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Arsenal youngsters give some positives in Hull draw

Bellerin and Campbell look good for Gunners by Sam P

Well how frustrating was that Arsenal fans? After the way we started against Hull today it looked like we were going to blow Steve Bruce and his team away, just as we had in both of the Premier League games last season. And once we got an early goal through the excellent Alexis Sanchez, nobody would have expected what happened next.

At least the Gunners managed to salvage a point right at the end but it still feels like we have been mugged and there were plenty of problems still evident that need to be solved. I am sure that there will be lots of people picking hole in the team, various players and Arsene Wenger, so I am going to look at a couple of positive aspects of the game for us, Joel Campbell and Hector Bellerin.

The Spanish right back may have made a couple of mistakes but for a 19-year old on his first Premier League outing, I was very impressed, especially with the way he pushed forward and linked up with the likes of Alexis, Ox, Cazorla and all as we hunted for the elusive goal. There was one particular mazy run from the Spaniard that took my breath away and suggested great things from him in the future.

Campbell also impressed when he came on, injecting urgency and invention into our search for a leveller. And the fact that is was Wilshere he replaced, who had been our best player up until then made his showing even more encouraging. Surely Wenger will start to use the Costa Rican forward a bit more now. What did you think to the two new Gunners today?

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86 thoughts on “Arsenal youngsters give some positives in Hull draw

  1. muffdiver

    tired of ‘pullin positives’

    wenger has outstayed his welcome as our manager

    ivan/stan have milked us beyond any fans worldwide

    truth is they are stayin an nothin is changin: such is there hold on this club

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    1. dilla

      Exactly. What Wenger has done is created a situation where it doesn’t matter how much he fails he will still keep his job. Gazidis interview on says it all. The board WORSHIPS Wenger. Despite the fact that we’ve signed players like Alexis, Ozil, somehow we’re worse than we were last season. To me, the only person who’s responsible for that is WENGER. NOT the players. it’s his team, his tactics, his philosophy. Good luck to us this season. 4th place seems like a pipe dream right now

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    2. goldfish27

      Can I ask a question who makes a club…the fans or the shareholders….sorry to say Arsenal fans don’t have balls..where in d world will all dis happen n d fans will keep buying ticket or product but only arsenal Fc fans,, ”enough is enough” why no boycott matches and all arsenal activities and see if the shareholder will not run and begging the fans just know one thing Arsenal Fans ” NO VICTORY WITHOUT SACRIFIES” Pls let’s Unite any kick Wenger OUt…I say boycott all Arsenal activities and see what will happen…..Pls let’s give it a trier…Gunners 4 Life

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    3. goldfish27

      Ozil has been d best no 10 in the world for 2years with Madrid which wilshere will not even make the bench for Madrid..Ozil over whilshare any day….pls whilshare fans be real for one

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  2. Greg

    Hector bellerin gave a reasonable account of himself! Cant blame the poor lad for the mistakes, he did play well and tried his best!

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  3. muffdiver

    10 years an one trophy? not a league or a european title neither….in a decade!

    i think not baby puppy

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      1. DanielC1989

        he recovered the ball well when he lost it. but he shouldn’t have lost it. he was appalling

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    1. PC

      All of our our midfielders need to practice more on their shooting, excluding santi.

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  4. Dee@ease

    Once Wilshere came off we played better as a team,he’s over rated,I’m glad Ramsey is back who’s a better all round player he gives us more drive,goals,assists and tackles so the Wilshere fans must start being honest!

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    1. Ks-Gunner

      Dont worry bro. I hope every players who gets picked on by fans gets injuried. Only for you to realise in the end that the current events are not linket to players but to a certain manager.

      Merti is playing bad. I hope he snaps also some sh%t anytime soon. Facepalm.

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      He was the only player trying to make things happen.. And taking off Falmini was the reason we were attacking more, we had no DM and all we had were attacking midfielders..

