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Arsenal’s Johan Djourou in confirmed talks over Bundesliga move

An unfortunate Goodbye for Djourou by AH

Johan Djourou is set to leave the club. To be honest, I think this is a shame for the club. Djourou was loyal to Arsenal having come through all the ranks and he was determined to do well for the club and take us to the next level. Djourou played an important role in the side back in the 2010-2011 season, and he was out best centre back at times. In my opinion Djourou is one of the best 4th choice centre backs in the league and it’s a shame we are looking at letting him go, however its fair play that he wants regular playing time and with Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker and Thomas Vermaelen at Arsenal, its unlikely he will ever make another strong breakthrough into the team as a regular and so it seems we will have to let him go.

A few teams have shown interest in the Swiss defender, mostly from Seria A and the German Bundesliga. Napoli seem to be the front runners with the Italian side maintaining their interest in him since the summer. However German team Hannover have also confirmed their interest and club Chief Martin Kind admitting the club’s interest in the player.

Speaking to German national newspaper BILD, Kind said; “I am able to confirm that we are very interested in bringing Johan Djourou to the AWD-Arena. He is on our short list of names and there have been some concrete talks with Arsenal going on.”

The move would only be a short term loan for the rest of the season, whilst Napoli are looking for a solid transfer. I would be in favour of sending him out on loan because I think Djourou is a good option to have in the Arsenal team if injures do occur and also his love for the club gives him a good mental strength and adds to the dressing room, much like Eboue did. Of course If it meant we signed another quality centre back if Djourou left, then I would take that option and allow Djourou to leave permanently however I just can’t see Wenger buying another quality centre back, when we already have 3 on the cards. Djourou fits the role of 4th choice/challenging for a position perfectly because he doesn’t get frustrated with the lack of playing time and he’s also on a decent wage considering the type of quality he brings.

However it’s also up to the player. Does he want to stay and fight for a place or would he rather drop down a level and have regular playing time. We will just have to see how this potential transfer pans out but I wouldn’t be too disappointed which every way it turns out.

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42 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Johan Djourou in confirmed talks over Bundesliga move

  1. harper

    we wish the best of luck to Djourou should he leave, a loyal and at times a key player, fantastic Arsenal man 🙂

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  2. Craig Taylor

    Who knows if he was loyal. Some footballers want money for doing nothing. If not what a loyal player, he was also getting better in the last couple of games I noticed. I would be really happy if we got rid of the squid and Gervinho. I honestly cant deal with Gervinho anymore, he just has no skill. He just runs and puts the ball 1m to his right and shoots (which fails).

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  3. leo

    Arsenal in talks with Montpellier for a player(unknown) & also considering a recent offer from Rennes for M’vila acc to french media (no inside sources) belhanda/cabella/m’biwa
    i hope it’s not m’biwa the guy is a manure fan & might leave in 2 years time doing an rvp get toby alderwield of ajax or benedikt howedes of schalke his contract is ending soon

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  4. Tamil Sundram

    Ignasi can finally be forth choice CB…it will do him good…a former barca trainee..standing at 6ft 4 he provide the height…..

    he did well in the league cup vs reading considering its his first game against a Premiership club….

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  5. harper

    we shouldn’t be looking at the french, dutch or any other leagues other than Spain, Germany and maybe Italy, Spain preferably because that’s where all the quality lies…

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  6. mr lean

    i was also expecting to wake up to read theo had signed his new contract but why im am i not surpised its being dragged out this is typical wenger/board another smoke screen to us signing nobody again im getting fed up of this time for a change

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  7. BG Gunner

    come on, just because he is leaving does not mean that only nice words should be spoken of him, remember all the times he cost us points, he might have a good build for a DC but his decision making, positioning, marking have been nothing short of mediocre.
    and he’s never been key to arsenal, he had the luck to be there at times of defenders deficiency.
    it is a shame he has accumulated over 150 games with a shirt that people like adams and keown have worn with pride.

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  8. mr lean

    great reading all the rumours/gossip but does anyone have any genuine and realistic transfer updates

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  9. Dan

    If we could shift Arshavin, Chamakh, Djourou, Squid and Santos. And bring in a striker/winger, defensive mid and left back, i’d consider that one of our most successful transfer windows in a while.

    About this Montpellier player, I hope we get Cabella on the right wing. A pacey, tricky right winger who isn’t afraid to take players on.

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  10. mr lean

    great news are season is saved santos and diaby back in full training thats the cheque book put away for another 6 months !!

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  11. leo

    i think it’s younes belhanda he was one of the reason why giroud scored 25 goals maybe to get the best out of him or m’biwa

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  12. andy

    I say our youth camp is a failure at producing the calibre of players to play for first team.

    Anyhow I believe Djourou should be given the opportunity to play first team football and the only way he can get that is to play at another club. If Arsenal still value his loyalty then let him go and play. He will only starve at Arsenal with the quality already available.

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  13. Polite_Gunner

    @ Leo, I guess the Montpellier player might be Cabella, he is a good option for our wings.

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  14. John Collard

    A shame ? The player was not good enough to clean Tony Adams boots. Loyal i dont know him do you ?. I say good luck to him and all the best. But a shame never.

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  15. true goon

    I dont see any confirmation of the headline,just a quote saying hes on a shortlist.Please lets try and sell these players 4get a loan

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  16. Fletch

    May have come through the ranks, but definitely not EPL material. Far too many games I can remember where he was dead set horrible. Good luck and adios!

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  17. George

    Guys. Adrian Lopez is NOT in the last year of his contract. That is why we are having to spend so much on him. He has 3 and a half or 2 and a half years left. Not 1 year. Thought I would get that out there.

