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Arsenal’s Wilshere streets ahead of others says England boss

The news will not surprise Arsenal fans, but could be seen as a bit of a kick in the teeth for some of the other young players in the England international set up. Roy Hodgson has picked a squad to face Brazil in a friendly next week, but has left out a number of younger players, who will drop back down to the under 21s for the upcoming European championships this summer. Wilshere is not one of them, because he has already proved himself for club and country.

“It is not right to compare Jack with Zaha, Sterling and Shelvey etc. You have to give Wilshere the credit that he has established himself as a bona fide first team player. He will play against Ireland in May, and come with 8us to Brazil after that.”

Alex Ferguson is not happy, apparently, as he sees the move as a snub for the Manchester United defender Phil Jones. His new signing, Wilfried Zaha, will also play in the tournament, as will Raheem Sterling, Jonjo Shelvey and Jordan Henderson from Liverpool. This is great news for Stuart Pearce, who will feel that his team have the potential to go all the way.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, however, has also been selected for the full England team, so Wenger will have two fewer players to worry about getting injured. Ferguson will moan, as usual, and think that he is being persecuted, but the England coach seems unconcerned about any complaints from United or anybody else, and he has a point.

“I don’t understand the burnout argument in that respect.

“We have spoken before about the intensity of the English season, and how that impacts on us compared to other nations. But the under 21 tournament finishes in the middle of June. I don’t think the Premier league kicks off again until the middle of August.

“Two months is a long time. Quite a lot of people in normal jobs wouldn’t mind two months of not having any real pressure to perform. Every club will try to protect it’s players and international matches do impact on clubs. That is a conundrum no-one can solve and will exist from now until the end of footballing time.”

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48 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Wilshere streets ahead of others says England boss

  1. Kjacko

    Did Jenkinson get picked for U21’s?

    Who wouldn’t want wilshire in thier team atm… Ferguson just jealous he doesnt have such quality

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  2. craig2500

    Arsenal’s defence and midfield tend to get stuck playing tippy tappy football at the half way line, Its Jack and his F*ck this crap runs where he takes the ball and drives to goal that has got us the results against West Ham and Liverpool. Without him we would be struggling and its yet another player Wenger can build a team around IF he actually spent on talent, putting him next to Santos is a crime

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  3. Fat boy

    Tbh I think he isn’t just streets away from the rest the guy is world class and the other are well slightly above standard but with experience and every jack has love for the game love for club and country pride passion heart power the famous footballing brain and well he will be our skipper in the near future I also have a feeling he is going to be England’s and he is the next garrad there is not outing that and he is our all ours hahahahah he is a complete midfielder already at a very very young age he’s going to get better and better as time goes on to, I think with jack leading using the future great think great things will happen this is due the the heart he has pure English heart to get what he wants, and we have missed hat for all these year. It’s coming, not going to predict when but deep down you all know it is.

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  4. BruceTongaBull

    hope Carl Jenkinson has been picked so that he can have mo game time… he is such a talent and I cant understand how Sagna comes before him for Arsenal.

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  5. Willy

    Best English player I have seen (at his age) Stays injury free, he will be a legend.

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  6. bergkamps other leg

    Anoyone know who the other player we were close to signing is. i know its academic now but would just like to know.

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  7. Marko

    We were close to sign another player??Wenger sad that..who that was?Jovetic,Diame..shame…best of luck for our new LB Nacho man!!Need him agains Stoke!Wilshere captain!!!

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  8. bergkamps other leg

    yeah he said we were very close to another signature but the club eventually didnt want to sell and it wasnt a case of interesting to know. no doubt AW will not say who if he’s maybe lining it up for summer. still i’d like to know just to see what direction we are headed.

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  9. georgegooner

    Fergie has good young English players in Smalling, Jones and Cleverly but they’re not in the same class as Jack, Cleverly is a great player I think, but Wilshere is twice the player he is already, good call from Roy!

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  10. Reddb10

    Don’t believe any rubish about who we were going to sign because its just lies.
    If Gibbs had not got injured we would not have even got Monreal who is ineligible for CL football.
    We are stuck with Santos for the game against Bayern and fyi people Robben plays on the right flank.
    OH MY GOD HELP US is now an understatement for that match

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  11. Goonish

    We know this mehn, let’s talk transfer with….nice article by le grove ……..It’s the last stand of a man failing at his job. It’s a naive attempt at proving the world wrong. It’s his last go at proving 1998 still lives on and that modern football management methods have nothing over gut feel and experience.

    He’s not going to win this battle and it’s sad to watch, he’s he guy fighting the future, he’s the guy saying ‘young people know nothing’, he’s the guy who’s stubborn streak is so powerful, it’ll be the undoing of him.

    Still, at least everyone has finally seen it with their own eyes. It’s taken a long time to get here, but whatever your thoughts are of the manager on a personal nostalgic level, you can’t excuse this months inaction.

    We’ve banked on the teams around us being worse, rather than investing in the side to ensure we’re a cut above the rest… a hugely negative strategy. Not one that sits in conjunction with the mantra of us becoming one of the best clubs in the world. A place we weren’t a million miles away from in 2004…

    Pray for Arsenal people… 5th is going to be ugly. Very ugly.

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  12. Jaymo

    Off Topic but

    Nacho monreal is class really happy with that signing !!

    I think wenger did right tbh I know a lot will disagree but we don’t need Diame ect

    We need TEAMWORK across back 4

    I think Gibbs may even loose his first team place.


