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Arteta: February is crucial for Arsenal – but the Spurs game is massive!

Arsenal are on a really good run for the last five games, and have the chance to progress in two Cup competitions this month, as well as continuing our fine form in the League, but the Gunners midfielder Mikel Arteta is keeping his feet on the ground and is aware that the newly consistent Arsenal team have to continue this form or risk being devastated in the coming games.

Arsene Wenger’s team have to face Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup, Bayern Munich in the Champions League, and of course the (easy?) home game against Aston Villa in the Premier League. All those are crucial, but Arteta is aware that these are just warm ups to the most important game. Looking at the betting for these three games, Unibet are making Arsenal 1.28 favourites to beat Blackburn, 1.35 to beat Villa but they are a massive 3.40 to beat Bayern Munich, despite all three games being played at the Emirates.

If Arsenal can come through these games without losing, then the big game arrives. With Tottenham four points ahead of the Gunners in the coveted Fourth Place, the North London derby could have extra added importance this time around, and the result could have far-reaching consequences.

Arteta is well aware of how crucial this could be to our season. He said: “It’s a massive game. It could be decisive in the race for the top four. I know the manager’s record of always getting there but 10 years ago it was easier than it is now.

“Now there are so many more sides with equal spending power. There’s been a big improvement in English football.

“There is no other league in Europe where it’s as tough and no other league where the levels are as hard as here to get to the Champions League. Over here there are five or six top teams.”

“February is the crucial month. Everything can look brighter at the end of this month, or really, really bad. We’re on a really good run. We have players hitting top form.”

You couldn’t be more right Mikel, and there will be millions of Arsenal fans looking forward with trepidation, but at least we are going into these games with a good bit of form behind us and simply have to retain the spirit, togetherness and battling qualities that have stood us in good stead over the last month. Can we do it?


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16 thoughts on “Arteta: February is crucial for Arsenal – but the Spurs game is massive!

  1. Mowember

    Still don’t understand why wenger hasnt bought 2 or 3 players. You can already see a disaster coming when our keyplayers get injured. We have to play with our youth players.

    We could miss out cl spot. And get trashed in the cl that will kill the confidence of the players. Wenger why o why?

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  2. Mowember

    Wilshere is a target every week and he is out for a week. Teams seems to turn into barbarians when they play against us seems like it their only tactic to stop us.

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  3. Mekx

    Can we just stop talking about who we didn’t buy or why just for a bit please and comment on the current team and our matches. I find I see the same comments over and over again just a different name attached to it.
    Arsenal forever

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  4. o_0

    I want another demolition of 5pur2! Let’s destroy their confidence! If only Frimpong was here against Bale… Mwahahahahaaa!

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  5. Mallu Gooner

    Last season we had 46 points from 26 games. This season we have 44.

    Spuds had 53 at the same stage. Now they have 48. They will surely drop points as usual. We have to make most of that.

    If we can defend like last game. Top 4 is just a formality and even 3rd place is possible.

    To be honest we may not win the champions league but FA cup is possible.

    Everything depends on our defensive performance from now on.

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  6. juhislihis

    Chelsea plays Man Shitty when we play Villa.

    Chelsea loses – we are 2 points from 3rd/4th.

    Chelsea wins, we are 6 points from 2nd.

    They draw, 3 points 3rd and 7 from 2nd.

    Really exciting..

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  7. Big Gun

    I would give Frimpong some 1st team experience asap. Even if its just to sub with Arteta or Ramsey at half time. Jack’s strength has improved, but we need some muscle to help him and Cazorla. My heart almost stops everytime Jack goes into a tackle. Sunderland were really out to get him, we can’t have every team just target Jack without us having any form of respite. We need someone to bite back, or even bite first for that matter. Frimpong is the man for the job. I mean if Wenger ain’t gonna buy a proper DM, at least play Frimpong when needed. Arteta can be utilized against the softer teams.

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  8. Gunner

    We have to play a strong and confident game against Bayern. If not they will start their standard play..
    We all know that Bayern has a top form at the moment and lost the final in penalty so they will do everything to win! So that’s our keyword to play confident and make a pressing from the first minute on.
    Also we have to win against Spurs to join CL 2014 that’s really important.

    Lets go GUNNERS <3

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  9. kzm

    my gut tells me we will be in the top 4 this season again, i do forsee chelsea loosing this race coz spuds are annoyingly consistent and they have half a decent squard.So chelsea please move over !!!

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  10. taylor

    Looking at Tottenhams fixture list in March and April does add optimism, there is no way they will pick up maximum points in those games and it is a crucial time for us to make up ground, they play ourselves, Liverpool, Swansea away, Everton, Chelsea away and man city in this period. So out of their 12 remaining games, half of them could see them beaten. If we are not in fourth by the end of April with 3 games left we will struggle

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  11. craig2500

    The last Spurs game would of likely been lost as they were all over us until they went down to ten, we need to start this game from the first minute and Bale needs to be well marked for us to have a chance. We may need to grind out a win like the last two games. Our saving grace is Liverpool, they still have to play Spurs and Everton and could help us jump past them with victories over the two teams.

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  12. gunner4life

    You are jumping ahead of yourself thats IF we beat Villa. The game is not even here yet you think we’ve won it LOL.

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  13. indian gooner

    we should not get too much excited…juz need to focus on winning the next game…juz keep winning the games and points will follow..looking at opponents results doesn’t matter…we should be winning each and every game from now on in the league including Manu match at emirates…

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  14. Jathusanthegunner

    I think if we want to qualify for the champions league we need to win all our games that follow even the man united one at emirates and especially the one against spurs . We also need to win the one against Everton as they are only two points away from us therefore we need to win all the match that are following . If we use a strong squad like :
    Sagan Vermaelan Mertesacker Monreal
    Wilshere Cazorla
    Walcott Giroud Podolski
    For all our games unless we play teams in league 1 . We need to use it for FA cup ties as well .

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