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  18. LoCkAy

    Wenger confirmed at the program “L’Equipe” that he will not bring new recruits in January.

    -He said ( and I quote ) ” We have a big squad and strong. My priority is to keep Walcott and make sure Diaby gets back to full fitness. It is quite difficult to find quality players in january. We will focus on reaching top four as it is crucial for our season success”

    -Then a journalist asked him: ” Are you still in contention for the title? It seems that season after season you have lost track of the main objective of any team, the league”

    -To that Wenger replied ” we are still in course for a top four finish and it is my main concern, merci”.

    You don’t need to thumb down or thumb up this comment, I just translated his words.

    I will not comment because I felt disgusted and sad after the program… I realised that we were FAR FROM being a locomotive of european football because results are not the priorities of Arsenal.

    Anyway, we can still make top four ( the only thing we are good for ) and I will be 100% behind the club ( not the manager… Lost faith on the deluded one long time ago ).

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  19. Adam

    An ok centre back, must be honest, I always got a sense of dread when I saw his name on the team sheet. His positional play wasn’t great, he was a little clumsy and he always seemed to have this startled look on his face that suggested he felt out of his depth. Good to cut losses and get miquel involved, hope squid goes aswell.

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  20. Joe

    Arshavin, Squillachi + chamakch are all confirmed to leave in january as well as JD this will save us around 11.9m a year on wages

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  21. sku

    I have been very surprised when I read about so called Deadwoods people include Djourou. People forget that when TV5 was injured and Koscielny had just arrived he played with Djourou and what a partnership they forged. If you are objective and look at the stats you will see that they had the best defensive record we have hd since. I will go on to say that they were better than Gallas and TV5 Iam sure the number of clean sheets we had was better. What Djourou did also was engage physical players like Drogba better than Gallas did. I am surprised he stayed so long at the club without any action and he has been a bit rusty but he is a good defender for me.I wish him all the best I hope he grabs his opportunity notice no one is looking at the Squid makes you wonder. Peace

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  22. Caribgooner

    Transfers for arsenal always take a year…common arsenal so many areas areas need re enforcements sign someone…

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  23. John Collard

    i cant believe the 3 idiots that gave me a thumbs down. He aint good enough to clean Tony Adams boots.

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  24. N21 gooner

    I have to agree with sku, perhaps a little unfair to lump JD into the same group as the squid. Frankly, I’m not convinced by some our defensive purchases at all. Yes TV5 has been a find, although if I am being absolutely brutally honest he hasnt looked quite the same player after the run of injuries in 2010 and yes he is small for a CB in the prem. I’ve watched Miguel a few times and he has huge potential imo, as did Kyle Bartley I thought so I have no idea why we sold him! Pace and fitness seem to be problems for Mert and squid/santos dont look like top 4 EPL defenders. Gibbs/Jenkinson are coming on v well (although KG could be a bit more urgent sometimes). We should have gone in for Vertonghen and Cahil in recent windows. If rumours are true then Sagna is on the move to PSG at the end of the season, so perhaps a short term loan for JD is better than a permament transfer…I’d rather him than some of the others.

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  25. No more excuses

    Poor djourou – this kid cudda done well at a club who had a defence to learn from ! The past yr or 2 has been slightly better – but our defence has been lackin in all attributes for nearly a decade . Wenger Wudnt know an out and out defender if he tripped over him . All the best to him – hope he does well .

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  26. Thala

    Looks like Stoppila Stuzu rumors r true !!
    I really Doubt Wenger Signing 4 players this Winter !!
    CB, LB , CDM and Winger.

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  27. N21 gooner

    yeah, not the greatest for sure, but not as poor (or perhaps just as bad) as some of the others. says it all really! Do people on here really think Mert is our long term answer in central defence?? really? come on!

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  28. Simon k


    If it is Mbiwa it is very Ok even though is a manure fan, we will convert him.

    Zaha is an Arsenal fan but still Manure wants him.So makes no big difference. Mbiwa is a central defender but can play as a central defender.

    If M’villa is coming I do not see Mbiwa coming

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  29. GP

    With all due respect to him, I was always nervous when he was in the side
    There was always a mistake in him. Maybe it was a lack of games because he looked better playing for his country than us.
    I wish him well and thank him for always trying his best.

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  30. Arsenal4Life

    Some other news?
    I dont understand why we are waiting so long? I understand that a team doesnt want to lose his best players, but if we pay them te money they will.

    We need Arda so bad. (or else Isco/Ben Arfa)
    We need a cdm so bad..(or let frimpong play, he is a beast)
    a cover for GK and LB also needed.

    Sell Squilachi and Djourou ; introduce Miquel.
    Sell Chamakh, Arshavin(not used); introduce Eisfeld.

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  31. AG

    who on earth needs a good 4th-choice centre-back?! that’s just bs, let’s just sell him and spend the money where it’s needed.

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  32. realist

    I like most people have a to buy wish list a to sell wish list and a to promote wish list. for me there is x1 to go 5 arrivals with the other 6 replacements already at the club.
    fabianski sell promote martinez
    santos sell buy baines
    squillaci sell promote miquel
    djourou sell promote mbwia
    denilson sell promote mvila
    arshavin sell buy holtby
    chamakh sell buy the best damned striker we can afford
    park sell promote eisfeld
    bendtner sell promote/recall afobe
    eastmond sell recall frimpong
    gervinho sell recall ryo

    To go in the summer considerations
    sagna (for me something is lacking after two leg breaks)
    diaby (too many injuries)
    Rosicky (too many injuries)
    henderson (too many injuries)
    watt (not arsenal quality)
    shea (not arsenal quality)
    boateng (not arsenal quality)

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