategy is to have the capital on the hip which means the interest gained on the capital is offset against the interest repayments of the loan. then as each early repayment period finishes the capital will then be used to settle the loan. it is a strategy that all successful businessmen strive to follow, however very few are capable of achieving. its a business model i use with my own portfolio of investments and having now been semi-retired since the age of 42 i like to think its worked for me. have to say though i have no trophies in the cabinet apart from my sunday league and semi-pro stuff and my treasured swimming medals for essex. my fa coaching badges also give me thoughts of what might have been had the arthritis not caused me to take a new direction.

    but please dont take all this the wrong way everyone needs to be passionate about our club and im sure your passion is as strong as anyones. its just a shame you are directing it at one of the few men that is arsenal through and through. lets hope there is another investor out there who will offer kroenke the price per share he is striving for so that we can have someone who will bank roll the club to the level of the main 3 plus the big teams in europe.

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  15. Hafiz Rahman

    its good to see sensible fans like realistic, the gooner, =) and etc……around instead of Fifa 2013 fans shouting and demanding this and that…

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  16. realist

    Another thing. gazidis earned his bonus based upon what he negotiated in his own contract. he doesnt get paid for results on the pitch he is the CEO and arsnal holdings plc is doing very nicely thank you. certainly my two shares have seen a healthy increase in value i just wish we received dividends as well. once again you must understand the difference between arsenal holdings plc and arsenal fc. arsenal football club is just one of twelve companies owned by arsenal holdings plc. sure afc is the main core business for which the whole group depends upon but is certainly not the only profit or loss making element to the business for which ivan gazidis is the man placed in charge of most by the main shareholder. We operate totally different to other clubs our structure is unique which is why comparisons to other clubs is very hard to make apart from as you say looking at results

    why dont you have a good look at arsenal holdings plc on wikipedia it will give you a little education on how the arsenal group of companies is set up and operates. try not to be a papparazzi bum boy and look at just the last 7 seasons why not look at the last 10? 15? 20? or 50? its so easy to manipulate results over short periods of time but extend thos periods a little longer and the results do not hide either.

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  17. Hafiz Rahman

    @ realist

    well said pal…

    they are all sale promoters, agents, fake fans…or Fifa 2013 fans…..

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  18. arsenal first lady

    how does all this business profit d common fan like me? I WANT TROPHIES DAMN IT!!!! I Want to be able to sit down manure fans and shitty fans and tell them hey look we won the champions league! instead of saying hey look arsenal holdings just made a crap load of money in profits! *shrugs

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  19. Invincibles nice (1)

    Very nervous with this spu game, even if we get a two or three goal lead i will be a bundle of nerves expecting a disaster/catastrophe might well happen, just praying on hope that we can get the win then try to blank the last few weeks from memory, we really cant fall further behind the top as before long eve might pull away, i think it will be a minor miracle if we can get back within touching distance of the top but i know we have done it before so am praying to see it done, ill get this one in before we change to addidas Come on you Gunners Just Do It

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  20. harugongo boy

    Results are never delivered by an individual but rather the whole team. The team is plain bad so welshere will doo little to change that fact.
    We need more quality players….

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  21. Dave

    Who could possibly thumbs down the first comment. Not wanting David Dein back made me lol a little.

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  22. harugongo boy

    @nick from portugal
    am so suddened by your comments that dont add value…..
    8 season(this is the 9th) without a trophy and you gladly continue clapping/ offering wenger a standing ovations. Lets get real gentlemen. Wengers time is up.
    Here is why:
    Nine season without a trophy is too much.
    our style of play has completely changed and that has contributed to the poor results.
    he nolonger has an eye for quality players. the likes of giroud, Diaby, santos+ those on the bench,are too junk to be in the arsenal squad.
    Continues to sell our best players with no regrets
    Has no ambitions, lacks focus, passion…..
    Wenger just doesnt inspire me.

    Wenger has to go…..

