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Arsenal’s Koscielny refusing to give on Champions League hopes

Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny has refused to rule out a possible dream comeback against Bayern Munich, despite a disastrous loss in Germany.

The Gunners succumbed to a devastating 5-1 defeat last night, and now face a dreading three week wait until they get the chance to try and save face with their own win in London.

Arsenal have lost in the opening leg of this stage of the competition for the sixth time running, (it is so predictable that I am thinking of investing in the best Sports Betting Software, just so I can take bets on Arsenal!), before getting a respectable result in the second-leg, and on many occasions do just enough in the return leg to miss out by just one goal, or on two occasions, to lose on away goals.

This is becoming very routine, and while our task of trying to get to the next round of the tournament looks too big, Laurent Koscielny is refusing to rule out the possibility.

‘In football, you never know,’ he told the club’s website.

‘We are professional, we have a second leg and we will try to win. But after a game like this it’s very difficult.

‘But we’ll fight because we are professional and we play for Arsenal.’

The defender was substituted on minute 49 yesterday, which seemed to be the beginning of our demise at the Allianz Arena, with our side holding onto a 1-1 draw at the time of his departure.

It rings bells and reminds me of how we conceded four goals to Liverpool in the opening match of the campaign, while the French defender was yet to return from the European Championships, and it almost seems as if we have no organisation without Laurent at centre-back.

The defender refused to blame his departure on the result however. He said: “I don’t know either [what went wrong]. I think the first half was good – we were deep, like you need to be, and tried not to give them space or opportunities to score.

“It being 1-1 at half-time was good for us but after we conceded the second goal, I think we needed to stay more compact because we had a second leg at home. When you can win [there], you need to stay together, defend together with all 11 players and keep this. Tonight we didn’t. Bayern played very well – they have some top-class players who can make the difference in front.”

Can we play without Koscielny in the side? And can we really overturn such a big loss?

Pat J

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25 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Koscielny refusing to give on Champions League hopes

  1. Uzi Ozil

    The season is over..

    Kos I know you can be optimistic but it’s over.

    I don’t think we will win like 2:0 at the Emirates then say, we tried.. We are just two goals shy. Nah that won’t be the case.

    Bayern will still defeat us at Emirates. Our home ain’t so good anymore.

  2. leo...fourteen

    pls…did we really see the maturity of thiago on the ball, that guy has been destroying us since he came to Bayern,lahm was basically play the number 10 role for Bayern,m a really tired fan,we are the laughing stock of Europe that’s the fact..
    thanks to Bayern for even respecting us and showing up for a game they knew they’ll win eventually, looking at their faces you cud see robben lahm and ancellotti were just pitying us, they looked at us with mercy in the eyes…jeez, ancellotti removed robben so as to prevent him from totally destroying our dignity…that moment when an opponent look and paly u with pity..shame on u wneger…even the refs and linesman did all they could to prevent the score line from been disgraceful by turning deaf ears to true penalty calls that could have made the game 9-1…shout out to ospina he held his head high enough…as for ozil he wouldn’t even smell Bayern’s 2nd eleven if going to Bayern is what he has in mind…lastly how can a 32 year old robben do things that even all our wingers out together cant…he totally rendered gibbs useless..i know cech wud be feeling lucky he wasn’t sent out to the pitch like a sacrificial lamb..all our gks have been victims to this 5 goal delimna cech scezny and ospina…

  3. bran99

    In such a match, your best defender gets injured, you alter the formation and tactics, or even park the bus with some few counter attacking fellas ready to deploy anytime possession is restored. but alas, the old man kept sitting, people kept playing the same way, the formation that has brought nothing than 2 FA cups and some Emirates cups will get us nowhere while the so called Arsenal manager can’t install a single word of motivation to his players.

    I’m so tired, you can’t even argue with a Chelsea fan right now, they used to be sh*t and we used to punish them week in week out, but now they just joke “but we won the UCL”, and there Bang!! face down and keep quiet in shame. this is what we have become, A laughing stock

  4. legend Henry

    Kos is just deluded !!!
    Wenger the dope is blaming luck for the humiliation

    NY gunner, follower of the dope, is blaming the fans for complaining just because we lost for the first time since the start of the season competition

    Neville and other equally disgrace of pundits are saying the fans are ingrate just for showing ambition

    Bayern are are always happy for facing us in the champions league just to annihilate us.

    Arsenal fans in London are not protesting because they claim they remain “loyal” to the club.Foolish Londoners!!!!

