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Aston Villa v Arsenal – Player Ratings and Analysis

What Went Wrong? By Twig

After the midweek game against Montepellier, I had said that I was far from impressed. The team was static, lacked pace and had no penetration. The two goals we scored in the second half only masked what was otherwise a very mid-table performance. This is one of the slowest, most cumbersome Arsenal sides I’ve ever seen. Unless Walcott, Wilshere, Diaby or Arshavin (if you go by his masterclass against Reading) are playing, the team has no cutting edge and seems too laboured and ponderous. We’ve witnessed the same performance again today against a very average Villa side. Anyway, let’s analyse the performance of the following players:

Giroud and Podolski: These two are too similar. I have never seen a player as heavily one-footed as these duo. It’s not a big problem maybe, but when you have these two players playing at the same time, then, it really stifles our attack. Even though RVP was heavily left-footed, his right leg was not entirely useless and he scored a couple of goals with it too. His movement was slick and belied the fact that he was primarily left-footed. Podolski on the left is just useless. It doesn’t matter whether he has played 100 games for Germany as a left winger or not, the fact is that it’s not his natural position. All the goals he scored – bar few – came in from a central position. As a left winger he offers us no pace on the left and we can’t launch a counter-attack from that wing. The problem with these two is that neither player can ‘carry’ the ball.

Their ability to run with the ball is just abysmal: You’ll sooner see Podolski pass back to Gibbs than see him searing down the left taking fullbacks head on. It’s little surprise that Podolski is the most subbed player in the EPL this season. The solution? Podolski is a very good striker playing on the wrong side on the pitch. Buy a proper left winger and make Podolski slug it out with Giroud for the sole striking role in Wenger’s favoured 4-3-3 formation.

Arteta and Cazorla: When last did Arteta play really well for Arsenal? Is his horror-showing against Fullham still having an effect on him. I’m really concerned about Arteta and Cazorla and both seem to be going through the same spell of loss of form. The team has been heavily reliant on the two players and it is hard to see who their competitors in the team are. Cazorla is a tricky, nifty player but I feel he doesn’t control the midfield (as Fabregas used to do). He goes in and out of games far too much and sometimes seems to be too far from the opponent’s danger area.

The solution? Probably get another CAM to compete with Cazorla with the option of playing Cazorla on the right. Secondly, buy a proper defensive midfielder (Capoue comes easily to mind) to add some bite into the midfield.

Gervinho: I wouldn’t say much about Gervinho – I really don’t want to. But even when he was scoring the odd goal in the beginning of the season, I wasn’t really impressed. He loses the ball far too much (we saw that at least twice today) and seems to easily run out of ideas. The solution? It may be harsh, but I think Gervinho is not going to improve much on his current showing. He should be moved on.

Wenger: Wenger’s not a player, but he single-handedly cost us this game. He substituted late (on the 70th minute as usual) and the substitutions were not correct. Arteta and Cazorla were having very poor games and I thought Podolski was offering us nothing on the left and Oxlade-Chamberlain was looking absolutely knackered on the right. The solution? I wouldn’t canvass Wenger out just yet but I thought a more positive substitution was to bring Arshavin on for Podolski on the left; Wilshere on for Cazorla in the middle and move Cazorla out to the right to replace the tiring Oxlade-Chamberlain. And those substitions should have been made much earlier in the game.

Player Ratings: Szczesny 8, Mertasacker and Koscielny 7, Gibbs 7.5, Jenkinson 6.5, Arteta 5, Cazorla 5, Oxlade-Chamberlain 5, Podolski 4, Giroud 5.5, Gervinho 3, Arshavin 5, Coquelin N/A


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47 thoughts on “Aston Villa v Arsenal – Player Ratings and Analysis

  1. Alex guru

    After watching the game yesterday i really think we need to buy a decent right mid like navas! And we also need more strength in midfield and someone like wanyama or fellaini would be fantastic!

