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Arsene Wenger is a legend, but it’s time to move on…..

After watching Arsenal’s performances in the last 3 games I’ve really made my mind up that Wenger would make a magnificent scout but I’m not convinced the guy is a world class manager.

There’s so many weaknesses in this side it’s unforgivable, Yes, Wenger was the man at the top when we were the invincibles which was an incredible time to be a gooner.

I can’t help but think 2013 is going to be trophyless, We were a dominant force when wenger had the picking of young french players but Wenger has not moved with the times! It’s so frustrating, The french league isn’t the premiership it’s nowhere near the same qaulity.. Chamahk, Gervinho and Giroud have all finished top goalscorers in that league, I would bet my house on them never becoming top 5 in the premiership. So why do we insist from buying from there! The Bundisliga has overtaken.

As I mentioned earlier with regards to the invincibles, I put alot of wengers early success down to what he inherited, the likes of our famous back 5 and Bergkamp, Old heads guiding the young and gifted, Icons of the game who it would be a honour to play alongside. Who is that player is our side today? No wonder we’re seeing players leave.

But it irritates me when Wenger gets called a genius in the transfer market, He is a long way off perfect judging a players talent. Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Drogba, Yaya, and we refused to pay an extra 2 million for Gary Cahill and pay 3 million in total for Micheal Carrick???? .. It genuinly baffles me how he’s let them slip. The thing that worries me is that if a 30 year old Bergkamp was availible today for 5 million, Wenger wouldnt sign him on ‘principles’

I remember a major factor in our recipe for success was having a big team most players over 6ft and being men. now It wouldnt be worth taking our side to a theme park!

Wenger always portrays to the media he is confident we will win something, we have a ultra talented squad and he will only bring in special players.. What.. Andre Santos? Gervinho? These players Average at best.

We finished one point above spurs last season and their side keeps on improving and theyre keeping their star players, while we are selling ours and replacing them with knuckle draggers. It’s inevitible they will overtake us unless Wenger leaves.

I love the man, He is a legend.

But then again I loved my playstation 2 but i replaced it.

Because time moves on and so does football.

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94 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger is a legend, but it’s time to move on…..

  1. Joe

    I think it’s the board that’s holding us back. Not giving us funds etc. They wouldn’t let Wenger buy Mata for example..

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  2. Tamil Sundram

    Another Pointless article…comparing apples with pineapple….

    i wonder if the writer ever got a job in his life?


    is he a person who blow every cent on payday…..

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  3. TKC

    The board is to blame, however, Wenger should also be blamed. If the board do not give him the funds he needs or wants, he should be complaining to him, especially given that he is almost untouchable to them.

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  4. Tamil Sundram

    ronaldo was outbid triple times the amount offer

    Wenger wanted drogba but couldnt afford him…

    Ibra has an attitude and refuse trials…will anyone take a risk on a 17-18yo without a close look??

    Yaya visa problem was reveal by Wenger..

    Cahill?? seriously??20m for him??? hes only an average CB that cant handle A-list players…maybe hes English and gets all the media hype…David Luiz is way better than him…

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  5. swing

    A team he inherited, that is just crap. Viera, Henry, Ljunberg, Kanu, Pires, Lauren, Silva, Edu are all players Wenger bought.

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  6. haywill

    I always respect Wenger
    but he looks tired

    he must stay in arsenal but not as a manager
    we need a new kind of manager
    an ambitious one

    like Laudrup 😀 😀

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  7. In Arsene I Trust

    Ah! Another lame article! This site is deteriorating everyday in terms of quality, just like the Arsenal defense!

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  8. Ricardo

    The way i see it is simple, ask yourself one question.

    Has Wenger ever failed to reach his goal (top 4 finish) ?
    NO !!

    He may not be going for the title, but that is not what he is paid to do.He is paid to do a job (top 4) He is good at his job, infact he is probably the best at his job. But keep in mind his job is to finish fourth.

    Judge him at the end of the season, and if we finish 5th , then he did a bad job. But as it stands he is doing a great job.

    Wenger does not need super stars to finish 4th. Feeder clubs sell stars not buy stars. personally i think the majority of fans on this site, dont understand what AFC has become. We are not champions, we are a feeder club.

    Remind yourself of that, and be happy we have a good enough manager who can run this feeder club and keep us in the champions league. every year. (please read that one more time)

    He does a fantastic job with what he is given.

    Your anger and frustration is directed at the wrong person.

    “Follow your thoughts through to completion and the answer will reveal itself” – Yoda

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  9. Sank

    Last time when i read a post for wenger to go i read all the comments, i came to conclusion that-
    1. lot of fans support wenger than arsenal.

    2. lot of fans believe if wenger goes than arsenal will fall.

    3. lot of fans are living in wengers past glory.

    4. lot of fans believe the board is to blame rather than wenger

    5. lots of fans use example of liverpool and spurs to support wenger.

    when will they learn all is because of wenger.

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  10. James

    I think I have to agree with Joe here, man.

    It’s so hard pointing fingers right now, and it is very confusing. On one side, Wenger needs to have another look at his tactics and somehow instill some confidence in his players. But this can only be achieved by winning trophies/showing ambition in the transfer market, which brings us towards the other side.

    And that’s the board.

    I don’t care anymore who’s the villain and who has the right intentions, Arsenal is in serious need of some top quality. And right now, that can only be achieved by spending some good money on top players. For goodness’ sake, we are in the TOP 5 of the club list in terms of wealth and we’re incapable of spending some money on a star player because of some bloody “principle”? Is this our problem? A principle? That is very ignorant, in my opinion..

