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Arsene Wenger STILL hasn’t spoken to Jack Wilshere about a new contract

Jack Wilshere justarsenalConsidering that Arsene Wenger has continually maintained in his interviews that he would be discussing a new contract with Jack Wilshere before the January transfer window, it would appear that they are far from reaching an agreement, which is not surprising considering that they haven’t even started talks!

In just two weeks time, Jack will be legally allowed to be approached by foreign clubs about a pre-contract agreement regarding a summer move, and I am sure there will be many English clubs making discreet enquiries through his agent on the sly, especially during the transfer window when there will be myriad meetings between clubs and various agents.

And how do we know there has been no talks with Jack? Why the player himself has revealed it when asked about it last night.  “We’re in the same position as we were two weeks ago,” said Wilshere.

“Nothing’s changed. There’s not really a date in the diary.

“I’ve only read what he’s said in the media. I’ve just played my first game in the Premier League, I’m concentrating on staying fit and staying in this team.

“That will look after itself. When it’s the right time to talk about it, I’m sure the boss will call me and we’ll have a chat.”

I’m sure he will Jack, but I’m sure you will be getting calls from lots more people from New Years Day as well if that contract isn’t signed!


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12 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger STILL hasn’t spoken to Jack Wilshere about a new contract

  1. Nothing changed

    Arsene is naive on running a football business and STILL given too much influence. This is how key contracts to Sanchez and Ozil were allowed to be run down to zero. We never learn and nothing changes.

    First of all Wenger should not lead the contract talks. He should tell the club whether he wants Wilshire or not. Then the club should sit down and negotiate with him.

    They should have negotiated with Wilshire when he was still when he was still keen to get a new contract and in a weaker position.. A key injury or a few great performances and we might have needless competition for his signature from other clubs.

    WEe had nothing to lose by negotiating a layered contract. ie “if you are available for selection for 30 PL matches you earn so much if you are available for selection for 20 PL games you earn so much, and otherwise you have a low base of xx, xxx.

    Our dithering always puts us in weaker positions.

    At least this shows people who think Wenger is not the ultimate power at the club that nothing happens without him when it comes to buying and selling players and contract negotiations and that is a bad and outdated thing.

    1. Ivan

      Spot on. Wenger has been given way too much power at Arsenal. Nothing happens at the club without his authorization. Even Ferguson at Man U did not have the say so that Wenger does. This is why he will not leave as nowhere else would agree to his demands.

  2. gotanidea

    Maybe Wenger is worried Wilshere would be another Walcott or Coquelin? They worked very hard to earn a hefty contract extension, shone for a season, then their performance decreased a lot.

    Wilshere was very good in the last several matches, especially when he played as a deeper central midfielder. But Coquelin was also a revelation when Arsenal brought him back from Charlton, or Walcott when he scored plenty of goals that lead to his new massive salary package.

    I think Wenger is just more careful this time. But he must be decisive, because I’m sure many clubs are interested in getting Wilshere for free.

    1. Nothing changed

      How does being careful help if you think a player only plays well until he has a new contract?

      If you don’t trust the player’s mentality don’t sign him. Or negotiate some performance-based compensation package that includes staying fit and rewards (reasonably) for being selected for 1st team action. This might be a risk for the player because Wenger might not select him if he thinks it will cost him money given he is so money focused.

  3. jon fox

    Of course Wenger has not opened talks with Wilshere over a new contract. Whatever else did anyone expect? Did they actually imagine old fossil face would do the obvious and correct thing? He has done precious little right and useful in the last ten years as our “manager”, so who in their right minds would expect him to start now. Not now that his senility has gone from bad to worse!

    1. Ivan

      You’re right Jon. It is like having a Spuds fan running our club as he deliberately runs all the players contracts down. He should be renewing contracts or selling the player a couple of years before the contracts expire.
      As he has sole decisions over such matters (despite the claims of the AKB’s) I really wonder about his motives and why I sometimes doubt his claims to love Arsenal.

      1. jon fox

        Ivan, Though even I, who am probably Wengers most fierce foe among Gooners, -though I realize many thousands would also claim that title, equally well, – do not seriously believe Wenger is ACTUALLY a Spuds spy in the camp, if you were to go purely by the mountain of evidence of how he has regressed us, you could well make out a good case to be believed, that he is indeed a spy or traitor. Judging purely on the evidence!

  4. ks-gunner

    Well its time to speak with him then, coz if there is one thing arsenal at a time like this needs, is players who trully care for the club, regardless their form.

    More then half of the team playing at Arsenal dont even want to be here, so whats the point in supporting a manager and the team then?

    Every person who thinks that he is better off somwhere else, or stands over the club should be fought by fans till they are gone. No sentimental p%§$yification of, ohhhh but his leg was broken that day, ohhh, but he is a nice guy and wears thierrys number, but, but he scored in this and that day.

    We need players who respect this jersey and not use it to whipe their backdoor with it- Jesus i pity those fans who cant help it and invest so much time and money on this club.

    1. jon fox

      I love your post and notice that Walcott, who wears Thierrys number, fits your description precisely. Why this “man” is still stealing wages off us after twelve disastrous years of shirking and hiding in games is nothing short of theft, encouraged by Wenger!

  5. Jeremy

    It’s just insincerity and arrogance.

    His main focus are on Sanchez and Ozil. He couldn’t care less if Wilshere leaves but worried about fans calling for his head.

    He is just leading us on which he has done for decades.

  6. Shahriar

    One thing for sure and that is they want to see what would happend to Ozil and Sanchez contract then go for extended other contracts. If ozil and Sanchez stay, Arsenal will sell one or tow players like Walcott or Giroud or Welbeck.. in my guess!

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