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Arsenal’s un-motivated players and Wenger’s tactics – Nothing has changed

Wenger proves again he’s incapable. by Konstantin

So here we are. Back in the land of what we’ve already seen so many times. But there is a very hard and painful lesson here, that Arsenal from it’s manager to players to fans just don’t want to learn.

These players are in the most part not good enough. They don’t have the courage to resist a determined side. They don’t have the nerves to score and kill a game off, but by far worse is the attitude.

It’s 1:1 and you are being ripped apart, basically making Watford look like Barcelona and you substitute your best striker for a player who’s utterly useless up front on his own and then you bring on Ozil.

Why? He’ll be hopefully gone in January so we can spare ourselves his inability to go for a challenge or score 1:1 with the keeper. See if Lacazzete had this chance we’d bag the points, instead we bagged the usual. This is why Alexis wants to leave. This is why the Ox left.

When Koscielny went off, we didn’t risk it with Wilshere. Why? He’s in good shape, but for some reason we don’t want players comfortable on the ball when we obviously need someone to calm things down.

We are terrible and we deserved to lose. I hope Arsene leaves shamed. I hope that for all the pain he brings every Arsenal fan around the world he pays in the worst possible way.

He got a pay rise. For what? Two more years for this? I’m sorry. Look at how Mourinho managed a draw at Pool. United were poor, but they kept their ground and grinded the point. We were weak. Mentally beaten all second half. If this was Bayern it’d be 5:1 again.

This is well deserved. Sometimes luck is against you, but we deserved to lose, because Watford took risks and got rewards. We crumbled and lost and we’ll be 5th at best again until this fossil of a manager goes to the history museum where he belongs.


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37 thoughts on “Arsenal’s un-motivated players and Wenger’s tactics – Nothing has changed

  1. John Ibrahim

    The Ibrahims are blaming the fans as well..

    The Ibrahims have been calling for the signing of attacking players…

    players that score goals which we are lacking at that department

    We are always passing and passing but not scoring

    But fans are callling for the signing of DM and CB which are not the priority…

    If we had another or 2 goal scoring attacker, we would have won by 2 to 3 goals at least.

    1. Sven Svensson

      All good but the flipside to your argument is that if we had a bang hard no-nonsense DM then chances are we could see games out without going into defensive meltdown.

  2. Christopher Blanchett

    Supporting Arsenal is like death by a thousand cuts. You suffer excruciating pain every minute you
    watch your team and in the end you die. The past ten years have been unbearable for most supporters of Arsenal. This despite the club spending untold millions on a new stadium and players, each year has seen a decline in performance which has culminated in the club now being hopelessly out of touch with the top teams in the Premiership. The manager is at least consistent.
    He keeps making the same mistakes every season and his team’s, despite changing the personel always play the same and loose the same. Arsenal Wenger’s end can’t come soon enough.

    1. jon fox

      I was the 16th like of your comment. So far not one dislike , which at least means the few who are still brainwashed by Wenger , have the sense to remain quiet in their personal asylums for the insane today. Though today has brought out all the sensible fans who desperately want complete regime change at our club, when, as we will, we win one or two games in a row, the loonies will again surface and praise Wenger and write that we sane ones are the problem . Twas ever thus with sane fans -on our side – and the insane , actually wearing the straitkackets with “I love Wenger” emblazoned all over the back. All we sane ones can do at present is to be thankful that WE, at least, are sane!

    1. Ted

      Elneny is a good player but he keeps it too simple. Making it too easy for the opposing team. He adds almost nothing to us offensively. Sadly, the truth is this team is better off without ozil. There’s more energy.

  3. arsenal4life

    Leicester win. Good start 🙂
    Liverpool+Stoke losses.
    Arsenal in crisis. 🙁
    6 wins B’nmouth WBA Brighton
    Koln Doncaster Bate. Draw v Chelsea.
    Arsenal on track to win 3 comps 🙂
    Lose to Watford. Arsenal in crisis. 🙁
    Arsenal beat Red Star. Arsenal on track to dominate 🙂
    Arsenal lose to Everton . Arsenal in crisis 🙁
    Arsenal beat Norwich. Arsenal ready to take control 🙂

  4. Jeremy

    Wimps remain wimps. It’s a top down thing here in Arsenal FC.

    AW can blame everyone but it doesn’t stop people from asking who is the one created such a team.

    The attitude was unbecoming and alarming. It’s a total letdown of those traveling fans.

    Honestly, we have to ask these players – Do you deserve the shirt?