    And if money is all they really care about, well then guess what; if Arsenal keep at the path they’re heading to, then more and more fans will lose hope and that means less income in terms of ticket revenue and merchandise. Just saying; Championship teams get MUCH LESS media coverage income then Premiership sides, for obvious reasons of course.

    So if the board REALLY cares only about money, then hey in the long run: it is YOU that will go downhill in the end (along with the rest of the club)

    I will never, ever lose hope. And I will always support the club that gives so much joy and awe whenever I watch it’s football. That is the Arsenal.

    Once a Gooner, always a Gooner.

    a very concerned Arsenal fan


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  11. lifeasagooner


    Cahill was bought by Chelsea for around £7 million. Hes a good player and in my opinion better than Mertesacker who we paid more for.

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  12. John

    About time said it as it is. No other club around the world would put up with him. I cant even watch arsenal on tv no more as it gets me so red in the face. Load of shit we are and a new manager would take a few years to sort it out. Dont no who we could get but we are going the way liverpool did just down

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  13. Graham

    I have to laugh when I read these sort of articles. What the writer has failed to add the names of managers that would want to work on a shoestring budget, less transfer funds than West Ham, Stoke, Everton, etc. Let me help him out….No top manager will touch the Arsenal job. Without Arsene to stir us these tough times we would have become a mid table side. Now that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and our cash constraints is coming to an end you suggest he should make way for someone to spend the money and take all the accolades……..think again

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  14. Baz

    Excellent article!!! Wenger should have been sacked years ago!!
    Wenger + Board out!!! Usmanov and Dein in!!!

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  15. Graham

    @ lifeasagooner

    We offered £12m before the start of the season and they wanted £17m because they saw how much we got for cesc and nasri. We then bought Mert. We didn’t have a need for him in Dec.

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  16. Salvage

    Those of you that imagine that its the little man Gazidis that is stopping Wenger from buying, are very very clueless..

    No one dictates to Wenger in this club, no one..

    Gazidis has said it himself, in the ears of Wenger and everyone that *cares* to listen, that Wenger is in charge of transfers(Buying and selling).

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  17. Jarrod

    I agree and disagree yes i believe it is time for wenger to move on. obviously pep is the ideal manager he apparently wants the job too. To people who reckon arsenal cant afford players thats a load of bull wenger pulls all the strings in the money department for arsenal last season he made a formal bit on mario gotze i think it was around the 30 mill mark. Arsenal can afford players wenger just wants to make a cheap team he is an old fool who has failed to keep up with the times. and the hole spurs keeping their best players ? that is a joke they lost there best midfielders last year modric and van der vart and bale will be gone too soon. Back to wenger our team is not bad i believe it is a very decent team but why is it that they do not want it like the other teams ? it seems to me wenger has lost the passion to win titles and the fire inside him to strive for success. The best thing for Arsenal is a new manager !

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  18. James

    And besides… seriously, what the actual F*CK is a Manchester City supporter doing as our Chief Executive?

    Now I know what Wenger’s goal every season is: make sure you finish below City every year.


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  19. Maltese Gooner

    It pains me too much.

    When Dein left Arsenal, he left because the rest of the board couldn’t face the fact that they need to MOVE WITH THE F*CKING TIMES. Ergo, letting a takeover happen to immediately solve any debts due to the new Emirates Stadium, at the time. But no, of course not, the greedy board disagreed.

    David Dein was a true Arsenal CEO, he did so many things for the club it’s unbelievable. What has Ivan Gazidis done? Well sod all in terms of club success, and a lecture on club finance every year.

    Get the f*ck out Ivan, along with the rest of the board. You f*cking pigs.

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  20. lifeasagooner


    From what I can find on the telegraph archives we made 2 offers for Cahill. Initially around 6 Million and then an improved offer which was also rejected because “it fell short of Boltons £12M valuation”.

    We didnt get him because we never made a sensible offer and then we went on to buy Per for around £10.

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  21. micro

    I think Arsenal also has a lower quality fans than the other clubs, can Wenger start by recruiting world class fans? I read what is written here and wonder what kind of mediocrity is in the support base of this Arsenal.

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  22. Jambo

    The back four inherited! Are you on crack! Lauren, Campbell, Toure and Cole. No wonder you talk so much rubbish, you ain’t even an Arsenal fan.

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  23. lopez

    There is a huge problem with Arsenal and its always down to the coach and also the players not performing as they should. Players are being played in the wrong posititions and also not rotated enough. starting with Cazorla…Santi Cazorla is a winger, as an example i would place Cazorla on the left as we don’t have a decent left midfielder at all, Gervinho is just not good enough, Giroud is not scoring either…so then what is the most obvious choice? answer: PLAY PODOLSKI UP FRONT AS A CENTRE FORWARD WITH WALCOTT !!!! then leave the midfield with Arteta and Whilshere, the rest of the squad can stay the same as we dont have any other players

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  24. Jambo

    @ Lopez
    Wenger played henry “out of position” and created a monster, he knows how to get the best out of players.

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  25. Graham

    @ micro

    You make comments like that and the fans will want the club to sack you

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  26. landmind111

    @Admin, just wanted to point out chamack and gervinho have never been top scorer in france. Infact Chamack scored something like 10 goals in over 30 games in the french league which is decent for a midfielder, but wack for a striker, other than that I hear u buddy

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  27. Graham

    @ lopez

    Like you I think Wenger is missing what is right under his nose. Podolski should play cf. His control, calmness and finishing in front of goal is world class.

