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Arsenal’s bad boy in sentimental praise for exiting star

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere expressed his discomfort in Tomas Rosicky leaving the club this summer.

The Czech Republic international captain was confirmed as joining Arsenal 10 years ago, and went onto become a fans favourite with his creativity and team play.

Jack Wilshere is known for his off-the-field antics, where he has been fined for a number of smoking incidents, while he was also questioned by police outside a night club in recent weeks after a late night fracas. Despite his bad reputation, he has moved to tweet his admiration for his departing team-mate, and reveals he will miss the 35 year-old.

On Twitter, Wilshere said:Β β€œThis guy has been with me since the start of my career, through thick and thin and always showed me the way when things have been tough.’

β€œGoing to miss him around the place and even more on the pitch. It’s been a pleasure my friend and I wish you all the luck in the world.”

Rosicky went onto win two FA Cups with the club, and one community shield, and has clocked up 170 league appearances for the Gunners. He is yet to feature at all this season however due to injury, and looks unlikely to get on the team-sheet tomorrow either.

Arsenal are chasing an unlikely second place finish, needing three points as well as Tottenham to fluff their lines against already-relegated Newcastle United, otherwise only a win by 14 or more goals will secure second-place should Spurs draw. (Yes, I really did just say that…)

I am told that Rosicky will be joining in with the rest of the squad to participate in the end of season lap of honour following the conclusion of their match, and it is not yet known whether he will continue playing beyond the summer. He is also yet to be confirmed in the squad for the Czech’s European Championship squad.

Does Rosicky deserve one last run-out?

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal’s bad boy in sentimental praise for exiting star

  1. Greg

    It’s very unfortunate with all the injuries little Mozart had! Never the less all the best to him in the future!

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  2. SA_Gooner82

    Such a positive player, need more like him

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Hahaha πŸ˜‚ we have plenty like him…. that are injury prone and play less than 50 % of their time, at the club! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      so Cheer up mate…. I’m sure that wenger will sign more of the like!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. SA_Gooner82

        Positive as in attitude and passion(goes without saying but i’ll explain it for you), so no we don’t have plenty like him. Try use initiative when reading a comment.

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        1. Arsenal007

          Lighten up dude. πŸ™‚

          There’s something I’ve always said during transfer windows…
          ‘With little or no expectations, you’ll never be disappointed with Wenger and the Board…and you’ll get to keep your sanity’.

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  3. Fatboy Gooney

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Thanks Boss… πŸ˜‰
      at least I was.. interesting. .. Once upon a time! πŸ˜‚

      I think menopause is kicking in πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚

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    2. mohawk

      Fans are PROUD of the way Rosicky played – with intelligence, creativity and heart.

      Unlike your comment, most fans are NOT criticizing this fine player for things beyond his control – like injuries or Wenger overlooking Rosicky because of favoritism.

      In the 2011/12 season Rosicky was healthy and in form but could not get on the pitch because Wenger always chose his little pet Ramsey who played terribly – and Arsenal were losing as a result.

      Finally in Feb 2012, Wenger replaced Ramsey with Rosicky. The result: Arsenal won the game 7-0 and won the next 7 games in a row.

      That is one of the very many reasons most fans LOVE and appreciated Rosicky.

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      1. Midkemma

        I’m a fan that loves Rosicky, he is an amazing player when fit and he never seems to give up.

        His body just wasn’t good enough for the talent he had but I will remain grateful to him for giving us a dedicated decade.

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  4. Greg

    Little Mozart was one of the few arsenal players, who wore his heart on his sleeve for the gunners cause every time he took to the pitch, in the red & white!

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  5. Iffybright

    one of d very few complete midfielder we have at Arsenal,along with santi and Jack….. I love u my hero….. gonna miss u mozart

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  6. Ramterta

    wenger needs to ….

    ADMIN COMMENT – Last warning Ramterta. This thread is about Wilshere and Rosicky. If you try and hijack any post that isn’tabout wenger again you will be moderated.

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  7. mohawk

    Just curious: How do you “hijack” a post anyway? What does that really mean?

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    1. Midkemma

      Article about Jack and Rosicky.
      Posts should be about Jack and Rosicky…

      You do not board a plane and then when your on the journey decide you wanna go somewhere else and demand the plane to change it’s course to those twin towers…

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      1. mohawk

        Thanks for the info.

        Such a restriction seems beyond ridiculous – I for one would never restrict my comments in this way. I must be a really bad person.

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        1. Midkemma

          How so?
          Because you can’t derail a thread?
          It is basic respect.

          The article was about what Jack said to Rosicky, the author obviously looked at that and not Wenger, derailing the thread just so you can moan like a mindless child is disrespectful.

          People who want to moan about Wenger can go to articles about Wenger, I want to read peoples thoughts on the article and not something else because they have a short attention span!

          Damn! When I have to talk about respect then there must be something wrong >.<

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  8. Midkemma

    Rosicky is one in a million.
    I remember reading articles where Cesc said he was the best technical player he had seen and I will never forget how he plays like a man 10 years younger… while fit. Never shy of putting effort in for the team.

    I do wish we could have had him fit as he put on some amazing displays.

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