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      1. Dee@ease

        By running into Hull City players and being tackled he was making things happen?Wilshere stalls our quick passing game by not releasing the ball early enough

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      1. GOONSTER

        How many times has Ozil been subbed even if he is one of our weakest links in 805 of the games?

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    3. Thando

      We have not won a game when wilshere(4-1-4-1) starts and our 2 standout performances was when ozil was a no.10(4-2-3-1)

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      1. GOONSTER

        @Thando..But when Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla were on the pitch we won 2 cups (FA CUP and CHARITY SHIELD) and he was very influential in those those games..

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          1. Randy87

            Spot on thando, i’m very sick hearing Goonster talk about wilshere, ramsey, cazorla on winning the FA cup. Maybe he didn’t watching liverpool or everton match. He is too genius to watch ozil in that day. LOL….

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    4. SaveArsenal

      Agreed, I can’t believe the author thought Jack was our best player.
      Why are people dazzled by Jack running around, he does nothing with the ball but lose it.
      I would like to know his stats for being dispossessed.

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      1. GoonerG1

        Sanchez was obviously our best player by a big margin. Wilshere was his usual no composure self and wound up hurting himself with a stupid challenge made out of anger. Does Wenger even bother to try to teach Wilshere the mental component of the game? Wilshere plays like a dumb, angry player that the opposing side can provoke at will.

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  5. Invincibles49

    The chance of PL is gone. I just cant believe it. And i am doubtful we will scalp the usual 4th place trophy this time too.

    Well for once i want us to go crashing down to 6-7th positions this time. I see THAT as the only to lift the Wenger Curse from Emirates. Let it get down and dusted, lets get rid of the real core issue and then start over afresh and fu*king rebuild with a new coach next year. I know it might throw us back for another couple of years in search for “real” trophy but cmon, Wenger is not gonna deliver us any trophy anyways except 4th place or at the max FA cup after all is he is a “specialist in FA ilure”.

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    1. th14

      Loool if we go crashing down to 6th or 7th
      Sanchez leaves, we lose about 60mill due to clauses in our sponsorship deals and also lack of champions league money, so we go back to selling inorder to spend or buying no one at all.
      And ontop of all that wenger stays as he always honours his contracts and kronke will NEVER sack him.
      So if i was you i’d be hoping we get top four mate.
      You must think we have Man Utd money to survive dropping out the top 4 loool.

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      1. SaveArsenal

        So everyone left UTD then and they didn’t just sign 2 of the best players in the world in their positions?
        Absolute bollocks comment.

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        1. th14

          Have you seen man utds sponsorship deals you and how much they had to pay??
          Absolute idiot.

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    2. GoonerG1

      The PL was gone in August. Anyone paying attention knew that. No CDM and not enough defenders (lacking quantity and quality) = no chance at title.

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  6. Ks-Gunner

    What does it matter that one certain player had a good game when the team itself sucked monkey balls. Are we supposed to be happy about it and find comfort about this? How long will it take before we shoot him down after we build his repuation up?

    Arsenal fans deserve everything what comes from the club. Every rais in the ticket praises, every humulation from rival teams, every mockery from the football world.

    We are a team who have given up on our pride to hand it completly over to a French men. A French men who claims that he loves the club, yet refuses to realise the truth.

    The current events are that of a manager who is a specialist in failing. The Specialist in Failuare, Arsene Wenger.

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  7. reddb10

    what a manager Ronald Koeman is.
    ost 5 of his top players before the season starts but still manages to sit 3rd in the league after 8 games and while playing great football.
    We need a manager ASAP otherwise its going to get worse

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Wait and see where his team is at in May, before you start blowin him.

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      1. Invincibles49

        Well you my friend must blow Wenger after every 4th place trophy. This means last season you must have swallowed as there was an additional FA cup win by Wenger. A loyal and dedicated co*ksucker you are. I admire you.

