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Arsenal’s EPL boost after Brighton’s top striker banned

I know that we should not have to be looking for any advantage to help Arsenal win the next Premier League match, as it is at home to newly promoted Brighton and Hove Albion, but the Seagulls are not faced with a third game in just six days and the Gunners are, so I am happy to take anything the football gods can give us to give us more chance of victory on Sunday.

Chris Hughton’s side, despite being newly promoted and never having been in the Premier League before, have started well and sit just three points behind Arsenal in the league table. That and the fact that our team did not get back from the Europa League game in Belarus until the early hours of this morning and you can see why this might be a tough test.

One thing has gone in our favour in the build up to the game, though, because Brighton’s main striker and top scorer, Tomer Hemed, who was named the Man of the Match and scored the winner in their last match against Newcastle, has been handed a retrospective ban for an incident during that game.

Brighton will have to reshuffle and do without a key player and Arsenal must make the most of this. Get a fast and strong start and an early lead on Sunday and the visitors will have to press forward without their target man up front, so our defence should be able to cope and our attacking players should be able to fill their boots.

That’s the theory anyway, let’s hope it works out.

Sam P.

7 thoughts on “Arsenal’s EPL boost after Brighton’s top striker banned

  1. gbengress

    What is good news in that? Our level now is to expect average player of a bottom team to be injured before we can win. This is not the Arsenal I know

    1. Mobella

      That is the opinion of the writer. Wenger and his boys are not even thinking about that. I doubt it if they know who the player is. I won’t blame the writer for his opinion but it is so low to think this is some kind of good news to arsenal.

  2. Otunba007

    Fans that write Articles like this are the ones that has brought Arsenal to Brighton’s level.. Yes we are angry as fans that Arsenal’s board are not making us proud by signing the players we want but the transfer is long over and i think we should all start supporting the team as fan, sh!t happens and we have to get over it and get behind the team…. Arsenal is not as bad as most people/fans/ ex play and pundits portray us to be..We just need to remove the rotten eggs from the good ones and bring in committed players…

  3. Jeremy

    It’s pathetic that we are gloating over injuries for team like Brighton to enhance our odds on beating them.

    Thought we have a more important things to worry about, Kroenke wants to own the entire club. If that happens, we are really doom for good.

  4. Arsenogenic

    Brighton are not as big as Arsenal. Very true. Even they know that. But this is the Premier League, not La Liga.

    Every team worked hard to be in England’s elite division. No team should ever be written off. Experience has taught us that anybody CAN beat anybody in the EPL. You cannot say the same in the La Liga.

  5. Marty

    Why on earth is the writer of this article worrying over whether a player most of us has never heard of will be fit to play or not. Any game in the premiership is difficult but we are playing at home against a newly promoted club so if we take the game seriously and not think a win will just happen we should be fully confident of a victory.

  6. Mobella

    The writer just need to substitute Chelsea for Arsenal, Brighton H for Man City, Aguero for the injured Striker, post the article on justchelsea and that will be a great article for Chelsea fans to read

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