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  28. Reddb10

    Great article and by the response it is still plain to see that even if we get relegated Wenger will never be blamed by some.
    Please make up your mind people is it wenger who brings in the players or the chief exec.
    you cant just pick Pires and Henry and give the praise to Wenger and leave him blameless for the likes of squid, djourou, chamakh and so on.
    The world class players were bought in by David Dein end of story.
    Gazidis is useless when it comes to bringing the best and Wenger still lives in 1997.
    As for someone on here mentioning players that were inherited I would like to remind you of the best defense in the land that Wenger inherited along with the player with the greatest vision of the game called Dennis Bergkamp.

    Put AFC before any manager, player or board member you deluded fools.

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  29. Big Gun

    @Graham that is true to an extent. But this is coming from people who promised us by this time we would have been flourishing. They never said anything about having to sell our best players to keep afloat. I don’t trust this board at all. We have a yank, who has 4 other investments on home soil, those of which he doesn’t even invest personally. Who’s to say all of a sudden he will invest into Arsenal before those? HE WONT. Period. Then we have a financial advisor who is self professed City supporter. He gets a pay rise when Arsenal are struggling to pay our top players their deserved wages. It’s things like that that really make them and their ‘philosophy’ so hypocritical. You would think the team comes first, before anything else like staff increases. Not so at AFC, simply because Kroenke has basically given the reigns to Hill-Wood, Gazidis and Wenger and they are doing what suits THEMSELVES FIRST, not the team.

    The whole thing is a shambles, right from player contracts to wages to Wenger himself. I say this, because we have below average players, like 10 or so, earning between 50 – 80k a week. These players were signed under Wenger’s approval, players with no EPL experience and unproven at best. He signs them up on a 5 year contract on exhorbitant wages, and then it backfires on him and the club – and now we wonder why we cannot afford to keep GREAT players like RvP. Simply because the monkeys including Wenger making those deals have no f*cking clue. Is Djoure worth 60k a week? Is Squid worth 60k a week? Is Chamakh worth 60k a week? NOT A CHANCE. So then how can people say Wenger is so great when he himself almost single handedly organized those sh*tty deals?

    That is just one aspect of his inability to be a sound manager these days. His tactics are non existent, poor squad selection has caused us many a loss. If his job requirement is just to make top 4, WTF are all those players that play their hearts out week in and out doing there? Do you really think players like Wilshere, Walcott, Sczcesny etc are content just to make top 4? It’s a complete misalignment of ambition and this is why RvP left.

    The more I think about this, the more angry I get.

    Wenger is spineless stubborn old fool, a mere puppet for the greedy mugs running our club.

    f*ck him and the board. i want them all out of my club ASAP.

    Usmanov in and Guardiola.

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    looking forward to getting wengers book when he finaly retires. it will probably be only then when we find out
    the truth
    the whole truth
    and nothing but the truth.
    it is bound to happen.

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  31. Salvage


    And maybe by then we would be in the Championship yeah?

    We are not interested in some future book and expose’..

    Let him Sort it out now..

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    when we first built and moved in to the emirates stadium wenger said in his words the finance of this great stadium would NOT affect our transfer budget.

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  33. liam brady

    all i can say is thank god some of you so called fans are not running arsenal or we would be the next leeds or blackburn or cant your tiny minds go back that far!!!

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  34. dude

    `wenger is soley to blame , he is in charge of everything from player transfers to the retarded wage system.he admitted it himself
    `f**k off wenger !!!

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  35. LoCkAy

    He has made ( with the board and whatever who is in charge of transfers ) some crucial mistakes over the year and we are now paying heavily the consequences…!!!

    This is why we have a lot to do now because we are stuck some serious liabilities.

    Can you believe that he secured Djourou ( now on loan at Hanover ) and Ramsey to long term contract.

    It was all calculated in order to make future profits.

    He has refused to sell Bendtner ( best striker in the world !!! ) because he still thinks he can come great !!!!

    Squad management has been a failure joke and before we can bring new recruits we have to do a clear up of the rubbish.

    We are the 7th and no business are close to be done !!!

    RIDICULOUS… !!!!!!

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  36. Ghost Rider

    The board does not manage the team. Those who still think wenger is the right man for the job, can u tell me there is no one in this world who can manage the current arsenal team to beat Swansea. TELL ME

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  37. Phantom

    I think wenger has done is time!! it is time to go mr wenger!!


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  38. Ricardo

    35 more points from 18 games and Wenger will be safe.
    Another Top 4 finish in the bag, another mediocre season.
    And one more season for Wenger to do his business.

    O yes, And another seasons of reading some of our fans comments about us signing Cavani or Falcoa, you guys are on crack. Seriously you havent learnt anything. Think about it, this is real football, not football manager.

    We will not sign Messi or some other big name, we will sign a want away player from Europe. on the cheap , on the 31 Jan.

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  39. Adam

    @joe mate you got to take a trip to emirates to see what people say wenger is a dictator the board are just bunch of puppets that listen to whatever wenger says .every one has notices that even Ian wright mentioned that yesterday and even morinho .hes was a legend once but now he’s becoming too much and he has so much power time to move bring David moyes or gurdiola

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  40. Ricardo

    @ Ghost Rider .

    23 December , Alex Fergusin failed to beat Swansea.
    And he is meant to be a pretty good manager too.
    And he has RVP.

