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‘Arsenal yet to offer Ozil new contract’?

A source claimed to be close to midfielder Mesut Ozil has claimed that Arsenal are yet to table a contract offer this season.

The German international is into the final 12 months of his current deal, and reports have claimed that the player has demanded an excessive pay-packet which has hampered proceedings.

Most recent speculation claims that Ozil is currently unsure on his intentions for his future, with a move to either Barcelona or Manchester United believed to be possible, while he refuses to rule out staying with us in North-London.

A source close to the player is now insisting that the reason why he has not agreed a new deal as of yet, is simply because he hasn’t been offered one.

“Mesut has not had any contract offer from Arsenal,” an unknown source claimed to be a ‘close friend’ of the star said.

“There were talks about a modest pay rise last season but all those talks ended in March.

“There’s been nothing since then.

“At the time there was uncertainty over Arsene Wenger’s future so the conversations stopped.”

Around March, there was talk that negotiations between Dick Law and the star had broken down, and that the two would no longer be continuing talks on the matter, with Stan Kroenke’s son Josh taking over the talks. Law has since left the club, and according to the source, there has been no further negotiations at all.

It seems absurd to believe that we have made no offer of a contract in seven months, considering the role that Ozil has been playing for the club since joining, and I really struggle to believe that we would have allowed the situation to roll on as it has without trying to fix things.

Could the source be telling to the truth? Would our club really have allowed his contract to run into its final 12 months without any intention of selling or signing a new deal?

Pat J

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27 thoughts on “‘Arsenal yet to offer Ozil new contract’?

  1. ThirdManJW

    Wenger foregoes around £100 million for Sanchez, and Ozil to get one last season out of them before they leave for nothing, and then uses them sparingly, especially Sanchez! I would love to hear Wenger explain that!

    I couldn’t care less about Ozil not playing, in fact we look way better without him, as our best performance was at Chelsea when Ozil wasn’t even on the bench, but Sanchez we need. We’re clearly a one man team, just like Liverpool were with Suarez, and so it’s no surprise we’ve been awful away from home, because he’s barely played! Sanchez should be playing every minute, considering Wenger didn’t want the £60 million.

    1. Remember Resource?

      My source says that both alexis and ozil are off in january and both want to go to city and utd respectively. Otherwise both are prepared to finish the season and leave on a free. This is said to be an ideal option as they both can claim a huge signing fee since they are free agents and quality players. Paying a fraction of the transfer fee as a signing bonus is considered ideal for all parties involved.
      Both players can command 40m valuations at least. If both were to claim a 10-15m signing bonus that would be big money to them and would be considered a small fee for the club..

      1. ThirdManJW

        @Remember Resource?

        No one is paying £40 million for Ozil in January, when they can get him for free just six months later. He’s been shocking so far this season.

    2. Vlad

      What a bunch of muppets you guys are… first, people applaud Wenger’s character for not allowing Sanchez and Ozil to leave in the summer, but now all of you are singing a different tune. Fickle fans.

  2. Not Vanpayslip or that other guy

    Ozil is wack anyway. Should play Sanchez and Wilshere/Iwobi there for the rest of the season.

    1. Break-on-through

      I’d like to see Wilshere tried there but doubt he’d stay fit for long. Himself and Alexis would help add a little bite to the midfield, and because Alexis is such a special player there would not be as much pressure on Wilshere to always be producing chances and finishes. The added effort could go a long way. But can Wilshere hustle and hurry without picking up one of those annoying little knocks of his.

  3. gotanidea

    Bad news for Ozil if he has not gotten any offer from Arsenal or other clubs yet. Maybe the other clubs want to get him for free, because there would be a big risk that the star player could underperform again.

    I don’t think Arsenal would want to let Ozil go for free, but his wage demand could be more than his worth. Arsenal should focus on other targets, instead of wasting their time on players that are in doubts like Ozil and Sanchez.

    If Ozil and Sanchez announce their departure and Arsenal do not get new players in January, Arsenal could demotivate the other players. This move would also send a very clear message to the fans.

    1. Break-on-through

      I’d say people will have approached Mesut, which makes me wonder who this lad is and how much of it can we really believe. Of course we didn’t offer him three hundred a week, any Gooner could tell you that. He will have had offers, like when we knew he was for sale, slightly smaller clubs than ours will look to try and grab a very creative player on the free before others (even if it’s for his name). So he will have had offers I think that much is certain, Mesut is a very private person and even at the best of times you rarely hear about who’s been tapped up unless caught red handed. Why doesn’t Mesut come out and say (MUtd) its all bull, because he doesn’t want to show his hand either.

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    I think Ozil wants to go to United

    I think we should start Wilshere instead of Ozil. Wilshere is a hard worker and good dribbler. And we could even try Nelson in that position in some matches

    I’d like to see Wilshere, Alexis and Lacazette in attack

  5. arie82

    What the point have a playmaker, if y dont use formation that suit for a playmaker.
    In 343 formation, ozil play as right winger,
    Just back to 442, where ozil play as playmaker behind striker,
    And enough about dlp (deep lying playmaker), xhaka is not pirlo, cazorla, and not even close to xabi alonso
    Jusyt play a pure dm, aka coqelin

    1. Break-on-through

      Their area is large, and inside it they’re undesignated. They can switch sides, one can stand at no10 while the other goes CF. Ozil uses the wing even in the old system, he like a birds eye view of everyone. When without the ball, if the opponents are going down our wing well then yes I’d like him to take up a wing position, if we are outnumbered centrally well then I’d like him to take up a central position. It all comes down to two things, the effort to want to do the right thing, how well does he read the game and has he got the effort to use that knowledge.

      1. arie82

        There where y wrong, in old 442, sanchez, oziel, walcott or ramsey in right wing, play together.
        In first season in arsenal, oziel mostly play in left winger(we dont have sancez yet), but his role is playmaker, not winger who trakcing ball, in 2nd season his position is move to central, where he almost crack most assist record that held by henry, but we have giroud in front, so it failed, now we have laca, and ozil position became winger again who job now is tracking the ball and help defend.

  6. HA559

    Everyone thought a 0-0 against CHelsea was a good result. Now everyone is scoring against Chelsea. City, Palace, Roma and now Watford. Shame we couldn’t even get 1 goal.

  7. Sandeep

    Actually it’s Wenger fault.He knew that next season we will be without Sanchez and ozil, so this season he should have built team for coming seasons with players that want to play with our club.Sanchez has made some good memories playing for us and he wants new challenge nothing wrong in it.Hope this Sunday things turns in our way and we start winning games.

  8. Sue

    I’ve just read that Ozil is angry about these rumours – he hasn’t said he wants to go to united & he hasn’t asked for 300k a week… which is just as well!!

    1. Vlad

      I was just thinking the same. On one hand, I wanted Chelsea to lose; but on the other, I wanted to see someone wipe the smug of Deeney’s face. Justice served. It’s like he wasn’t even in the game. Arrogant prick.

  9. the barrel

    Good news that Ozil is not offered another contract. No offers for him from other clubs, now he wants to stay at Arsenal. Maurinho knows Ozil well, I dont think he will buy Ozil with his “dont care attitude”. He is not gonna survive under Maurinho. 300k/week for trolling the pitch, let him leave and get that money somewhere else. Arsenal is not charity organisation, he needs to work hard to get that

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