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  2. JONNO

    4 4 feckin 2 !!!!
    Job done, end of. Why wenger do damn stubborn?
    I know hes french but my word he takes it to a
    whole new level.

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  3. gooner

    Dislike this comment all you like but i do not like Wenger as a MANAGER. He would be the best scout or sporting director, picking out fantastic players out of nothing BUT not a manager who can set up a team, tactics, substitutions and what a real MANAGER can do…

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  4. S.H

    Oh here we go – the ratings

    How about the whole team got a DRAW and that’s rated as a NO NO NO! We need to win. Kicking the team when its down with your ratings is not only useless, but they’re ratings of your own opinion – so what!?

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    whenever ramsey starts,arsenal will sure never win the game!he often looses the ball,dosent know wat is simple pass,he has lost his touch,surprised that wilshere nor le coq didnt start ahead of ramsey,Giroud was immense,if u noticed his passes,the way he holds the ball.arsenal are nt understanding they way giroud moves,then why buy him wenger?carl needs to improve his crossings like sagna,a simple 442 would change the game with poldi and giroud up front!

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  6. Dave

    To the people who keep saying we need Jesus Navas – He’s not coming to Arsenal, nor any other club. Well known fact that he suffers from chronic homesickness to the point where he sometimes walks out on Spain training camps due to it being too far from Seville.

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  7. imran

    as i Already said, Wenger Must Move Up to Board, He can Manage the CLUB as no one else can but now sorry to say, He cant Manage Team any More!

    He must Move to Board, Club Management, Scouting, Youth Development n Holds All Finance!

    We need a new Coach!

    AS admin has said in his Player Rating Article, Gervinho is not goin to Improve, n we have seen it… Ramsey, Absolute Sub but not a starter At ALL!

    Even a simple Person Can think tht If U want to win A game, Bring COQUILEN for RAMSEY, Give Arteta More ATTACKING Role as there is COQ to defend, Bring Arshavin on Left tp provide Deliviers For GIROUD…. But it was poor Management….

    Gerv on, Who cant cross, did any 1 seen him crossing in BOX???
    But ARSHAVIN can Put in some decent deliviers n he did, But UNFORTUNATELY MR GERV was on recieving End!
    Its Was Simple, Put on Arshavin Take Out PODOLSKI!

    Put On COQ take out Ramsey, Give Arteta Freedom in Attacking Role… Keep Giroud on Field, Arteta n ARSHAVIN both can Deliver Him, N he Vl score 🙂

    But Wenger did Every thng OPPOSITE 🙁

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  8. imran

    For Me Jenki Need to Learn allot, how to cross…
    OUR both Full backs can b CBs, Seriously, thy are awsome defenders but Just lack sharpness in attack! 🙁

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  9. COYG malaysia

    First of all, you can thumbs down this all you like but I just wanna say this..

    guys seriously though. give Ramsey a chance. He’s young. He’s talented. He likes to go forward. Something we miss from Arsenal. Having most of our possesion on the oppositions half. yes he hasnt had the best performance. But hey, he just got back from a career threatening injury remember? oh yes I dont want to talk about that night.

    All I wanna say is that he’s a quality player in the making. Sell him? in 2 years he’s gonna be one of the best british players in the Premier league.

    I remembered reading an article about him a couple of years ago. He was one of the most wanted young man in the english league. Some of them were united. Selling him now and I’m sure United will be the first to grab him. And yeah, all you bashers will regret it someday.

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  10. imran

    I Love Giroud, For Me he was Man Of the Match for Arsenal Side… 🙂

    His Trickery Flicks were there, Beautifull small Passing…

    I saw Only him to take on Defenders n Move the Ball FORWARD, once he did starting from our half to Opposition HALF!

