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Arsenal’s Defeat To Barcelona – From The Bright Side!

Despite a strong defensive performance against the reigning champions Barcelona, Arsenal succumbed to a 2-0 defeat thanks to a late double from Lionel Messi. Even for the most optimistic of fans, it will be difficult to see the Gunners going through from this position.

But in my opinion, I think Arsenal’s imminent exit from the UEFA Champions League is more of a positive looking at the bigger picture of the season. Even if by some miracle, Arsene Wenger’s side manage to overturn the deficit at the Nou Camp, we’re probably not going to win it anyway. In addition, midweek games would definitely have an adverse affect on League performances at this late stage of the season.

Simply put, the team just does not have enough to go all the way in Europe. There is a lack of quality in most positions and a lack of quantity in some – meaning that the team are not going to challenge for European glory any time soon. With that being said, I believe we must accept that and go all guns blazing for the two remaining trophies.

From an optimistic point of view, the team will have to focus only domestically once we get knocked out of the Champions League, an advantage that title rivals Leicester have had all season long. In addition, we will also have Santi Cazorla back around the time of the second leg and the Spaniard will surely provide a massive boost for the Gunners in the quest for a League and Cup double.

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43 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Defeat To Barcelona – From The Bright Side!

  1. Gunner

    Have we become so mediocre that we look at getting knocked out of the one competition we dying to win as a positive..

    1. seancali

      I just hope ozil will be around next season, it could be our last chance to win the champions league with players like ozil,Sanchez and a couple of big signings we can challenge for UCL. I just hope we spend next season and keep ozil and Sanchez. This could be our last chance to challenge for the UCL

      1. Trevor

        Now that Pep is leaving Bayern they may show an interest, I know were not supposed to worry about ifs and buts …but, would be surprised if the biggest team in Germany aren’t interested at all in the best assist maker in the business and who happens to be German. Barcelona I’m not so sure, they like Dortmund play a high tensity game, esp the forwards.

        That said it is all just hypothetical and I fully expect to see Ozil wearing our shirt next season along with signing a brand new shiny contract. He is idolised here more than he ever was and that can be a hard thing to give up, others who gave it up done so because they wanted both experiences for their career.

      1. Gooneristic Truth

        …and the reality is that Aaron Ramsey doesn’t cope well in high intensity games, and should not be a starter. I can mention several other highly intense games where he seemed to only see opponents’ shirt as his teammates. Something goes completely amiss with him when these games come around!

        1. GoonerLad

          Yet, he was in the team when we beat Bayern and also saved us from humiliation against Klopp’s Liverpool. If you used your head you will notice that our team can’t pass without Cazorla, not just Ramsey, Sanchez and Ozil both struggled against Bayern because we had no one that knows how to keep the ball under pressure. Ramsey’s role is to support the striker but without Cazorla he was forced to be a deep playmaker which is NOT his strength. Blame the manager for once instead of always choosing players as scapegoats.

    2. damochy

      WE ARE MEDIOCRE……our squad is populated by players who will barely make the bench in top team in EPL, and don’t lets talk the big guns in Europe….do you see Wolcott, Flamini, Per,Gibbs,Ox etc nailing a regular spots in top teams in Europe and the EPL?….so yeah, we are very average and should look on the bright aide of getting knocked out of the CL because we are conveniently a rung or two below the levels of teams who can trouble the CL, harsh but true!;!;

      1. NY_Gunner

        Calling “Hot BS” on this one…
        We have a core of “fighters” but AW never plays them together.
        Alexis -Danny – Joel
        Messut -Santi – Francis
        Nacho -Laurent -Gabriel -Hector
        This is our STAR Squad. These 11 can take it to “ANY” team out there…
        With the exception of Santi(injured, so El replaces him), were we to take this squad to Camp Nou the next go round, we’ll come out on top. Facts…

  2. muffdiver

    i agree ,with the squad we have it was never gonna happen.
    even if we somehow stepped up in europe for once we would not keep it going for another 5 games against bayern athletico psg etc.

    the league is reachable
    fa cup

    wenger has reached his limit now.
    6 years of round of 16.
    with money to spend

    could be worse….man u have to overturn fc midgetland just to progress in europa girlscouts league

    1. Juhislihis McLovin


      An honest question:

      Keeping the home-grown rule in mind, which English players would you get rid of and who would you replace them with? And let’s keep it realistic here now as we all know we can’t get rid all of them!

