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Arsenal’s Alexis and Ramsey to return for Red Star or Everton

I think we have to assume that the France and Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny and our England forward Danny Welbeck will not be available for either of the next two games, joining Cazorla, Chambers and Mustafi in the treatment room.

With a Europa League away tie in Belgrade and a Premier League away clash with Everton to cope with in the space of two-and-a-half days, Arsene Wenger has to decide how much to rotate and which Arsenal players should start in each game, but he does have the option to bring back Aaron Ramsey and Alexis Sanchez who he left out for the Watford game.

There were some suggestions that fatigue could have been the reason he left the striker out but we have played him soon after a long haul trip for international games before, so it must surely be down to the pair’s disappointments over Wales and Chile crashing out of the World Cup.

The fact that the pair will be nice and fresh could persuade the boss to start them against Red Star on Thursday with the idea of replacing them at some point to be ready for Everton. He could also give them a bit more time and have them on the bench if needed while giving some valuable game time to players like Wilshere, Coquelin, Walcott and Giroud who have not played much this season.

Would you save Ramsey and Alexis for Everton?


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9 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Alexis and Ramsey to return for Red Star or Everton

  1. gotanidea

    Sanchez must warm himself up before the Everton match, by playing against the Red Star. Arsenal would need his creativity, skills and movements in the crucial Premier League away game.

    If Arsenal win those two games, they would regain some confidence to face Manchester City. I hope Arsenal could learn a lot from these three games, no matter win or lose.

    Especially when they are against Manchester City. I want Wenger to see with his eyes and learn how Guardiola instructs and trains his players under his system.

    1. redmau5

      ever tried telling your grandad how to use the ipad?
      imagine that but your grandad is also a…it was simpler in my day types…all this “.. signal hotspot google mallarkey is beyond me son”

      wenger is that grandad…never adapted. tried black and white ideas like statdna
      and oh well…

      might aswell play sanchez every game..the under 12’s if its made legal..hes going anyway
      ..get some milk out of that cow.

  2. Tas

    I’m sick and tired of saving our top players after international’s and lose games, poor Ronaldo and Messie and other top players who never seam to stop playing so they don’t lose momentum, Sanchez just got back playing for us and now his rested then he won’t be match fit and then eased in, I’m not even going to mention Ozil he can go F… Himself, it will be January when Arsen gives our top players regular play and then they are off to play for our competition all fresh and eager to go and YEA against us

  3. AngryGunner

    Is Arsenal missing Ramsey and Sanchez ? Well i personally don’t give a S**t about them but you know what they are missing ?!

    They are missing passion , ambition , hard work , respect toward fans and several other positive attitudes.

    And as long as Kroenke is in charge it’s going to remain the same way.

    #KroenkeOut #EmptySeats #NoMoreMerchandises

  4. Marty

    Are we the only club who rests players when they get back from internationals. I don’t recall players like Ronaldo and Messi being rested when they get back from international week.

  5. Adam Criniti

    Unless both are carrying injuries then there is no reason under an Arsenal sun they shouldn’t feature against Red Star.

    But honestly is there inclusion that big of a deal?

    Sanchez doesn’t give a toss about the club anymore
    and Ramsey on his best day is an average at best PL player.

    Ronaldo, Messi and the Neymars of the world never have to worry about being physically ready for a Thursday night fixture in freaking Belgrade. Lol

    Only Arsenal thanks to Wenger embrace that pathetic footballing reality.

    Seemed just a few years back the majority of this board were ridiculing Spuds for being a Thursday night futbol staple.

    Karma eh?

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