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Arteta and Wenger have inspired Arsenal

Arsenal have their own midfield diamond and his name is Mikel Arteta. After scoring the winner for the Gunners on Saturday, Arsene Wenger has praised the Spaniard and revealed what a positive impact he has had on the Arsenal team this season.

“Since the beginning of the season, Mikel has been absolutely outstanding. He does a fantastic job, he is highly focused and I am very happy for him that he gets the rewards.

“If you lose three games in a row, you are in a crisis of confidence. Therefore it was important to stop that. Good teams go through some bad results, but reduce the time of the cycles and that is what we did here.

“You rely on experience because those players can deal better with the pressure and have gone through it before.”

Arteta has started every Premier league and Champions league game for Arsenal and his level of performance has been fantastic in all of them. His stats are absolutely awesome and he is indispensable to the Gunners.

Arteta, however, gave the credit for stopping the rot against QPR to his manager who he claims kept the players positive and restored their confidence after the two game slump.

“The boss was brilliant because he was very positive about the way we have to play and the belief we have to have.

“It is good that in the bad moments he keeps believing in us and gives us confidence, so we kept playing as we always do and we got rewarded.”

Maybe the two should get a room, but seriously it is great to know that neither Wenger nor Arteta will let their or other players’ heads drop following some bad results or performances. It also shows the difference between the management styles of Alex `the hairdryer` Ferguson and our own Prof. Hopefully his players will reward him with a win against Manchester United on Saturday.

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18 thoughts on “Arteta and Wenger have inspired Arsenal

  1. JStarr

    Beating Man United is a MUST…not OPTIONAL. Only then will we be looked at as a force to reckon with.

    Arteta is key but we will need all our players to step up to the task.

    Gunners 4 life

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  2. Goonertron


    Lets surprise them and play Podolski upfront, Gerviniho and Giroud have had their chances and have looked terrible upfront.

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    He is a very good player but we should be talking about most of the team in the same breath if we were the force we were 8-10 years ago

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  4. sheggs

    I’m not convinced this arsenal has what it takes to end a trophy drought that seems have to lasted an eternity. We don’t have a 20+ goal a season striker

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  5. jk

    We havnt got the fire power to win a trophy this year and thats wenger and the boards fault for not keeping rvp or at least replacing with a striker of equal quality!

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  6. Jonny

    should of signed this guy years ago. he oozes class. true pro. young arsenal players please watch and learn.

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  7. Dave A

    Goonergetya Sheggs and JK have got it right with thier comments above.JK especially,every year is the same .
    Yep every year we have to wait for the new team to gel,last year the year before etc etc,it is ridiculous and I am at the end of my tether,its Killing me.Last years panick buys were given time and they did well towards the second half of the season,so what do our elustrious leaders do then.THEY SELL THEM again.Now we wil have to wait again untill they get to know each other all over again and then it will be to late to win anything again.Fantastic we are.No we are not people and thats the truth so if you are willing to put up with this for the future do nothing,if your not then throw your RVP merchandise like scarves hats and shirts we all have bought at the pitch this weekend and those who go when he comes to try and score against us at the Emirates do the same thing,throw the crap away at the pitch.What do you say.Let our club know we are not prepared to continue selling our best players every year,its killing us.

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  8. Uche

    Arteta is actually a more imposing leader on the pitch than Vermalen. I love vermalen and I think he is a true gunner but the prescence of arteta on the pitch just gives a certain kind of calm and confidence that no other arsenal player exudes. If vermalen were injured, Koscielny can replace him and partner per without problems. But do you see anybody replacing arteta when he is inured? The moment arteta got injured last season, we could only win one game and that was that final match against QPR. We could not win anything else and ramsey was awful as usual. So really, arteta is the boss, not vermalen. But I am happy we have both.

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  9. Israel terefe

    Yeah i told u arteta will be our key players at the beginning of the yeah,gunners is that amazing that i believe groud will be more than rvp still now

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  10. John Legend....

    I lov Arteta, however, I prefer him τ☺ be more free τ☺ roam around the pitch. A proper DM would be perfect foя us.

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  11. Alby

    Take it or leave it arsenal will surprise the footballing world this sat by wining convincingly agent man my new team sheet will be… Sczy…….Sagna ….mert….kos…..verm….arteta…… Jack……podi…….santi…….Walcott ………Giroud . The OX could start in place of Walcott if the prof decides to act funny with Walcott . Come on guys ve faith ,God will never let us down this weekend.the stone that the builder reject becomes the corner stone.we ve had enough of man u and u see the more u beat someone u unconsciously revives the persons bravery.lets all be optimistic for one after all what u wish for or profess with your lips is what you get.alby

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  12. true goon

    i like arteta he is a leader on the pitch and he is experienced in the premiership,but i don’t think he has all of the attributes to play DM,he doesn’t give the ball away and his passing is accurate,but i feel that we need a more pacey powerful player with more strength in that area,if jack stays fit we might not really need arteta in that role anymore,but a real DMer

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  13. henrychan

    Arteta is the real captain.. not Vermaelen..
    Verm is not good in his post.. how can he lead us and motivate team if he almost in every games lost his controll and can’t secured our backside..??
    I prefer Kos and Mert than Kos-Verm or Verm-Mert..

    I think Wenger must give the Captain rule to Arteta.. And the co-capt to someone like Cozorla or Wilshere.. who can give energy for the team..

    We need to win again Reading and hope Kos is back for CB with Mert..
    Santos must replace with Miquel or even Jenkinson.. I missed Gibbs..

    Go gunners..

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  14. !@#$%

    arshavin must play againt manure.. he is exellent in crossing and will give the help that giroud need!COYG!

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