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Arsenal’s winning run is only masking over our long term problems

Do you know where we’re going to, do you like the things that Arsenal is showing you? by Viera Lyn

After a brief yet welcomed hiatus the Arsenal propaganda machine is up to it’s old tricks once again. Still smarting from the predictably disastrous start to the season, the club’s PR team waited anxiously in the wings until the inevitable happened. Following a few results versus a couple lesser lights, an over-hyped draw at the Bridge and then earning 3 points at the Emirates versus a relatively weak promoted side right before the international break, those in charge couldn’t resist what appeared to be a perfect opportunity for some much-needed damage control. Under normal circumstances a professionally run organization with even a modicum of respect for it’s fans would refrain from barking up the same old trees, especially on the heels of another embarrassing August.

Not our club, instead we have the pathetically transparent Gazidis spouting off about finances again, Wenger waxing on about Wilshere and Walcott after one decent outing, versus one of the weakest opponents we should face all year and the predictable reemergence of several former players propping up the usual Wenger favourites. Whenever I witness such blatant attempts to deflect, distract and/or distort the facts, which in recent years typically occurs after a slow start, following another anaemic January window, sometime in early March and when the push for season ticket renewal begins, I simply cringe. I can’t even imagine what life must be like for those who could be so naive as to eat up these sort of inane attempts to impress. No matter how much you finagle, finesse, massage, maneuver or manipulate the message, the underlying truth remains the same…this club has regressed.

Let’s face it, if someone told you the exact same story that has transpired at the Emirates about their own respective club you likely couldn’t help but laugh in their face for being such an obvious rube. Although this reaction could be perceived as rather harsh, considering the psychological trappings that oftentimes comes with club allegiance, the supporters must take some responsibility for a club’s stagnation if they have continually failed to make the club accountable for their poor decision-making both on the pitch and in the boardroom. This is why the club generally wins the day, as it’s incredibly difficult for the fans to come to some sort of consensus about issues club-related let alone devout the necessary time and energy necessary to influence any major changes at a multi-billion dollar organization. As such, real change rarely comes until things devolve to such a level that the owner(s) sees no other alternative but to seek a some sort of remedy through the selling of the club, which doesn’t always lead to positive results. For the average disgruntled fan the situation is far more problematic. They find themselves in the unenviable position of either railing against their own beloved club or simply hiding their heads in the sand and hoping for the best.

In the case of Arsenal, the situation remains fluid. Following losses the same issues re-emerge, sometimes to extreme levels if the loss was exceptionally bad, like at Liverpool, but invariably this has a tendency to subside over time due to a variety of factors like a general sense of apathy, a return to the win column or the misplaced belief that those in charge have finally learned their lesson and big changes are in the offing. Unfortunately our problems have in no way been solved, in fact they might be even worse. So any perceived short-term gains following our recent run of games simply masks the rot that continues to erode our once esteemed club.

What ails our club can’t be remedied in a month or two, regardless of the results. Although this may seem ridiculous to some Wenger loyalists, those of us who are no longer drinking the kool-aid take a decidedly longer view. For years this club has preyed upon our once steadfast devotion to our longtime manager, going so far as to intentionally undermine our relationship with several of our current and former stars to protect our increasingly fragile leader, to the detriment of our club. Furthermore, they have constructed a business model, with Wenger’s active involvement, that appears to serve no one except the owner, Wenger, Gazidis and the multitude of overpaid, oft-injured and/or underachieving players that has enabled the owner to invest nothing, while still increasing his overall net worth with no foreseeable financial risk. While some might say this is an ingenious plan that should be applauded, those who don’t prescribe to this ‘money for nothing’ business model see it for what it truly is, a con game that betrays everything that this club once stood for under this very same manager.

In the early years, Wenger didn’t settle, he craved competition at it’s highest levels, he longed to defeat Man Utd and Fergie, he spent countless hours trying to lure the best and the brightest to the Highbury, he resisted anything resembling a half measure and he desired perfection on and off the pitch. This new Wenger talks incessantly about all things financial and about the supposed reality of our situation, especially how it relates to our “inability’ to compete with the biggest clubs. This is simply a lie. We are only restricted by the miserly decisions of our current owner. The very owner that Wenger got willingly into bed with and knowingly became the ardent spokesman for ever since the move to the Emirates was finalized.

