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Arsenal’s season ticket rumours – and the painful truth!

The season ticket renewal rumours are already rolling!‏ by KM

Hello to you all fine readers of this blog, how’s your day? Well if you believe all the stuff you can find on the sports page of the tabloids, it looks like Arsenal is building a mighty squad to dominate the league once more after 12 years, hoping that it will be Arsene’s lucky 13!

But there is a hint of course! This is all fake. We’ve seen it so many times before, we fail the season than immediately it’s the war chest, the big signings! Everybody knows we need a DM, and there is this Granit Xhaka guy from Gladbach that’s on his way for 35 mills.

Now I believe that the German league has risen it’s standards of late with teams like Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Leverkusen coming to life and there are players to nick from there that would rapidly improve us. I really have no idea of what this guy is like, apart from him being a Swiss international with 40 appearances at the age of 23 which is impressive.

I’m up for signing the guy, because he has international experience and Gladbach has been playing in Europe for the past few years including the Champions League, but it kinda doesn’t feel like a Wenger transfer. He paid 35 million for Sanchez who came from Barcelona – the best side in Europe. Paying as much for Xhaka?

A defensive midfielder could be as big of a building block for a title winning team as could be a 20 goal a season striker. Matic at Chelsea was a great example last year. I really want to be positive and optimistic about the summer but it gets more difficult every day, with the news that Arsene has all the support in the world and is practically never leaving on his own.

What we can hope for ’till the end of the season is for Spurs to do their usual collapse and we might catch them if it happens. But this summer could be like the summer of 2011 when Fabregas and Nasri left. We are at a point where another generation of players have to be assessed and judged with no hesitation.

If you take the starting XI who would you leave in it? Cech is an obvious one. Monreal and Bellerin too and perhaps Koscielny? Per and Gabriel are both on the ropes for me. In midfield I’m 50/50 on Coquelin, because on one hand he improved our squad, because practically any DM would have, but the definitive jury is still out for me.

Elneny looks like a good player, but he’s just a few games into the squad, and so a new DM simply has to be brought in. Aaron Ramsey for me had enough chances. It looked like he will finally come good, but he didn’t and it’s been how many years? What is his real position in the squad? As a replacement DM it doesn’t work, and on the right wing it doesn’t either.

Alexis and Ozil are of course no brainers, but then the rest of the attack? I’d keep Welbeck, but Walcott and Giroud for me are front runners for the door, out of the players that looked like certain starting XI material at the start of the season. Theo lived 10 happy years off this club just like Arsene and he only ever played well, when his contract had to be renewed.

Giroud never lived up to 20 goals in the league in one season and his only strengths are physical presence and heading and at the age of 30 I don’t see him improving. So to wrap it up a CB, DM, a winger and a Striker. Get Hummels, Xhaka, Draxler and Ibrahimovic and we’ll be ready.

In reality though I only see Wenger making 2 signings, unless we spectacularly fail the start of next season or the end of this one. And they’ll hardly be any of the list I mentioned. Slowly and painfully the Arsenal fans, unlike Wenger, have learned their lesson though. Never to believe something until it’s on

But the fans also learned that with Arsene we’ve come as far as we could.


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22 thoughts on “Arsenal’s season ticket rumours – and the painful truth!

  1. Budd

    Question: do you see Wenger paying 35 mils for a player having a release clause of 23 mils in 2017?

    1. muffdiver

      thank you bud bud
      i like sensible comments, helps balance out all the absolute gibberish myself davy an others talk

      although i do believe these rumours we are considering paying 93 million for auboomerang- why – cos its on the internet…which makes it scooby dooby truuueeee

  2. 007

    Get Varani or Larpote,
    Xhaka or Wayama or Kante,
    Draxler or Griezman

    And I’m a happy gunner.

    And then I woke up and realized Wenger led Arsenal can not sign 4 top players in a single transfer window, hell they even fail to buy more than 1 outfield player sometimes.

  3. kamn288

    Players like Wilshere,Ramsey,Chamberlain,Gibbs need to leave the club who have been incompetent when given the chance to make impression. This Xhaka transfer is what Arsenal need due to facts like shooting ability and passing is one of his strong points. If Arsenal can snatch Kroos it will be the best transfer for the team.