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  41. justAfan

    im a fan of arsenal since 2003..sometime i cant stand to watch arsenal game..very poor very sad..but when i think about a new manager,i know we couldnt find anyone that is better than wenger…what i can say is i trust in wenger..

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  42. US4rsenal


    Wenger himself said that the French league failed to supply talents and as a result he turned his head towards Laliga and Bundesliga. It was just a week since he said this on “TheSun”.

    I don’t believe this is a fair blame. Arteta, Carzola, Mertesacker,Podolski, Gnabri and Eisfield are not French. That clearly tells the shift even beyound his comments.

    If you want Wenger to quit, you deserve your say on that as long as you put your case based on a valid arguement.

    Spoting talent never been his problem. He was in for every talent in the world.

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  43. nadjulius

    Is it with the players or the mananger..i think we have the right players, but we have a manager that has failed to get the best out of the team. Most of the players seem fatigued but even at 2-1 yesterday, he(AW) cdnt take the risk of taking Santi off for either Coq of even Rosicky…we have players on the squad who cd use such games to prove them selves( charmak, arshavin, rosky, coq etc ) why not rotate them…i think thats where AW is failing and its really eating on Arsenal.

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  44. jay

    Was with a team he inherited LOOOL OH PLEASE,,, arsenals and the prem greatest ever team that went unbeaten was a team that he made with all his own buys,,, anyway back to matter at hand, getting rid of AW would be crazy if our current boardis the same no manager can work on a budget like Wenger can that’s a fact,, I say give him a chance with a changed board that truly gives him money to spend and see what he can do,, and if he still fails then yeah he has to go, but to drive him out with or want him to leave and have are current board remaining the same now that’s just crazy pep or J,m. Couldn’t do a better job so I will forever keep saying ” In Wenger we trust,, with the current board we Rust”

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  45. Ghost Rider

    @ Ricardo
    2 times in a row?
    By the way we are 18 points behind them and wenger keep on saying that the quality is there. I can’t take it mate

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  46. GreenGooner

    Wenger was once as untouchable as the Invincibles were unbeatable. Now times have changed. There is definitely a divide in fans opinion.

    Looking at transfers Wenger has made: Squillaci, Eboue, Fabianski, Silvestre, Gervinho, Bendtner, Senderos, Chamakh etc… They are poor, poor players. Squillaci and Chamakh on 60k a week and we cant think to pay Theo 90k?

    Looking at players we have missed out on through lack of spending power (We still don’t know who’s to blame for this)

    Ronaldo (now at Real Madrid) Drogba (our chief tormentor) Essien (Midfield Powerhouse, or was for a while) Cahill (Top English CB who would have worked so well with TV5.
    Imbrahimovic (Erratic but on his day, a monster. Just ask England.) To name but a few players who have slipped the net.

    Then you look at Wenger’s tactics. How many times has Martinez at Wigan (playing 3-5-2) Or Laudrup at Swansea matching up against us, or even Stoke playing rugby/long ball against us, tactically out played us/bullied us? Lots of times! Wenger doesn’t seem to have a plan b or c if it is required.

    You only have to look at Man Utd to see Ferguson gets the best out of average players. Carrick (awful) Scholes (aged 54, and Giggs, aged 56. Ferdinand (back issues and over-rated. Ferguson tactically and motivationally gets them to play for him. Wenger doesn’t seem to be able to motivate a crop of talented players. Tactically or otherwise.

    This is probably the worst time to be an Arsenal fan. I have been with my Chelsea supporting girlfriend for seven years and we have won NOTHING since I have known her!
    But you have to consider one thing. If Wenger goes, who REALISTICALLY will come into a club following its MOST SUCCESSFUL manager or ALL TIME, to be told, you can’t spend money!! Not many managers GOOD ENOUGH to be Arsenal manager would even consider it…

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  47. Gunner

    Im sure Tottenham fans would love wenger to stay come on guys few years ago every one were afraid to play against us specially Tottenham and Manu now Everyone laugh at us time to change

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  48. King Henry's Mate

    @Big Gun. You are spot on. We have been straight up lied to by both the board and Wenger. They promised us that we would compete with the top 5 or 6 clubs in the world for players and trophies. They always say we’ll be competing on that level in 2 to 3 years time. They said that in 2005 and they are still saying it now. How long are we fans going to fall for it. Qualifying in top 4 is NOT NOT NOT a trophy. Wengers misguided socialist wage structure rubber stamped by the board is largely to blame for both us loosing our best star players and getting stuck with riff raff like Chamakh who no one will sign permenantly as his wages are too high. I am a season ticket holder for 10 years and at 60 have been a life long gooner, and I always loved and respected Wenger for what he achieved with the great INVICIBLES. But it is Wengers policies and misguided determination to pursue his YOUTH TEAM EXPERIMENT that has brought us to this point. We are standing on the edge of the abyss and will crash out of the Chapions League places this year if no Star Players are recruited in this transfer window. And by star players I am not talking about LOPEZ at Athletico Madrid who cant get a game because his not as good as his team mate Falcao.If we are going in for players we are a great team and need players of the top top top quality ie FALCAO. That would be a top quality signing. Or CAVANI not some cheap bloke whos going over the hill like 31 year old Villa. And before people leap to Wengers defence and say we havn’t got the money in the club. Where has all the money gone from the sales of RVP, Song, Nasri, Fabregas etc. Swallowed up in some black hole I suppose. The board have said a large transfer kitty is available. Well! talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. Come on Arsenal sign a real top player or two not some cheap has been, or might be in two years time. We need to move on now or we are done as a chapions league team. We will wander the wilderness of mediocrity like liverpool for years to come. Thats why we Arsenal fans are so upset and stressed. And that is Wengers doing, and it breaks my heart but he has to go.

