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Arsene Wenger is the “best man for England job”?

So moving on from the ex-Arsenal addictive personality Paul Merson, who was totally against Arsene Wenger being considered for the England job, to an ex-Liverpool legend, Robbie Fowler, who thinks the complete opposite!

He doesn’t just think that Le Prof is a good candidate. He thinks he is the “best man for the job.” “I’m not one of those people who thinks the England manager must be English and it’s encouraging to hear the FA saying that they will consider a foreign manager.” Fowler said on oddschecker. “I know we’ve been down that route before with Sven Goran Eriksson and Fabio Capello but I really think the best man for this job now is Arsene Wenger.

“He’s been working in this country for over 20 years so he knows our game, our players and how we want to approach the game as well, if not better, than anyone. I know he’s not universally popular with Arsenal fans but he is a proven winner whose teams play the right way and his time appears to be coming to an end at the Emirates.

“I’ve spoken to plenty of players who have played under him at Arsenal over the years and every single one has only good things to say about his management and coaching style. A fresh challenge like this could be exactly what he needs given the season he’s just had at Arsenal and a national job, where you don’t have the day to day involvement with the players, might suit him given where he is in his career.”

Now I am sure that even anti-Wenger factions would be happy for him to accept Hodgson’s old job, just to see him gone, but I am sure it will simply depend on whether Wenger thinks ity is time for him to do a less demanding job now he has reached retirement age.

It would certainly be good for Arsenal if he agreedto take over at the end of his contract. That way it will give the Board a year to line up a suitable successor…..


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11 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger is the “best man for England job”?

  1. ThirdManJW

    The England job would mean less money, and actual pressure to succeed…why on earth would Wenger give up the cushiest job in football for that?

    1. NY_Gunner

      There doesn’t seem to be any pressure on any of the England managers to succeed. So your theory falls flat…

      1. ThirdManJW


        Actually there’s always pressure from the press, not to mention an entire nation’s hopes and dreams resting on one’s shoulders, even if expectations are not as high as they once were. But like I said, why leave Arsenal where he’ll never be sacked, and earn pay raise after pay raise for achieving nothing!

  2. john0711

    can we move on from the employment of the tight one, well unless you count the very average japanese striker who will make money for the owners. Wenger is going nowhere 8 mil a year with no pressure would you leave ?

  3. Robertthegooner

    Wenger won’t have pressure to spend money
    will get statue earlier

    lose £ 9 millon a year Job
    Hodgson made £14 million in 4 years
    Has to sort out a group o overrated, over paid players with over inflated egos

  4. Jansen

    Let’s not kid ourselves Wenger will not take the England job and he would not be good at it.

    Wenger doesn’t like pressure and no England manager survives very long unless they perform above expectations. That is probably also the reason he never went to a Spanish club. Only at Arsenal is he not expected to deliver a trophy.

    He would also fail miserably IMO because he only knows one style of play and would not get enough time with the England team to install that playing style.

    Also at the level of international football tactics are even more important than in the PL were you can hope to beat lesser teams with your own playing style. When faced with better teams we mostly failed to adjust tactically to get a result at any price. Ask Moureen about how hard it was to beat Wenger or ask SAF if Wenger ever wrong footed him with his tactics.

    Wenger is too smart to leave his cushy high paying job at Arsenal for a high pressure job for England.

    Also, despite the fact that I can not wait for him to move to an other job, it would be a disaster if he were to leave now. We need a year to recruit a top managers and the good ones have just changed jobs with the exception of Simeone. And if the squad were to know he is leaving at the end of the season there would be an ever worse atmosphere at the club than we had last season.

    When he decides to leave I hope it will be a surprise for all with a top manager lined up.

    1. RedLondon

      “Wenger doesn’t like pressure”, there’s no pressure to begin with because the standards for England are extremely low, they’re nowhere near the level of Spain and Germany so expecting them to win trophies immediately is unrealistic. In addition, Wenger knows how to make a team play sexy football unlike all the managers FA have hired, many England fans claim he’s a bad choice but deep down they know he will have them playing the attacking football Arsenal is admired for. And tactics are actually less difficult on the international stage as proven by LVG who was successful with the Dutch team and a failure with United. Someone with Wenger’s experience would be fairly successful managing a national team.

      1. Jansen

        The England job is the highest pressure job in international football. Both the press and the fans love to have unreasonable expectations. If not why did everyone screem murder after England got eliminated in the knockout stages? And why did Roy resign? There is a lot more pressure on the England manager than on the Arsenal manager.

        Hollands success was in the WC with Van Gaal had nothing to do with Van Gaal’s tactics.
        Feyenoord was the largest supplier of players to the WC squad and of defenders. Koeman was manager of Feyenoord and played with 3 at the back, Van Gaal decided to stay with that since the players had played it all season. There was nothing brilliant about Van Gaals tactics. In fact Holland was uninspiring and played a poor tournament from a sexy football point of view. The only reason they made it as far as they did was because they had three world class players playing well (mostly) in RVP, Robben and Sneijder.

        Arsenal have not played sexy football in years mostly because we play too slow now and pass the ball around aimlesly, not in the least because of the lack of pace of Giroud.

        Van Gaal’s failure at Man U is IMO just because he is not as exceptional as everyone liked to think and he had a squad that was lacking a bit. Let’s see how Moureen does who IMO is one of the better tacticians in the game.

  5. BUR

    Yes wenger would be the best man for the England job, it would answer a lot of Arsenal supporters prayers.

  6. Aussie Jack

    Personally, I don`t think Wenger would even consider becoming manager of England.

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