But before you attempt to excuse Wenger for his questionable acts of treason, please keep in mind that he has had ample time and opportunity to speak out against this obviously flawed plan, even if he was similarly fooled in the early days of Kroenke’s ownership. Instead he chose the path more traveled by men of a weaker constitution who care more about job security, monetary gain and societal relevance than fighting the good fight. Wenger doesn’t need the pay cheque, he doesn’t need to cow-tow to a man with no conceivable footballing insight and who cares nothing for the club beyond it’s obvious financial benefits, in fact, the only possible explanation for this most unlikely of unions is the tens of millions of dollars Wenger has raked in since the relocation with little or no interference or expectations. The younger Wenger would have put on his big boy pants and vehemently resisted the temptations of lesser men. At the very least he would have dropped carefully veiled hints in the hopes of raising the ire of the fans so that we might have chased this vile absentee landlord from North London.

For those who have differing opinions just ask yourselves where this club will be in 6 months or a years time. Things have obviously looked brighter in recent weeks but that is more of a reflection of who we’ve played than what is going on behind the scenes. In January all the usual questions will reemerge, as the management team will likely have to make some very important decisions. The same decisions that should have been properly addressed long ago. Are you going to be happy if Sanchez and/or Ozil go in January without being properly replaced? Are you going to be happy if Arsene, as he has suggested, re-signs Welbeck, Ramsey, Giroud and Wilshere, even though he tried desperately to sell you on the idea of the benefits of allowing Sanchez, Ozil & Ox to play out their final year under contract? Are these the players that you feel should be the main focus of this team moving forward? Let’s remember that 3 of the 4 have horrendous injury histories and only 1 has been a regular starter over the past 2 seasons. Are these the kind of organizational decisions that even suggest that this club has any intent on competing with the big boys in the coming years? Are these the kind of players that are going to allow us to progress, encourage world-class players to join our ranks and/or help our future manager reinvent our broken wheel, which could be vitally important as come the summer of 2018 Wenger will once again become a lame duck manager. So instead of always focusing on the short-term maybe it’s high time that the fans of this once cutting edge club took a longer view and really asked themselves if they like where we’re going to and do you like the things that Arsenal are showing you…

Viera Lyn

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal’s winning run is only masking over our long term problems

  1. lola

    just to remind you people what i told you earlier.I shall post the same thing time to time just to remind you people how much fool wengerites are.
    September 9, 2017 at 5:41 am

    next match Arsenal (Bournemouth) will draw or win. Next 5/6 matches Arsenal will win convincingly. In the meantime utd will win most of them.1st Arsenal disaster time is Decemember 20 to january 1st. Next disaster month is march. In April Arsenal will ne 15 to 20 points far from united.
    Repeat the cycle next year, replace utd with city/chelsea/liverpool.
    Repeat the cycle until Wenger passes away naturally

  2. adi

    our winning run is not masking anything, winning run shouldnt be the indicator, but the league table. The fact that we are not top 2, proves we still lack quality. At the same time, we are not peforming bad either

  3. gotanidea

    We have seen this movie so many times in the last thirteen years. Arsenal would win against weaker teams at home, but struggling on away and when against other big teams.

    One of the long term problems is Wenger’s obsolete system. The players often cannot pass the ball accurately and they do not have confidence to pass the ball forward, hence they always try to play safe by passing the ball backwards.

    If you see the current Premier League player’s stats (, you will see Xhaka is one of the best passers (498 passes so far).

    But do not be mesmerized by the passes statistics, because as a deep central midfielder could produce many backpasses to the defenders (the best is Fernandinho with 566 passes). Spurs’ and Manchester City’s defenders dominate the best passers list, which means both clubs dictate the tempo very well from the back (Arsenal cannot do this yet).

    The top five of the most through balls list is dominated by Manchester City’s and Manchester United’s players. This means most Arsenal players do not have confidence to pass the ball forward and do not dare to be more adventurous.

    I think Arsenal’s manager, staffs and fans have pressurized the players to not produce misplaced passes, that was why most of them like to play safe with backpasses. And most Arsenal players cannot pass the ball more accurately, something that has to be fixed before today’s match begins.

    1. Break-on-through

      I think that when we lose against a lowly team the week or two before playing the big team, that is the one that cocks things up most. It’s better that we don’t go into the big game feeling desperate needing a win even more so. Like that Stoke game, I don’t how many times Ive seen us do similar.