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  49. Nick

    Arsene’s revelation that he runs the club by socialist principles was the last nail in the coffin for me. I am going to just bide my time until Usmanov buys the club. I believe that we will not contend until this happens. when he takes over, the board will change too, and I expect he will bring in a coach with the tactical nous that Arsene lacks.

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  50. fedupgooner

    Can we please STOP with these kick out Wenger out articles EVERY DAY ?!

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  51. deji d

    we should stop arguing on dis article.Wenger has refused to move on with d trend.excuses of no fund.wage cap etc are stories of a man dat does not want to do anything.Swansea bought Michu for less than 5M

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  52. LoCkAy

    @ Ghost Rider

    Good point mate.
    We hear the same stupid and unfounded statements from Wenger: “the quality is there. We need to focus. We were tired and jaded physically. We missed sharpness. We have the quality to come back. We are still in the title race ( 18 points behind now )”

    I really believe that the guy is either stressed ( which would explain his statements ) or deluded ( which is more plausible ).

    He should stop feeding us bullocks and do his job.

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  53. King Henry's Mate

    @Green Gooner. I agree with you mate. I recon that David Moyes could do a good job for us, or perhaps Guardiola. According to press reports he is interested in Arsenal and it might be a good fit. I am not sure about Mourinio though. Trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes, although he is almost a guaranteed winner. But I do think that its definetly this transfer window for us to recruit top players or we are finished as atop 4 club for years to come. So can we push Arsene to buy the real top players that we need now? Because although I think Wenger has to go, I cant see him leaving until the summer at the ealiest.

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  54. vp

    Ricardo’s right. The only way to deal with the our demise is to accept the fact that we are now a feeder club. If not, then make a stand! I do not see us doing the latter, so lower your expectations as you are only setting your self up for disappointments week in week out.

    Our model is there to prioritize shareholder interests above and beyond any stakeholder. It is no coincidence that we have ended up with an investor who does not give two hoots about the game. Do you really think that he purchased us to make Arsenal the best football club in the world? No, this would come at too much of price particularly given the competitive nature of the market. Why expose your investment to huge amount of risk when you can get a guaranteed return at little or no risk. That’s why using the minimum amount of capital possible , to achieve the top four makes great investment sense. Its not just about how much money you can make, but more importantly the return on your capital.

    Let me put it to you this way. Would you rather invest £1000 at 20% risk and get £1500 back, or opt for investing £2000 and £3000 back at 80% risk. There is a common misconception between some fans (even some accountants) that because he is business orientated, he will strive for success on the pitch to better his investment, and so everybody’s happy. This is only true to a degree, but ultimately it comes down to the return on capital.

    He has no interest in going past the ROCE risk-return cut off point, and this what Lady Bracewell smith (former Non-exec) was alluding to when she confessed her regrets for selling her shares to Kroenke. We are operating at the level which provides our investor with the best optimum ‘personal gain’. To put it simply, The club is enhancing its balance sheet and building up gains that can be realized at some time in the future.

    No socialism about it, Mr Wenger, we have become the ultimate pristine capitalist where shareholder is king.

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  55. Michael Otieno otieno

    Wenger knows how to spot talent. The problem is that he is acting like a slave trader-buy,breed and then sell to the highest bidder.

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  56. GreenGooner

    Pep Guardiola might be the ideal fit but surely the Man Utd job where his close friend Ferguson will be retiring from in a couple of years would appeal to him more?

    Also, Man City will be sniffing around Mourinho and Guardiolas butts like a friendly dog if either became interested in coming to England.

    I would see Laudrup, Moyles or Redknapp (ok I was joking about the last name!) as more realistic options.

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  57. saras

    thanks for the article i have the same idea as u do.. wengers philosofi needs to uptade to modern fotboll. dont buy french players bcs there league is almost the enlish third league in form of quality. we need to move on and buy player from stronger league ex bundesleague. la liga maybe seria a too..

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  58. zig

    stop talking out ya arse will ya.wenger a scout? not a world class manager? you think wenger scouts do ya? isnt that what arsenal football club pay the scouts for? and as for not being a world class manager do you forget what he has done for us? all the cups and leagues? he needs our backing you cant win simthing every year.the league has got harder since chelski and city have been taken over by billionaire owners!!! our time will come im sure of that when i dont no.but our glory days will be back.coyg

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  59. vp

    @ King Henry Mate

    Brilliantly put, as I share the same pain for every sentence written. Its just a shame that the club are hypocrites and only apply socialism when it suits them, meaning voices like yours go unheard.

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  60. Tanveer Baltistani

    Legends Are Legends
    You Cant Replace Them
    Or Buy New

    Arsenal and Arsene Go Hand in Hand
    Just Like Fish and Water
    One Will Not Survive with the other

    At This Point of Time
    Patience is the Key

    Golden Times will come
    With Patience and Belief

    Our Squad is Special
    Our Squad is Unique
    There is no other leader,
    Only Arsene Can Lead
    To Glory
    To New Horizons
    To Newer More Stronger Arsenal

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  61. G-Force


    Haha, I wouldn’t spend a single penny on Ar$ene’s book so that he get more money. I will probably just nick it from a random wengerite, make photo copies and distribute it to the masses.