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          1. th14

            Heres an honest question for you.
            Forget the lack of signings.
            Do you think arsene should be doing better with the squad he has right now.

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            1. NY_Gunner

              The question should be”Do I think Arsenal should be doing better with the players they have?” YES…

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              1. th14

                How football works is the manager is responsible for doing the best he can with the players he has.
                We have a very good squad, 2 wins in 8, 11 points from 24 is not good enough, especially when you look at the players wenger has at his disposal.
                You love ignoring wenger and attacking the players e.g wilshere or ozil
                So If wilshere is playing so bad then surely the manager is at fault for not dropping him. Same goes for Ozil, if he is playing so bad why is the manager playing him every game for 90mins and not subbing him when hes clearly having a nightmare.
                The bottom line is wengers performance has been diabolical so far this season.

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                1. NY_Gunner

                  If you or anyone out here wants to attack me for my criticism. then do so by reading all of who I criticize. I voiced mu disappointment of AW’s favoritism as well as his team selection connected with it. I have also criticized every player I see as not stepping up when called on to do so.
                  So don’t go “cherry pickin” my comments to try and make your invalid point.

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        1. Ks-Gunner

          He is specialist in Sucking Wenger balls. Wenger is happy to have him.

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          1. NY_Gunner

            Was waiting for you to raise your face outta ya boys lap to pipe in. Literally…lmfao
            F**Kn muppet…

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  8. Mick The Gooner

    £70m budget. Who would you guys buy in January? We all know we need a DM and CB, maybe a striker. Let’s hear some names.

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    1. Invincibles49

      I would buy Klopp. I would go as far as spend 50 mil to get rid of Wenger. You would think it is insane but ii would do it if it was possible (to buy another coach LOL).

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      1. GOONSTER

        Klopp is having a nightmare right now for Dortmund.. He has 2 bad seasons at Arsenal and we will hear “Klopp Out”..

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    2. Ks-Gunner

      Even if we buy Messi or Ronaldo we would still continue to flop.

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    3. Dee@ease

      £70 mil budget for January?LOL Wenger will just re-sign Kim Kallstrom and not sign the DM and CB that we need

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    After watching CAMPBELL play against UNITED in the CL, played so well in the WORLD CUP too.. I am glued to him, the guy is so intelligent, the way he was finding his team mates when he game on against HULL with those smart passes was impressive..

    Give him a run of games. At the beginning of the match the camera zoomed him in and he looked in deep thoughts.. Give give him a run of games, I really think he is a very intelligent player.

    I really like Campbell.. We have so much attacking potential but Wenger seem to favor so much ahead of the others.

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  10. Aussie Jack

    After the AGM we all know who runs the show at Emirates and as such takes full responsibility for the outcome. The result was as predicted, even the score, so I was never confident but the youngsters got an outing and they apparently did quite well. It`s reasonable to assume we`ll pick up the tempo after Christmas when the wounded return and maybe sign a defender (don`t hold your breath) so I can see us ending up in the top six but ,me thinks, Wenger will not be taking the boys to Europe next year.

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    I love how you lot are discrediting Wilshere, give the boy a chance.. He was a bench player last season and he did not complain..

    I know you have all been trying to blame him for OZIL’s poor contribution all season.. smh..

    Cazorla and Wilshere were bench players last season so give them a chance this season.

    You lot might no like him anymore but Wilshere, Ramsey, are the 2 Arsenal midfielders that are going to be here for a long time, I do believe in them and they will all come good..

    All they need are some solid defensive players behind them and we are good to go..

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    1. Thando

      Wenger knows that jack cant displace ramsey so what he did this season is he changed the formation for me jack belongs to the bench

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    2. Randy87

      It is true and that’s the reality. Just back to 4-2-3-1 formation (especially vs a weak team) and we will okay. Just play ozil and ramsey in the middle with 2 natural winger and we will okay. Last season we play 4-2-3-1 and we almost win over a weak team, today we use 4-1-4-1 and you seen it, we draw. I don’t understand why wenger change a winning formation (4-2-3-1) to something’s new that make us unstable. I’m sorry to say, that’s hurt but it’s the reality.

