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Arsenal’s prayers could be answered

Arsenal are after Jesus!  By KJ

AS (Spanish news outlet) are reporting that Arsenal are interested in signing Sevilla winger, Jesus Navas. It is a bit of a surprising link considering that we’re quite heavily stoked out wide and it looks likely that Walcott will sign a new contract. However, I’ll give this rumour a fair shake.

Navas was raised in the Sevilla youth system and has stuck with the team ever since. That seems extraordinary considering his talents and the clubs that he could go to (I’m talking Barcelona and Madrid). The reason why he’s still at Sevilla was because of his severe homesickness. This has spanned for many years now and has stopped him from really excelling in his career both at club level and internationally.

Recently, he has been treated for his homesickness and has been able to successfully attend numerous matches for the Spanish national team as well. Notably, he attended the Euros this year and scored the match winning goal for Spain in one of their matches. He also said in a recent interview that he is now open to moves outside Sevilla which would give Arsene the opportunity to swoop in for him.

Navas is a class winger with an immense amount of pace and trickery. He scored an impressive 14 goals and made 5 assists last season. He is definitely highly rated in Spain and personally, I’d rate him as one of the best wingers in the world.

But why would Arsene want him? I’ve always been of the opinion since RVP left that Wenger has two choices. He either buys a conventional striker to replace the Dutchman or he converts Podolski to a striker and buys a winger to replace that gap. I actually prefer the first option as Podolski doesn’t seem effective enough to play as a lone striker. However, Wenger watches our players train every day and hence will have a better judgement on what to do.

I’m definitely excited by the prospect of Navas coming to the Emirates but we’ll need to remain grounded as this is just rumours at the moment.

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64 thoughts on “Arsenal’s prayers could be answered

  1. Apostolos

    The more I think about it if Cazorla & Arteta have convinced him to come to Arsenal(maybe even Reyes&Cesc) plus the possible 10mil from an Arshavin sale,and with Walcott’s future up in the air. It might just me more then possible Wenger is everywhere this summer I love it.

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  2. let's be Realistic

    Wouldn’t be a Bad addition He’s Got the Pace can dribble and Cross,Still Don’t this deal Happening

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  3. YoungGun

    Maybe Walcott will only sign if he will be used as a striker that would put Navas on the right wing

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  4. true goon

    hope ur rite about him buyin a striker,navas looks like a very good player 2,but that cud mean hes about 2 make a shock sale of walcott hope not the squad needs 2 b strong we’re always gettin injuries

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  5. Smiley

    If Walcott doesn’t sign a new contract (Which would be very unwise of him to do) I think we should go for him, Arteta and Cazorla will make him feel at home lol.

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  6. Apostolos

    For Wenger to be going after a player that’s a right winger I wonder what this means for Walcott signing a new contract.

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  7. Ofir

    OK, I have to ask you: why bother writing about something that has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever happening?
    Isn’t it clear it is nonsense?

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  8. Gooner4Life

    This puts ??? over Theos future, however Navas would be better that Theo in my opinion so i just hope this deal goes through

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  9. NolanGooner

    Sounds like a great idea but I wouldn’t put much on this following through. Wenger has plenty winger and knows this and is not the kind of guy to sign and expensive player in a position he has covered. Although if Walcott leaves…

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  10. George ibude

    Arsenal cant afford to lose song and walcott in the same transfer market due to homegrown rule

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  11. Ben

    This man is much better than Walcott on the right. I don’t really believe this rumour but Navas is a genuinely world class right winger. If this had any truth to it and we manage to pick him up, he and Santi would be absolutely amazing. I don’t know where Santi would play, whether he’d be CAM or whether he’d be on the left wing but these two know how to play together. They play for Spain together. If we brought this guy in we probably won’t need another forward signing, throw Walcott up front. Or maybe pick in a cheeky deal for Sturridge.

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  12. Sank

    Why just we buy ronaldo or messi or neymar dey are better dan navas nd ofcource walcott.
    stop speculation.

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  13. MarkWizzaDaGoon

    Okay let’s just say there is truth to this “I can’t see it happening” rumour then Walcott can play as a forward.
    Like I said,ain’t happening lol
    Goon 4 Life

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  14. U-God

    Dont you just get the impression no matter who we buy Arsenal wont win anything?And that these players are just being nurtured for Barca,City and now United.
    C’mon guys join the slogan USMANOV IN KRONKE OUT!!!NOW!!!!!!!

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  15. Apostolos

    I think It’s also fair to say Wenger’s not Fu%*^ng around anymore.

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  16. boss man

    i personally think we’re more likely to get someone like this than m’villa..although navas is a long shot he is a lot better than walcott and would be a much welcomed addition to the squad!