    Seriously though, I doubt that he can make a book. As he is also involved in the schemes of the corrupt board, I am convinced that he has signed a confidentiality agreement.

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  62. true goon

    @Tamil Sundram

    Chelsea bought Cahill for 6m,where do you get 20m from stop talking rubbish,you’re so deluded.

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  63. moje

    the board will still be stingy with funding the new manager with money to buy players.change is needed at the top level.kroanke and gazidis out then you will see the real arsenal.

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  64. joe

    Go and support barnet in league 2 and see how u like it. Theirs 98 odd teams in the english leagues and ur lucky enough to support arsenal. dont sit on here makin threads about the most succesful manager we have ever had because at the end of the day he loves the club and has changed arsenal football club for the better forever and thats all that matters. nobody is going too come in and do any better under the same restraints and same board. Lay off the man hopefully he proves all you spoilt fans wrong and wins something this season. since when did arsenal have a divine right to win everything especially in todaysfootball world where man city spend over a million pound a day on wages ?? Give the man a break In Arsene we Trust

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  65. Uche

    Yes it is sad and the writer has a point. Wenger is Mr Arsenal. If you talk to insiders, they will tell you that wenger is in charge of EVERYTHING arsenal. He created the modern day arsenal and he sustains it. So the blame for our demise falls squarely on his shoulders. He even had the nerve to admit in 2013 that he set player salary policy based on socialist principles. It is as if the man is daring us to kick him out. It is sad that one man gets to have this much power. But then, the Chelsea owner has too much power too and is at the other extreme. I guess it is really tough to find a club that has it all.

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  66. Philthompsonsnose

    To see such a void in the centre of midfield for so long with the key injuries makes me wonder if AW has lost all touch with reality! Any top manager worth his salt in this day and age would have had a replacement or back up for Diaby a long time ago!!!! This oversight is a flaw in AW that we never saw in the past therefore his coaching/managing tactical motivational qualities must be waning!!!
    It could be time…

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  67. gregory

    SMH how can u say cahill is better than mertescker. just because his slow doesn’t mean his shit, his still one of the best defensive minded players in the world. if he was sooo shit (which his not) how come he has 80+ caps for GERMANY. cahill hasn’t even had 20 caps for England, even now Germany still call up mertes for the team despite the talent they have in hummel and badsuber. England would be lucky if mertesacker was english. just because ahill fast doesn’t mean his better, his just shows me how fifa 13 attributes has taken over your minds.
    I’M only 16 and i know more football than some adults

    BTW arsenal fans need to stop cussing ur players and start believing in them because cussing them is not good for they’re mentality. would u like it if u was laying football and your own fans were cussing and didn’t have hope in u? you lots are basically bullying ramsey,gervinho and mertesacker your own players

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  68. King Henry

    Wenger’s time is up, he’s out of ideas on the pitch and off of it, especially in the transfer market.

    Insular in his cocoon that everything will be ok on the back of a couple of results, a decent bank balance, dividends for the shareholders and a squad full of average players on the same wages as the few decent ones.

    We don’t compete with the top sides, Ferguson has had us over a barrel tactically for years, and the others are quickly catching up. Line up with a solid back 4 and that’s us done for, but of course we stick to Wenger’s plan A.

    Had a lot of respect for Arsene and believed it to be the board for the last few years, but its all coming out now, his inane babblings about the team showing heart, being tired, jaded, giving their all……bs. Simple fact is we are weak in many positions. The board have come out and said the money is there, its only Wenger’s stubborness that will hinder us in the transfer window.

    It started with him saying he would add to the squad if he believed that it would add real quality and the players where available, well from where I am looking that wouldn’t be difficult.

    Falcao is available, he has a buy out for 45M, would he add the qulaity up front that we lack since somebody sold the world class RVP? I think so. Or even if we do have to keep scrabbling around in Wenger’s bargain bucket, then surely 8M Demba Ba would have done us a turn, considering he is premier proven.

    The mistakes are apparent, the stubborness is apparent, the belief that he is untouchable is apparent, the blatent reluctance to face up to it is apparent and what is more worrying is that I truly believe that he thinks that everything is ok, and that whatever he does is right, no matter what.

    We started as a team competing for the title and champions league, then a team competing for 2nd, then 3rd, and now we are using 4th place as a marker. And dont give me that wishy washy crap about players leaving, they left because they saw this coming, they saw that Wenger would never change, they knew the ambition had gone.

    IN ARSENAL I TRUST, not Wenger, and I for one want my team back.

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  69. King Henry


    Do Barnet fans pay the highest season tickets in the land?

    Do Barnet fans get told that they have a sizeable transfer budget to improve the team, only to see it magically disappear?

    Do Barnet get sold the line of buying a new stadium to attract the top players, only to see bargain basement players rolling in?

    Did’t think so.

    If you bothered to read, you’d know that the board have given Wenger the reins on the purse strings.

    If you care as much for the club as you profess, then you too would be fed up with the mediocrity, spoilt fans my arse. Grow a pair and fight for the club

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  70. ABK

    Arsene would make a good scout!! is that a sick joke? i cant be arsed to write down a the massive list of crap players he has brought in the last 7 years!

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  71. mick the gooner

    Do Barnet fans pay the highest season tickets in the land?

    Do Barnet fans get told that they have a sizeable transfer budget to improve the team, only to see it magically disappear?

    Do Barnet get sold the line of buying a new stadium to attract the top players, only to see bargain basement players rolling in?

    Did’t think so.

    If you bothered to read, you’d know that the board have given Wenger the reins on the purse strings.

