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Arsenal’s way clear to seal TOP striker transfer

Some Arsenal fans out there might not be too blown away by the Gunners being linked with a striker that was the top scorer in the French Ligue 1 last season, as the same was true of Olivier Giroud when he signed for Arsenal and even the massive forehead that is Gervinho was banging in the goals in France before flopping for Arsenal.

But Alexandre Lacazette was also named as the Player of the Season in Ligue 1 and with stars like Ibrahimovic, Cavani and other to contend with, this is no mean feat these days. So the striker who scored 27 goals in 33 league games for Lyon should not be seen as a transfer risk, in my opinion.

He was being strongly linked with a summer move to our Premier League rivals at Anfield, but The Telegraph has revealed that this will not be happening as Liverpool do not have Champions League football to offer and the player himself was very clear on this being essential for any club wanting to sign him. He did suggest that he is likely to be leaving Lyon though, just not where he would be heading next.

Lacazette said, “”I have not made my decision. I will go on holiday, leave my agent to discuss things, for him to look after all that.

“I am not worried. As soon as I have decided, I want it all to happen quickly. Everything depends on the destination. It would have to be for a Champions League club.”

The paper also reports that Arsenal have been seriously scouting the prolific 24-year old and that Arsene Wenger is keen, so what are you waiting for Arsene?

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45 thoughts on “Arsenal’s way clear to seal TOP striker transfer

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      Dybala and Vietto were quickly snapped up by Juve and respectively considering the host of teams they were linked with……. The fastest suitor will snap up Lacazette…….we have a choice to play dull or play active…… Who’s in for regrets later?

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      1. seancali

        Lacazete needs to be signed asap. I’m scared we lose out on him also. Just sign him Wenger. We need a striker like him. He’s definitely got potential and would fit our style of play perfectly. It would be a huge upgrade on giroud and Theo

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    1. jaweant

      I thin the old man’s finally done it. If he’s counting on a healthy bench of mediocre players to win the PL title. This will be his last year. There have been some great signings for other teams. Liverpool, United, Chelsea, West Ham, Tot, South, most top teams are filling in there weak spots. Sign players Wenger or this is your last year.

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      1. Marko

        Yeah, teams made strong signings, just like Liverpool and Man Utd last year, and Tottenham before that. I bet you wanted to cheer for spuds when they signed players for Bale money, lol

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        1. jaweant

          Honestly, I enjoy competition and love the strengthening of the league. Pochettino is good coach, Toby is a great signing. Warlord getting Capoue and Stambouli, great players. LVG gobbling up talent, we shall see how that works? Rodgers finding balance at the end of last season and strengthening. Koeman is hopefully Wengwr replacement. I love this league. I’ve loved Arsenal since I was little, but I think our team could use a few players and Wenger has a lot of critics!

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  1. fred cowardly

    If it comes true, I will be very happy.
    It will continue an excellent summer

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  2. Greg

    Lacazette would be a most welcome signing indeed! Coyg!

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  3. No10

    Higuain…too expensive

    Benzema…wants to stay at Madrid

    Lacazette is our best shot. Lyon will not sell to PSG, Liverpool is out because not in the CL, Chelsea have done their striker business already, City needs to focus on English players for now. It leaves united as a competitor but they front line is pretty much sorted for next year with DiMaria-Rooney-Depay.

    Now is our best chance and it turns out we may also be the only club interested to sign Scheiderlin too…

    I see opportunities here!

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    1. No10

      We have bags of talent we could loan to Lyon to fill the gap. I am sure Akpom would shine there.

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  4. Mick The Gooner

    So Schweinsteiger to United pretty much nails us on at getting Schneiderlin. Schneiderlin to Arsenal still has 6/1 odds.

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  5. Joe

    I would love to have him .Lots of time on his hands ,Coming in with other options available also gives him the time to bed in over time ,what’s not to like about this one? Sign the guy

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  6. Joe

    Also gives us the time to gradually change our style of play as chaging instantly could have catastrophic effects

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  7. Gigi2

    Would be a nice addition.
    Has to adapt but (even if Giro ud haters state otherwise) Giro ud has done it and has been improving every year. Ok. Gervinho didn’t so it can be said that is 50/5 0. But Lacazette seems much more strong than Forehead and Giro ud. …so not bad at all imo

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  8. chris_Masters

    Lacazette will be a welcoming addition…he is top quality and should complete our front four…as for sneiderin,as much as I want him,I don’t think wenger will get him….cause let’s be realistic here…wenger wouldn’t spend 25mill on a player and bench him!! unless ur thinking of “buying” sneiderin as a “replacement” for coquelin…this deal aint happening…don’t get me wrong,I WANT sneiderin but the professor knows what’s best!..having too many quality players can be sometimes a bad thing….now let’s go all out and get lacazette please..#COYGs!!!!!!

