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Arsenal’s chances given huge boost by Uefa

There are a lot of people who admire the way that Arsenal Football Club is run, and hold it up as the correct business model, especially in the middle of this global crisis. The massive debts and subsequent problems for clubs such as Portsmouth, Leeds United and Malaga are the reasons behind Uefa bringing in the new Financial Fair Play rules.

The rules are intended to stop clubs spending wildly on player’s transfer fees and wages, and Arsenal fans are hoping that it will stop the spiralling of wages to ridiculous levels that Chelsea really kicked off, and Manchester City have picked up the baton and ran with. Arsenal, being a globally popular club with huge revenue but with owners who are unwilling to spend their own money, stand to be a major beneficiary of the rules.

The concern among many fans, however, has been that the big clubs will find loopholes and get around the restrictions. We have heard of sponsorship deals with Man City and PSG (£200m a year) that seem incredulous, and many believe that these are just a back door to heavy investment. These deals have not gone unnoticed by Uefa, though, and the governing body has warned clubs that it will investigate and, if necessary, re-adjust the figures accordingly. There is talk of awarding fair values to Sponsorship deals, which will mean that City will not be able to count the whole £100 million they will get every year for stadium sponsorship if it is seen as an unreasonable amount.

“Everyone, including PSG, knows the rules and knows when they kick in. They know the rules are that they have to generate revenues to cover their costs without cheating.”

The general secretary of Uefa also stated that they would not back down from sanctions, including European bans, for clubs who tried to break the rules. Let’s hope that Uefa are as thorough as they promise to be, because with United’s massive debt, that will give the Gunners the firepower we need to be the best team in England again.

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49 thoughts on “Arsenal’s chances given huge boost by Uefa

  1. Josh

    The big clubs will find loopholes. Anyway, what is wrong with the owners putting their own money into their club? It is their plaything…

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  2. neil moxon

    And then we’ll find out how good the big spenders really
    are and we’ll be in our element.

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  3. OhMyGunner

    Really hope those rule kick in, we will benefit the most from that , since we cant actually compete financially with arab money no matter how much money we make… Our situation looks good though, we already have a new team build(and talented one that just needs to gel). And this summer thanks to our healthy situation, we dont need to sell any nuclear player( sagna may leave i dont know, but jenks is ready anyway), with those rules being aplied City, Chelsea, and others will have to calm down, and the Arsenal will step up !

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  4. TrueGunner82

    What should happen is players wages should be capped at 100K a week, and then no one *cough* Cashley,can money grab *cough* Nasri.

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  5. runeun

    Off topic i can see where our transfer budget went now “cough” “cough” nice design Ivan

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  6. Adam

    Would like to believe it, but just can’t shake the feeling it won’t be as black and white as we’d all like. Guaranteed to be a loophole somewhere!

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  7. Fish

    with the amount of corruption being uncovered in football at the moment and the money these clubs are throwing around id be suprised if someone doesnt turn a blind eye somewhere along the line

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  8. kenny p

    ial what do you mean by that comment????? do you think chelsea or man city earned there titles? ‘EARNED it’ is exactly the reason these rules are coming in, so that clubs compete based on the money they earn, not by being pimped up buy some rich dude who got nothing better to do with his money other than buy big boi toys

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  9. Invincibles nice (1)

    Goes without saying that i hope fifa rule with an iron fist… for if it were a matter for the courts there would be no stopping the mancs from using this ridiculous sponsorship loophole. Its difficult to say to a sponsor that such amount is too much, as its there money… but we know that fifa can say as much as we have seen cases fall apart within the courts only for football associations to make a decision based entirely on common knowledge.

    I think if we are to take full advantage of ffp regulations we really have to get a David Dein mark two in (asap), so to sort out our restrictive wage structure. If rules go the way we hope them to go well then we would be nicely positioned in getting the games very top talent, but our communist wage structure would be holding us back from getting the best players who seek the best pay.

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  10. Uche

    Don’t count on it pal. If there is one thing I have learned in this world, it is that you can never bet against big money. Cash is king, unfortunately. The rich buy their way to everything everyday. You really think that PSG, Chelsea and Man City will be banned? What a joke. They have the most money and the best lawyers. That is a lethal combination. Forget the UEFA threats and watch them re-adjust the rules when implementation time comes around. Did UEFA ever come out with a cap on sponsorship sums? Absolutely not. Case closed. Sheik Mansour can get his cousin to sponsor city’s football boots for 500 mil and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Believe me when I say that the Chelseas of this world are well prepared for this and will go to court if they have to. But they are neither going away nor changing their ways.

    Arsenal should focus instead on clearing the deadwood and making smart buys such as Podolski, Nacho and Carzola. We are just a Victor Wanyama and David Villa away from really challenging for trophies. Wenger should focus on wrapping up these deals rather than fantasizing about UEFA rules.

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  11. budgie

    Absolute nonsense, it wont make a blind bit of differance, have you seen the money PSG are spending? No one is going to tell the Russians or the Qataras how to spend their money, Fifa want a super league with no relegation, and they want to get their hands on the massive premiership money, the next tv deal in a few years time is going to be enormous, I think if we can keep top four status we will be well positioned, if and when usmanov takes over it could be a differant ball game!