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  17. Adeyemi adeyinka

    Navas is a very great player i will rather him over walcott any day,walcott is too inconsistent,I wonder why he wasn’t registered in the 400metres race fo Great Britain at the olympics cos he has no footballing brain.WENGER pls buy Navas,m’vila,yanga mbiwa and greatest klaas-jan Huntelaar.I called him “greatest” because he scored a mad tally of 48 goals in 47 appearances perhaps he is in the last year of his contract at schalke 04 so wenger should act fast we can get him on the cheap unlike llorente.PLS also check out yanga m’biwa on wikipedia he use both legs and he can play across every position at the backline,he is bacary sagna mould only taller check out on youtube

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  18. Tom

    If we really wanted to challenge for titles again we need to in my opinion sell walcott an get Jesus, walcotts just tooinconsistent, even though he’s a pretty funny guy asking for 100k a week. And have you guys ever considered that a dm doesn’t really work that well with the way we play, unless he’s like song and thinks he’s a CF, I suggest that we utilise two holding midfielders instead.
    Sahin-Arteta. And when fit Wilshere-Arteta. These players are all well drilled and intelligent, more convincingly (per game) Sahin made 3.7 tackles (in 10/11) while Song only made 2.9 and I don’t even want to know the stat for how many times he got dispossesed per game. So maybe these tactics may work better, but who knows I’m not the boss.

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  19. MSB

    Jesus Navas is a class player and would be a great buy, but what we really need is a striker!!! Llorente anyone???

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  20. Realgooner4life

    if this is true walcott is off!!! I just want to see sahin, Llorente and sahko.. if the sahin deal as been done.. Then I really can’t see mvilla being signed unless 1 or 2 of our midfielders are being loaned out!!! but 2 be honest mvilla wouldn’t be my choice of DCM … id have (1st choice)moussa sissoko( the closet I’ve seen to Patrick viera) 2nd choice capoue.. Strong,hard tackler.. Not someone u really wanna go into a 50-50 tackle with I tell ya!! (also can play defence, extra cover) de Jong(not the best technically but has a real presence) and then finally.. Mvilla reads the game well, Good off the ball movent and well disciplined which I do like about him.. but hasn’t got the same presence as m.sissokho, capoue or de Jong, In fact conqulien had a better tackle rate then mvilla last season.. And didn’t play any near the amount of games last season as mvilla… But sayin that mvilla did have an outstanding season the season b4 last!!! so the jury is still out on him 4me personally!! But its vital we get another striker!! And regarding our deference: How come we don’t ever see good solid young defenders come through the ranks over the years?? ( not being negative towards wenger or nothing) just wondered!! I think this season verminator and kosh

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  21. Realgooner4life

    Will Build a good partnership.. Considering the amount of time they have been at the club, they havnt really played enough games together

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  22. AmericanGooner


    The man cannot be away from Seville! He couldn’t even travel with Spain until a few years ago. Reyes 2.0, AW will not buy him.

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  23. Nwachukwu Martin

    Is as if wenger does not knw what to do again. Chances were created against sunderland, yet no goal was registered. Please, enough of this gambling.

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  24. realist

    @george ibude

    the homegrown rule is not a problem. as it stands we have 9 homegrown players (which is 1 too many) and we also have 17 non-homegrown (which is bang on the full quota) if sahin and navas were to join 2 non-homegrown would need to leave (park and squillaci being the favourites although arshavin and chamakh could also be in the mix) if we take our full quota of of non-homegrown we can have up to 8 homegrown. as we currently have 9 anyone of bendtner walcott lansbury and eastmond can be culled. i still fancy that bendtner squillaci and park will be cut meaning room for just 2 non-homegrown players. most likely sahin and a defender. i think the only way more players would come in is by offloading arshavin and chamakh. its these tight numbers that is causing the hold up with sahin its a case of one out one in from here on in.

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  25. Wenger@knows@best

    This is like the best transfer window EVER!!!
    I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happend tmr…

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  26. Apostolos

    If Wenger really wants our prayers to be answered finish the deal for Sahin(on loan so what if he leaves we have Wilshire) -sign M Villa/Capoue (12-14mil<Song money)No one else is worth it
    -sign M Baye 5mil
    -and sign Vassilis Torosidis(6mil)<Greek international that can play both RB<natural position, and LB even DM if needed

    Then make some of the money back by selling: -Arshavin(8-10mil/Zenit or wherever,he'll be worth less if we keep him on the bench)
    -Squilacci (1mil to Olympiakos or in exchange for Torosidis)
    -Bendtner (for 7mil at least)
    – And if Walcott wants to keep di*kin around about signing a new contract sell him too and buy Jesus Navas or Valbuema

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  27. SDR

    His wiki page says its 5 Goals and 14 assists last season.
    The writer needs to get the numbers correct.

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  28. bojan arsenal

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs

    Sahin Arteta(Wilshere)

    Navas Walcott(Gervinho

    Walcott and Podolski as a strikers, Navas and Gervinho or Walcott on the wings!