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  23. Want my AFC BK

    Then they will sell him to one of our rivals i know some of u hate hearing this but its a fact and you are the ones making board an wenger take us fans for a mug

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  24. Big Gun

    Wilshere will only be sold once he gets his confidence back and starts playing well…look at RvP. Had one good season and the greedy board sold him.

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  25. Chisha

    ha i laugh at the fans that Think Wenger cant be replaced yes he has done wonders for arsenal but he has lost his ability to manage the club and when Wenger arrived at arsenal he found a defence that was already built by another manager. and you talk about average players yes thats why Wenger will never win the league because of bringing average players we need to look back at when he won the league what players were there and what players are here now.
    Arsenal is the 4th or 5th richest club Thanks to Wenger but now its time to win trophies at the Emirates of which Wenger is not capable because he has become more about money than winning the league
    His words not mine “We cant convince any body if we sell our top players and what has he been doing after that.”
    And dont nobody tell me its the board because arsenal keep paying players the same salary if you work in a company you cant pay the same salary to people who do different works same logic arsenal pay payers like Denilson,Bendtner,Chamahk,Squllaci are all on 50k now if you do the maths thats 200k spent on players that dont even get to the bench and mind you RVP was on 75k which means just taking salary of 2 of those players we dont use and giving it to him (175K), he would have stayed and so would have song and now Walcolt.
    But no the Manager says we will not break wage structure which means arsenal will never have world class players even the youngsters you mentioning like Wilsher,Ox, Esfield will soon be sold and you the fans will be singing top 4 is a trophy while 15-20 years no trophy while you saying no lets keep Wenger.
    I say he must go because his tactics do not work his a victim of his own success. but now we need some new blood in Management

    Wengers plan is this buys youngsters sell them when they reach frist team grade thats why arsenal is always buying youngsters.
    So while they build players for other teams arsenal will never win anything

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  26. Reddb10

    Just because many want wenger out does not mean we do not recognise the good he has done.
    The thing is what can he offer today? and the answer is nothing.
    If your girlfriend gives you a BJ every morning but after a few years goes around F###king half the neighborhood you will kick her the F##k out and not dilly dally about what she used to do.
    Wake up FFS

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  27. Gunnerineverylife

    @Dave Kroenke must have hired someone to give thumbs down from the money he made by selling our key players.

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  28. Gunnerineverylife

    @Reddb10 I agree.We should judge Wenger by what he has done in the present rather than what he used to do.What Wenger was yesterday is not what he is today.He lacks ruthlessness,winning mentality and ambition.

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  29. arsenal4eva

    I jus need the fluidity, creativity, free flowing attacking futbol dat our team av before…pls Wenger!…do somethin, b4 it getting worse..

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  30. Bouba

    @ realist
    And you call yourself realist …
    We are all untitled to our opinions and thoughts even if they are off the mark… Who appointed you Arsenal minder or Arsenal super fan…
    You are one of the hypocrite raving on fans when you stinky mouth is begging for “our Arsenal back”…
    It is not difficult to insult someone, especially not in his face.

    You should wash your mouth in a buck shot, open your eyes and keep it real dear sucker.

    Anyway the club is more important and the focus of all debates because it is obviously run for profits and benefits scheduled liability… Anybody who think the so cold fair play rule will propulse the club to the first spot of buying royalty market, you are f…. dreaming !!

    Anyhow, Gazidis said we were to compete in 2 years… So why are we even talking about all that knowing that in a couple of years we will be European royalty…. Funny?

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  31. dude

    Arsenal needs to bring in a few more class players as I can forsee wilshere being frustrated having to carry the arsenal team on his young shoulders, same goes to carzola & arteta.

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  32. harugongo boy

    @Realist is another asshole beneficiary of arsenal misery.The guy is busy talking of ‘Arsenal plc is doing well’. How he’s dividends are soon maturing…..blah blah.
    Am sorry @realist you must be Wengers age….empty dead head cells. you the kind that doesnt have ambition, and passion for the club. Just interested in milking it. How sad. We support arsenal not on how much it line your pockects. We fans are for trophies nothing else. Full stop.

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