  4. Break-on-through

    You used too many words to get your point across, many sentences were repeated but just put differently. I don’t know if that was your intention, I’m guessing most people will speed read it. I don’t know what you want from people, why should they not try and enjoy the last few games, we like when our team wins. As for Arsene, whether he fully believes everything he says or not, he has to say good things so to improve atmosphere and confidence. I would say that this seasons aim is to get back into the top four and hopefully make the Europa final. Then holding fingers crossed that the teams ahead of us start to lose games before we lose our next one. I don’t think that’s naive.

    1. sniper

      back to top four is an achievement lol,we play football to win titles or to improve for arsenal success is seen differently as fans are milked for the Stan

      1. Break-on-through

        Back to the top four is us being better capable to sign good players – Good/better players is us having better shot at titles.

          1. Break-on-through

            Ibra was a free transfer and Pogba came through their system. But even so Manu is another level to Arsenal, global popularity, wealth etc.

            1. arsenal#7

              i think you are wrong there
              They signed them because Mourinho can still attract top level players
              because the fact is those players feel they have the chance to win silverware
              under Mourinho and not finish top four (which will not happen this year)
              under Wenger

      2. Mobella

        “We play football to win tittle. ” So is every club in every league but the reality is there is only one winner at the of every competition. I guess you don’t know that. There is nothing like a singular winner in sport. Perhaps you need a bit lesson in EPL to know that. Google EPL history you will be surprised with number of clubs that had won it . Some you know and some you may not know.

  5. Atid

    Just wish some of you fellas on here were old enough to remember when we were really shit, we would go 8 years without winning the league, spending most of those finishing in the bottom half of the table. Winning the fa cup 3 times in 4 years was the stuff you only read about in “Roy of the rovers” We played such good football we attracted crowds below 20k to league matches. We very rarely had a player called. Up for international duty. One season we avoided relegation in the last week of the season. To say we have regressed is absolute bollocks!! We are now a top 6 club, one of the top 20 in the world. Our shirts are worn all over the world and we have the 2nd biggest fan Base in the UK.
    Ok I accept too that Wenger has probably won his last premier league title. His and his boards refusal to compete with the big 3 is obviously the cause of that, but I think it goes deeper in the fact that he as an almost 70 year-old man is unable to compete in today’s premier league with fellas in their 40s and early 50s, who have much fresher ideas and inspiring tactics. The well highlighted failure to seal new contracts for your top players, is not just an arsenal thing, but allowing them to finish at the same time is. That was a callous mistake, that will be our downfall this season. For me the hope to keep those two is dead, I would certainly leave out ozil at least from our premier league games, then definitely sell him to the highest bidder in January. I would throw the gauntlet down to wilshire, ramsey and iwobi and say who wants his place the most? There will be a shiny new contract in January for the one who impresses the most.
    As for Alexis, I would have one last ditch at keeping him, but I fear it’s gone beyond that and I would look to sell him in January too then replace him with the money I get for him, ozil and walcott, who must surely be going in January. They would be my only 3 departures and an alexis replacement would be my only purchase to replace them. However, with Santi looking increasingly unlikely to return and most likely ramsey being the one to grab ozil spot, I would want a new holding midfielder.

  6. Gily

    When arsenal is losing, it’s a problem for some fans. When arsenal is winning, it’s still a problem for some so-called fans. What do want? Join another club if you hate arsenal this way. Please life is too short for all these unnecessary worrying.

    1. Guneal

      Why flunking your examinations, papa was like ” Please life is too short for all these unnecessary worrying”.

  7. David Rusa

    I believe our genuine fans need to behave as normal beings, be happy when we win and sad when we lose. It is affected people who get obsessed with individuals like Wenger. If our team is doing well why would any genuine fan want Wenger to go? If it a vendetta or hate campaign? Winning trophies also involves luck. Take the case of Claudio Ranier. He failed to win league trophies with powerful clubs only to miraculously win it with Leicester. Nobody in his right mind should write off Arsenal. The oft quoted pattern of Arsenal’s failures is not something cast in stone; it can change. I am never amused by people who keep quoting a few dark spots to justify their biased arguments. Prior to 2014 it was a song how Arsenal had gone nine seasons without any form of silverware. Now that has changed to FA trophy is not enough. Tomorrow it will be EPL is not enough because even Leicester won it. That’s how people are. Back to the issue of whether or not Arsenal can compete for major trophies, my answer is yes it can and it will. What makes me confident? My simple answer is the strength and depth of our squad. If you add a consistent winning mentality to that we shall definitely compete with anybody.

