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Arsenal wonderkid makes incredible England debut

If it wasn’t impressive enough for Eddie Nketiah to score both goals against Norwich on his Arsenal debut to send the Gunners through to the next round of the Caraboa Cup, the 18 year-old has done even better on his debut for the England U19s by scoring FOUR times in the World Cup Qualifier against the Faroe Islands.

Nketiah scored inside the box halfway through the first half to give England a narrow 1-0 lead at the break, and he then doubled his tally for the night just before the hour mark and the Young Lions then took total control. Elliot Embleton made it 3-0 just 4 minutes later before Nketiah sealed his hat-trick from the spot.

Ben Brereton made it 5-0 but Nketiah was not content with just a hat-trick and went looking for his fourth, and he was justly rewarded with an excellent volley right at the end to complete the rout.

It looks like Chelsea made a big mistake when they released Nketiah and Arsenal were quick to call him in for a trial, and he immediately impressed with a debut goal against West Ham, and he was snapped up by Liam Brady, who recently said: “It is a Premier League rule – and a good rule – that when you take a boy on loan it is for a six-week period,”

“That gives ample time for the boy and the club to make a judgment. He just grew on everybody. It is not easy when you are told you have to leave a club but he has guts and seized a new opportunity. We signed him and he hasn’t stopped scoring since.”

And he still is! And hopefully he will carry on scoring for Arsenal for the next 10 years as well! You can’t make a more promising start that that….


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12 thoughts on “Arsenal wonderkid makes incredible England debut

  1. ramterta

    Our players perform very well internationally.
    In fact some outshine real Madrid Barcelona and Bayern players.
    Look at their achievements.
    If we can find the right formation for this team I don’t see why we can’t beat manu Chelsea liverpool and Tottenham away from home

  2. ramterta

    walker alderwierld koscienly kolasinac
    pogba(if well)
    Silva. de bruyne
    hazard Kane. Sanchez
    sub’s lloris alli stones bellerin aguero morata fernandinho

    1. John Ibrahim

      Would prefer



      Sibe Umiti Koscheiny Mendy

      Lemar Bakayoko Payet Griezmann

      Martial Mbappe

  3. ramterta

    manu v arsenal
    bellerin koscienly bailly kolasinac
    Herrera. Ramsey
    mkhitaryan. Sanchez

    Chelsea v arsenal
    koscienly luiz azpilicueta
    bellerin bakayoko Ramsey kolasinac
    hazard morata Sanchez

    liverpool v arsenal
    bellerin koscienly mustafi kolasinac
    Henderson coutinho
    salah lacazette mane

    Tottenham v arsenal
    alderwierld koscienly vertonghen
    bellerin dembele ramsey kolasinac
    alli. Kane Sanchez

    man city v arsenal
    walker koscienly otamendi kolasinac
    de bruyne. Silva
    Sterling aguero Sanchez

  4. Andy Hallewell

    Really pleased for him and hope it works out for Eddie and Arsenal in the long-term, but please remember this was the Faroe Islands, their demographic profile suggest they only have about 1,000 young men between the ages of 18 and 19 years old to choose from!!!!

  5. Liam

    Ramterta why do you talk nonsense in every article, i feel like its becoming my duty to correct your nonsense. Firstly Bellerin isnt better the Valencia or Moses so he doesnt get in there team and form wise Moreno is ahead of him at the moment. Ramsey doesnt get in any other top 6 teams starting 11 neither does Xhaka thats just obvious the midfield is our weakest area and the big guns just domiante us in that area and end up beating us by 4 or 5 because our midfielders crumble. The fact you dropped Eriksen and moved Alli to the wing just screams out I know nothing about Football what so ever. At this moment in time only Kosasinac gets in our rivals teams and thats the god honest truth. If our players are as good as you believe why are we so far off the top with no wins against the big boys?

  6. ramterta

    our players are that good such that
    Sanchez won the copa america twice voted pfa fan’s player of the season
    ozil won the world cup and has been voted Germany’s best player 5 times this decade.
    Giroud and kos reached the euro finals
    Ramsey guided wales to a euro semi finals for the first time in over half a century and was in euro team of the season
    Wilshere has been awarded England’s man of the match 6 times in a row.
    Bellerin was in pfa team of the year.
    Xhaxa was voted one of bundesliga’s top midfielder was in bundesliga team of the season.
    Kolasinac was one of the best players in the bundesliga
    cech has the most clean sheets a keeper has had.

    a majority of Our players would be good enough for Bayern and barcelona

    1. Break-on-through

      You could cherry pick a really bad team if those accolades get you the nod.

      Chile have players that wouldn’t get into the Southampton team.

      Ozil won a popularity contest, for juggling chewing gum.

      Wales done Well for a While. WWW. f**k me .com

      Bellerin was in young team of the year, one to look out for sort of thing …Smack!! (reality check)

      Xhaka impressed with long passing I’d presume, people liked seeing Xabi Alonso and A Pirlo so maybe noticed Geeeesh!! Xhaka similarity.

      Cech ..was a Chelsea stopper, not a penno blocker.

      Phew!, for a moment there I thought we lacked a will to win, good to know we have a fighting chance.

  7. Break-on-through

    Excellent news, thank god we have a goalscorer coming through because I’m sick of seeing forwards that are learning wing traits, or vice versa. I think when they’re young there needs to be one area that the player revels in, and he has to keep with it even if you want him to be more rounded. Like CB or CDM ..there is certain work that they need to learn and it should be above learning how to pass, build and attack as a team. Nketiah needs to be in the box, it bodes well that we have a player who thrives inside the box. Niles needs to get back to the centre. Willock is not like his brothers, I was expecting a short fast attacker, he’s a langly one and I’ll keep an eye out for this one, third time and all. Bielik Chambers and Holding, their chances diminish if we are too concentrated on teaching them how to build from the back. Who is teaching them to defend as a unit, who is trying to toughen them up. What duels are keeping them on their toes. The workings are there, but who is working them.

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