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Arsenal with QUADRUPLE injury boost for trip to Swansea

Not only do Arsenal have to claim all three points from our next Premier League game, and all of the ones coming up at least until we travel to face the current pace setters Chelsea at the start of February, but the Gunners will be expected to sweep past the EPL strugglers Swansea City without too much trouble.

As we Arsenal fans have found out to our cost on many an occasion, however, nothing is ever as simple as it may seem, especially in the modern and cash rich Premier League where every club can afford to spend big on players and any team can beat any other on their day.

One thing going in Arsenal´s favour ahead of the trip to the Liberty Stadium on Saturday is the wake up call that the last two games against Preston and Bournemouth have delivered, as long as the players learn from them and make sure they are not caught out again at the start.

Even more of a boost for Arsene Wenger though, is the improving injury situation at the club, with the sports injury website reporting that half of the currently crocked players should be available at the weekend. There are currently eight Arsenal stars out of action but of those the boss will be able to call on Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs and Matthieu Debuchy to face the Swans.

There is no date yet set for the return of Hector Bellerin but if it was just a little training ground know he may be alright to play as well, leaving just Mertesacker, Cazorla and Coquelin in the treatment room. How much of a boost at the right time is this for Arsenal?


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15 thoughts on “Arsenal with QUADRUPLE injury boost for trip to Swansea

  1. Tas

    of topic=
    Atletico Madrid have Chile international Sanchez earmarked as a possible replacement for Antoine Griezmann should the 25-year-old France striker leave.(Don Balon – in Spanish)

    more reason for Arsenal not to let Sanchez go because we don’t want Griezmann joining Man-U

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    1. Tas

      even if it means giving AW a new contract if that is what he wants like Ozil,

      we can always sack him after they sign 🙂

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    2. ThirdManJW

      I would love to see Alexis and Simeone working together…but at Arsenal. Hopefully that will happen in the summer. Not sure Ozil would work in Simeone’s system, but I believe we can live without Ozil (although I am a fan of his). Losing Alexis though, would be a massive blow!

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      1. Ks-Gunner

        What makes you think that? As if Wenger is the one who makes the board back down from showing any kind of ambition.

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  2. Drew

    I keep wondering whether we are indeed the unluckiest club in the WORLD with regards to how many of our player get injured season after season.

    Has a enquiry into our constant injuries been done, like maybe our training pitch is too hard or maybe coaching staff pitch up small niggles late, or maybe its our training methods, or maybe we are just unlucky.. either way, it’s irritating!

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    1. ThirdManJW

      It’s got absolutely nothing to do with bad luck, because the injuries happen with such consistency. There is something fundamentally wrong at Arsenal.

      Bad, and good luck, that are consistent, cannot be deemed luck at all. Consistent is the key word. For example, is Nadal lucky in tennis to win so many trophies? No! He worked so hard as a youngster, even changing his hitting arm, to get to the top. He then had to work really hard to stay at the top, for as long as he did. Luck played no part. Hard work, and dedication is the reason. A good example of luck was maybe Leicester winning the league. I am not taking anything away from them, because they were brilliant, but ALL the big boys were poor last season. Each season, you get one or two big boys struggling, but it’s unheard of for ALL of them to falter in the same season. So Leicester were lucky in that respect.

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      1. Drew

        I hear you man! I got a feeling that it’s something to do with our training pitch and not necessarily Wengers training methods because correct me if i’m wrong but these damn started happening roundabout the same time we got the new stadium and with it a new training pitch! i dont think wengers training methods have changed since the invincible days… *sigh* those were the days yall 🙁

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        1. Tas

          My theory is because of constant tiki-taka passing of the ball,
          it amazes me sometimes how we are so good at passing and controlling the ball at such pace and power, with the amount of position we have is almost unreal, imagine the vibrations that run up your legs and knees each time you stop and kick the ball and we are the champions of tiki-taka, if your thinking why not the same to Barcelona but they have injuries too but its a warmer climate and needs less warm to the legs,

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        2. Admin

          If I remember rightly Wenger changed the training surfaces last summer? Anyone else remember?

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      2. Gworm

        I agree with you that this is not down to luck, but Rafa Nadal is not the best example to use in a discussion about injuries! His current crocked state is entirely due to the way he overworked his body as a young man, and his style of play which relied on power, speed and pushing his body to the limit in every match. I wonder if the current fashion for pressing, championed by the likes of Guardiola, Klopp and Pochettino is going to have similar consequences for all those players in their later years. Thank goodness Wenger doesn’t insist on it…….

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      3. st.buddie27

        Leicester didn’t win the league with 50 points… you can’t be lucky in over 38 games… They knocked the big teams off it.

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  3. legend Henry

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  4. Arsenal_Girl

    That’s great news

    But we desperately need Coquelin and Cazorla back

    Coquelin as we do not have a good replacement DM
    I do not see Eleny as good enough cover unfortunately

    Cazorla because we consistently win with him. Unless Xhaka or Ramsey pick up their game asap and consistently

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  5. Inkfight

    As far as the injuries are concerned, we did change the surfaces for the training pitches recently (as mentioned above) if i’m not mistaken.

    Saw some sort of data recently on how we now have fewer injuries since we brought in Shad Forsythe.

    Unrelated but carrying on from having a specialist for fitness (Shad Forsythe) – any update on the motivational coach we had supposedly hired? The guy who also worked with the New Zealand rugby team?

    Allegedly, some of our injuries can be linked with Wenger’s preference for plyometrics.

    Personally, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we lost Ozil (along with Wenger) but we simply cannot afford to lose Sanchez. Plenty of good managers out there to take over this squad of wonderfully talented players from Wenger:

    Managers currently managing big clubs/teams:
    Joachim LĂśw – 56
    Massimiliano Allegri – 49
    Diego Simeone – 46
    Thomas Tuchel – 43

    Successful managers currently without a club:
    Frank de Boer – 46
    Roberto Mancini – 52
    Laurent Blanc – 51

    Managers in the PL we’ve been linked with:
    Ronald Koeman – 53
    Eddie Howe – 39

    Absolute out-side bet:
    Ralph HasenhĂźttl – 49

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    1. Inkfight

      And yes, the reason I started writing this post, we don’t exactly play tiki-taka do we?

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