    Sanchez Welbeck
    Xhaka Kroos
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

    1. muffdiver

      yep cos toni kroos cannot wait to see giroud lead the line.

      hey zlatan fancy partnering olivier?
      ‘laurence olivier?’
      ‘ no eh olivier gir..I’L STOP YOU RIGHT THERE PAL…i retire yes…i retire’

    2. Trevor

      Kamn288, For me Ramsey has too much quality to want to sell him. Of the Brits he is our best player, and your forgetting that there is such a thing as the home grown rule.. The only gripe I have with him is that he should be dropped when out of form. Then have to work harder and consentrate more to get back in the side. Also I think he is better suited for the wing. Himself Ozil and Bellerin have great chemistry whenever played out there. Ozil has better chemistry working off of Aaron in the wing than he does with Alexis. Alexis and Ozil have not properly clicked as a pair, can be lacking, but on their own or working with others they have shown great quality.

      Gibbs, I am amazed that people actually call for his head. He is the no2 fullback, he is not a starter, so should be compared to other teams second string players. But no, for some reason people want to compare him to ours and other teams first choice fullbacks. Do these people even watch other teams play, the players that make up the depth of a squad are never as good as the automatic starters. Gibbs is a solid enough option for waiting in the wings, look what happened with the man who kept Sagna from the French national first team. Gibbs is doing ok.

      Chamberlain, I’m not really leaning one way or the other. But am amazed you haven’t mentioned Walcott seeing as you’ve named this lad along with the others.

      Wilshere, Me, I would love to see him get over his problems and learn to release the ball sooner. It would be great if he had lived up to his billing, but sadly he has not. I wouldn’t mind keeping him around if he was to be down the pecking order and got over his injuries. But it’s not right keeping players who can rarely be relied on. It is an important position so either he can fill it by being available or if not we should then get someone in who can.

  4. goonerbri

    Title suggests we have some news on our season ticket renewal costs. was hoping due to our lack of success over 10 years and the extra influx of revenue to premier league clubs, we may be getting a 10% reduction. oooooh how stupid am i for thinking that. I expect a load more promises from the board and manager just before June, i will then part with my usual £1500 only to told we dont need strengthening. same old same old eh guys? but we continue to do it in the hope this will be our year, and also the fact we love our club. Ever get the feeling silent Stan knows this as well?????

    1. jonm

      Kroenke knows it. He has stated he is not interested in winning championships so he must be interested in making money. Expect minimum spend on wages and transfers to achieve fourth place.

  5. muffdiver

    wolfsburg are cancelling lord bendtners contract?!
    bring him back!
    eboues sunderland contract has been ripped up?
    bring him back!

    wheres squillaci at?
    tis true young squire denilson is looking for a new club?

    we must not beat around the bush, we must enter the bush ….vigorously!

  6. jib

    I really don’t understand some of the people on this site. Xhaka is only being mentioned by arsenal fans because the media has plucked his name out of a hat. But now suddenly people are saying he should be in our starting eleven.

    “I really have no idea of what this guy is like, apart from him being a Swiss international with 40 appearances at the age of 23 which is impressive.”
    But yup, let’s sign up.

    I’m glad wenger doesn’t listen to the fans when it comes to signings, we’d have the likes of balotelli, Benteke, Diame, Ba, Holtby, Vlarr, Lovren, fellaini and many others going by the fan signings on here over the years.
    But it’s funny nobody ever suggested Sanchez, Ozil, or koscielny.

  7. Afc 92

    Just to remind the fans with common sense out there arsene is not buying no one that is elite or world class this summer. Please have some pride and do not let rumours twist your logical thinking. Yes wenger bought Sanchez and ozil bla bla bla but these was two signings that would put a sock in the mouths of fans for a good while. Do you really think wenger plans to spend 30 mill plus every year on one player. Sorry guys wenger and silent Stan plus this other Russian share owner are all full of crap. Arsenal will never be a mighty force again until change cones from top to bottom. I dislike wenger because I wish he came out and spoke the truth about the intentions and direction of where the club is going but he chose to remain silent and stuck to a formula of wishing he can create stars from buying cheap. And then selling. Wenger is a tyrant who is obsessed with power. He should be honourable to himself and half the fan base worldwide that are no longer happy. Instead he burys he head in the sand and preys on the fanatics of his philosophy no different than those who are fanatics of Michael Jackson . No matter what wrong he does the fanatics are either too blind or do not care.