      I would myself ship OX off, loan or permanent. Return of Jenkinson next season (as a backup RB and selling Debussy) would count as home-grown.

      Everybody’s saying our British players have failed but which British players have not? I would argue Tottenham are doing quite well will Kane, Alli and Dier. So, which English player would make it to Arsenal XI? Stones? Chillwell? Rooney lol?

      Just curious about if anyone’s been tracking English players who are actually doing well.

      1. Ks-Gunner

        Smalling and Stones are very good defenders and could start at Arsenal at any time. Also,Jack Butland is a good young keepr who could pretty much play for arsenal as well.

        1. Juhislihis McLovin

          Good shouts, especially Butland.

          I agree on Stones and Smalling, however lately both of them have suffered a major dip in form. Smalling was unbelievable in the fall but after Christmas something has changed.. same with Stones as well.

          They won’t be cheap, that’s for sure.. I don’t know anything about Chilwell as we were linked with him but I think he’s free in the summer. Worth a shot.

          1. Trevor

            Was a very good question dude. Smalling, I seem to remember when we first bid for him or were first said to ..Id say just about everyone in here was not impressed in the very least.
            A problem is how there can be very few who look capable of improving the top teams and any who look doable are competitively sought after. Not enough to go round so teams try to get them young.

            Personally I think Ashley Williams could have been useful as second string, British of course. Also going back I felt the same way about Jagielka, but I suppose Stones will be the peoples top target. Stones will be one of the very competitively sought. Ross Barkely is probably worth considering, would he get into our first 18, maybe if Wilshere cant pull himself together then replacing him with Barkely could be an idea. Or even for him to replace Arteta, but would he go for it and fight to get into our team. I too like the idea of a good English GK to deputise. Again, good question and needs much thought.

      2. damochy

        I don’t know about replacements but to be really honest, NONE of all the English players we are deserves a shirt on merit, the reason we will keep hold of them is the home grown factor,aside from that they are all liabilities….well, maybe , just maybe Chambers because he ja sad not really been given a chance but at the end of the day chances are meant to be taken,not handed out on plate and the few times he’s come into the team he has been mediocre at best….the home.grown quota is a talent killer in my opinion,all it does is guarantee very average English players ridiculous overpriced fees and guarantee of a spot in the EPL because clubs will always take a punt,not because of talent but mainly to fill up their quota….all our own are so laid back about been average its scary, they are so long they bank their crazy wages every week and show flashes of brilliance every once in a while, absolute disgrace!!!!

    2. Ozzy AFC

      But he wont spend the fricken money and as I’ve said in a response further down the thread we just don’t have a squad that can really do the business half of the team are not good enough half of the remainder are too old and the other half are good enough but without additions and selling players we wont everr win a bloody thing again
      its that simple

  3. Ks-Gunner

    Arsenal will never win the cl under wenger. A team who loses to Monaco without feeling a sense of embarrassment has no place in the cl.

    This arsenal team is like an emty bottle. We have no football style whatsoever. Decent in defending, mediocre in the middle and below average in the attack.

    Yes we did lost against barca, to many it was no surprise, but what was wrong with the game is that we beat our selfs and barca did not actually do anything. They are not the best barca team who has ever played the game.

    Arsenal will never be eable to represent itself in europe with dignity. I am 100% sure that even Totenham could have scored 1 or 2 goals against them, liverpool and dell leicer city. Do you all get my point?

    Arsenal together with manure and the top 4, are an emberrsemt to the football world. Manures downfall like to the epl leading team is a big disaster for the leuage and english reputation as a whole.

    1. muffdiver

      lol gettin carried away k.

      how are we an embarassment to the football world.
      didnt real lose 4-0 to them at home.
      valencia lost 7-0

      yes it was disappointing but dont make us out to be same as man u.

      1. Ks-Gunner

        manure has 20 titles my friend and who knows ho many cl trophyss. Arsenal besides playing in the cl has zero. that is the diff my friend.

