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Arsenal’s Giroud seeking revenge over Germany

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud was key in helping France to reach the semi-final of the European Championships last night, and is now eyeing a win over rivals Germany. These two teams were favourites going in to the competition and if you are thinking about backing either then I suggest you check out the guide to the bet365 promo code so you can use the bookies money to follow your team.

The French side took an impressive 5-2 win in the quarter finals to set up a tie against the World Cup winners, and Giroud is now looking forward to extending that run on home soil.

“I don’t know whether that is my best performance for France,” he said. “I have had other good games. But out of the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016 it is probably my best in a major tournament.

“I felt really good physically right from the start of the match. We are used to making bad starts to matches and we changed that. We need to retain that.

“We were on top form from the first minute and we were very clinical.”

While Giroud was happy to see France avoid another slow start against Iceland, he admitted the prospect of world champions Germany in the semi-final is a completely different proposition.

“They are the world champions and they are often in the last four of major tournaments,” he said.

“We have a lot of desire to try and get our own back for what happened in the World Cup [a 1-0 quarter-final defeat in 2014]. We beat them here in a friendly [2-0 in November] but it will be completely different.

“I hope in Marseille the French public are as excitable as they were [in Paris against Iceland] and will support us all the way.

“We are lucky enough to play a semi-final in front of a home crowd.

“I am very proud of what this side is achieving and I hope that once again we will come up with the right result.”

Giroud will no doubt be happy with his performance, and should he and his team-mates replicate that, they may well eliminate Mesut Ozil’s Germany to reach the final.

Can France overcome ze Germans?

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13 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Giroud seeking revenge over Germany

  1. Mick The Gooner

    I’m beginning to appreciate Giroud a little more given what’s happening this transfer window. Quality signing for £12m. Meanwhile, Lacazette for £45m?
    One of the biggest jokes I’ve ever heard. Guy’s well below Giroud in the French squad and is completely unproven outside of the mediocre French league. Don’t want him for that kind of money. £25-30m tops.

    If we’re going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a striker, I’d much rather we spent £70m on a proven striker than ‘potential’ at £45m. Don’t anybody tell me we can’t afford that after spending only £10m last summer.

    But I’m also beginning to worry that last summer may repeat itself. A good early signing, not too exciting but a very good player nonetheless. Now, just rumours whilst everyone else spends and spends… Hopefully it’ll pick up after the Euros is over.

  2. ArsenalGenes

    It’s Ozil Vs Giroud..
    It’s an opportunity for both of them to show who was at real fault for not winning the title this season..

    1. goonerboy

      Lol@ ArsenalGenes…

      Ok, check this out:
      Ramsey:4 assists, 1goal=5 goals
      Giroud:3 goals,2 assists=5goals
      Ozil:1 goal, 1 assist=2goals,+2missed penalties….

      Sanchez in Copa also had a fantastic tournament and was the champion and most valuable player, can’t remember his goals and 3 goals and 4 assists am not sure…

      Now we know ozil is our problem! Its all a joke anyway*

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Ozil has now missed 4 out of 5 penalties! ?
        That’s terrible for someone who can place the ball where ever he wants… It’s time to sell him lol ??

  3. goonerboy

    I have always maintained Giroud is a good striker but consistency is his problem,he works hard,and throws himself all over
    I know he went on a long barren run last season BUT our collapse is not entirely his fault,Coqzorla and Sanchez injuries especially affected us badly….

    Walcott didn’t contribute ANYTHING to our season,Ozil is a goalscoring compare it to France team,Griezmann and Payet are scoring forwards that can compliment Giroud really well and they don’t pass the ball too much.if Giroud remains our starting striker, we need a ruthless 10,like say Coutinho,Payet even Cazorla AND another scoring winger!

    1. RedLondon

      For me Walcott should be SOLD, he has done nothing in the last 10 years and only had one good season because he wanted wage increase. He’s not fit to wear the no14 shirt.

  4. Sam, need a striker

    Giroud is still not an Arsenal quality, you guys cannot you see, he has been with us 3yrs … Average at best … Need a replacement …

  5. Robertthegooner

    Im not picking one over the other
    both teams have Arsenal players
    giroud, Ozil, koscielny

    Podolski doesnt Play for us anymore but you wouldn’t know it by the way he talks about us. He Is still an Arsenal fan And genuinely loves. Great guy

  6. davidnz

    Giroud is not the lead striker.
    At 12 mil he is the 2nd striker
    and fulfills that role admirably
    plays 50 games + scores 20 a season.
    Sanchez is an excellent goal scoring mid fielder too.
    It is the other attackers who have let
    the team down during Girouds time at Arsenal.
    Girvinho Chamakh Park Bendtner Ryo Podolski.
    Walcott Chamberlain, Wellbeck, Sanogo all rubbish.
    10 speculative striker gambles which all failed when
    one decent striker like Suarez would have sufficed?
    Now we have “Ason-of” from Japan as the next Thierry Henri.
    While Giroud has the job and cops the blame.
    Wenger the “Myth” has an eye for talent and is careful with money.
    Wenger the “reality” stockpiles expensive deadwood.

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