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Arsenal’s Group of Death at the Euros – RVP v Podolski v Bendtner! (Oh! And Ronaldo)

As they are already accustomed, the Arsenal fans will be able to see their most loved players In some of the most important international encounters, and this summer’s EUROs won’t be any different.

A terribly hard Group B will see the forces of Germany, Holland, Portugal and Denmark collide, but while they are fighting neck and neck for a qualifying spot we’ll be able to relax and see some of Arsenal’s most valuable players at work.

Germany is given a 2.1 odd of winning the group, the highest of all, and thanks to Wenger’s excellent transfer market movement we can now be sure that two Gunners will be a part of Germany’s squad, and probably first team layout. Arsenal’s newest striker Lukas Podolski will lead the attack, while center-back Per Mertesacker is due to return to action in a timely manner and be fit to play.

Holland, the second favorite with a 2.88 odd of winning the group will be led in attack by Arsenal’s captain Robin Van Persie who is sure to continue this season’s fabulous form and provide us with some amazing goals. According to the rumours, Arsenal might have yet another very talented striker in Netherlands’ first team, in the persona of Schalke’s Klaas Jan Huntelaar, who will soon be out of contract and has been linked with a move to the Emirates.

The third favorite, Portugal…well frankly speaking they have no Arsenal players in the team and that’s why they come in third :D!!! Ronaldo will be the most dangerous player, but what will be much more interesting to watch is what young talents the Portuguese will come up with (Perhaps Wenger will also be looking)!

The Danish don’t look to be having too much of a chance to qualify, and are only rated with a 15 odd of winning the group. Arsenal still have a player in their first team, but nobody knows for how long Bendtner is still going to be a Gunner.

Who do you think stands the best chance of winning this incredibly tough group, and which Gunner are you eager to watch? Will Podolski prove that his transfer to Arsenal was a good one, or will Van Persie rule the roost?

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29 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Group of Death at the Euros – RVP v Podolski v Bendtner! (Oh! And Ronaldo)

  1. Bilyaminu Tambuwal

    We shall see who will become our most favourite in euros among arsenal players.

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  2. pheonix

    Give it to van and poldolski dey wud make us proud

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  3. joeyk

    bendtner to score 7 goals in group stage so we can flog him for 20 million!!!

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  4. Bruce TongaBull

    Enteresting ArsenalConnections. Did Belgium qualify cos i wud b really happy to c Vertonghen and Hazard in action cos i wat them in Arsenal bt dont i dont understant why some fans are calling Hazard names like Nasriz twin. WENGER shud jst buy hn and wage hn nicely cos th boy is small genious

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  5. Straight up

    I’m afraid Belgium didn’t ! Definitely would have been interesting watching vortonghen , hazard etc . Watching arshavin will be interesting too !

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  6. Name not required

    Duno why belgium never qualify when they got the squad they have

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  7. Straight up

    Name : was finkin that meself ! Kompany , vermaelin , vortonghen , hazard – and that’s just off top of me head – I’m sure thers others ! If they were init I would have been tempted to have a ‘cheeky punt’ on em lol !

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  8. steve

    Although the Belgian national team has the likes of vertonghen, kompany, verminator, hazard and felliani. They lack a real goalscorer, Dembele (Fulham) and Milijas (Olympiacos) are the two best strikers in their attack. Although they have Lukaku (Chelsea) he is very young and inexperienced and will probably not be an able striker for a few years yet. Also they have Simon Mignolet (Sunderland) in goal and he can be less than world class at times. The long and short of it is that goals win games and without a top quality goalscorer its very hard to win the game. We all know where we would be without Van Persie this year.

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  9. ArsenaLova

    Denmark hv a best striker in europe. haha lol. in hes imagination anyway. bendtner.hahaha..

    germany n netherland to the quarter final!

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  10. lumia

    If Bendtner got golden boot award then he can come back to arsenal..

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  11. ArsenaLova

    myfantasy lineup;


    backup keeper-experience

    that is 2o player altgther.. add 5 more to the list of our young one coquelin,jenkinson, 2 + player ( new signings r from the youth.)

    all we need 5 added quality- podolski seal,vertonghen,erikson,experience keeper as a backup. three keeper almunia,fabianski and mannone shud leave. promote martinez as third rplacement.hazard is only an option. myb no need of him. add mvilla to that. no need for hazard.

    ramsey,frimponged,bartley,miquel,afobe,lansbury into the epl club.

    deadwood sell. djourou captain in the reserve. improve the wages structure.

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  12. Belgian Gunner

    I’m from Belgium and the way I see it, the reasons why we don’t qualify are:
    a) like mentioned we don’t have a good finisher (lukaku didn’t have enough first team football yet.
    b) we don’t have a good manager
    The players we have are definetely good quality players and we should at least have made it to the group stages.

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  13. Koolio

    ArsenaLova, who uses 3 center backs in their line up? Stop name dropping and support the players we have now.

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  14. gunned up

    why doesn’t wenger hire pep guardiola as assistant manager

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  15. vinvin

    i love how u start ur description abt portugal 😀 😀

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  16. shadgunner

    Will love to see Podolski and Van.persie go neck n neck for the Golden boot! Another battle would be Arshavin vs Rosicky vs szsceny in group A

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  17. Kuttymania

    Definitely mario gomez will spear-head Germany’s attack lineup.

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  18. FS

    I’m going for Holland provided they give the same Sprited Performance as in the world cup.Also RVP is in the form of his life & Huntelaar isnt far behind.The 2nd main man after RVP will be sneidjer because he is the one that will create chances for RVP & others.I hope RVP finishes as Player of the tournament. I also hope that AOC gets the nod for England & Arteta for spain(biased selection because Arteta is playing better than likes of Marcos Senna )

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  19. lumia

    It’s so sweet to see robben sign another 2 year contract with Bayern without take so much time.. That’s a TRUE loyal player.. No need to wait for this and that.. If U really love ur club just the contract if don’t just said it. Don’t make people wait..

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  20. Bruce TongaBull

    No nid fo Y Mvilla. Arteta can play that role, Coquelin and Diaby can too. Preferably Vertonghen as he is versatile. On striker, we nid O Giroud as he wil offer samthng dif to Prince Pod and King RVP

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  21. nicko

    only Czech republic !! 😛 Rosicky vs Szczesny,Fabianski vs Arshavin 🙂

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  22. CristianoRonaldo


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  23. shadgunner

    And dont forget Walcott vs Sagna and Bosscielny in grp D..mouth-watering..and maybe Wilshere may also b in d mix..

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  24. Gooner Cape Town

    Go Holland!!! Like your style of play and supported them here in SA during World Cup. RvP you the man, but will also enjoy and have done for years, Lukas Podolski.
    It’s gonna be interesting guys.

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  25. Kyle

    I actually feel this is good. It means there’s less chance of one of our men getting injured and getting tired before summer training. Would love to see Bendtner f*** up and realise that he can be compared to a pile of piss when it comes to football. Then maybe he’ll give Sunderland a chance, they seem to be the only team that want him.

    Gooners til I die!

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