    He was Excellent, Mean He Alone cant do every Thing 🙁

    Poor For Him, no Single Delivery in BOX for Him, RVP scored 37 goals, He was given Plenty of Chances in BOX, shame on Us, GIROUD hardly get 1 chance per Game n We Want to Compare him Wid RVP 🙁
    who vl he score if he dont Get even Single Opportunity 🙁

    I saw many Positves, He is on Feeling Better, He is Using His Full Strength, To Turn n Take defender On N Dribble PAST them, He really Work hard For Team! In Few Months, He vl B rocking 🙂

    Waiting For ROSICKY, He vl Bring OLD spirite BACK 🙂
    N Diaby too 🙂
    Thn We Will HAve Some Quality On Bench 🙂

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  11. green gunner

    What is wrong with Chamberlain this year?? A few glimpses here and there. Nowhere as good as he should be.
    Agreed that gervinio must be shown the door. Talk about frustration looking at him making a mess of everything the touched yesterday.
    Fair play to Szezney yesterday. Read the game perfect and what about that save. No.1 and as good as any keeper out there.
    Desperatly needed Walcott(pace, finishing) Wilshire(control) and Sagna(crossing) yesterday.

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  12. jjkmiles

    I point to ramsey as being jinxed, anytime he starts a match for arsenal we r destined to loose or draw just like anytime drogba starts against arsenal we r bound to loose or conceed frm him, so im not surprised he was not included in d ratings even when he was motm hahaha. Wenger should learn how to dig deep to win matches, villa conceeded 8 goals in 2matches and we could not score even 1. It would have been better to win against villa and hope for draw against everton but now we wil loose against everton even after we rested our players. Wenger has ridiculed arteta, is either rosicky or diaby comes back or we wont even finish 5th. I luv arsenal no mata d position wen wenger has lost d plot. I knw im not a manager but was alive wen TH14 screemed abt wrong substitution against manure and even rvp was also surprised too

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  13. love to be gooner

    imo arteta is loosing balls always passing backwards o sideways…no attacking moves …i thnk ths is becozhe is playd out of position..!!!
    n our team mentality is nt gudtakin one point against aston villa is neva a gud thing …wer manu n mancity keep mentality of winning with 5 goals to improve their goal diff. n bthink of drawing is neva a good thing

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    first you cant blame Ramsey for a sh*t team performance and secondly with our squad the subs lack quality to do anything anyway. Frankly Arshavin would have been sold by now if he was at a top quality team so less not talk like he been fairly untreated he is where should be on the bench cause over the past two season he was not hungry enough to want more from his arsenal carrier, he is ony at arsenal cause he is not bother to relocate. the whole team is not good enough as a whole we rely too much on carzola which is bad cause as good as he is this is his first season in the premier league dont blame one play one player. just admit our team is where is should be considering what our priority is. this season was never gonna be our seaon it really on what we do this transfer window and next summers window the determines the future of club on the pitch.

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  15. S.H

    @COYG malaysia

    I read the first two lines and that was enough! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Yeah give Ramsey a chance. Are you kidding me!? How many chances does a person need to prove that he is not Arsenal material? The coffee is ready, sniff it and wake up!

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  16. Niyi

    I wonder what kind of person you are,that you do not see any good player in the team you support.I will suggest you take over from Arsene Wenger even the teams that spent much this season still loses some matches.

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  17. S.H


    Yeah highly agree. I love Giroud’s flicks. They’re accurate and open the defensive walls. He was doing that for Montpellier too. Good observation!

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  18. haskel45

    wenger is just too stubborn anstuck in his ways AFC is just about money nothing else see how they got excited over there new shirt deal wenger an hillwood out pep an dein in

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  19. RWRW

    @ S.H

    I couldnt agree with you more regaring COYG Malaysia

    I actually read all of his comment to see if he could say anything else as stupid as his ramsay comment

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  20. spider

    Arsenal are to predictable under Wenger, been playing the same way for the last 15 years, other teams no how to set up against Arsenal, because of the way we play, hence the results we get, lower league teams love playing against us, your Stokes, QPR, Reading, Wigan, Sunderland, Norwich etc.. that’s why we struggle to beat such teams.