    BPL prepare for the new invincibles!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  29. deadhead gooner

    jesus is second only to god in football!

    no, but really… this deal ain’t happenin’ … and who would want it to? he has crippling anxiety issues (re: “homesickness”) that will only cause potential problems later

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  30. gunnererkid14

    RVP out = llorente in
    Song out = m’vila in
    Cover for undecided Walcott= JESUS NAVAS
    Reapair to our loose defense = M’bia
    A lot of money but to challenge fir titles its needed!
    In WENGER we trust 🙂 COYG!

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  31. canadiangunner

    wanna here a funny joke, theo walcott should be played at striker. i mean he may still be good but his finishing skills are far from superior.

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  32. Arsenal1Again

    It’s good to see the author mention the homesickness of Navas, I have seen many who have not mentioned it BUT homesickness is just a tip of the iceberg.

    Jesus Navas suffers from an acute Anxiety Disorder. This is what makes him a risk signing. The potential missed games are on a par with bad attitude players like Joey Barton, a player I would not think twice about as a DM if he he could behave. I know Navas is a good Wing man but he’s a liability and we’ve had enough of them with RoSICKY and Van Persie being made of glass, then Diaby, Gibbs and Walcott too … so let’s have some players who can get through 80% of a season without missing games because of mental problems or injury.

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  33. Roberto

    If Walcott doesn’t want to stay with Arsenal, let him go. No name on the back is ever bigger than the name on the front of the Jersey. As amazing as Navas would be I don’t have high hopes of him turning out in Arsenal Kit after this month.

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  34. MMHgooner

    Um, has nobody else heard about Navas’ homsickness issues? I know he’s gotten better about it, but I don’t see him moving to England any time soon. . .

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  35. harsenal

    plz arsenal buy him, anything to put walcot on the bench if he is still hanging around, navas is the 1, the guy is awesome i remember seeing him play against arsenal a few yrs bk in the champions league, very quick, skilful n has a football brain! will stick into arsenal much better then walcot, i think wenger bought into the tabloids b4 when they use to n still slag him for not giving english players a chance so him being under pressure went n bought some rubbish from southampton, n i dont mean the ox 😉

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  36. harsenal

    i swear i think some of u supporters woulda been happy if out starting 11 had upson, jeffers, bentley, pennant, lansbury, etc, i can remember when ppl use to complain when arsenal got rid of players like them, i mean look at them i cant think of the rest but seriously a group of them in the same team is worser then west ham we wulda been relagated, wenger knows best, hope he knows he must sell walcot

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  37. Rodrigo

    And RVP said we lacked ambition, I can see him rotting on the bench already… hope these roumors are true btw

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  38. Wise_Fortune

    Maybe…just maybe…wenger wants to play theo upfront and if that’s the case then the CF position will be theo or poldoski(both pacy) or giroud( big target man if we need that option) navas on one wing cazorla on the other…jack behind the CF with arteta and sahin side by side..but since jack won’t be back for a month…the ox will play along side arteta…remember people the ox is now a cm not a gervinho would be on the bench as a winger or Walcott on the bench as a winger or CF.

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  39. Praxis76

    No way he come with his anxiety issues. It unfortunate though because he is a first class Player and definitely would be an upgrade on the right. Maybe this is just Wenger diverting attention from his real targets.

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  40. kailoon

    Please sell Walcott, he got pace, but nothing else. He is useless when (most of the team) opponent park the bus…

    I have faith on Walcott before, but I just can’t wait anymore, hardly see significant improvements from him.

    Sick of seeing players asking for more money before improve their games.

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  41. gbbuzby

    i believe AW is making d right choices. As for d defensive midfielder, i think he sud consider buying tom huddlestone. d guy is a cultured dm, tall and stong. also, he has premier league experience and will easily fit into d team.

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  42. revanth

    it appears to be a good rumour…… jesus navas has

    the buyout clause of 27m(23m).. could arsene wenger go for never know vth mr.wenger because he only deals vth some high profile players like him.. may be a surprise package this vth season like cazorla. bcoz nobody could have the idea of signing cazorla until the deal has ce.rtainlytaken place..go

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  43. arcardias

    arsenal will remain legendary n varsatile,fans prepare foe mortal immortality

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    i think what we need is players who want to play for our dear club,we need to have competition in all the areas,so that it can bring out the best in our players.wenger is doing his best to get a team that will be strong enough to play anybody.just give him a little time,and we all will be surprised at the transformation.COYG

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    To the mug that thumbs downed me .
    He can also play in goal JESUS SAVES.

    mind you knowing some of our fans the first mistake he makes he will get crusified

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  46. jermaine

    a certain squillaci was from sevilla he should be part of the deal 12mill + squillaci

    navas is world class for a team that everyone was looking at as selling there last world class player in rvp

    potential world class=

    i would say thats allot of potential world class players so maybe a full back with excellent potential could be added to this

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  47. wasswa peter uganda

    This time we need to see the real Arsenal and also even has we need to get the joy……..plz plz

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