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  12. marlogooner

    FFP or not i think this team is one quality striker and strong defender or the vermealan of old to compete for trophies. Midfield looks good dot forget guys we have some youngsters like Eisfeld,Aneke,frimpong, gnarby and others who could be real gems if given a chance inthe first team.COYG!!

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  13. Arsenal1Again

    I ma gonna be leaf fit when I sees it.

    Seriously though, UEFA can take another 10 years to get around to reviewing these loopholes being taken advantage of by Chelsea, Canchester Mity and PSG.

    Until it is pushed through and a done thing, only then will it be relevant. In the meantime, clubs can and will die while waiting to see a stop to their best players being mopped up by these big spenders. If a huge club like our Arsenal is reeling every year from the effects, imagine what clubs like Bolton feel like.

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  14. seagoon

    If the rules are strictly applied and we benefit then we’d only get smeared with the jibe that ” we aren’t true champions because so and so have been sanctioned”.
    Leave it as it is because on our day we can beat anyone. All Wenger has to do is to do what he has failed to do and that is make sure the team is fully motivated and committed for the whole 90 minutes. Look at Man U who can play poorly but get results becuase they have committment and belief (and RVP).
    If we had that we wouldn’t need fair play to help us.

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  15. Alex

    I just wamt to win a trophy when these rules arent in place so we can rub it in though ! COYG !!!

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  16. LARENZo_AFC10

    When clubs spend money what they havnt really got… Pay wages that really can’t afford.. Loose money every year… 100mil here and there… It is pratically cheating!!! Because other clubs are doing that!! Doesn’t mean we should follow fashion by hoping the russian gets our club and throws money at it!!! “One should never sell there soul, for silver and gold”

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  17. Popeye

    Total bull shit.
    If big clubs like Man Utd, Barca, Real Madrid or Milan do not follow these rules, do you think FIFA would ban them & hit their own foot with less revenues generated due to their massive fan following. Absolutely not.
    Moral of the story our club needs either new ambitious owners or a new manager who is not arrogant old fart & who has the guts to negotiate with the board members for funds.

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  18. allan1340

    First of all this problem comes from Uefas governings incompetency. Believe me or not they are a big fat mafia and corrupted, every where that money is involved then there is corruption. This owner of Manchester shity his family is owner of every thing in the country he has share in Etehad then Etehad is standing behind Citys!!!!!!!! Every body knows that expect Uefas organisation!!!!!!!!! Do u believe that??

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  19. ivan

    If it kicks in…We will be the new super power.Wealthy and it what we want? i thought Arsenal was about beautiful football and challenging the unthinkable.We are football itself.We are beauty in the game.If those sanctions kick in. we will be able to buy any player and fund anything..we will be real madrid..just in a new sort of utopia.w’ll just be the new chelsea and man city.Even if we succeed it will just be coz of the vast wealth we have accumulated.thats not arsenal.I would prefer if they spent there cash and we whack em good with new tactics.if football isnt bout money then lets swim in the current tides..

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  20. Jaws09

    Us Arsenal fans have been waiting too long for this FFP to kick in and i have 2 fears

    1)Cheaters like Man city and PSG will continue to find crappy loopholes around this so they can continue to spend what they want

    2)Arsene Wenger will have left Arsenal by then and we wont have a great manager to take us into this new way of football

    Not enough fans realize how good a job Wenger really does for us now as we have not won anything in awhile, instead of cheering and applauding him we have far too many fans calling for his head!
    who can really take over from him and do as good (or better like fans are demanding) than what Wenger can?

    Try to be realistic about who we could actually get as a replacement for Wenger and you will soon realize that we already have the best man for the job, the only man who could come close to him (but not as good and certainly not better) would be David Moyes

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  21. GUNMAN

    It will only work with a shrewd manager @ the helm!

    In Arsene we truss, guns we buss!!

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  22. Big Gun

    There is far too much money involved. Fifa would be shooting themselves in the foot if they had to go ahead with sanctions. There are two ‘rules’ people need to get acquainted with. 1.) Money talks 2.) Corruption is everywhere

    What Arsenal are doing is noble, but futile. These big clubs would not be spending so much if they did not have a means to make sure it was all ‘on deck.’ United will get away with it, as they have with everything else including ref bribes and matchmaking. Sheikh and Abromovich will invest personally through 3rd party organizations. There is nothing Fifa can do about it, because they are privately owned establishments.