    Just stop our play makers and its job done Arsenal are just bog standard, there ain’t no other formations to the way we play, that’s why we ain’t won nothing for the last 7 seasons and 8 coming right up.

    Disagree all you want but its time for change at this sleeping giant of a club called ARSENAL FC!

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  21. Nevidimka

    At the end of every season when we finish fourth.. about 15-20 points adrift from the champions.. we always wonder where did we loss those points. Well, here you go… these are where we loss them.. losses to bottom table struggling teams where we should have won them outright given our stature, while teams like MU, City, Chelsea.. claws those points regardless of whether its the pitch,, or the linesman, or the referee,fixture list, or the WEATHER. They just claw those points and crown themselves champions. WHile we simply lose those points..and simply try to convince ourselves that its just few games into the season, just a quarter into the season, just half way, just 3/4 of the season….We simply did not enough players on the bench who could have given that spark to turn things around, enters our stingy BOARD who refuses to finance expensive purchases. Otherwise we wouldnt be left with just the innefective Giroud as the only striker, while having alot more deadwoods in our payroll. DOnt blame Arsene, He is only given crumbs to buy players and kepp us challenging, and he has been doing an astonishing job so far, its the f88king board!. SO its evident now..even though we are still early in the league, that we will not win it. Just hope for a top 4, and hope/pray that wenger is given money to buy better striker in january and we get rid of some of those deadwoods off of our payroll. Kudos to Wenger for battling hard in an impossible situation created by the board!.. Go wenger and Arsenal. Hope we win somehting in the cup competitions. What a dissapointing day..

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  22. COYG

    Lol u guys always use ramsey as an escape goat. Believe it or not he was the only player who looked like scoring. His shot was the only one on target and he’s the one who got on the end of things, its just that his finishing let him down. If he can improve this then I believe he’ll do well. Stop picking on ramsey!!!! Look at other players who didn’t step up- what about arteta???? IMO that guy offers pretty much nothing. He isn’t the best tackler and he often makes sideways and backward passes, lol reminds me of denilsion. I’m not saying arteta is a bad player, he’s a good player, but only when he is allowed to be creative!!!! Wenger is limiting him!!! We need his creative ability, wenger should buy a proper CDM to do the dirty work. I don’t care if I get voted down. I’m just saying what most of yal are afraid to say

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  23. jdwalcott

    This team is quality but i think wenger has lost his magic. I respect him very much and don’t want him to be sacked but for the betterment of the club he should retire. It seems like the only solution.

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  24. jk

    Agree with S.H how many chances are we prepared to give ramsey and its not just him diaby is essentially taking up a spot in our 24 man side but never plays what is that about, wenger has to be more ruthless i gaurantee ferguson wouldnt stick by players having stinkers every week. Agree with another point above about chamberlain he has typical arsenal syndrome where he thinks he is awesome before he has proved anything the same as pennant, bentley etc! Wenger should drag him into office and say get the F*ck off ox tv and whatever else you do and concentrate on football!

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  25. lumia

    @cyog malaysia.. Man u will grab him..? Last two transfer window nobody bid for ramsey.. He got his chance n he blew it away.. Pleaseee

