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Arshavin move to Zenit back on?

Andrey Arshavin has been on loan at Zenit St Petersberg for the last six months, but after his performances at the Euros (and his post-tournament comments) looked like he had blown any chance of returning to his boyhood club, especially when Zenit’s owner Valery Golubev declared: “How can a citizen of Russia treat the honour of his country like that?

“He should be deported.”

But now it seems that the manager of the club, Luciano Spalletti, has completely contradicted the words of his boss, saying: “He is one of the players who can strengthen Zenit. When a team win the league by almost 15 points you need to look for players like that.”

When it looked like Zenit were not interested any more, Arshavin’s agent Dennis Lakhter gave us other options for his client, although Galatasary has since denied any interest. Lakhter said: “Arsene Wenger will transfer some new names for the forward line for the upcoming season,”

“Arshavin doesn’t want to stay in the team. Next year, he could continue his career in Turkey. I know that two clubs in Turkey are seriously interested in Arshavin.

“There also some offers from the MLS, but Arshavin does not want to go to America. He also rejected an offer from Anzhi.”

It will certainly be good news for Arsenal if Zenit do remain in contention, and hopefully other interest may drive the price up, but I think it is near certain that Arshavin will not be returning to the Emirates next season……

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29 thoughts on “Arshavin move to Zenit back on?

  1. SeansterB

    He is one of the few fringe players at Arsenal who may be able to get his current wages at another club so realistically he is one of the players likely to be moved. He had a goodish Euro’s although his inability to keep his mouth shut after was unfortunate, if we can get 8-10m for him we should bite their hands off

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  2. richie

    Let him GO! his attitude stinks and he does NOT play for the Arsenal badge! We dont need ppl who think there superstars who are paid a big wage and throw their toys out of their prams when there not starting matches!

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  3. prithvi

    just sell our deadwood reduce wage expense and the money recieved from transfers should be invested in m’villa or some other midfieder…………squillanci recieves 60k even walcott recieves 60k……walcott deserves more upto 90k and persie should get 150k…….

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  4. Mizz

    Just sell him to the highest bidder, we need to get the dead wood players out asap and then we can look at where our team needs strengthening!

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  5. KickuPtheArsene

    Ahh those crazy russians, one moment they love Arshavin, the other they want him deported, then they want him back. ….. Actually, a little like Arshavin himself – one moment he plays with no fight, then he scores a goal in another match, then back to his lacklustre self. 🙂 Send him on his way. He belongs in Russia.

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  6. Atismo

    Jst sell him pls wenger,to give space for new commer and free our wage list

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  7. leo

    just sell him heard zenit is offering 8m quick get that money & go for santi cazorola + bendtner or afellay valued at 6m

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  8. Shah95

    He was never a deadwood for me. But his attitude during the euros sux.

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  9. Toni Ton

    two down(almunia, arshavin – hopefully), dare i say six (6) more t go. u know them

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  10. Big Gun

    Arse shavings. lol sorry I just had to. I like the guy, but yet another player we need to sell. He doesn’t fit into Arsenal anymore and his attitude stinks.

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  11. craig2500

    He was never deadwood for me just doesn’t have the passion to go with his talents, shame. If the Affelay rumours are true then the Arshavin money would pay that transfer off, IF Arsene could pull that move off they may still be hope to keep RVP yet. Im not going to put too much on that yet though, my mood is resting on what happens this transfer window and so far its not great.

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  12. kingdave

    R£A/_!T¥ €H£CK

    As for the Caen story=More quantity!
    Is he any better than afobe, campbell, or w.silva, etc.
    We have become a big joke to other clubs.
    We are being linked wit jovetic, lewandowski, llorente and we end up wit some kid that won’t add anything to us for d next 3 yrs.
    We shld begin to doubt wat AW says cos earlier this year he said that he will gamble on top quality, and he will only get players that add something 2 d team.

    Honestly, do u think we will win a trophy like this? What makes dis year more promising than last year? Rvp is going, walcott may follow suit, we’re stuck wit d deadwood, ok we’ve got pod and giroud, …….r we really improvin? Manu, Chelsea, Man city, Newcastle, Tottenham, Liverpool are all showin that they mean business, do u think we’ll just ride over them?