    If you care as much for the club as you profess, then you too would be fed up with the mediocrity, spoilt fans my arse. Grow a pair and fight for the club

    I wish i could give this 10 thumbs up

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  72. joe

    @ king henry. Barnet fans are not lucky enough to see their team play top tier football and qualify for the biggest european tournaments in 16 consecutive seasons otherwise im sure they would pay the same ticket prices mate. My point is get behind your team you say wenger holds the reigns how do you know that for sure ? how do you know he isnt holding all the weight on his shoulders of what goes on behind closed doors simply for the love he has for arsenal ? Who are we to question him when some of our best ever players who have played under him have stuck by him the likes of thierry henry and tony adams who are also arsenal fans and have the clubs best intrest at heart also believe if wenger was to leave it would not help arsenal fc cause in any way. Would be curious to see how life at arsenalafter le proffessor turns out because i think youll all be made to eat your words. Stick by your team and support them through thick and thin people and the “we want our arsenal back2 thats getting boring stick behind your team and support them man that is what footballs all about at the en of the day. Mr wenger spoilt us with some amazing years and now people think we have a divine right to challenge every year year in year out it doesnt work like that.

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  73. King Henry

    If you want to accept middle table madness, then that’s your bag.

    Personally, I have put enough heart, blood, sweat, tears and money into the club to never want to see this happen. Le Professeur has lost Le plot.

    If he is such a genius then why did Bradford outdo us tactically?

    Why did he sell a goal machine to our bitter rivals, handing them the premier title on a plate?

    Do you think United fans would settle for this? No because they, like many others want that team to be successful.

    Its not good enough, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Its time to wake up and realise that Arsenal was there long before Wenger and will be long after. he is not the be all and end all by a country mile. Yes, we played lovely football at one point, but teams have woken up to that and nullified it. Wenger has no other tactic up his sleeve. the games up.

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  74. joe

    @king henry me and you both with the blood sweat and tears believe me and at the end of the day we all have a right to our opinion and more arsenal fans than ever think he should be given the boot so i am not sitting here defending wenger till the cows come home. At bradford we were shocking no doubt about it but at the same time you have to question the players bottle aswell dd they rally want to win that game ? Im not being funny but the only one who done anything that game was young jacky boy and he slotted his penalty home whilst everyone else lost their bottle ? Cold frosty night up north it was absolutely shocking i am not denying that but you expect them players that are weaing the shirt to be able to slot a penalty away against bradford city.He had no other choice to sell the player didnt want to be at the club so since when has a player ever been bigger than arsenal fc ? he said “it was the little kid in me telling me to go to united” with a big picture of him in a arsenal shirt when he was a kid ? Absolutely unbelieveable player but he is a no good traitor 8 average seasons through injury . arsene puts him up top on his own and tells rvp to trust him and that he did and lookwhat happend ? He is unloyal and a greedy money grabber who is not bigger than arsenal football club so bollocks to him and hios new 250 grand a week wage package only messi is worth that sort of stupid money. Main point being is i support the team through thick and think we are going through bad times at the minute but their is nothing you yourself can do about it so support your team and get behind your manager

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  75. Admin

    Hi folks.

    Wow, I didn’t expect such a big response.

    I just want to make myself clear on a few things, It comes across I meant I put his success down to an inherited team, Absolutely not. Wenger deserves MASSIVE uncomprehending credit for what he did with that side. I was referring to the experience we had on the fringe of that team. I watch Arshavin play and it looks like a fu**ing chore. 85k a week and you can’t put a shift in. I can categorically say that wouldn’t have happened if we had a adams or keown in this side.

    There’s been some amazing posts in which I whole heartedly agree with!

    I also think Wenger is a hero!! the players i’ve seen because of him, The goals I’ve seen because of him most importantly the football I’ve seen because of him I can’t thank him enough for.

    Answer me this, you date a girl. she’s stunning nobody can take their eyes off her. she’s always putting a smile on peoples faces and you’ve never been happier and vow to love this girl forever.

    However 17 years later, she’s lost it, unkempt let herself go not doing the obvious things like wiping her arse.

    You’d still love her for the happiness she gave you in the early years but you know deep down she’s never going to return to that.

    So how long would it be before you seek a replacement??

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  76. joe

    Atleast another 2 years the mans changed the whole face of the club ok these past 7 years have not been good but the guy deserves at least till the end of next season and if nothings clicking by then i really do give up fighting his case. Imagine dating a girl an absolute supermodel people are fuming and cant believe uve pulled her .. then one day she eventually f**ks off and leaves u in the gutter ie chelsea and city sugar daddys and money grabbing managers .. my club is run good and proper by a great manager 7 years of no trophies it really could be worse .. roberto martinez is a great manager isnt he ? works with no funds always saves his team from survival but wins f**k all like wenger ? basically if wenger was at wigan he wouldnt be doing any worse off than martinez point being martinez has been talked about as a possible replacement do not make me laugh these men are understudys to wenger moyes martinez laudrup everysingle one of them arsenal fans have been spoilt and now they expect us to compete for top top players and pay them 150 grand a week arsenal doesnt work that way and never has like it or lump it im afraid

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  77. Admin

    Martinez is not a great Manager he is a good manager for the team he’s at, Great Managers are defined by consistantly winning trophies and based on that definition 7 years is too long! You keep talking like we’re a stoke or wigan. WE ARE ARSENAL!