    1. jonm

      Kroenke’s aim is not to win championships, he has told us this. Kroenke is majority shareholder to make money.

      Wenger is doing what his boss tells him. Talk as if objective is to win PL. Act to acheive top four finish with minimum spend. Ensure long term future of Kroenke’s investment by signing young players and developing them.

      Wenger is doing a great job of achieving the aims of the boss.

    1. Afc 92

      Nah I talking about moonwalking And disco

      ADMIN COMMENT – Well stop it! Talk about the football or go away. No more sloganizing or your out.

      1. Afc 92

        Admin…I have just goggled the word sloganize and you are using the word out of context. At no stage in my comment did I create a slogan. At no stage was I offensive or rude to nobody. I gave my honest opinion and because you don’t like it you decide to threaten me from your site. Hey if you do not want people to have a opinion you don’t like you threaten them to kick them off your site. Do what you want my opinion will not change and I will lose no sleep.

        1. admin Post author

          It was a slogan without any backup.
          My point was that we have articles on Arsene Wenger where you can discuss his faults or praises, saying that you want to “moonwalk on Wenger’s head” is not a valid contribution to any discussion about football whatsoever.
          I have nothing against you giving your opinion but the words “WengerOut” do not constitute an opinion, it is a slogan. Talk about football or go away.

  8. damochy

    Gabriel out?…..what have you been smoking? The poor chap has had a stop and start begining to his Arsenal career because Wenger prefers Per to the poor chap, even when he has come into the team and done well he finds himself on the bench the next game…accepted he has looked dodgy and ropey in the last couple of games when he’s had a run in the team but you will expect that from a player in his situation, especially as the whole team is playing badly and lacks confidence….IF, and that is a big IF, Wenger starts him next season, alongside Kos and allow them form an understanding I will wager my mortgage he will be one of the best in the league by the end of the season barring any bad injury…dude has all the qualities needed to succeed, all he needs now is the manager to trust him and hive him games

  9. Skills1000

    Maybe Wenger should be flexible with his tactics. 4312 formation.
    Bellerin Kos Gab Monreal
    Coq/Elneny Wanyama Ramsey/Cazorla
    Welbeck/Sanchez/Campbell Giroud/Jesse/Walcott.

    Wanyama and a top Striker is a must in the summer. We should make this decision before the euros so as to start better next season.

    I think I love Walcott. His pace and finishing is also an asset if used properly. He is still the best finisher we have right now. Confidence issue like Hazard. He has been injured more often.

    Get Victor Wayama and a top striker. If Madrid buy a top striker in the summer, Benzema or Jesse might be available. I would consider we go for Jesse. Guy has pace and can dribble. The likes of Higuain, Lewandosky, Morata, might be difficult to get.

    Play a Diamond midfield and 2 strikers upfront. Sell AOC(or loan him out to a PL team), Wilshere, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky,

  10. jib

    You mean you want to see Wenger moonwalking out of this club? I would love to see Wenger moonwalk out of his last press conference. And erect a michael jackson/wenger composite mashup statue outside the emirates, fulham style.
    At footballs top level fans don’t run football clubs, they don’t form large parts of the decision making process. Yes their voices can be heard, and they can even influence certain club decisions, most notably the pivotal decision to recent ticket prices at Liverpool.

    But let’s say arsenal did take the fans as a decision making component of the club. Who should they listen to,and who takes priority? I think the pro Wenger, anti Wenger dichotomy is myopic and redundant, but who should they listen to? should local fans that cheer the lads on week in week out have a higher priority, or should any club member nationally or internationally have an equal say? Should all fans be listened to equallu regardless of age? Should a ten year old fan have equal say with that of a 40 year old? Should fans play a role in selecting transfers? Tactics? All of these questions. But I just keep hearing people shouting “HE SHOULD LISTEN TO THE FANS!”

    1. Afc 92

      Listening to the fans means step down and give another person a chance to bring change for better or worse . Us fans want a different approach no the same thing over and over again.

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