  5. Liam

    Time for Wenger to this is actually awful, I remember when we didnt win anything but atleast we played good football now we have neither. Ive gone through the squad and decided we have 3 player maximum who are top 4 quality thats it. Players who arent good enough starting with Holding had a few good games when on a winning streak against poor teams last season now looks like a 2 million pound player. Bellerin is fast that is it, Xhaka too slow not enough fight cant makes 3 good passes before an awful one that puts us under pressure. El Neny just average bought for cheap what do you expect. Iwobi good young player maybe should be on loan at someone like Watford, Welbeck cant shoot cant pass just a waste of time. Now lets go to the players who didnt start/play. I believe Ozil Sanchez and Mustafi want to leave so no point keeping them. Ramsey actually amazes me how are you playing for arsenal when he doesn’t even have basic positional understanding. Giroud doesn’t look motivated so why bring him on another 16 games before he scores.

    1. jon fox

      Thankfully , you have not mentioned Walcott. I want to personally both thank you for that kindness and to apologise for myself mentioning him (if a mouse IS actually male)

  6. Cheadle

    What is it about Troy Deeney that sends Arsenal up a tree?

    He “called out” Arsenal once before and has now gone further to label them as lacking the “cojones” for the battle. Football is not boxing but being “called out” requires some sort of response (on the field) nothing sinister of course.

    I argue that Denney as a person and his comments are not problems per se but once your team become known to lack the appetite for the fight then forget about keeping a slim lead because the opposition feel they only need to get in your face a couple of times to get a breakthrough.

    Arsenal need some more work on the “hard side” of the game. I will use only one example of this phenomenon. Real Madrid is a highly technical team but at the back they have RAMOS! Even the name…RAAM..OS! says it all. Try getting in his face and see what happens!

    To conclude, I will ask some questions:

    – When are we going to have a penalty saved?

    – How important is Mustafi?

    -Would you have preferred to lose to Crystal Palace?

    -And finally who is Richarlison and have we stopped scouting Brazil?

  7. arie82

    When wenger buy granit xhaka, i was so happy.
    At last, we have middlefield who have good passing, long shot and leadership quality. That youtube video of xhaka is amazing, to learn that he play as dm in wenger formation.
    The first time xhaka play in premier, is to learn how to……
    And dont forget elneny is cb backup….in wenger formation

  8. Ray

    There s a disease at Arsenal that has spread over the years. A spiraling downward turn of results against teams we should be beating because of a leader who has been found out tactically.

    Other managers know how to beat us but we still cannot change our mentality to otganise with steel and determination.

    Arsene Wenger has long sinse lost his touch on the field and his ability to motivare has failed for too long. Even great players are contaminated by the disease that can only be discibed as “also-ran settlers”. Fourth place is enough!!

    Massive change is needed. This season is over already. Man City are already 9 points ahead and look a million miles better than that dribble i saw yesterday. Now they know how to win. They want it!

  9. ThirdManJW

    What people need to realise, is that we currently have a unique situation at Arsenal. A situation, maybe never witnessed before in football history. And that is where a manager survives despite losing the dressing room. On top of that, Wenger has lost the majority of the fan base, and has consistently underachieved for a long period of time.

    Managers NEVER survive in those circumstances, and Arsenal’s brilliant plan to rectify this was to hand Wenger another two years! Arguably, the most ridiculous decision I’ve EVER seen in world football!

    So it’s not a surprise that we’re getting even worse, because we’ve still got the same inept manager calling the shots, and since last season, we now have so many players that no longer want to play for Wenger, Arsenal, or both. After deciding to stay, one would have thought Wenger’s priority would have been sorting out the dressing room, by getting rid of all the players that want out. But only the Ox leaves! So we still have a completely fractured dressing room. Again, brilliant management from Wenger!

    Wenger is quite literally throwing his legacy away. It’s such a sad, and pathetic end, but I have no sympathy, as he’s directly responsible for so much of the mess!

    1. Break-on-through

      All depends on what the priorities are. If cup competition and top four is at the top of your priorities, well then most would see the sense in Arsene getting a contract.

    2. jon fox

      A near perfect summation! My only gripe is with “Wenger is quite literally throwing his legacy away”. I prefer “has LONG AGO thrown his legacy away.”

  10. Gooner100

    Hindsight eh Konstantin? I’d like to say most people could comment post a match with the benefit of it, but in your case it’s just propaganda.

    On another day Giroud would have headed in a late winner. We were using the wings all afternoon, ideal for Giroud. Ozil can change a match when he’s in the mood. So both were reasonable subs to shake it up/make a difference, but yesterday it didn’t happen.

    Ox is no loss so not a meaningful comment…..and alexis, talented as he is , well we all know he’s in it for himself.

    Can’t think of a single player who really got hold of the game. Even Iwobi who was ok hardly had a major impact. Misplaced passes and powderpuff finishing. You can blame Wenger for everything but ultimately the 11 players on that pitch ought to have been good enough to win it.

    Our passing was poor, it wasn’t quick enough and too many players were ineffective in the last third. So many poor final balls. That’s the players, no one else. Ozil really should have scored.

    The ref did clearly make a mistake. There’s no getting away from it. Had it been a goal kick or a booking for diving, then they wouldn’t have scored as they did.