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    3. GoonerG1

      We fans don’t need to give Jack a chance, Wenger is already giving him unlimited chances. He will automatically start regardless of how he plays and everyone else is forced out of position to accommodate him.

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  12. th14

    I hope wengers happy now.
    Blew our whole title challenge by starting the season with 6 defenders, not getting a DM.
    Changing our fully functional 4231 to this stupid 4141, just to benfit jack f*cking wilshere which has led to ramseys decline as hes playing too high up the field, and ozils decline as hes playing f*cking wide.

    Anyway im sure hes happy because in his eyes bring jack back to form and getting 4th >> dropping jack and winning sh*t.

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      Please guys don’t start with the OZIL whinging yet again.. Please…

      Wilshere was a bench player all last seaosn, what did OZIL do? He went missing in October last season and has stayed in his protective cocoon you lot have built him..

      If every player had the same protection and excuses for him like Ozil gets, I would not say sh”t.. But it’s always someone else’s fault for Ozil. It was Arteta, Flamini, Sanogo and the daddy of all poor Giroud..

      Now it’s Wilshere, Arteta, Falmini, Wenger etc..

      FFS grow some balls


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      1. th14

        In not giving him protection he was dogsh*t outwide till he got injured and was slightly above average last season but regardless him in the 10 and ramsey B2B WORKED and he created 22% of all our chances last season, was our top assist maker, created the 5th most chances in the prem despite missing a sh*t load of games and had an amazing partnership with ramsey. Why we’ve thrown all that progress away to accommodate wilshere is beyond me.
        Wilshere isnt even playing that bad its just that he ruins our fluidity and lacks creativity.

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        1. GOONSTER

          Lol.. Cazorla a player you all don’t have time for got 7 assists with more goals, and Cazorla was Ozil’s back up.. Even Henderson got 7 assists last season. Ozil got 8 assists..

          Most of you were calling for Santi to be shipped out in the summer because he had such a bad season, a bad season with 7 assists and more goals while Ozil had a brilliant seaoson with 8 assists with less goals. smh..

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          1. th14

            You do realise ozil had more goals and assist than cazorla. And cazorla the ”back up” played 6 more games than ozil.
            I know you hate his guts but lets not start making up stats.

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      2. th14

        And ozil was getting absolutely slaughtered after the chelsea game. It seems you’ll only be satisfied when shove a gun in his mouth.
        Damm you hate ozil.

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        1. GOONSTER

          I don’t hate him, I just can’t stand you Ozil whingers. You will slaughter every single player to the brim, be it Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud, Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Monreal, Mert, Walcott etc.. Absolutely one their case for 90% of the season.

          But when it comes to Ozil, my goodness, all the cotton, silk, silicon are laid down, easy soft, you don’t want to hurt the princes feelings. I have never seen a more protected player in my whole life, all the excuses will dry up..

          But the other players have one chance or a few games to impress and that’s it..

          Hypocrites, and double standards..

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          1. th14

            I criticize ozil more than ramsey.
            You just hate his guts 40% of your comments are slating ozil. In your eyes everything is his fault. Im guessing this draw was because of ozils lack of fight and laziness right??

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      3. Thando

        Dont know if im wrong but got 13 assists and 9 goals last season and this he has played twice in no.10 with 2 assists 1goal

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    Bellerin looked good defensively, the only problem I see with him right now is that he is so light weight, he got bullied off the ball a lot in the first half, if we are to come up against a better team offensively then that is where I think he will be exposed..

    But he is only young and this was his second start in the first team, if he can bulk up next season then we have got one hell of RB, he is so good technically and I was impressed with his defensive brain, his position was Top class, he always had an eye on his man..

