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Arsenal´s season could be over by Saturday

Arsenal close to blowing it already!!! by DN

When I say that the season could be over for Arsenal as early as Saturday I mean, of course, our hopes of winning the Premier League again, the trophy that we last lifted after going a whole season without losing a single league game in 2003-04.

I have to look at myself and laugh right now, because of the optimism and expectations built up from last season and pre-season, which culminated in getting that Jose Mourinho shaped monkey off our backs by beating Chelsea in the Community Shield.

I foolishly thought for a few minutes about the possibility of the current crop of Gunners being able to repeat that amazing feat, idiot that I am. Right now I am wondering whether we have a good chance of avoiding defeat to Newcastle and I am not too confident really.

How did it all go so wrong so fast? I have just seen Arsene Wenger´s latest injury update and it feels like we are back in the bad old days. Both centre backs out of action, Wilshere injured again and He and Welbeck´s return seeming to be prolonged with every update. And just for good measure, Wenger is deciding to not spend any money, not because we don´t have any, but just because he feels like it.

So we travel to Newcastle more in hope than expectation and if we lose and Man City win, that will leave Arsenal eight points off the runaway leaders. Season over? Just about! Oh well there is always the FA cup.

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54 thoughts on “Arsenal´s season could be over by Saturday

  1. Greg

    If we lose on saturday (god forbid) the title race will be difficult to keep pace with!

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      1. DaveJay

        After 3 games? You are without a doubt the worst arsenal supporter ever.

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        1. Hafiz Rahman

          it is over……

          same thing for the last 10 years….

          next season gonna be the same tooo

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          1. davidnz

            So why are you following
            the Gunners if you
            have no hope?
            Sorry Bud but just saying.

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            1. Arsenal007

              I can predict this movie. ..I have watched the dam n thing over and over and over for a decade. I stand to be proven wrong though.

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        2. damochy

          Why do people like you stupidly equate been realistic and factual with been a fairweather fan? Can you bet your mortgage on Arsenal winning the title this season?Can you bet your last dime if we lose on Saturday we can still be in the running for the title?……because you look at life through a rose tinted spectacle does not make you a better fan than the next man so stop all the foolish grandstanding….some of us fans are not deluded and fantasists so taking a hard look at our chances this season and not been filled with optimism does not make us less of a fan than overly optimistic fans like yourself who live in denial!!!

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          1. DaveJay

            1. Go and look through all his posts and you will not find a single positive statement about the club we apparently all support. Every article is a chance for more tears.

            2. How depressing it must be for you to give up on your team within 3 games of a 38 game season.

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      2. sanmi.marvellous

        Even if we lose, (which I strongly doubt), the season is far from being over. We are going to 38 games not 28. Should we lose, we will be 8 points adrift the leader, If City lose (and we win) we are 5 points behind.
        As much as I understand your feeling which is same as all true Gunners worldwide, we seem to perform well when we have our back pressed against the wall. So do not be surprised if we take Newcastle to the cleaners come Lunch hour on Saturday !!!

        Victory, come Saturday, is Non-negotiable !!

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    1. galaxygooner

      Present can op of player
      Same as last season crop of players who

      1 finished 12 point behind a tired Chelsea team.
      2 finished behind the crappiest Man city team in years.
      3 struggled to finish ahead of the most shambolic Manchester United team .

      What has changed ? Nothing . Same players.
      My advise to you is to go and watch the Emirates cup all over again and see how despite winning it , we were dominated in vital areas of the pitch .
      If we do not sign players fast , forget about the 4 th place trophy .

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    2. Adhi_gunner

      I dont know whats with wenger and not buying anyone.
      Its the club’s money, the fans’ money, why be such a penny pincher !

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    1. josh37

      I swear… Sometimes on here you get the feeling it’s like being around a bunch of kids who got their ice-cream stolen.
      One horrible results first game of season, an unlucky game vs Liverpool and it’s back to gloomy depressed teenagers. There’s 105 points still up for grabs with our team not nearly playing at their best.

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      1. Gigi2

        Hahahahah a
        I do think some of them are reallly young

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          1. Gigi2

            Meh…I’m fine had the best years and I m thrilled now. Hahahah

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      2. moneytalks

        Too much positivity is worse than negativity. You fall in that category

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        1. josh37

          Not really dude.. This current squad showed the best form in the league the second half of last season. That was without Cech, Ox, and Theo.
          Does it need a fresh face? Definitely!
          But you’re predicting two points from Newcastle and Chelsea? And I take it no top signing?
          Ok i’m predicting four points and a top signing. We’ll see who was right in their optimism/pessimism in a few days…

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          1. rkw

            Jesus … On this stupid logic palace are title contenders and man city are f****** … Not serious ..just keep drinking the kool aid

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      3. Kryzax

        I think we have to realise that most people posting on Facebook and Twitter and blogs and the internet in general, are under 25 years of age. Those under 25 likely won’t remember the span of Wenger’s career. All they see and hear is pundits being harsh.

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  2. Greg

    We just cannot afford to drop points against newcastle on saturday! Enough said!

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    1. moneytalks

      We are 5 points behind citeh in just 3 games. We will be 10 points behind in 6 games

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      1. josh37

        Wow mate.. Your prediction has completely changed my view. We will be no match for the mighty Newcastle. Wenger out!

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  3. davidnz

    8 points adrift would
    make it “interesting”
    possibly 11 if we lost
    2 games later to Chelsea.
    But I sense the team is settling.
    We are over the worst.

