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Arsenal’s interest in Alves signals exit for Sagna

Most Arsenal fans and football pundits would agree that the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger could do with strengthening his squad in a number of areas, but the right back position would come pretty far down on the list. So, if the reports linking Arsenal with a transfer window move for the Brazilian right back Dani Alves from Barcelona are true, it may indicate that Arsenal are preparing to lose their current first choice right back Bacary Sagna.

There has been a lot of talk about contracts recently, with the Walcott saga most prominent, but the French international Sagna is the next Arsenal player with a contract running out. With Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain close to renewing their deals, there is no word on 29-year old Sagna. The defender is apparently unimpressed with the one year contract extension he has been offered at the club.

Alves is the same age as Sagna and, in my opinion, no better a player. If Wenger is seeking to bring him in, it may be because he is resigned to losing Sagna. Neither player would be happy to sit on the bench, that is the reason Alves is considering leaving Barcelona. He has dropped down the pecking order at the Spanish club, Adriano being the first choice. Alves is fighting for the number two spot with youngster Martin Montoya, he is not a product of the Barcelona academy and has had issues with the club before.

Alves is undoubtedly a quality player, but we already have one of those in Sagna, who has five years of Premier league experience. If Arsenal are resigned to losing the Frenchman, he could be sold as early as January, with PSG ready to pay £10 million, sccording to the Mail.

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39 thoughts on “Arsenal’s interest in Alves signals exit for Sagna

  1. DwayneW

    We don’t need that cheating bastard at the Arsenal. Give Sagna a three years extension, its being a long time since a player retired from the club. We need legends at our club

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  2. Henry

    Personally I would prefer Sagna! I think he is a better all round player than Alves. I admit that Alves might be better going forward but he cant defend. Sagna can do both! Also Sagna doesn’t roll around on the floor as much as Alves who seems to go down almost every couple of minutes.

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  3. Farcenal

    This has turned into the kind of football internet forum I hate. No better than these days. I don’t think any articles or posts are written by anyone with a London N post code, let alone anyone who has seen the Emirates in real life.

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  4. Aussie gunner 247

    Whats wrong with sagna apart from injuries. Hes loyal to us and we go to get rid of him. I was thinking that sagna would be a good candidate at the start of the season for vice captain and now we want to sell him. Dani alves is great but we need to buy a player in a position we need.

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  5. haywill

    we need some loyalty and sagna is a brilliant example. give him 3 years extension.

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  6. Aggelos

    Sagna is way better than Alves,classes ahead of him.Hope this rumor is not true.

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  7. Dave

    Didnt read article, no need. Alves will not come here. He’s expensive and has it good at barca.

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  8. Nevidimka

    Actually I would rate Alves as better than Sagna. he doesnt only goes to the touchline and crosses. He takes freekicks as well as know how to shoot the ball when in range. Sagna hardly does that.

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  9. kron

    sanga is shit. He can f*** right off for all i care. I don’t think we’ve had a clean sheet while sangas been on the field. Give that spot to a real gooner like carl jenkinson. He’s a true arsenal fan and he has a lethal right fooot. his crosing is some of the best i’ve seen.

    Arsenal till i die. Im sure carl sings the same thing to him self everyday.

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  10. Gigi

    Alves is overrated. He is a dirty player (remember the fractured hand Chesny had?)
    I hope that even if Sagna leaves he does not come.

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  11. Sank

    Why alves when we have the best right back of the league. sagna has epl experianced and can train jenkinson.

    give sagna 3 yrs extension.

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  12. Rodrigo Caio

    Im from Brazil and i haaaate Daniel Alvez!!! He SUCKS!!!

    He is a huge deception, if you watch a Barcelona or a Brazil game you will notice that he doesnt know how to cross a ball into the area and he defends worse than A. Santos. Some people think he plays well just because he plays for barcelona and he is fast. He makes a couple of goals but i guarentee you 9 of 10 of his kicks goes extremelly far from the goal, he looks like he closes his eyes to kick. Sagna is alot better than him!!!

    What Arsenal needs to do is go after a couple of Corinthians players, after they kicked Chel$ea’s asss in the fifa world cup final.

    Paulinho is one of the most promissing defensive midfilders there is, he is already firts choise of Brasil’s squad. He would fit perfectly in Arsenal’s midfield!!

    Cassio was the best player in the competition, and he made some unbeliveble saves. He would take easily Arsenal’s number 1 shirt.

    Romarinho, Guerrero and Ralf are another couple of players that Arsenal should keep a eye on.

