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Arsenal wingers to win it for England

The England manager Roy Hodgson is going to take a leaf out of Arsene Wenger’s book when his team line up at Wembley tonight against international minnows San Marino. Along with using Wenger’s formation, Hodgson will start with two of the Arsenal players who are used to it.

Theo Walcott looks set to start on the right with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the left. Wayne Rooney, the England captain for the game, will be asked to play his more deep lying striker role that Santi Cazorla does so well for the Gunners.

The furthest forward striker, the Giroud role, will be filled with Danny Welbeck, Jermain Defoe or Andy Carroll. The idea is to have a more fluid and flexible attack, as Arsenal do, because Hodgson is expecting San Marino to go for all out defence. He has seen the way Arsenal mix it up and confuse defences and hopes he can get an early goal with this method to open the floodgates.

It will be a great opportunity for Walcott to offer further proof that he can be a striker by adding to his low total of four goals in 29 England appearances. The Ox will be happy to get some playing time and will want to impress to push for a starting place in the Arsenal team next weekend.

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17 thoughts on “Arsenal wingers to win it for England

  1. LivingLegnd

    Did anyone see that run Walcott made where Giroud placed it perfectly on a perfectly timed run against West Ham?? That doesnt happen is Walcott plays anywhere but on the wing.

    Stay there, buddy. embrace that position. youre good at it. work to get better.

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  2. S.H

    Wenger made a good point last year regarding the density of foreign players within European teams. He mentioned when the big comps like the Euros or World Cup come around, foreign players are used to acclimatising to other environments, which in turn makes them more adaptable. Wenger also states he believes this is where team England suffers – That there are not enough English players that play in foreign leagues. This is VERY true.

    So there is your probable answer. Is this why the English team can’t match it technically with teams like Spain, Germany and Brazil? Likely, debatable to some, impugnable to others. I’m more inclined to believing the initial.

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  3. Invincibles nice (1)

    I have a question for theo Walcott, if Hodgson aim’s to play yourself on the wing, are you going to tell him, you will not stay with the England team, unless you are played in the very front of the attacking pos

    Surely you realise that we dont play the same formation, than the time our King were playing?, Podolski Giroud and yourself are three striker’s, with defensive duties, “get over it”

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  4. 9jagun

    i dont know why walcott is so much in a hurry for money and position? He is good at the right and who say he cant score goals from there. so what does he need?

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  5. artillary

    what the hell with french team, thy are playn to Giroud , Giroud played ribery many times n he is nt played by any 1, no paass :/

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  6. leo

    henry on mourinho : jose mourinho in his pre match interview of arsenal vs chelsea at highbury said henry only scores gainst small teams to win golden boot henry replies after the match “he said i score against small teams and today i have scored 2 aginst them after this i have got doubt over chelsea’s status now whether it’s a small or a big club” epic well said king henry true legend & hoping theo injury isn’t too serious damn i hate those boring international matches

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  7. kingdave

    Who watched argentina’s match? Now tell me messi is from earth, i won’t believe it.
    God pls giv us our own messi, i want afc to have d best player in d world.

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  8. goonerss

    Walcott has suspected broken ribs and was substituted aft 10 mins..why does this always happen to us??

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  9. Flame

    Wassup admin? Av not been able to comment on the recent posts. Wts hapenin?

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