        Real are an arrogant bunch who ruin games just to force the managers sack. similiar to what chelsea did. And are you making valencia out to be? They are broke and gone.

  4. Simon_MrMac

    I thought we played superb – I really did

    Its easy to focus on the negatives after the loss, But if you re-played the whole game to a neutral (editing out the actual goal, and penalty) anyone would would say we were in it- and definitely the better team in the first half at least.

    If Giroud’s header, Oxlades strike had gone in – we would all be raving about how good we were.

    If we play like that every week in the perm’ship – WE WILL win the league (ok minus the stupid Mertesaker non-clearence).

    Chin up boys- its not how you react after a good victory that defines your character, but how you react and perform after a defeat!

    Onwards, and upwards

    1. Ks-Gunner

      Our character is bunch of lousy loud mouth deluded people, who actually think that we are that better then spurs.

      plz. no more wenger bs with character and such, we have goten so used to lose that many like your sir, do not even care about it anymore.

  5. muffdiver

    mesut ozils body langiage was worrying yesterday . similar to rvps in games that our defence threw away.

    1. Juhislihis McLovin

      Saw it too. Why the hell was the defense so high up in the first goal? I will never know but my guess is “they smelled the blood” and went to score. Backfired badly.

      I honestly think if we would’ve kept sitting deep, counter them with Welbeck, Walcott and Sanchez, we could’ve kept it at 0-0. We did so well for 70 minutes.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        The defence was high up because our forwards didn’t have a clue on how to put the ball in the back of the net! ?

        Don’t forget that their first goal came when we had the balll on the edge of their penalty area and then one of our muppet’s decided to play the backwards towards the half way line and he lost it… Absolutely clueless!

  6. Ks-Gunner

    You can all say whatever you want. Not taking Fabregas back was one of many other unforgivable mistakes Arsenal has made. Without him there is no controll and security in the team anymore.

    He could play for arsenal in tpoz like. Alongside Coqueling, ozil role, wings and even as a false triker. He plays the arsenal way and would flourish with ozil and co. but nevermind, wenger knows.

  7. Fatboy Gooney

    One more positive from last nights result…
    At least we won’t get knocked out by the away goals rule this year! ?? We could go through by it, if we win 3-1 at the Nou Camp lol ?
    It’s a funny old game and if Barcelona don’t take us seriously in the return leg then we could surprise them, like we did to Bayern Munich (away) in the knock stages a couple of years ago! ?

    Yeah, I know that there’s more chance of getting a BJ off the Queen, but we have to laugh it off, otherwise the stress will kill ya ?

    We are far too deluded to acknowledge the facts, that we are an average team with extraordinary egos!
    Our high expectations always ends in bitter disappointment.

    Going by our recent form, lack of goals.. etc, I can’t see us winning the league or Fa c up this year!

    We are fast becoming like the Scouser’s, who kept living in the stone age era, of being the champions! But at least they won the champions league trophy a few times!

  8. kamn288

    Congrats to Oxlade Chamberlain for missing his 2nd sitter in 2 days and 3 in total with the Bayern match. And what on Earth was going through that f**king german god-dammit why you did you have to drag your slow ass towards their half why? And as for Flamini Wenger is in deep S**t with that fellow and he may live to regret giving him new contract. I thought Danny Welbeck should have started ahead of Oxlade why did even play and worst part is Wenger stated it was complicated to explain and this club is just so poor at what it does.

  9. arsenalkid1970

    We could have gone to Spain at 0-1 but AW took off FQ why. I can’t understand this but again he can’t except responsibility for the Arsenal team that way is at the moment we cannot win against top clubs in Europe until we get a new manager funds going into the club we never will

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      No idea mate… I even asked Siri that question and after a long pause… he told me to go xxxx myself! ????

      1. GoonerLad

        Lol, someone please get rid of Gazidis and Wenger and bring in Usmanov and someone who will want to win with the same desire you see in Conte, Guardiola and Simeone. Those are kind of characters we need, not over-sentimental people comfortable with looking like a top club instead of achieving the goals of one.