    Arsenal fans in London vent their anger on social media but lack the courage to do in the stadium saying it kills the confidence of the players.
    Foolish Londoners!!!

    Admin ,a proud akb

    Admin planning of a way to block me

    More humiliations yet to come
    Wenger out !!!!

    1. NY_Gunner

      You need to go get something done about that mental problem you got dude…Because, last I checked, you ain’t done nothin but b*tch.

  5. planner

    Koscielny should just keep quiet, he is part of the problem and he simply cannot endure a simple injury. if it were Daivd Luiz, he would have stayed on the pitch and fight on. This is not the first time of seen Kos behaving this way. He should just keep quiet. God bless Ospina he is the man of the match, And as for those fans who think Gibbs is better than Monreal, they should just take the back seat and hang themselves. the problem in the team is our defenders, just look at how they give opportunities to opponents. so, Kos should just keep quiet.

      1. dboy

        NY Gunner and all AKB’s are part and parcel of this 5-1 drubbing. You are to blame for Wenger’s dictatorship. You allow this to happen. And you still defending him. Talk about delusion. You are schizophrenic!! Wake up and realise its time for change. Please??

  6. legend Henry

    @ ny gunner
    Dude just say that to yourself

    You are a complete definition of anything terrible that’s happening to Arsenal.
    You and your god have ran this club down to the mud
    For you and other equally lunatics,there is nothing wrong with this club

    1. NY_Gunner

      Like I said. Stop b*tchin about it and do something about it. OOOOOPS! You can’t.
      Keep that dream alive though. Effin muppet.

    2. leo...fourteen

      I love what Ferdinand said..he said every team is a reflection of their manager…pls how can you play someone like Bayern for 4years in a roll and still haven’t got a tactical advantage on how to beat them..
      robben actually stated before the match that he was tired of beating pathetic..he wouldn’t dare say that about Chelsea and conte or atletico and someone…what a joke wneger is…

  7. BUR

    Is this a French thing being deluded like this. I like your optimisim Kos but I am sorry our season is over again at this stage of the year like last year. I think actions have to be taken by the supporters to stop this. Cut out the money going into the pockets of the board. Boycott games. Raise banners to tell those in charge we need change.

  8. Bobbyraz

    i have tried so hard to leave this club and support another but just can’t, this isn’t the arsenal i grew up to love so much, how can some idi*otic fans still want this man to continue with this long unending movie of embarrassment after embarrassment, when people ask me which club i support i feel so so intimidated to tell em i support arsenal they would just laugh and look at me with pity 20 years of useless champs league football with nothing to show for it and yet some deluded fans wants this continuity just because they love their messiah more than they loe Arsenal

    man u 8 – 2
    chelsea 6 – 0
    liverpool 5 – 1
    city 6 – 3
    bayern 5 – 1

    how can one club have so many losses against any top opposition they come up against, its not the board’s fault, they don’t buy the players, they don’t set the line up, they aren’t responsible for motivating the players its the manager’s job to do all these and he sure as hell cant, i just hope he calls it quit by the end of the season

  9. vinie2000

    Dean Ashton just spot on in premier league Daily comments. The team is a reflection of the Manager. sanchez screaming can be annoying but If you close down and chase up front and turn then see all your team mates deep back holding. WILL DRIVE ME MAD efforts are wasted and also Once he went on his own looking for help against 4 defenders and nobody around to be seen. Shall i stay in a team with out soul? guts? Not..the Bayern team moving all over with pace and dynamic. lahmn in his 31’s and retiring at the end of the season beating the like of Gibbs with ease. Lunatic tactical awareness. You give the CAPTAIN BRACELET TO GIBBS? Are you kidding me? GIVE IT TO ALEXIS at least got it on him. second half talk..Go and s… your pants and thats what happened. bring Welbeck for Iwobi to give more Physical presence and pace and moved Ox to the DM with xhaka as he did at the end. Get theo on the left and Alexis up front…genius” and I’m not a coach but you have to go to the touch line and do some screaming dude..your team just conceded 3 goal in 10 mins. Still warming your lovely seat/? then go and move upstairs and let’s bring someone who inject some PASSION AND DESIRE TO OUR TEAM .otherwise we will become the next POOL or worse SPUDS. PEOPLE GET UNITED WITH NOT HATRED. WE NEED A CHANGE ASAP.


    First of all I blame the coach.