    1. arsenal#7

      Leicester winning the title did involve some luck but it also took some great defending and counter attacking football as well as some great tactical movement from Ranieri.
      Something you will not see from Wenger because he has a different mentality.
      His simple arrogance based on previous successes prevents the man from adapting which is the
      #1 principle of a great manager.
      As far as wanting us to be happy when we win (which we are) and sad when we loose (same her)
      is an oversimplification of keeping fans out of the long term issues that plague this club.
      GENUINE FANS as you put it want the best for the club and if that means asking for change when change is NEEDED then that is the right approach.
      News flash for you: Arsenal can’t compete for major trophies with the manager and player pool they have
      Many reasons why such as not enough depth/poor attitude/below par management etc.
      Check the table at the end of the season and let’s talk then.
      If Arsenal wins the league we all will be very happy. Or not.

  8. Uchman

    Awwwww I can hardly read all bro,seriously u could have made it simplier,s saying we had a terrible s
    Window is exaggerated,we fought to kip all d players we needed to kip and sold d ones that e surplus to requirements,we added an elite striker in improved our defence,that is not terrible in my own view,c considering our structure,we can never outspent the two manchester clubs,judt like no club in Spain will outspend d likes of Madrid and barca and no club in France can outspend d likes of psg,the only bad match I have watched from arsenal this season was against liverpool,the playerd apologized and behold we r seeing a new attitude from, them,if winning six matched from 7 shouldn’t give room for optimism,what then can? No team is a pushover in epl,every point is precious,lets just take it just one match at a time

  9. jon fox

    I congratulate the writer of this article on the best , most grounded in realism article I have read on this site and many othr sites too. Among myriad great points, the one that stood out the most to me was the one saying this: “The supporters must take some responsibility for a club’s stagnation if they have continually failed to make the club accountable for their poor decison making both on the pitch and in the boardroom…” This idiotic fauz loyalty, to people who are steadily destoying our club and letting it drift remorselessly away from our top rivals, infuriates me constantly, as I know the damage they are doing by their stupid wilfull blindness and inability to see what other countless thousands of the realists among us CAN clearly see! This was a brave and noble article spelling the clear truth out fearlessly and without favour. It takes guts to write the clear truth, on a site with many immature fans, who have neither direct attending experience or knowledge -either from personal experience or by research- of the honourable club we have had over the decades , until this present regime hijacked and ruined our reputation for being an inclusive, with fans, club. Yes, we have had far worse teams than right now for perhaps 46 of my 60 years attending Arsenal matches, home and away. But throughout our history(til this present corrupt regime) we treated the fans as the valuable people the club knew them to be. I stopped going last season , unable to stomach the stench of lies and corporate greed which is steadily strangling our once honourable club. Arsenal is deep in my blood and always will be. But the betrayal of decency and we fans and sale to the ghastly snake Kroenke and his oily charletan henchman, Gazidis, is too much to bear in person. If I wrote in public my true thoughts about what I REALLY WANTED TO DO TO THEM, I would be banned AND EXPECTING THE POLICE TO CALL ME. I refuse, unlike countless “wet behind the ears know nothing armchair fans” to excuse and support this cancer slowly destroying our club and I therefore call upon all true supporters with the club in their heart (not merely at their keyboard fingertips) to reflect again on the wisdom and truth of this refreshing article. AND resolve to do whatever it takes to help force this corrupt regime from our club!

  10. The barrel

    When Arsenal lose their is a problem, when Arsenal win there is still unresolved problems. Contradiction of facts. Arsene stood for interesting football, this is what he still believes in, but as long as people like you believe in unskilful players like Giroud and Ramsey then it will take time to win the league. You still believe that the team should be built around Ozil who cares less about the team.
    I started supporting Arsenal in 1999 for their good football, but Arsenal is boring now because its style of play today is not enjoyable. Join another team if you are not happy, because you volunteer to support a team.

  11. The barrel

    Talking in cheap. Shareholders spent multi millions to buy shares. The only thing you can do is to criticize when they are making profit. Every business is made to generate profit. No one wants to lose. Wenger makes sure that his employer gets profit. Anything wrong with that? As long as Wenger makes profit for his employers, you fans will stress till you have heart problems. No one will fire a manager who makes profit for him, even you the day you buy Arsenal shares

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