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Arsenal’s Euro 2016 – Woe for Wilshere but Ramsey on rise

In some ways it was a good night for the Arsenal players involved in Euro 2016 last night, as the England midfielder Jack Wilshere and the Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey both joined the French duo Koscielny and Giroud and our new Switzerland star Granit Xhaka in the knockout stage. England are currently fourth favourites for the trophy with every online sportsbook, but Wales are still considered big outsiders despite ending up on top of England’s group.

But it was the Welshman who had the better night by far, as he scored the opening goal in a 3-0 win over Russia as well as providing the assist for Gareth Bale to score the third. That is Ramsey’s second assist of the tournament and completed a dream group phase for the Welsh in their first international competition for donkey’s years.

Wales topped the group due to their wins over Slovakia and Russia because England could only draw with both sides despite dominating the games. And what is worse for Wilshere is that he was the first player replaced by Roy Hodgson and in many places like The Mirror he was given the lowest player rating of all the England players.

Jack looked like he ran out of steam to me. He was well off the pace and was losing the ball and failing to find team mates with his passes and it was no surprise to see him replaced by Rooney in the 56th minute. There were some positives for the Arsenal man though, as he started the game and looked dangerous for about half an hour, including a sublime lofted pass to get Vardy in and we have to bear in mind his lack of game time in the last two seasons.

Plus his chances of further time on the pitch at Euro 2016 were probably helped by the fact that Rooney did not fare much better and neither did the Tottenham youngster Dele Alli when he came on and that this hour of football will help his match sharpness. It was a frustrating night all round for the three lions who came up against a resolute Slovakia and in particular a defensive rock in Marten Skrtel and a keeper who had one of those nights.

But that is now five Arsenal players into the knockout stage and more to join them later today. Which players do you think are most likely to go all the way? I’m putting my money on Mesut Ozil and Germany…


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14 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Euro 2016 – Woe for Wilshere but Ramsey on rise

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    And how does this benefit Arsenal fc?
    Are we going to sell? ?
    At the end of the day, our players will return back feeling overtired and we still have preseason to get through lol.

    At least Walcott will be nicely rested ??

    1. khangunners

      Don’t get me wrong but I think this us the reason England will not make it past the first round of knockout phases.wilshere just kicked a ball in a single game how does that merit a call up to the squad.and why is drinkwater not even warming with the reserves.this is poor management and I stil believe a guy who has barely played 10 games in the last two years should hbe stayed back hme to build on his fitness

  2. Uzi Ozil

    Ramsey was man of the match…..He scored a good goal against Russia. Congrats to him and Wales for topping their group.. .

    As for Wilshere He isn’t match fit yet. We forget He just returned from injury. Ramsey was bad as well when he returned from his lengthy injury. Wilshere needs to be fit for the new season. He should give his all when called upon at the Euros.

    My advice for Ramsey and Wilshere is to keep things simple. Do the simple things right and avoid over complicating things on the field of play.

    1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

      “My advice for Ramsey and Wilshere is to keep things simple. Do the simple things right and avoid over complicating things on the field of play.”

      Thank you!!! Real talk.

      1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

        I’ve been watching Xhaka and this is what I observe from watching him; he keeps doing the simple basics right. This is why he so effective.

        Unless you are Iniesta, you shouldn’t be dribbling into opposition players from central midfield. A simple pass might do the job. Any other thing else is just glory-hunting.. well unless you are Iniesta.

        1. Trevor

          Also, when he does hit it forward, he puts proper pace on the ball making it harder for someone to intercept. And he has top accuracy.

          1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

            And he puts a bit of backspin into it making it land nicely in front of his target.
            To say Granit has mastered the art of long-range passing is an understatement.
            That way he contributes immensely to our attack without necessarily bombing forward and vacating his position (see Ramsey). It’s low-risk type of approach that I like.

            Who is likely to benefit from this? I’d say our fullbacks need to be always on the alert for opportunities to run in behind opposing fullbacks, knowing that Xhaka will more likely than not find them.

            1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

              I meant to say *low-risk / high-reward type of approach that I like*

  3. jonm

    The england team created 29 chances, that is the most chances created by an england team in the euro finals since 1980. The problem was that Vardy, Kane, Stirling etc could not put one in the net. We should remember this sort of thing when lamp post misses a chance.

    Slovakia wanted a draw and they got it, I think their coach could teach mourinho a thing or two about parking the bus. Boring game, lets hope things improve in the knockout stages. I have not seen any of the copa america games, perhaps that would be better viewing.

  4. Trevor

    So the rumours running today are R Lukaku and Morata. Real look like they are going to finally buy him in order to sell him. 31m for Lukaku, do we believe this rumour. After hearing Hummels today say that Arsenal have never made an offer for himself, I’m not sure how to begin with a rumour, pinch of salt I suppose.

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