    And I blame the starting 11 he put up. Gibbs was always going to be the perpetual-inexperienced full back he is. Starting both Iwobi and Ox at both wings when 2 of our best 3 goal threats are on the bench. Giving Ozil another opportunity at number 10 is shit. A number 10 that cannot provide attacking threat or keep possession. Gabriel like I have said before is always an aerial ball threat in our defense. Mustafi? y’all saw what his height caused him in Lewandoski’s goal.

    Our lack of confidence in big matches.

    As much as I love Wenger, it is high time he left the club.

  11. Pablo Picaso

    I remember I got thumbed down when I said we should go to Bayern and take the game to them (like Napoli did against R. Madrid despite losing). Thumping teams 5 nil or 5:1 is normal for Bayern, the best we could have done is nick more away goals. As it stands the return leg is a dead rubber for us. Get your head out of Arsene’s arse Kos!

  12. Jansen

    Kos is spouting the same nonsense Wenger spouts. There is no reasonable chance to expect over-turning a 5-1 drubbing.

    Should you try? 100%!! Should you speak about it? Not if you are Arsenal and have our track record. It can only be meant to pull the fans eyes and take the focus away from the facts.

    If you are Barca and you don’t make a habit of being destroyed 4-1, to me you can speak about it not being over. If you are Arsenal and Bayern put the diapers on you every time, you go home in silence and embarrassment and make your feeble attempt to over-turn this loss in the return game on the pitch, not with your mouth in the media. That just highlights how delusional this organization is at the moment from the manager down to the players.

    I for one would take great comfort if an Arsenal player or manager would come out and say: “on current form, we would be lucky to win another game let alone finish in the top 4 or beat Bayern in the return game by any score”. That would at least give me the comfort that there is still a modicum of realism somewhere inside that rotten apple.

    1. Break-on-through

      I think we should play the reserves, and youngsters. It’s already embarrassing so lets see if we can find someone to replace a couple first teamers. I want Coquelin out of first team line up. I wanted Ozil gone weeks ago, but I’d play him still if we’re at home against weak opposition. Elneny Xhaka and Oxlade as a midfield three. At least we don’t have to relate last nights performance to Welbz and Perez, they need to be our starters with Alexis through middle. I don’t want Iwobi near our first team, felt bad for Gibbs with him not being able to cover two to three players at times. Lews goal, Iwobi just had to be there and Gibbs stops that cross, Iwobi needs some game time, it’s ridiculous having him as an AFC first team starter. Cech is the no1 or else Ospina, show some backbone Arsene and make you’re choice.

      At the moment this is Arsenals best team for attacking / defending / combined. Until Cazorla returns, this mixes it up more evenly and therefore better. Ozil Walcott Iwobi Coquelin Giroud are all too much one sided players.

      1. Jansen

        The last decent game we played involved some young players. IMO it was the game against Southampton. We need something to shake this team up.

  13. Break-on-through

    The moment it went to two one. The Arsenal team should have regrouped, reminded themselves how they have the away goal, start banging heads together, saying come on lads let them bloody earn the next goal and we’ll do them at the Emirates. Told Xhaka, to look for long balls into the wings for Alexis to chase, and feigned injury whilst wasting time. Broke rhythm of play with allot of cheap fouls up field. It was in our hands when we got that 1-1 to half time, what the heck did they talk about at the break, Wenger probably told them we’ve a good chance to win here tonight. Whereas other managers bring their box of tricks when job is half done, 2-1, 3-1, would have been what I hoped for.

  14. marty53

    Probably win the home leg 3-0 and talk of another glorious failure!!

    One other thing….Wenger please give Welbeck a start, he’s been training for weeks now, must be champing at the bit to start a game rather than come on for 10mins chasing the game.

  15. Vlad

    Big time AKB here, but Kosc is clearly delusional, as is our manager as of late. To put Ox on the wing after several stellar performances in the middle was just criminal. To start Gibbs ahead of Monreal was nothing short of madness. And to keep Coq out there for that long was plain stupid. I saw Bayern play Schalke a couple of weeks ago in a game that ended 1-1, and I thought to myself “these guys are nothing special… we can take them”. Well, we made Bayern look like world beaters last night. Yes, they are a good side. But it was just magnified by how poor we were. Formation, tactics, substitutions – nothing changes week in and week out. Shouldn’t every game be approached differently based on the opponent? Love Wenger, and love the club to pieces, but I hope he does the right thing and resigns at the end of the season, and takes dross like Gabriel, Gibbs, and a few others with him.

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