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  4. davidnz

    Long as we wear our
    firemen’s suits v Zagreb
    and Olympiakos we
    can combat their ” flare ”
    (See what I did there) 🙂

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  5. Fatboy Gooney

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has claimed that Francis Coquelin is Europe’s best defensive midfielder, amid pressure to bolster his squad in the remaining days of the transfer window.

    Coquelin, who spent a month on loan at Charlton Athletic last season, was criticised by Gary Neville for his performance inMonday’s 0-0 draw at home to Liverpool – criticism that the French manager believes is unwarranted.

    Sevilla midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak has been linked with a late switch to the Emirates, but Wenger has no plans of replacing his “great” compatriot.

    😂 Wenger is 💩 ing self. .. he really doesn’t want to spend any more money 😂😂😂

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    1. moneytalks

      Krychowiak and benzema have already rejected us. Wenger out

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      1. davidnz

        Nah Wenger is just beating
        down the price of a DM.
        “Wenger signs 90 mill DM”.
        ooops 🙂

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      2. DaveJay

        Explain how they have rejected us? All they said is they are staying put at their respective clubs. The only link to either player was paper talk. Wenger himself already rubbished the Benzema link weeks ago.

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  6. fred cowardly

    It’s too early in the season to say it’s over if we lose. Even if we were down 10 points, it’s still plenty of time to regain the points

    HOWEVER, if we do not get any top quality players by Tuesday, our chance of winning the PL WILL be OVER. Especially, if City get De Bruyne, Chelsea get Pogba or United get A top striker.

    We desperately NEED a Top striker minimum, if not both a striker and DM to have a chance.

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  7. Gigi2

    Cech reappeared.
    Our center backs…yeah pity…but we didn’t conceed.
    Giroud scored a nice goal v palace and ramsey did it v pool.
    I say it s a glass half full and half empty. With a slight advantage to us in recent history and on paper. And them the advantage of home.
    let’s just cech it out.

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  8. moneytalks

    Arsenal’s season is already over. Our season will be over next year too if mr bean is still our manager without playing a game.

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    1. josh37

      If City loses on the weekend will their season be over as well??
      Is Chelsea’s season over because they have the same amount of points as us?

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    1. davidnz

      Ahh Japan very wise.
      After all we have the
      Toyoto Corolla of football
      Aaron Ramsey.
      Bland but great motor,
      very reliable plays any where
      lasts for ever 🙂

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  9. Kryzax

    Buddy, you’ve gone from crazy optimism 3 games ago to no chance 3 games later? I don’t think either reaction is wrong, your knee jerk attitude is the problem! We may not win the title, especially if we don’t make new signings. But it’s possible.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      its the same thing every season….for the last 10 years….

      lets be realistic…

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  10. GoonAR

    Even though the season isn’t over after 3 games, I believe we are in trouble without adding a quality player or two to the squad. Injuries will hold us back. I feel like I’m Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

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  11. Aussie Jack

    You don`t desert your mother when she`s sick…WHY?…because you love her. I feel a bit like that
    about Arsenal, just hope she gets better.

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  12. kamn288

    Look at Chelsea and arsenal both teams standout of last season and now facing fight to retain those previous form whereas these north English teams like Liverpool,city have done business just like west ham who have bought multiple no of players to reload and attack the league with more vigour. I think Arsene has to sign a CDM. The problem is whether arsenal can keep the door shut cause there are 5 or 6 teams who have started with high press tactics, unfortunately arsenal have played against 3. A striker with mobility and height has to be a priority as well.

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    1. almostawinner

      kamn288: we’ve only played 3 F**king games . chelsea have just as few points as us. manc can bottle it: I’ve seen that before. we arent in top gear and yes, the ref defeated us. we have a better team/squad than in years. but i am still p*ssed that wenger hasnt bought early and allowed a striker/dm to settle. he shouldve got martinez and schneiderlin. do you get the feeling that maybe wenger gets out manoueuvered in the transfer window by more wily negotiators? i do. maybe he tries and just doesnt get it done.

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  13. Simon_MrMac

    I know the title of this article is sensationalistic- But honestly – I have to agree…

    If we end up being 8 points behind this early- it’s a massive hit on our chances of winning the Premiership. Cant even pretend that we have played against much harder teams either.

    If you forget about Man City for a moment though- I’d say that Im very confident we can challenge or even beat the Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, and Spuds in the league. None of those are looking impressive to me.

    So just perhaps this situation is less about our own performance, and more about how impressive the City have been so far. Agree?

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  14. Simon_MrMac


    Why are their no transfer Arsenal gossip any more – Is it simply because their is no one left to make up a story about, and the media literally exhausted every potential story even though facts, evidence, realism is not a concern?

    I can’t really think of any other reason?

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  15. Twig

    Giroud and Ramsey – West Ham
    Giroud and Ramsey – Crystal Palace
    Giroud and Ramsey – Liverpool
    Giroud and Ramsey – Newcastle???

    So far this selection hasn’t yielded results. I believe any other manager will jiggle things a bit. How about some rotation tomorrow Wenger? Surprise me!

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    1. almostawinner

      ramsey scored a goal despite being played in wrong position. he’s been our most penetrative player. OG i could do without. he distorts the play of our entire team: all our play has to go through him and it becomes easy/predictable for the defenders. if OG is to be on the field, he needs to add variety and become more mobile.

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  16. DennisTheMenace

    if we again lose bfg and boss should we partner gabriel with callum or with someone like monreal / debuchy for the CB position?

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