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Arsenal’s new Centre-back? Smalling, Shar, Vlaar or van Dijk?

There may still be 7 weeks until the transfer window opens, but after Arsene Wenger admitted that Arsenal needed another defender in January the transfer rumours are usually about (possibly) available centre-backs.

The latest one to be linked is Man United’s Chris Smalling according to the Mirror. They claim that now Adrien Rabiot has signed a new deal with PSG, Wenger will turn to Smalling as a new alternative.

Fabian Shar is another. The Swiss international has made it clear that he aiming for bigger ad better things in the future. He was quoted in the Metro as saying: ‘Basel are open to negotiations, but at this moment I have decided that I want to concentrate on my performances,’

‘I went through a difficult period and it wasn’t the right time to discuss my renewal. I don’t want to be worrying about that now.

‘My dream remains to have an experience abroad. I’ve always said that if the opportunity presented itself, I would take it, obviously in agreement with Basel.

‘I need a team with important prospects. I’d like the Bundesliga, Premier League or top Italian clubs like Inter, Milan and Juventus. I couldn’t say no.

‘I want to hear all my options and consider them carefully. There was some contact in the summer, but nothing serious.’

Shar is said to be available for 10 million, but Aston Villa’s Ron Vlaar is also a strong possibility as his contract is up at the end of the season. Maybe Wenger could persuade Villa to let him go in January for a small fee rather than lose him for nothing in the summer. The Mail reckons that Arsenal AND Man United could be after the Dutchman..

Arsenal reportedly tried to sign Celtic’s Virgil Van Dijk on deadline day, and he remains my most likely arrival now that Celtic have had time to source a replacement, but which one of those four ould YOU choose?

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal’s new Centre-back? Smalling, Shar, Vlaar or van Dijk?

  1. Gooner Cape Town

    It will probably be Schar and maybe 1 other CB, but think CDM is also a must. Really doubt we will get 3 in January though, we all know Wenger. Here’s hoping.

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  2. JAmerican

    Haven’t seen any of Van Dijk or Schar besides youtube clips. How good are they actually?

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    1. SaveArsenal

      Van Dijk is very good, tall, fast, good eye and can even score goals!
      However we will probably miss out on him anyway and buy some crocked unknown or has been.

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  3. Tas

    if they are not below 10 Million, out of contract or injured we are not buying Jack Sh!tz in January

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    1. Tas

      if there is a attacking/right/midfield/winger we are open to business but it cannot, let me say that again “ IT CAN NOT” be a natural attacking left winger because we don’t believe in one since Nasri left.

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  4. ruelando

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    1. john0711

      Smalling is not good enough for Man U and you want him Jesus man raise the bar, he’s average at best

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      1. ruelando

        Who do you suggest, you know wenger will not go for no expensive defender and i will say again Smalling concern has been his injury problem, not his defending skill. if you are judging him by the red card he received(yellow + yellow). That can happen to any defender

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    2. goonerby1

      Forget about Smalling and the other two. What we need is a Carvalho to put some steel in the centre of midfield. One of the best defenders in the business and only 22. If he played for us for say 8 years he would be worth a big investment now.

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      1. GunnerJack

        If he plays for us for 8 years he will be the team captain for the last 6 of them. Great presence, skill and strength and strolls around the DM area as if he owns the place. He is highly regarded by all the players in the teams he’s played in. . . even though he’s younger than most of them!

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  5. atid

    I don’t think we need more than 1 cb, as chambers is clearly good enough to be 3rd or 4th choice.

    I personally would like a left footed cb, like Laporte. But he is likely to cost 3 x more than dijk or shar. There is also Antonio rudiger, winston Reid and pique who have all been linked. I would take any of those mentioned over smalling and vlaar.

    Don’t forget, bellerin, Jenkinson, ajayi and hayden will all be in the frame next season so we must not bring in too many defenders.

    Cb, Dm and a world class finisher to replace diaby, coquelin and sanogo would be my january changes. In the summer I would sell off arteta monreal flamini rosicky cazorla and podolski.

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  6. MDOwn

    What worries me about Van Dijk. who looks to be the main target, is that he plays in the SPL, which is just a terrible league (no offence to any scots), for the only team of any note (Celtic) who despite this are still only in 3rd (although with a game in hand), and completely dependent on Guidetti (who, by the way, looks awesome, but is contracted to Man City) scoring to get them out of trouble… my granny could do his job.

    Shar looks OK… Vlaar is only good when he’s coupled with a quality partner, i.e. when he’s in the international team… And Smalling is… well he’s Smalling, and makes Rojo look good, or just not terrible…

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  7. Hafiz Rahman

    varane, hummels, howedes…..someone world class please….

    no lowly deadwoods

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  8. fred cowardly

    In January, if we get Hummels, Khedira, Cavani and Reus then I will be satisfied, not happy, but satisfied.

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        1. GunnerJack

          Hi Iceberg – Not sure about that and maybe my interpretation of what he said is off but I don’t see any sarcasm there. Usually find Fred’s comments pretty good.

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  9. SoOpa AeoN

    and if we are not careful, this debate will continue until the 31st of January……

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    1. NY_Gunner

      I’d like to see Hummels signed also, along with Kondogbia or Vidal. But I know it ain’t gonna happen…

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  10. Skandalouz

    Get Schar and Van Dijk. The latter can grow into the DM spot aswell. Both top notch prospects and very suited for English football.

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