    Good young team, all we need is for Wenger to help them out, sign some real DM, CB and I think we will good..

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  14. Mesut O-thrilled

    congrats to the youngsters, Hector and Joel – they played amazing. but still our overall performance and result was disappointing. So I’m just gonna listen to Alt-J for the rest of the night. Their music never disappoints.

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  15. Dennis

    Is anyone surprised by this team? you know how they play and you know their tendencies by now. Everyone knows how to play against them and with the same manager for 18 years you know what they will do every game. The question is who will get 4th? UTD/SOUTHampton/everton or arsenal?? This will be a very tight year but i honestly think we will squeeze in 4th again.

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  16. Invincibles49

    WTF is Steve fu*king Bould is doing there ? How much does HE earn to just stand with his di*k in his hands and doing nothing else. Seriously the defensive errors in last few matches are getting more and more embarrassing.

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  17. Andrew AFC

    Only one win out of the last seven EPL games. If we had lost today it would have been the worst start to the season ever under Wenger. Things need to change not in January but now.

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      1. Andrew AFC

        I take it you mean the old formation that every EPL manager knows how to play against.

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          1. Andrew AFC

            We haven’t preformed well for the last ten years, due to us selling off our best players.

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            1. Andrew AFC

              Ps you might want to say 11 because we only beat Man United on penalties in the 05 fa cup final.

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    1. Thando

      @ andrew Maybe, what i’ve noticed is that wenger is scared of his own players,players who we want to sign know they are better than per they dont want to be bench for him

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  18. fred cowardly

    Wenger said yesterday that English players tend to be more loyal to the club’s. Well, Wenger is really going to test loyalty at Arsenal as players want trophies, even English ones. If Wenger doesn’t use sensible formation, doesn’t put players in their best positions and doesn’t sign top players in January, even 4th place isn’t guaranteed

    By the way, if Wenger couldn’t buy a CD the whole summer (which he admitted was a failure at AGM) how will he get one in January which is more difficult. I think the answer was he was too lazy this summer. On transfer deadline day he was in Rome.

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  19. ruelando

    Really glad for the youngsters Campbell and Bellerin , they really put in an effort, fortunate for campbell wilshere got injured else he would not have seen the field, bellerin still learning the game but did do quite well. i was hoping the leaders would have drop some points today, but unfortunately it did not work out.

    I think we actually started well but lost the points by some silly errors, hull was not the danger today it was actually arsenal the danger to itself. we dominated the game had more shots on goal and look dangerous through out.

    Wenger state if we had a defender it would not have made no difference , i strongly doubt it, kos would have mop up that side of the from which diame made the run from and i am sure Hernandez would not have been free to jump.

    Arsenal have long been paying for it sins for years not buying a DM which the top teams use to help control attack and defense, no suitable back up in defense to challenge the main stay of KOS and MERT. This is our main problem, all in all i think this team will make it in the top four, with a little luck and hard work

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    1. Thando

      scz has been s##t this season and he will be shocked when ospina benches him,we dont want his father saying s##t about it because he does not respect being no.1

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  20. supertuur

    Lets go back to the title of this post. Well doe Bellerin and Campbell. Let the others learn from your efforts.

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  21. Gooner Cape Town

    When Wenger leaves, and hopefully soon, would love a Steve Bruce in charge… Imagine what he would do with the extra cash and pure motivation. He has ben a revelation at The Tigers and look what quality footie they play when going forward, but also in defence.

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  22. GoonerG1

    Bellerin and Campbell should both start the next match but neither will. We would be much better off with Chambers at CB and Bellerin at RB than we would with Monreal at CB. But Wenger will no doubt go with Monreal (who is a disaster waiting to happen at CB).

    Campbell deserves an opportunity but the only reason he played yesterday was because Podolski was sick. It will probably be 2 months before Wenger plays him again.

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