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Arsenal’s Kroenke is Third biggest investor in the Premier League

A new graphic from SBO looks into the owners of Premier League football teams, and just how much they’ve paid into their clubs – with the top figure being £2 billion, Roman Abramovich’s investment into Chelsea FC.

If you’ve ever held aspirations of owning a football club in the Premier League, you might have to win the lottery a few times.

Research from SBO shows the investments club owners have made in order to possess their teams, and even the smallest in the top ten is £105 million – making it quite the pricey game to maintain a top football club.

Hey, Big Spender

Overall, the investment in clubs from the Premier League was roughly £5.15 billion – with £2 billion of that being contributed by Roman Abramovich. The top five investors into the League were as follows:

  1. Roman Abramovich – Though he started as a street trader, Abramovich has come a long way, now with the greatest investment in any football club in the League. Chelsea have benefitted from £2 billion of the Russian businessman’s money.
  2. The Glazer Family – Big sports fans, the Glazers don’t only own Manchester United with their stake of £800 million: they also own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League in America.
  3. E. Stanley Kroenke – Kroenke owns several sports teams, primarily in America, including the Los Angeles Rams. His only UK team is Arsenal FC, though there have been a number of protests and complaints from supporters of the team over his management (despite his £450 million investment).
  4. John W. Henry – owner of diverse holdings such as the Boston Globe newspaper and the Red Sox, Henry has invested £300 million in his ownership of the Liverpool team.
  5. Government of China/Sheihk Mansour – Bizarrely, ownership of Manchester City is split between a state-owned Chinese consortium and the deputy prime minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mansour. The Chinese CITIC Group have invested about £265 million, while Mansour has put forward £210 million.

To give some context, however, the highest-value player in the world, Neymar, has been valued at £217 million – meaning some of these investments aren’t enough to dominate the game

The lowest disclosed figure for investment across the entire Premier League was £70,000, from the Swansea City Supporters Trust into… well, Swansea City, in order to take advantage of a share offer which took the Trust shareholding within the club to 21%.

Whichever football team you support, make sure you know just how much went into it – look at the top investors in the Premier League on the full graphic here.

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10 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Kroenke is Third biggest investor in the Premier League

  1. The real Robin Vanpayslip and not that other fake one

    Out means out and take lamppost and Kronke with you!!!!!!!!!

  2. ArseOverTit

    “Despite his £450 million investment”. What do you mean by this? The cost of his share buying?

    As far as I know unlike abrohimiavich (which you rightly state invests his OWN money) Satan Kroenke hasn’t given us one red cent!! Please prove me wrong with some credible source of information?


    1. gmv8

      Kroenke has taken at least £11 million out of the club in dividend … sorry, advisory service payments. He hasn’t contributed one penny of his own money to the club, infact he has only taken out, nor have the Glazers to Manure, and John Henry runs a self sustaining model as well. The only ones who have invested are Abramovich and Mansour .. please get your facts straight.

      1. gmv8

        Apologies. comment in the wrong place – can’t believe this article though, AFC would be far better off without Kroenke, not only in monetary terms, but in management terms as well, in that we may have members on the board who don’t mess up transfer deals and run down players contracts.

  3. Saya nalogo

    “Investment” into the club?
    He bought 66% of the shares.
    That money went to the
    previous owners of the shares.
    Nothing went to the club!!!

  4. Break-on-through

    I fear Usmanov looking elsewhere in the end. Abramovich first looked into buying Arsenal before Che. The fans should get involved with this, the Wenger out and in should all let them know what we want.

  5. Saya nalogo

    Any of this “take over” talk even real?
    Or just fake distraction till
    Wenger is given an extension?

  6. Arsenal_Girl

    But the number 1 douchebag in the PL.

    Google Kroenke and Rick Ellis or suicide

  7. Goonergaz59

    Yes I’ve said it for a long while I also fear usmabov may end up invest in his billions at another club.I would rather have the Russian any day he loves the club and actually attends matches and all the yank does is take money from the club .kronke do every body a favour and sell up.

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