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  13. nir

    all in all, a good transfer period. we get a new decent left back who can also play on the left when arshavin does leave we wont be short of players. also walcott signed the ting! happy days. i dont think we needed a cdm. if anything, i think ramsey and wilshere in midfield run the play. they have stamina and passion.

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  14. ALI

    im all for being positive, but some of it is deluded. the reality is, the poor performances this season, and in the previous 6 seasons before this one, that have meant we have gone the best part of a decade without a single trophy, is down to the team not being strong enough. hoping that stamina and passion is going to eventually pay dividends is Wenger-speak. the only way we could have turned this season around league-wise, is to buy in fresh quality….and we didnt do it.

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  15. jimbo

    my inturpritation of wengers latest inerview on sky is that he only brought the left back because gibbs was injurd.another last minitue buy,he may turn out to be good,but ths does not seem they way be running a club to me i expected after all the lies weve been told and the position we are in we was going to get couple of top class players ,wenger ake me so angry i hope we keep losing till his sacked

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  16. Jaymo


    Firstly If you want us to keep losing till he is sacked then you are know Arsenal fan!!!!

    Secondly Monreal was a target agreed to be signed in the Summer pushed forward by Gibbs’ injury
    And then I suppose you would say well if not for Gibbs’ injury we wouldn’t have signed someone, well unless that someone was villa, cavani or wanyama I didnt want anyone.

    But we were forced to move for a Lb and we have a Cracking Lb top 10 in the world if anyone has watched him!!!!

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  17. King Henry

    Fantastic talent. Reminds me of a proper old school CM. Strong, tenacious and gifted

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  18. ABK

    WILTSHIRE where is he when we play MAN U MAN CITY or Chelsea?? or other top teams in europe??

    Im so sick of certain plyers being big’ed up when its not valid!..he good..hes not that good!

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  19. Jaymo


    Watch him against Man U later this season your opinion will change dramatically

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  20. Jim A

    . The poster above saying how JW goes on his runs is right. It is what has been missing last year. I keep on thinking AR will do the same but it hasn’t happened for some reason. Breaking down defenses by attacking 1v1 creates. Maybe Jack can teach him how to attack the space that is being given in front of him.

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  21. Aaron

    Wilshere is the best player in the England squad im not even joking, he is better than Neymar, Gotze, Eriksen etc. How do I know this? Well Wilshere makes no mistakes, none, he has the football brain of a 34 year old, but plays like a 28 year old at heir peak. He will captain England no questions asked and if we are lucky enough he will stay at Arsenal and be captain. He will be the best captain and the best player in the world in my opinion (in 4-6 years). TBH we dont think of it but look how he has been playing, in my opinion top 5 player in the league at the moment. Players like OX, Shelvey, Sturridge, Wellbeck etc. are sunday league players compared to him. He is 3 classes above them.

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  22. trm

    Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshire, AOC, Walcott
    vs Jones, Smalling, Zaha, Cleverley, Wellbeck.

    Who has the better players? Thumps up for Arsenal, Thumps down for Man U. Try to be fair 🙂

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  23. Henry

    @jimbo…’i hope we keep losing till his sacked’….seriously? So you would prefer our team to lose then see our manager succeed? Surely as a true fan you would prefer our current team to win every game rather than lose.

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  24. steve

    Slightly furious about us missing out on the signings of Soussoko and Yanga-Mbiwa for a combined fee as 8.5 million.

    Both 23, powerful and quick. Just what we needed at a great price.

    Shame we missed out, we’ll see when we play Newcastle.

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  25. Yolanda ncube

    From nw onwards we must sign top class players ,we rely on spaniards ,french and germany ,guys u hv to alsocheck the Mexican u21 squad ,there was alot of talent ,”

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  26. Arsenal1Again

    The story does start with the words, “The news will not surprise Arsenal fans”. This is a hint for Alex.

    To the person called Jimbo … that comment about us losing every game is really out there. It’s so wild and unexpected. I’m sure you understand what you meant but I bet no Arsenal fan does. I know I don’t.

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  27. Yolanda ncube

    YES ‘ JACK wilshire’ the man of tha moment, i agree ! PLIZ PLIZ WE CAN’T AFFORD TO LOOZ OUR STARS AGAIN, here is my message to Wenger ,don’t even think about selling our JW,bring more players to the squad DM is one of the missing part in our map as Arsenal fans here!

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  28. Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s just a shame out team fell apart: rvp, fabregas, wishere, Nasri, song imagine the team we would have

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  29. robz

    The other player Wenger wanted to sign on deadline day was Capoue. Could have had him if Arsenal offered 15m but Wenger refused to go beyond 10m.

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  30. Guchy

    Nacho monreal also included in spains squad….jsts shows hw gud he iz hehehehe….

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  31. John Legend

    Even Fergie can’t deny he dreams of Wilshere every night. I hope he spits in Fergie’s face in those dreams.

    Wilshere is more than an asset. But I hope the press does not overburden him in any of their ways.

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  32. juzzyb

    The boy is a genius in the making! Give him a couple of years and he will be challenging Messi for all the footballing honours.

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  33. Arsenal1

    Does any one else think we could turn nacho into a cb and play beside vermealen and that way have Gibbs on the left I think that would be a lot better than havin per in the back 4 and then sagna and jenkinson can fight for rb I think it be very interesting to see how it would work ?

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  34. Andrew

    Hopefully more top english players will sign for Arsenal and we can kick on and win the world cup.

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  35. Saffat


    Good thing The OX is on the same team then. He’ll only improve with players like Wilshere around him

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