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Arsene Wenger Is A fantastic Manager – Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson has fond memories of Arsene Wenger, not just as a manager, but as a true gentleman who has helped him through some tough times in recent years. He thought he had seen it all at Arsenal when he won the double back in 1971 as a player, but his mind soon changed when Arsene took over in 1996.

Wilson said, “If you’d said when he arrived that I would see the best football Arsenal has ever played and some of the greatest players the world has ever seen, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you had said I would go on to watch us play in the Champions League for the next 15 years, win three titles, five FA Cups, get to three Carling Cup finals and the final of the Champions League, my reply would have ended in ‘off’.”

How true, and what a pleasure it is to actually hear someone give praise at these difficult times. Wilson also said, “People still talk about Herbert Chapman and what he achieved, and it will be the same with Arsene in many years’ time. When it comes to an end, only then will people realise what this academic brought to Arsenal.”

So much of football, and sport in general is all about the here and now and some will say what has gone in the past counts for nothing. Ask a Spurs fan if they would have been happy acheiving what Arsenal have done in the last 15 years. They would bite your hand off for success on that level I bet.

Wilson was a goalkeeping coach at Highbury 15 years ago when Arsene Wenger arrived at the club, and he owes the Frenchman a great deal of thanks for helping him through some of the most difficult times he ever had to experience. Wilson said, “I was in turmoil when he arrived. My daughter had been living with cancer and on December 1, 1998 she died. The times I was struggling to keep it together, he was brilliant for me. I needed someone to understand where I was at for five years of my life, as it was a horrible roller coaster, and Arsene saw how my wife needed to do something to keep her life on track and had to follow Anna’s orders, who was a nurse, to keep our work going. We then set up the Willow Foundation and by turning up at events, Arsene has helped raise about £250,000.”

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People outside of the club do not realise what goes on away from the football. You do not often hear stories like this and people should be told more in my opinion what great work people like Arsene Wenger, and other players and managers, do outside of the game.

Wilson realises that it will not be easy to sustain the success of previous years after the poor start of the first few games has left Arsenal playing catch up. He went on to say, “It is quite clear this is going to be the most traumatic season for us. What’s happening is not good. I have more sleepless nights now than ever, but I’m going to Tottenham on Sunday and must hope for the best. The toughest moment was at Manchester United, when they had nine players out and two about to leave. I thought they’d lose 6-0, not 8-2. I admire Arsene for not shutting up shop but it was hard to see the pain on his face.”

Join the club Bob. Everyone connected with Arsenal suffered that day, but it must have been a result that hurt the manager the most. Wilson finished off by saying, “It also saddens me that many other Premier League managers don’t like him. It’s because he doesn’t go for a drink, he is shy and different. But he can laugh at himself and, above all, he is a fantastic manager.”

Shoot me down in flames if you want, but I am not an Arsene Wenger hater. The man should be commended for all that he has done at this football club and Bob Wilson hit the nail on the head by saying “he is a fantastic manager.” Notice the term of the present tense in is, not was.

Some of you are probably too young to remember Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United being one game from the sack back in the 80’s. Thanks to Mark Robins scoring a goal at Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup Fergie was saved and the rest is history as they say. Here’s to the next 15 years Arsene.

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14 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Is A fantastic Manager – Bob Wilson

  1. Adex

    Truely manager arsene wenger is a fantastic man, so their is no need of sending him away. Let gives him more chance to show up and things shall be back to normal. Up Gunners.

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  2. alex

    I see now that he is a great man indeed. Give your best Boss, as you said, “things can only gets better.”

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  3. jack

    When things are tough roll out bob wilson with his sob stories. Nothing will hide the fact this is the worse Arsenal team in 20 years and we are being screwed by silent stan who is making a fortune off our club.

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  4. Ian

    Hail to the king “Arsena Weneger”. Not only has he changed AFC but look at how English football has changed since he arrived. More and more clubs want to play the way we play football, not Man u or Chelski etc but our way. Ask any neutral.
    So lets get behind him, the team, and the club “Come on you Gunners”.

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  5. 037

    People who actually know what Wenger is doing revere him so greatly.
    This article shows Wenger has so much more qualities than the “regularly winning manager”, like Mourinho and Fergie.

    I hope this would make the current Wenger haters tone down a bit.
    We should not always look for the bottom line. I think it is much more worthy to look at the process. And Arsenal is doing most things the right way.