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  13. leo

    bring him in he will be perfect sagna’s defending of late hasn’t been great alves will also help jenkinson develop

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  14. ken

    So in actual fact there is no proof that Arsenal have made any approach for this guy is there?
    Both Arsene ans Bacary have stated that they see no problem with a new contract extension, so what is the point of this rubbish “article”?

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  15. Sammie

    If we offer sagna one yr contract , how many yrs can we offer alves at thesame age? Wenger should keep sagna and forget about alves.

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  16. Cruz

    Sagna is the most reliable RB in Europa, straight up!
    & theres only one player that could improve our right back position(which I don’t think is THAT needed!) But that is Dani Alves.
    In terms of abillity, Sagna comes up short. Alves is just a little faster. better crossings, & he’s good defensively.
    He’s a winner, playing for the perhaps best club footballing side of all time & playing for Brazil.
    But I’d rather see money spend elsewhere!

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  17. Nick

    Sagna more than ever needs to be given a new and improved long term contact! He’s one of our most experienced and consistent players (baring injury). I know he’s expressed his displeasure with our constant loss of top players as we all have and with good reason. No top players want to feel like their efforts are being wasted and they’ll never lift a trophy.

    That said, If he decides to leave as so many before him I will find it very hard to accept that diving cheating little Brazilian muppet. The only players I hate, and I mean HATE, more than him are John Terry, Sergio Busquets and every ManU player. I can’t express how much I would hate so see him in our kit!!!!!

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  18. ArsenalZeus

    Alvez is useless. Hate that guy, he would never come anyway, Barca players think they are too high and mighty to go anywhere else. Plus he will be looking for high wages because he is 29 and he knows will only really have two seasons maximum three, so he will be looking to retire with some nice money.

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  19. Lol123

    Even If sagna doesn’t Sign a new contract i Think we should keep him until 2014 anyway and let him finish his contract and then the spot is jenkinsons.

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  20. Invincibles nice (1)

    Sagna as we all know is the much better defender, i will/would be gutted to lose Sagna and im sure manu, manc, psg, che, Mourinho, Italy would all kill to have the French powerhouse.

    If truth to an Alves targeting, he may be seen as a midfielder, a replacement for Theo wether he leaves or wether hes moved centrally.

    Alves is as good as most midfielders, even when hes playing RB, Barca do so much attacking youd swear blindly he where a midfielder. I wouldnt mind getting Alves at all if it meant Wenger deploying him in midfield, also his versatility for RB which may come in useful.

    Wenger has just admitted spending restrictions in our last eight years might finally have turned a corner (phew), in that time Newcastle spu Sunderland as well as the obvious have all spent much more than us, and people think hes a bad manager?.

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  21. vyash

    wtf admin,sagna will stay and he is better than alves for his 24 m buy out clause;)
    there is a player like gustavo and al sharawy is coming

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  22. Doc

    Too attacking we need to solve defensive problems not sure this one would work. Maybe a right wing back but I don’t think in premiership back 4.

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  23. jon

    Why would we bring Alves in and give him 2 or 3 year contract and offer Sagna only 1 year contract? That doesn’t make sense at all. They are both same age and Sagna is better. Alves might be better going forward but Sagna is much better defensively.
    Never gonna happen. Give Sagna 2 or 3 year extension. He is the best RB in the league.

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  24. jj

    Alves would be great for RM this way ramsey can be loan an we would strengthen defence and attack . keep sagna aswell

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  25. jb28

    Not awarding Sagna – most likely our only player who continuously works his ass off on the pitch for the Badge – the contract he deserves is a symbol of carelessness and shows the entire football world what an unambitious club the Mighty Arsenal had become.

    Oh and Dani Alves, I don’t know what games of Barca have his admirers been watching but he is simply put one of the worst crossers of the ball amongst full backs in the world. Apart from that he is a good player all around and would be welcome as a backup for Bacary.

    Go Gunners!

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  26. Gunner from augrabies (RSA). I Love Arsenal..

    Alves, NEVER NEVER NEVER. NEVER please wenger, never alves. Give sagna a new contract, cos that is what sagna want

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  27. apc

    id prefer Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa all day long

    alves is good for barca but doesnt have to defend he also has messi ahead of him etc. hes not all that

    if santos played left back for barca hed look good

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  28. synsix

    No thank you, we do not need Alves/Bac is far better a player than the Brazillian/and plus we already have one in the left back and dont need another samba boy

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