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  23. Aaron

    Can’t wait for this to be in place so we cant tell fans of United, City and Chelsea, even Spurs and LIverpool to stfu. actually we can say it to almost every team on the planet as we are the only top club in the world who does it. i saw a stat a few months ago saying us and another club were the only clubs in great britain to make a profit last year/season.
    its a disgrace how clubs like city lose 3mil and have the cheek to think they are better than us. Think of a team in the prem that are average , lets say wigan or southampton, do you think they wouldnt be top 3 if they had the backing that city united and chelsea do? of course they would, anyone could. whats tough is having a top 4 team every year, making profit. i believe we need quality not quantity in the next transfer window, but the team we have at the moment wasnt easy to build when you are doing it the right way, it is underperforming, when you look at the individual players its a class team. if we buy a striker, centre back and defensive midfielder in the summer we will be fine. it will cost approximately 30-40mil if we sell deadwood like djorou,santos and chamakh. we have a good team to build on guys, lets hope we get top 4 so we can build on it

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  24. Vlad

    It’s called a salary cap, and it’s widely used here, in US, in practically all sports, including NBA, and NFL, amongst others. Look at the NFL, for example. Almost every year it’s a different team winning the Super Bowl. It’s not only exciting, but it’s fair, and the way it should be. Yes, there are dynasties, but it depends largely on the “core” of your team built throughout many years, whether it’s your quarterback, running back, and a pair of wide receivers, or a solid defensive unit. Say you’re allowed to only spend a 100 mil a year on all your players. You may want to choose to pay one guy 50 mil, and then spread the rest between other players. Why can’t UEFA impose the same kind of rules in football is beyond me. Spain – it’s the same 2 teams running the show, year after year. Sure, it’s great if you’re a Barcelona or Real Madrid fan, but for the rest of the fans it sucks big time. Small teams just can’t compete with the big boys. Personally, I hate it. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind Usmanov taking over, and spending like crazy for a couple of years 🙂 … but that’s Arsenal fan talking in me, not a real football fan. It’s time for some changes. I would welcome FPP with open arms, because it’s us, fans, who would benefit the most from it.

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  25. Nacho cheeeeeeeeeeeeze

    Does it not matter that the big teams already have the big players?

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  26. willow

    whats funny is wont matter cause we will still only by
    first division players and french ov corse and wenger
    will still be saying our squad is strong enough and the meanys up stairs will be glad not having to spend always loved wenger but lets look at what he used to b good at
    bying nobodys and turning them round so now look whats
    happening bying gervino not cheap santos not cheap merter notcheap ramsey n ch diaby not worth the hassel rocsicky not happening anymore dont think its happening for wenger
    anymore thats y i think he should go and still think he or
    someone blong to him has shares in the club

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  27. dboy

    @Vlad. Nice one bud. That means that if ffp takes effect the teams success solely rest on the manager with the best coaching ability. Can’t wait! Will Arsene dethrone Furgeson? Can’t see that happening.

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  28. Jim A

    How about a hard salary cap? Give the RvP’s 300 a week but you must then give the bottom of your roster 2 only. If RvP was only to receive what we offered maybe the incentive to travel north might have been never even considered.

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  29. Niel

    makes no odds. We simply do not run the club to win titles…but to get to number 4 every year !

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  30. Gundam

    Dirty money should be the word… those rich arabs are filth… let their people rot while spending on their pleasures only

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  31. jos

    Time will confirm how strong-willed is Uefa in its implementation of this fair play ruling! It’s good overall for all Clubs as it reflects their actual financial strength!

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  32. **** Set Gunner ****

    If Arsenal wants world class players, they need to pay them sufficient wages. I do not suggest paying 250k but i think we could buy someone like Hummels and pay him at least 140k to keep him satisfied. Our wage cap should be raised by 10% overall.

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  33. KickuPtheArsene

    FFP will not work. Even if it does, we will see a break away league commence – with all the big clubs who don’t want to play by the rules. And as those clubs can spend however much they want, they will surely go out and attract the best players. Where do you think the fans will go to see the best players? …. That’s right, to the break away league. Don’t believe me? It all happened in Rugby League about 15years ago. There were two major league competing for top spot on the world scene. It was a disaster. And mark my words, we are headed in the same direction with the CL. Clubs who want to spend, will do, and will find a way to do it. (this isn’t what people want to hear, but money talks – when people with money can’t play by the rules, they change the rules).

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  34. John

    Never going to happen just something uefa say but will never do and wenger will continue to ruin arsenal and the board will have bled the club dry till they turn into loverpool which is already happening. So keep up with your in arsene in trust and see in another 8 years you’ll still be talking the same crap about uefa fair play

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  35. S.H

    UEFA is corrupt. They are no different from any other political power in parliament. It’s the world game, yet in regards to progressive thinking, UEFA is still trapped in the Stone Ages. I believe UEFA is racist as well, run by a group of backwards-thinking traditionalists. Similar to your Hill-Woods and Board members. UEFA (like Arsenal) desperately need someone of a David Dein figure to shape things right!

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  36. Stuart

    The fact is, UEFA have said it is going to happen so Arsenal have prepared for it. UEFA should face legal action if they fail to implement this now.

    Clubs need to run on their own means for the long term stability and existence on the whole. Once it all evens out, we will be up there affording the top players again as costs will have come down (at least relatively speaking)

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  37. willy

    It simple, Man city and co will sign 100 million shirt and stadium sponsorship deals with thier own subsidiary……..rather like match fixing, back handers and Tax dodging……..nothing will change.

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