    First Division and Premier League
    1930–31, 1932–33, 1933–34, 1934–35, 1937–38, 1947–48, 1952–53, 1970–71, 1988–89, 1990–91
    FA Cup
    1930, 1936, 1950, 1971, 1979, 1993,
    League Cup
    1987, 1993
    FA Community Shield
    1930, 1931, 1933, 1934, 1938, 1948, 1953, 1991
    European Cup Winners’ Cup

    Have some pride with your club boy, We won trophies before Wenger and we will after them again after Wenger.

    It’s okay seeing your side lose, when the moneys not there and your players are playing for there shirt

    I for one find the nauseating Chelsea and Man city excuses boring, How have Manchester United coped? I’ll tell you how they’ve adapted they pay the big wages because in this day at age you need to. It’s common sense.

    All we have as fans to go by is Wenger saying he has the funds availible, the board saying he has funds availible being constantly linked with very good players and not signing them because Wenger knows better. It just becomes too much.

    The panic buying on the final day of the transfer window was too much.

    Allowing all our best players to enter the final year of there contract is too much.

    Supporting a team where the only players who win anything have vaginas is too much.

    There’s not a single fan out there that wouldn’t be sad to see Wenger leave.

    In the same breath theres not a single fan if we woke up to the morning papers and see the headline ‘ Gus Hiddink manages Arsenal’ or someone of his criteria would be excited of the times ahead.

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  78. joe

    the admin off this site want guus hiddink in charge of our football club litte reminder to you that we will not pay his wages u forgot the premier league title in 2004 by the way mate. I am not reffering to arsenal as wigan i am saying that i have heard number of arsenal fans calling for martinez but if wenger was at wigan he would probably be doing a better job than martinez so i dont quite see where this martinez for arsenal thing works out along with david moyes laudrup and all these other managers people are calling for they are all understudys like it or not and they will not come in and suddenly spend 80 millon in 1 transfer window because since when has arsenal ever done aythuing like that. You may be getting tired of the chelsea and city remarks but fact of the matter is the money in todays game has spoilt football now there is no loyalty in the game and it is all abouut money. You want to compete with manchester city and spend over 1 million a day on finances ? f**k that for a laugh id rather my team spend wisely or not at all to be a bank of russia or a bank of abu dhabi thank u very much. Your saying how can manchester united compete and we cant ? do i really need to answer that do some research you will find out manchester united have been at the ver top of the football financal table for sometime now they have been one of the biggest if not the biggest club in the world for the past 30 40 years with a massive stadium and crazy fanbase .. they havent had to work towards building a world wide name like arsenal have .. and at the end of the day it is all down to Mr Wenger and you have all ben very quick to turn ur backs on him just as nasri and rvp did but then again they was going to more than double their wage pacage right so who wouldnt ? We should pay all our players over 100K a week right because city and chelsea are doing so and man utd have done so for however long because they have always been such a massive club like it or not. Not denying we need a couple of world class buys in that team but i for one am much happier seeing my football club run professionaly and properly regardless of financial restraints and ridiculuos ticket prices. Arsenal have and always will have a certain class about them ask ur wigans and stoke fans that when their still packing out their stadiums too come and get a glimpse off the arsenal even after 7 years of no trophys.And remember it could be worse you could support the scum down the road !

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  79. joe

    FA Cup Winners (10)
    2005 Beat Man Utd 5-4 pens (after 0-0 draw, aet)
    2003 Beat Southampton 1-0
    2002 Beat Chelsea 2-0
    1998 Beat Newcastle United 2-0

    League Champions (13)
    2004, 2002, 1998,

    Charity/Community Shield Winners (11+1 shared)
    2004 Beat Manchester United 3-1
    2002 Beat Liverpool 1-0
    1999 Beat Manchester United 2-1
    1998 Beat Manchester United 3-0

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  80. joe

    @admin mate i didnt even read the article but from time when ur sayin wenger would make a really good scout but as far as manager ur not convinced mate clearly you havent got a clue on any level of football terms and vaguely know anything about the football game and one more thing how are you the admin of this site when ur talking about wenger being a scout ? that is proof that 50 percent offarsenal fans are complete donuts who havent got a scoodby doo what they are talkin about !!!

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  81. Admin

    Joe you seem somewhat disrespectful of other people’s opinions and make very dense ones yourself, firstly I didn’t forget 2004, if you pay attention I noted trophies won before the wenger era otherwise the whole argument wouldn’t have sense. You contradict yourself with the nonsense you spout. You claim Manchester United can afford to compete because they’ve been at the top of the games for many years. The reason they’ve been able to consistently achieve that is buy loosening purse strings. I don’t think you realise quite how much arsenal are sitting on we can afford to buy big and still not jepordise our financial position, you need to read other people comments and how many people appreciated this article rather then dribbling inane rubbish like an arsenal wenger rent boy. To claim I know nothing about football the. In the next breath say we can’t afford hiddinks wages. You genuinely are a clown, comparing me to rvp and nasri for turning my back on wenger??? It annoys me your that docile you can’t digest simple opinions, I love wenger I live arsenal it’s my love for the club that is inflames this burning frustration when I watch us. You may be happy sitting watching a mid table side. You go do that pal on your own, whilst me and the army of fans that strive for success and have hunger to see arsenal be where we should be point and laugh at you.

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  82. Admin

    I’m not an admin of this site, the email I sent to this site was from my business of email.

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  83. joe

    believe me mate the only one people is laughin at is u 2 wenger a scout haha seriously i go home and away mate so believe me nobody will be pointing no fingers at me if they want all their fingers still to play with.

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