    It is high time we 4get our egos and pride and stop all this “arsenal has ethics”, “it’s our culture”, “we have respect” bullsh-t. Wake up from d dream world guys, it’s another trophyless season for us if we don’t inject some big names into our system. Stop thinking that God is an arsenal fan, and that one way or the other we’ll get a miracle and win the epl or champions league. It is clear we are not “very serious” about competing. Mancity won the title, they r not in danger of losing anybody, and are still desperately looking 4 quality additions. Manu missed the title by goal difference, and they’re not losing any key player, and r very well in d business of bringing in real quality. Chelsea won the UCL(??), they’ve lost drogba and r looking 4 a true replacement not a compensation, they also re doing a real squad reshuffling. Tottenham,……..i h8 talkin abt dem, but u knw wat dey’re doin. Newcastle r also hunting coz they hav ambition (even tho dey will most likely not threaten us).

    No need to to continue ranting abt d moves dat real madrid, barcelona, juventus etc r making. Just imagine if we meet any of these teams in the ucl, tell me hw u see our team beating d stars at real madrid, or hw we will prevent messi from running us ragged and using us to carry d ballon d’or. Just imagine we sneak our way out of the group stage and den draw madrid or even lesser juventus, hahaha, how many goals will we ship back. Just try to comparing player for player and tell me wat guys like gibbs, gervinho, ramsey, walcott,etc (i am not saying that they r not very good players) were doing in our 1st 11 last season, wen none of them wld make it to the bench of any of the top 6 clubs in europe.

    What we’re doing is not ‘competing’, it is ‘managing and hoping’. We’ve got some1 who has promised to make sure we compete wit the big boys of europe in Usmanov, and yet some guys r joining JG and his deluded and shallow minded guys talkin abt respect and ethos and as well as feeding us with horseshi- like that yesterday’s article. How much respect does a top club wit 7 troqhyless year have…….this is one of d reasons y teams like wigan, fulham, norwich gave us a battle at d emirates,….bcos wen they see d trophy cabinet and see nothing, they say 2 demselves: “wow, deez guys hav no trophy like us, maybe we r actually in d same class, let’s give it a try”
    Remember that opportunity comes but once, so we better let go of our ego, let usmanov in, 4ce d f*ck*n board 2 f*ck out, get some true quality that add something to our 1st team plus 1or2 big name signings won’t harm. Without these there is no other way I’m sorry.

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  13. atid

    i am not sure there will be much change now, unless there are at least 5 departures. i expect the 4 to not be included in the first team squad to be van persie, vela, eastmond and bendtner.

    however, should bids come in for arshavin, chamakh, park,
    walcott then we will be well short up front.

    unless fabianski mannone or both leave, i believe the keepers will stay as they are.

    i see no changes in defence even if squillaci and botelho both leave, as we have the likes of miquel, meade and angha that could cover

    i see no changes in midfield, unless song makes noises about not signing a new contract (just dont make him captain)

    i think this will be the squad

    gk – szcesney, fabianski, mannone
    rb – sagna, jenkinson
    cb – koscielny, mertesacker, bartley
    cb – vermaelen, djourou, squillaci
    lb – gibbs, santos, botelho
    dm – song, coquelin, frimpong
    cm – arteta, wilshire, ramsey
    am – rosicky, diaby, lansbury
    rf – walcott, chamberlain, arshavin
    cf – giroud, chamakh, park
    lf – podolski, gervinho, ryo

    there is only one position (right back) where we currently dont have 3 players vieing for it, though there are plenty of others in the squad that can play there.

    i expect the following players to join denilson and campbell on loan, martinez, miquel, yennaris, henderson, afobe, watt, wellington, galindo plus a few more youngsters

    i hope i am wrong and that chamakh, arshavin, park, squillaci all find new clubs and we replace them.

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  14. TrademarkSongLobbedPass

    If he does go which i pray he does then i wish him the very best and a lengthy stretch of form. That frees up our wage bill a bit.

    Hope that also catalyses the exits of our not so famed fringe players. U knw who they are. Coyg

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  15. Alex

    When is our first preseason game and can we watch it. Live in australia

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  16. Patrickfoo08

    We playing against southampton tomorr heard only a 45min game

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  17. lola

    @kingdave well said man.totally agree.although deluded fans will hit dislike button.its funny when they r paying highest ticket value n go to watch their non ambitious club buying 17 yrs old and selling player of the season every year.its a f.kng disgrace

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  18. Ben

    Too bad. Such a great, dynamic player ruined in what should have been the prime of his career. I feel sorry for him and the way he was treated at Arsenal.

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  19. donii

    if squillaci and walcott are receiving the same wage of 60k then something is definitely wrong with the wage structure.. far out

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  20. Mike Gooner

    Should sign a player like Gaitan as his replacement. He can play across the mid or in a advanced attacking role.

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  21. Mike Gooner

    We got some talented youth coming up but we need a few known established players to ease there way in.

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