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Arshavin to choose between Reading and Arsenal?

The little Russian maestro Andrei Arshavin set the League on fire when he became Arsenal’s record signing back in the day, and his four goal masterclass at Liverpool will never be forgotten by any of us, but his gradual decline has been easy to see ever since.

It seems that Arsene Wenger has been trying to find him a new home for the last year, but Arshavin has resisted all attempts to get him to move away from London as he (and his family) are very happy here and he is looking to gain UK citizenship.

Now that the Reading owner Anton Zingarevich has made it clear that he would like his fellow countryman to join him at the Majedski Stadium in January and wants to give him another chance to regain his flagging reputation as a game-changer, but another Russian currently at Reading, Pavel Pogrebnyak, believes that it is Arshavin who has to decide whether to make the short move up the M4 rest of his career.

Pogrebnyak said: “It’s Arshavin who has to make the decision. Anton Zingarevich knows him well enough without listening to my opinion, as he is from St Petersburg.

“Andrey is a master and there is no doubt that it would be great to see him at Reading.”

Surely this will be the crunch decision when Arsenal fans find out if Arshavin is simply happy sitting on the bench collecting his (excellent) wages, or if he really wants first team football again. He certainly won’t have to uproot his home or his family for an extra half hour drive from his home to Reading……..

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24 thoughts on “Arshavin to choose between Reading and Arsenal?

  1. prithvi

    Afta seeing his performance against reading I don’t think u shud sell him….!!

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  2. zimgooner

    Reading…what a waste.I think played in his preferred position AA23 is devastating.keep him till the end of the season of u may….pliz

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  3. karan

    Just sell all the players who want to leave afc and then build a team having the arsenal blood.
    Wenger is best in making than replacing.

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  4. tom

    he’s at the age where we should try get 4mill for him, and get the 17year old wonder kid U21 England star people are on about

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  5. arsenal4eva

    he is a decent team player…pls Wenger, play him at his natural position…CAM..

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  6. Confysmart

    Wenger should use arshavin in his normal position….on a gud day his a game changer n can b dangerous to opponents….arsene shudn’t sell andrei

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  7. dude

    Simple , The little Russian maestro must stay , experience & class is an underestimated commodity in Arsenal football club especially to the shortsighted arsene wenger

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  8. animelive

    i think he should go there as a player of such caliber is gaining nothing here, what a waste

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  9. Sun

    I’m not so sure really, Wenger tried Arshavin down the middle against Reeding and he was shocking.
    Arshavin only started to play good against Reading when he was played down then left (when giroud and eisfeld came on) but none of you think he is good enough down the left and would rather see him play down the middle…..

    Personally I think we should look to sell him because the amount we pay him, he does not deliver enough times, he is not consistent.

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  10. Twig

    Arshavin is Arsenal’s most skillful player (yap, you heard that right). Despite his limited appearances, he has played exceptionally well this season. Why he doesn’t play more than he does, is simply down to the quirks and oddities of being Arsene Wenger 😐

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  11. hamid

    Sell him either to Reading or Fulham. He will make wonders with either Pogrebniak or Berba. I’d be happy for Arshavin to see him making the difference on the pitch.

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  12. spider

    Don’t get rid of arshavin, get rid of Wenger, as well as create good players, he also destroys good players by playing them out of position, arshavin is a good midfield playmaker being wasted on the bench, while the team is struggling.

    Come on Wenger sort out this mess you created at our club!

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  13. gooner geezer

    when he has played Arshavin has done really well this season
    He seems to have improved his stamina and is a very dangerous player. I think he deserves a run in the team!

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  14. Tristan

    at the moment, we need him stay more than ever. He still can contribute not only on his normal position, even on left winger.

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  15. zimgooner

    AW will realise wat he had whilst it is too late. im a strong AFC suppoter but i believ e AA can lift our GAME. i ve watched him coming in as a substitute and changed the complexion of the GAME. AGAIns MANURE united he was behind the goal wch was scored by SC. WEnger give AA a change and shame us who think AA is a match winner. My prayer is that if AW manages to SELL AA then i would luv to see AA denying the gooners a silverware.

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  16. arshavin

    I will be really sad if he was sold,he is not being given any opportunity by Wenger to do anything for AFC,a real quality player,who I can’t believe will not even feature in subs when that brainless chicken Gervinho returns.It’s a shame.Wenger Out Please!

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  17. dee

    I reqally dont understand you guys, when player wants to leave AFC you say he is traitor, when he wants to stay you say he is for the money!?!? What if AA just loves Arsenal, what if he just wants to be given chance to make difference????!!! What if he does want to become legend here? I don’t know what he should do to impress fans. I think this guy was more disrespected by fans then any other arsenal player (booing him….. anybody remembers that), but he still comes back on the field and does what he was told to do. I became fan of Arsenal after arshavin started to play for this club, I will continue to be AFC fan for the rest of my life. But good grief give guy some credit, he did way more for us then Liverpool 4!

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  18. A dissapointed gunner

    Arshavin is what we need. Cazorla is a playmaker where aa23 is and attacking midfielder
    Sagna kos mert gibbs
    Arteta wishere
    Cazorla arshavin
    Walcott giroud

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  19. ThosiGooner

    Wenger is a good developer of talent, but Arshavin is an example of how Wenger ruins players sometimes. I understand the need for versatility, but not all players will be good enough to play out of their position. Arshavin will be just fine at Arsenal if played in his natural position.

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  20. ThosiGooner

    I think Arsène is just obsessed about replicating the unearthing of another Thierry Henry through conversion of players from their natural positions. RVP, Theo, Kolo Touré, Gervinho, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, etc have all been guinea-pigs of his experimentation with varying degrees of success. I’m surprised Mertesacker hasn’t been tried out between the posts yet to replace Mannone. At least a few may agree Arshavin deserves more starts than Ramsey this season.

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  21. SlengTeng

    He seems to be working hard and doing everything right to get a spot back in the team… I think it sends the wrong message not to give him a spot that he has earnt!
    I mean if Mancini can play Tevez and BAlotelli after all they have done, surely then we can forgive Arshavin

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