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Arsenal’s season until now – and hope for the future…

How would Arsenal look back at their season so far? by SE

The Gunners, going into the new season having done decent business in the transfer market, were relatively confident of putting up a good show and living up to the demands of being a top Premiership club. Alexis Sanchez, Calum Chambers, Mathieu Debuchy and Danny Welbeck are players with a lot of flair, suited to Arsenal and Wenger’s style, which subsequently got the sea of Arsenal supporters excited. However, going into a crucial phase of the season with a home clash against Hull City this Saturday, how would Arsenal look back at their season so far?

A couple of months into the new season, and nothing seems to have changed from recent seasons for the North Londoners who have already been knocked out of the Capital One Cup by a youthful Southampton side, languishing at 8th position in the Premier League table, and have won 1 of their 2 Champions League fixtures.

It’s only fair to say that Arsenal have been rather unfortunate to have so many crucial players – Ramsey, Giroud, Monreal and Debuchy – injured, and hence been unable to play with a settled lineup. In addition to the injuries, marquee players – Sanchez and Ozil (until the Chelsea game) – haven’t delivered for the Gunners who, prior to their first defeat of the season against Chelsea, had won just 2 and drawn the other four games. In hindsight, a win over Leicester and draw against Chelsea could have made all the difference to Arsenal’s season so far but, as things stand, it’s been ordinary stuff from Wenger’s wizards.

Highlights of the season so far
The biggest highlight of the competitive season so far surely has to be the comeback draw against Everton at Goodison Park. Trailing 0-2 with 10 minutes to go for the final whistle, Arsenal conjured up an expected turnaround and earned a well deserved point for themselves, while breaking Everton’s hearts. This result, at the time, was simply brilliant.

Next up, it has to be the 4-1 demolition of Galatasaray on Matchday 2 of the UEFA Champions League. Welbeck’s hat-trick made the result even tastier, as the former Manchester United striker exhibited calm and composed finishing in front of goal. In recent times, the North Londoners have failed to put up such displays on a consistent basis, regardless of the competition and the opponent they are up against.

With just 7 games into the new season, it’s surely not irrecoverable from Arsenal’s perspective. 9 points behind Chelsea looks an indomitable margin of points to overhaul but, with the likes of Ramsey and Walcott to return from their respective injuries sooner rather than later, Wenger’s wizards can come up with better displays, string a few wins together, strike better consistency, and thereby hope to stage a turnaround of some sorts, both on the domestic and continental fronts.
Rating: 6.5/10

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26 thoughts on “Arsenal’s season until now – and hope for the future…

  1. atid

    6.5/10 is very generous, but I see it more like this

    epl 7/21
    league cup 0/1
    ecl 7/12

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  2. mr lean

    The next series of games will go a long way to shape how our season will go,I’m reasonably happy so far due to the amount of injuries we have had but at the end of the day we are Arsenal FC and we should be challenging for the title not 4th place.lets wait and see.

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    1. waslim

      It is pathetic to cite injuries as reason for below par performances year on year. It shows stagnation of ideas.

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      1. KickAssFan

        Like seriously, what is there to dislike about your comment? I like the ratings, just let’s me know we have mugs on this site.

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  3. davidnz

    Great Comm shield win.
    ECL play off win.
    Top home win over Gala.
    Great away win v Villa.
    Decent away draw at Everton
    Decent home draw with City.
    Sanchez Chambers Szczesny Wellbeck Wilshere

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    1. mr lean

      If we can get a fit 11 to play game after game we will do well,injuries have disrupted our ability for consistency but it will come and when it does we will be a threat so long as Wenger does buy to add to the defence in January as he mentioned today.

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    2. davidnz

      Points lost v Spurs + Leicester.
      Home loss in the Capital One Cup.
      Mental strength.
      Outclassed by Dortmund.
      Short in defense.
      Chelsea, City, Resurgent Utd,
      Pie prices.

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    1. davidnz

      Yep a geart day today.
      You have a geart sleep Sumo 🙂
      Looking forward to a geart win over Hull.

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      1. Sumo


        Stop teasing.
        Bdw thanks Davidnz 😉
        You have a good day tomorrow.

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  4. Greg

    Consistency is the key the gunners must maintain! there is no room for complacency in the bpl! So come on gunners lets spank hull at the emirates and get the 3 precious points thats up for grabs at the weekend! Coyg!

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  5. Greg

    Looking forward towards seeing another episode of the welbeck/ sanchez show at the emirates against hull city at the weekend! COYG!

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  6. mohawk

    Guaranteed thumbs down for this one but ……….

    After suffering through the many needless and stupid Wenger decisions, I have now sworn to never watch an Arsenal game when Wenger starts Ozil or Cazorla on the wing. It is unnecessary and is almost always a disaster – needless to say I missed suffering through their last performance.

    Mr. Wenger, why have Ox or Poldi or Campbell in the squad if you won’t use them? And if you don’t trust them then why did you not try to send them away and get someone else this past summer? Instead we get non-wingers assigned to the wing and either playing terribly or not playing the wing at all. I will not suffer through it any more.

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  7. arsenalkid1970

    Gazidis Talks out of his FREEKING backside. We sold TV and never replaced him. We let a good RB go to West Ham without a call back if needed? Boy do we need him. Chambers is a good buy but where will he fit in the back line? All the players we have sold over the last 5 years alone and not replaced them where is that cash. About time the yank pissed of and let real shareholders spend there cash as they please. AW out IG out all the hangers on out and let this club be great again. Gazidis Has told the world we don’t have the cash to buy what a dick

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  8. pubgooner

    Kind of miss Giroud! What a comeback at Everton. A loss there would have been so depressing..

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  9. Andrew AFC

    With our injuries and suspension, I can see us playing a 3-5-2 system especially with the games in the EPL coming up. You never know it might do us good and make Wenger think outside the box once again. Excuse the pun 🙂

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    1. Andrew AFC

      I can’t wait for him to team up with Sanchez you might just see fireworks.

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      1. Andrew AFC

        PS but who’s going to play on the left I would vote for giving Campbell a chance.

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  10. Andrew AFC

    I am not going to get worked up about how Arsenal is run anymore. I have tried my best to do something about it with little or no support. You get what you fight for. If you do nothing you get nothing.

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  11. Andrew AFC

    What a great add. Piers Morgan is promoting hair growth while we are all pulling ours out. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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