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  9. GoonerG1

    Lacazette is the only striker potentially available this summer worth considering. I’m not saying he’s the answer but he is the only guy at the right age without a ridiculous price.

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  10. fred cowardly

    we get good players from French teams: Giroud from Montpellier, Koscielny from Lorient, Coquelin from second level French club, originally we got Flamini from Marseille (when he was good lol).

    And French players have been good for us over the years and decade

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    1. fred cowardly

      With the odd dud once in a while like Sebastian Squillaci lol

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      1. rkw

        Chamakh park sanogo aliadiere ….all hopeless … The two swiss centre backs … From French speaking part anyway ……also hopeless … Haven’t had a world class French player since the invincibles

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  11. Ks-Gunner

    This fella is everything Walcott wants himself to be. Get him.

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  12. leo

    “Arsenal is the only Club that has scared me.” – Schweinsteiger

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  13. Hafiz Rahman

    Every one is spending and strenthening…and yet we are quiet

    come on Wenger…make the fans happy…spend the money!!!

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  14. YingYang69

    Man utd have signed Schweinsteiger, where does this leave Schneiderlin.

    Must say I am a huge fan of Schweinsteiger, an immense player.

    It’s being reported that utd are no longer interested in the Frenchman, but I have a feeling they intend playing Schneiderlin alongside the German.

    Because of utd formation these two may not be the only central midfielders utd are interested in recruiting.

    I hope I’m wrong and there is a clear path to MS.

    Also being reported is Chelsea chasing Pedro, part of me believes it’s because of how Sanchez changed our whole team dynamic. Pedro would be more of the same with what Sanchez brought us. Lets just hope Pedro is aware of Mourinho signing up expensive wingers before wanting rid, whereas Wenger devotes his time being very patient. Im hoping too that Sanchez Cazorla Monreal Bellerin and Arteta can sway him more so than Fabregas Azpilicueta and Costa can.

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    1. kam

      yes I got the same feeling, Koman said Man U is the only club who bid for Schneiderlin . Southampton rejected the first bid and there are reports claiming Man U going to increase their offer.

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    2. Gigi2

      If that’s true I will be waiting to see van gal pull that team together. Seems that they have like 3 or 4 new starters plus the de gea saga.

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  15. kam

    so Man U signed Schweinsteiger,never thought I would see him in EPL.I would say 15mil pound a good price for someone with his experience.

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    1. Gigi2

      Yes. Sounds a very good deal. Bastian is a very good player. Maybe his age played a part how old is he?

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  16. The Handsome_Gooner

    According to ozzy muzcan talks are still going on with the transfer of the season

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  17. El Blaze

    Lacazette would be good enough as our top striker, he has all the qualities of a 25-30 goals a season in the EPL kind of player plus his age and price is reasonable considering the options we have out there.

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  18. moneytalks

    Man Utd have done some great business so far. Depay, Darmian and Schweinstiger players who
    will improve them massively and also they have added the positions which they badly needed.
    They are still likely to buy a CB and ST and also keeper if De Gea leaves. Not that I am afraid of Man Utd but we need to act wisely just like them and add quality earlier rather than wait.
    Wenger has said that he wants everyone fit before they add players which is bad decision because our players never stay fit.

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    1. Sam, need a striker

      why not afraid of Utd? they will be a real deal next season

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      1. Gigi2

        Maybe he team will need time to get glued. We re talkin about 4 new guys out of eleven….maybe I am Aron and van gaal is ready to do so but as far as I have seen van gaal plays a lot in that “surprise” role like with Krul in the world cup. Sometimes it works in the psiquis of the rival

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    2. jonestown1

      I agree – the law of averages says they must come good in the end. But then we did say that last year.

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  19. JStarrr

    I think he is perfect for us. Right age and a healthy competition for Giroud, and who knows…him and Giroud could form a partnership in some games…
    I think Benzema would unbalance us and maybe frustrate Giroud a little as he is the number 1 for France as well.

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  20. Countbalogs

    Whatever happens, we’re still the team to beat. Only US knows we can’t win the league with our current squad.

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  21. Midkemma

    Would Lacazette be happy playing as a wide player for a season or 2 while he adapts to the EPL and develops a bit more?

    If so then I would love him to come to Arsenal, someone who could compete and stake a claim on the Right AM rolw for a couple seasons and then move into the middle when Giroud is over 30…

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  22. Afc 92

    Why would lacazette play on the wing if he is a cf and better than giroud…..that is a silly suggestion. How about you drop out management ideas and just watch the game

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