    Wilshire didn’t come on for pretty obvious reasons (big shame I agree) but it was almost certainly the right decision – wow what a meal you’d have made of it if Wenger had taken off Koz for Wiltshire and we’d still lost. I can imagine what you’d be saying.

    No getting away from the fact it was a very disappointing result for sure, but excepting the Manchester clubs (and we all know how they spend compared to the rest) it’s hardly all over. I see Liverpool struggling, Chelsea the same. Watford won’t be 4th in a couple of weeks.

    My biggest concern tbh is how lacazette finds his mojo. He is wc and needs to find his game at AFC. There is nothing intuitive about our attacking play and we simply have to dump Ozil and Sanchez in January and pick a starting 11 that works for each other. If Wenger made a major mistake recently it’s not letting them go in August.

    1. rkw

      drop ozil and sanchez … rely on ramsy and iwobi … LOL … might want to look up what hindsight means … 5 years of the same problem doesnt qualify

      1. Gooner100

        Drop ozil and Sanchez and replace them with players who play for the team, rather than themselves….and give a **** was the point. Never mentioned iwobi or Ramsay.

        If you believe that the AFC dressing room is unaffected by the bs involving those two you’re mad.

        1. Ivan

          Replace the manager who is responsible for the players, the tactics and motivation. Wenger has been the manager for too long and we have the team he wants which is in his own image; hopeless, gutless and of tactically inept. He will never go no matter how far he drags us down. The only reason he is kept on is that he is a big supporter of Kroenke.

          1. rkw

            spot on … kroenke needs wenger to sustain his vision of arsenal financial club …wenger needs average footballers to go along with his 4th place game plan … too many players in his mould have kept the club back and will continue to do so until he goes

    2. jon fox

      The basic and unmentioned “earthquake level faultline” with your comments is the omission, you chose to make, that our manager is paid well over £8 million annually to CURE the ills you correctly outlined. Otherwise why have a manager at all! You chose to ONLY mention him in your very last line, almost as an afterthought. Instead you should have made him primarily responsible for the whole chaos at our club, as all right thinking fans are fully aware is the case.

  11. Break-on-through

    Arsenal showed v Chelsea that they could waste time and take players down taking turns with cards. This is three points, the Chelsea game was one point, how dumb are our team. We should have brought players on slowly trying to upset the rhythm, and they should’ve been defensive minded players told to upset the rhythm of the game. It’s not even a difficult thing to do, that’s what makes it such a difficult thing to take.

  12. Arsenalian

    We play a game in my house. On an Arsenal away game, we bet as to when Arsenal will totally collapse (of course not “if” as it is a given).
    I am through caring so long as Wenger remains. If the Arsenal board doesn’t care and the players don’t care, neither do I.
    Sometime Wenger will leave and then the team will regain its fight and then I will start caring again.

    1. jon fox

      I totally agree with your comments. But my personal tragedy and this applies to tens of thousands of Gooners, is that personanlly I am unable to stop caring. I wish , oh how I wish, since it is agony, that I COULD stop caring.

    1. jon fox

      GB, Please don’t apologise. I am sure nobody blames you, though many , myself included will disagree and reflect that he had zero service.

  13. Vlad

    Nowhere to be found when we win, but here you are again, Konstantin, back with your constant whining and negativity when the team needs our support more than ever. You’re like a valcher, a bird that preys on the weak and wounded. Alexis wants to leave because he’s a mercenary. Ox left because he was useless. You talk about stuff that you have no idea. Keyboard warrior who thinks he can manage a club because he watches games on the TV, and plays FIFA on his computer/console. Koscielny got hurt, and you want to bring Wilshere on? Are you mental? Lacazette was completely isolated, and wasn’t getting any service. That’s why Wenger tried to change it up a bit and brought Giroud on for a more direct approach. Welbeck got hurt, and Ozil who came on to replace him created more in 10 minutes than Iwobi managed to do in an hour. So stick to watching Youtube highlights, and leave managing the club to people who actually know how to do it.

    1. Ivan

      Well Vlad as you are happy even when Arsenal lose I have to deduce that you do not support Arsenal. I can tell you are another with a man crush on Mr Wenger but can’t tell if you support a football team too.
      As to Arsenal winning you have to be kidding. We have only beaten Bournemouth, West From and Brighton.

  14. Clive

    Xhaka was one of the best midfielders in Bundesliga look at him now…
    Ozil was one of the best number 10s in the world look at him now…..
    Lacazette was prolific with Lyon look at what is happening to him now…etc
    Who’s fault?mine?
    Wake up folks this man is destroying this club.
    Wenger out#

  15. Hide_TR07

    I am worried about Lacazette. I think he is a class with hunger for goals. But he didn’t get much support from others at Watford, and as always, subbed for Giroud with 20 minutes to go. I would have subbed Iwobi, not Laca and played Laca and Giroud together.

    Lacazette is not properly played under Wenger. Maybe he has already regretted coming to Arsenal.

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