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Arsenal’s Liverpool problems eased by Sturridge fitness blow

With Arsene Wenger preparing for the big Premier League start against Liverpool we are all hoping Arsenal continue with our great record against the Reds at the Emirates. We have only lost once in our last 13 meetings here so it may be worth taking advantage of the Sun Bets free bet to back our team with the bookies own money. But there is a worry as Le Prof has his three main Arsenal centre backs unavailable, and the transfer deal for the Valencia and Germany star Shkodran Mustafi still to be officially completed, the chances are that the heart of our back line will consist of Calum Chambers and Rob Holding.

The former Southampton player has at least got some Premier League experience to his name, with 22 appearances for the Saints and another 35 over the last two seasons with Arsenal, but in a lot of those games the versatile Gunner was playing in the right back position so there are still real concerns over his ability in the middle.

Usually there has been an older and wiser head alongside him to help, but this weekend it looks like being the even more inexperienced Rob Holding, who has no EPL games under his belt and just one season in the Championship with Bolton Wanderers in which the Trotters finished rock bottom.

Not exactly an ideal situation for us you must agree, so the injury news from Liverpool about their England international striker Daniel Sturridge is just what the doctor ordered. The Daily Mail are reporting that he and his teammate James Milner are both doubts for the game at the Emirates after picking up knocks during the last week.

Jurgen Klopp still has options like Benteke, Origi and new signing Sadio Mane, but the absence of Sturridge is certainly a plus point for Arsenal and our young defenders. Will it be enough to see us get an opening day win though?


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8 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Liverpool problems eased by Sturridge fitness blow

  1. karansagar

    Is it just me or would anyone else also rather pick Holding than Gabriel when both are fit?
    Anyways, my suggested team for Liverpool:

    Bellerin – Chambers – Holding – Monreal
    Xhaka – Ramsey
    Oxlade – Cazorla – Iwobi

      1. Trevor

        Even though I’m a fan of Ramsey’s (I recognise talent when I see it), I’d go with Elneny, or Coq. Elneny’s been looking good, I think he’s the only one who realised there’s a fight on right now. Liv are gonna play counter every chance they get, we know leaving Ramsey there will play into that eventually. I’d go with either Ramsey or Cazorla in ten, if we want to make ourselves harder to beat Id go with Ramsey, if we want through balls Id go with Cazorla.

    1. Mr Gavis

      i think Holding and Gabriel are two different types of CB so hard to say. When you look at Kos and Mert the reason it worked so well is because they compliment each others style. Mert reads the game and is calm on the ball, Kos is always on the attackers heels giving them no time or space. I see Gabriel similar to Kos and i see Holding as similar to Mert. The trouble with having Holding and Chambers playing together is they both play that similar style where they hold back more and read the game. There is no one to close down the attacker and squeeze out the space. I hope we play Monreal alongside either one of Holding or Chambers and play Gibbs on the Left.

  2. horlu

    that’s good news because sturridge is a very good striker when fit. different tabloids are linking us with matheu who plays for barca, i hope that’s just a rumour, i would rather continue playing holding. i just hope arsenal wins against liverpool, it would be a great way to start the season.

  3. Trevor

    You can never trust a Klopp player to be injured unless you know it’s a fact. In the CL Klopp used to do this all the time, Wenger himself highlighted it when Klopp said yes we are missing half a team as well as Arsenal, but then the entire team showed up minus an odd player. The pace of Mane and Origi worries me a bit, but thankfully we are at home. If this game were away, I would be a little pissed with Wenger from us having to up there with kids in the area where you need to be most solid. It will still be a difficult game, but at least they will have the crowd on there side (I think), also it’s our turf, which I’m sure they’ve been practicing on. Would have been a baptism of fire, for sure, if we’d been traveling nth. I really hope we are ready, well as ready as we can be, because Klopp will have his guy’s pumped, starting how you mean to go on and all that. We really need this victory, it’s been a good while since we won our opening game, it just crumbles the fans hopes too early with us always having to make up ground, then when we do very well it is too difficult to keep that rhythm up. I think, and hope, that our players are gonna dig deep.

  4. Tatek Girma

    If the transfer of Mustafi was completed before Saturday, He could have been available for Liverpool clash. However, Wenger’s old mind set up and philosophy delayed the deal. The current dynamic market is fully dependent of Money plus quick decision and action. Those who are living with past can not compete in the market. The fittest is the survival, period.

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