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Arteta could be the Arsenal manager one day!

Mikel Arteta had been an Arsenal player for just a year when his leadership skills were rewarded by Arsene Wenger with vice-captaincy of the Gunners. His new deeper lying position in midfield allows him to control the game, and he is keen to continue to do so when his playing career is over. The main down side, according to the Spaniard, is the pressure that managers are under in the modern game.

“I think the job has changed alot in the last few years, you can see the stress and the responsibility managers have.

“I have thought about it alot and we will see what happens one day. It’s still early for that. Obviously you’re starting to get a few things from different managers and players and a key thing is they can help.

“Sometimes on the pitch as well you think about things that can be done better, or in a different way, or how you play depending on if you’re winning and drawing and what the team needs to do.”

David Moyes and Wenger are two of the most respected managers in the English Premier league and Arteta will have learned a great deal from them, especially about coping on a budget.

It is clear from his play that his tactical awareness will be a massive benefit to him as a manager, but Arteta believes that man management is equally important. He realises that evry player is different and should be treated differently to get the best out of them.

Only time will tell, but we could see Arteta directing the play from the dugout rather than the middle of the pitch one day.

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23 thoughts on “Arteta could be the Arsenal manager one day!

  1. Amos Ayoolluwa

    Yes! He can come & manage Arsenal, he is welcome But i will love IGWE, Henry to come first!

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  2. Gooner123

    I could never imagine how Arsenal will be like without Wenger as the manager.

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  3. Gunner win

    I also say pep when wenger calls it quits, pep was at an arsenal training session a month or so back so I would say it will happen at some point.

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  4. Laurentkboi

    We need Henry first and arteta as a interim I wish Ian wright was the FA chairman he would end racism trust.
    Born a gunner, Die a gunner.

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  5. MellowGunner

    Arsenal without arsene is actually unimaginable, even the names correspond ! But the day will have to come and if there is anyone i’dlike I see take the job it would be guardiola or moyes, with arteta as assistant

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  6. jk

    jurgen klopp and lets hope he takes gotze, reus and lewondowski with him…….wishful thinking!! Le Prof has another 5 years in him anyway

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  7. steve

    I love this guy wish we would have bought him 5 years ago.

    Llorente should be bought for the sell back profit alone, dubious about contract rebels though we’ve been stung by them a few times recently.

    Reus from Dortmund looks a fine player and seems to be going under the radar and Isco looks like an amazing player with so much skill. Can imagine one of the Spanish clubs will buy him if he comes up for sale. But who knows, when it comes to Malaga they appear to be very unpredictable in the transfer market.

    Strikers are such a risk though thats why its so hard to buy one. Its more of a mentality position just like defending, that’s where Walcott falls short unfortunately.

    Fingers crossed for a solid transfer window come January.

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  8. craig2500

    we havent won anything yet lets hold back idolising players to a management role, the next Arsenal manager will need to be proven and experienced not just someone who used to wear red and white.

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  9. Um Gooner

    Don’t know which club he will going to manage. But, he will become a legend at it. Cause, this lad is too much pro!!!

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  10. jk

    lewondowski is destroying english back 4 on his own if we buy a striker i hope its him

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  11. Abbeygooner


    I can mate, and we were singing, “1-0 to the Arsenal, 1-0……..”

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  12. DocBrody

    It’s a nice thought but a club as big as Arsenal needs a manager with at least a decade of experience. A manager at a big club needs to understand the business side of things in addition to the tactical. From merchandising to seat pricing to transfer negotiations and budgeting. They also need experience dealing with the boys and young men who make up a team. They must be able to manage the multitude of personalities and keep the locker room under control to maximize performance on the field. That’s probably the hardest part of the job and something that takes years to develop proficiency in.

    There are of course examples of players who have gone on to manage successfully without putting there time in first, but these are very rare – more the “exceptions that prove the rule” than a good model to follow.

    I must admit that Arteta seems like the type who could successfully transition to management, but judging from the way my wife seems to perk up every time they do a close up of him, I think broadcasting may be a smarter move!

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  13. green gunner

    Spain needed a holding midfielder last night against France…not to tell another man his job but come on del bos.

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  14. leo

    @arsenal & @jk agreed 100% i would love to see klopp suceed wenger similar philosophy,style just brilliant he signed lewandowski=4m kagawa for 35000 pound & sold him for 17m/subotic=6m/hummels free/ the entire squad cost less than what chelski paid for torres

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  15. leo

    pep guardiola is good but needs to spend big + messi his transfer signings dani alves=35m/david villa=40m ibrahimovic=46m +etto alexis sanchez=27m/fabrgas=35m/mascherano=18m/dynitro chegrisnky=25m he is good but at arsenal these type of spendings not going to happen

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  16. ojikiti

    I think steve Bould assist by Arteta when Wenger step down as manager. Pep ran away when the tough get going.

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  17. Invincibles nice (1)

    Myself “Dennis Bergkamp” is whom i would truly love to see at the helm of the Arsenal, i am sure that he would/will become a very successful manager, with his understanding of football and contacts within the game, i think that Dennis will have many takers but only one wish..
    Holland are forever producing special/promising young player’s, with us being able to cherrypick these youngster’s coz of their desire to play under one of their more recent legends “would be fantastic”, also a bonus would/will be the fact that Dennis knows and adores the club and it’s fans.

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  18. Hafiz Rahman

    would love to see a big spending English manager takes charge….spend and spend and spend till Arsenal get broke and relegate to league two…

    then fans will realise how good Wenger is….

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  19. taylor

    we could be seeing pep guardiola as our next manager, AW’s current deal expires in 2014. guardiola takes a break from football. maybe could mean hes our next manager. id love to see arteta managing arsenal and i could see him being a good one at that.

    manager wishlist after wenger:
    henry (why not)


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