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  6. teacher

    jack … When things are tough roll out bob wilson with his sob stories.
    What a disgraceful, insensitive thing to say, do you know what this man went through losing his daughter to cancer. One Bob Wilson is worth a thousand Jack,s.

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  7. mayo

    arsene wenger is the best thing to ever happen arsenal football club. im sick off a percentage of my fellow arsenal fans who want him out, they are not true arsenal fans if they want this man out. yes we are in difficult times but as everyone can see we are slowly improving and we will be a big forse sooner rather than later, so all ye arsenal fans who are pure negative and shouting at the tv screen at wenger and never think poitive sit away from me in the pub cos i have no respect for ye. in wenger we trust

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  8. And_Arsene_Said...

    • Picked this from another site & made a slight addition. It’s kinda relevent to this post. Read….

    The interior of one of Arsenals local pubs… A darkened room with a very conspiratorial atmosphere. REG and STAN are seated at a table at one end of the room. FRANCIS, dressed in Activist gear — black robes and a red sash around his head — is standing by the bar. He is addressing an audience of about eight MASKED Activists. Their faces are partially hidden.
    Reg: What has Wenger ever done for us?
    Xerxes: Changed our perception from ‘boring Arsenal’ to one of Europes most entertaining teams.
    Reg: Oh yeah, yeah he did that. Yeah. That’s true.
    Masked Activist: And the new stadium and training ground!
    Stan: Oh yes… the stadium and training ground, Reg, you remember what the Highbury used to be like limiting our attendence to 38K.
    Reg: All right, I’ll grant you that the way we play and the stadium and training ground are three things that Wenger has done…
    Matthias: And the world class players…
    Reg: Well yes obviously the world class players… the players go without saying. But apart from the way we play, the stadium and training ground and the world class players…
    Another Masked Activist: Premiership trophies…
    Other Masked Voices: FA Cups… Community sheilds… Champions League final…
    Reg: Yes… all right, fair enough…
    Activist Near Front: stability and consistency…we always qualify for the champions league
    Omnes: Oh yes! True!
    Francis: Yeah. That’s something we’d really miss if Wenger left, Reg.
    Masked Activist at Back: A decent youth policy!
    Stan: And it’s great to feel we are where we are off our own backs.
    Francis: Yes, he certainly knows how to buy a bargain… (general nodding)… let’s face it, he’s the only one who could in a transfer market like this.
    (more general murmurs of agreement)
    Reg: All right… all right… but apart from better stadium and training ground and players and trophies and youth policy and cup finals and shrewd buys … what has Wenger done for us?
    Xerxes: Secured our future?!
    Reg: What!? Oh… secured our future!? yes… shut up!

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  9. James

    @ jack cannot beleive you would have a go at someone elses misfortune. have you ever a lost a close family memeber. shut up and crawl back under your stone arsenal do not need supporters like you

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  10. jack

    I don’t know if you idiots know that Bob Wilson is an Arsenal employee he is used every now and then for the sympathy factor to back Arsene Wenger and it works wonderfully well, people do feel sorry for him how could you not but it’s just another way of conning people into thinking that Wenger is a man of the people. He is not the guy could not care less about fans of Arsenal he never ever waves at or claps the crowd at away matches he disappears down the tunnel as soon as the whistle go’s . He thinks Arsenal fans don’t have the right to question his ability he said so himself for god sake. BTW folks the guy makes over 6 million pounds a year its a nice wage considering he’s been a total failure for 6 and a half years

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  11. teacher

    jack…. if I were you I would keep quiet, you are simply making yourself sound more and more heartless and stupid.

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  12. teacher

    jack…. I do not see what that has remotely got to do with it, are people who do not go to matches not allowed an opinion, but since you ask I will tell you. I am 68 years old and now live in Crawley so no I do not attend matches any more, the cost would take up nearly all of my pension. However I did enjoy going to matches for many years, maybe before you were born and have followed the team through thick and thin. If you want to know why I take exception to your flipant, disrespectful remarks about Bob Wilson and his past family tragedy when he lost his daughter, it is because I lost my wife to cancer two years ago. I will have no more to say to you again because if you cannot appreciate the insensitive and offensive nature of your comments you are not worth wasting any more time on.

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  13. jack

    we have all been through the mill my friend. i have more than you will ever know

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