  10. Ozzy AFC

    Like this or not fellow Arsenal fans it boils down to the same old story that has been replayed over and overand that story is this. We don’t have the quality to compete with tema like Barcelona .
    You can blame Wenger or you can blame the board or you can blame both but the simple fact is this, we played a side last night who have a world class player in EVERY position and while we did well enough for the first 60 mins there utter quality was always going to overshadow us.
    Ill break it down even further if you like : e have only five players in our whole squad who are truly world class both in attitude and ability they are 1) Petr Cech a consummate professional who keeps his head and genuinely wants Arsenal to win trophies 2) Hector Bellrin a hard working defender who acts like a forward player and runs his guts out every game 3) Laurent Koscielny a skilled and fast moving defender with an excellent eye for the ball 4) Santi Cazorla hard working midfield visionary who almost always puts a shift in and can change a gamne 5) Alexis Sanchez, hear of a lion works all the way to the end and has skill and vision.
    That’s it
    As for the rest Gibbs is inconsistent Monreal is Ok but not brilliant Mertsaker is donkey slow and caught off guard more often than not, Chambers and Gabriel and Elneny not experienced enough in the top tier.
    Rosickey Arteta and Flamini should all have been let go at least a season agao and have NO place in the ppremier league, Coquelin is a tiger but not experienced enough yet to take a place in the first five mentioned above but he will get there. Ozil is sublime but often goes missing and has only recently started putting a shift in and the Ox is a tryer but is not consistent.
    Giroud has good hold up play but WILL NEVER BE THE WORLD CLASS STRIKER WE NEED
    Walcott is an over paid indulgence that WILL NEVER BE THE WORLD CLASS STRIKER WE NEED
    Cambell is just npot good enough and Welbeck is just not good enough. And Wilshgire is brilliant but will never be fully fit
    It simply boils down to the fact that half of our squad are just not up to scratch half of the remaining half are too old to even be playing and some are just inconsistent due to lack of continuous playing time.
    The fact of all this boils down to this : if we don’t win the PL this season we wont ever with this current squad, and we will NEVER win the CL with this squad.
    Now who do we blame for that ?

  11. Raoh

    As presently constructed this team has everything it needs to compete for the EPL & FA Cup. I’m actually one of those who believe that the double is within reach if they compete hard, stay focused & disciplined as well as creating enough chances (as we lack clinical finishers). But as much as I support Mr. Wenger blasting your squad is not the way to go specially when your responsible for a part of that: not reinforcing the squad accordingly!! But how many times have we created enough chances in a game to go in front but not scored & how many times have we stayed discipline enough to last 70-80 minutes but fall under better overall quality?!
    I truly like our squad as it is but there’s certainly some glaring individual issues at key position (lack of progress,end product in the last 3rd,erratic plays that kills our counter) & room for upgrade or better individual coaching which falls on the manager to make those tought calls…

  12. Davros

    Relax a little we are Still in the PL and FA Cup. Winning the PL is top priority now

    I will say that if we dont win the PL and Spuds or Leicester win then Wenger should join Mourinho, pelligrini And van Gaal this summer unemployed

    This is because Spuds manager only 2 years or Leicester’s Raneriri only 1 year in the job would win a PL whilst Wenger couldn’t do it with 12 years time

    Also strange decisions
    1. Not signing top DM or top striker
    2. Not signing a single outfielder in summer
    3. Increasing Walcott’s salary to equal Ozil and Alexis of ££140,000 per week. I’m still scratching my head on that one.

    I’m not saying we can’t win. We have as much chance as Spuds, Leicester, City And I believe we WILL WIN, but imagine Ozil passing to a top finisher. We would be clear favourites

    Think of PL winning teams over past 10-15 years. All had. Top CFs: Costa, Aguero, Van Persie, Tevez, Drogba, Van Nistleroy, Henry, Bergkamp

    We need Walcott, Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck to start scoring soon. If they. Can all score then the combined efforts can make up for lack of top CF and we can win the PL.

  13. Nebs

    Let’s not forget that they were able to restrain Barca for 70 minutes and had some major chances to score. If they played fifty percent of their league games so far like they played those 70 minutes, there would be a gap on the table similar to the one in Ligue 1, with Arsenal on top, of course.
    But then again, it’s Arsenal we’re talking about here, the company that has the biggest wage for the bottling personnel in the world.

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