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  26. don

    the main problem in the club is management,Wenger! 1st-he doesn’t have a winning mentality that has trickled down to the players,this is shown by the subs made and the time they are made if even they are the right ones,and the fact that he keeps a cool deminour n only urges the team on when its less than 5 min to go.2nd-he’s become very predictable,he never changes his tactics,we can’t use the same formation for 4yrs yet we have very versatile technically gifted players who can win games just with some shufflin between podolsky playin off giroud as his feeder or using arshavin in place of ramsey after seeing there isen’t any cutting edge in the final 3rd.3rd-favouritism- we are the only big club that players are guaranteed positions for shitty performances,yet with competition for positions we can even rotate the team n maintain quality performances eg. giroud started playin well after realising walcott n podolsky want his position n believe they can have better impact than him,vermaelen has been prone to errors than all starting defenders but starts all games despite per n kozy been the stabler pair,ramsey is rewarded for poor performances when arshavin can have more impact in that positition creatively,gervinho guaranteed starts after dismall performances with walcott n ox benched,jenkinson instantly benched coz sagna is back from injury despite him been solid n even suprisin everyone,nobody questions what that does to jenkinsons morale just as he did to chamakh when vp recovered from injury.AW should learn how to strike a balance n utilize his team well,because performance wins the league at the long run,in a team nobody should be guaranteed posititions,hence the complacency in arsenal,this might hurt the truth is this is the main point that usually wins fergie the league despite having a weaker team than ours,this n a winning mentality instilled in his players,players should play on performance merit,period!.4rth-re occurance of blanders-we r the only big club that duplicates same mistakes one season after the other with no rectification,if im exergeratin go check seasons reviews from 6yrs back you’ll wonder what does wenger actually do to improve the standards of the team,another major reason why we are not performing. reality is,some fans are in denial,but,when did we seriously start scrutinising AW’s performances despite the trophy droughts? i’ll say about 4yrs back,has there been any improvement? no.time wasted on change n recovery that might have brought victory,order,trophies? yes.n still counting? yes.fellow gunners time is of the essence,the first change should be change in management,when Aw finally resigns trophyless you’ll regret why it wasen’t done earlier,n thats the bitter reality,his passed his glory days.last,his replacement must be a disciplinarian because he’ll be everything Aw is not,with a talanted squad.

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  27. Young prof chumby

    That was poor perfomance,players were out of the game,wenger da same,he have 2learn frome fergie the action of making correct sub inorder 2 win the coming games,without that trophy plus top4 will be miracle 4us,let
    Us pray ..amen

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  28. Moses

    Ramsey is weak. Terrible decision maker, far too slow, in over his head and shouldn’t be playing for a top4 club.

    He gives the ball away far too much, can’t tackle anyone, takes weak shots that might as well be passes to the keeper, and generally seems to mess up anything he does.

    I’d play just about anyone in our team ahead of that mug.

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  29. zekeh

    yesterdays match was again lost in the midfield…. no penetrative runs this happens only when ramsey is playing.
    he has quality but he has become too slow and cant go past players anymore. we are a counter attacking team.ramsey slows it whole down.cant catch the opponents out of shape.
    wilshere/diaby are ball runners due too which opponents loose shape and cazorla makes use of it ramsey doesnt do dat.
    Giroud came to form 5 goals in 7 matches now because of the quality crosses and constant feed in box given by sagna /theo/podolski.
    yesterdays match… jenkinson just put in one cross. he always takes the ball to the line and passes it back.
    no feed no goals.
    jenkinson needs to improve a lot if he wants to become number one,. ramsey sorry but time is up.

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  30. bandbaja

    Everyone loves to blame Ramsey. WTF is that about. Why not blame others everytime we lose or draw a game it’s blame Ramsey coz he started or this and that. Every one done the same with eboue look how much we are missing him. Ramsey just needs his confidence back. If any of you had the injury he had bet you lot would struggle to. Personally ever since Gary lewin our old physio has taken the England job we have been fcukd. Also I blame the board penny pinching. Look when we had dein you telling me ARSENE never spent. how much was Reyes wiltord Henry pires etc etc. But it’s this board they won’t allow him to spend that much on players. So that is why we can’t really compete. If it was up to the board bet they would sell half of this team. We only do our shopping in the 99p store. Stan is happy as long as we get champions league spot and that’s it. Btw no one would become arsenal manager coz the board don’t want to spend.

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  31. mario

    Arsenal fans cannot see the most obvious-If you keep mixing top class players like Cazorla with below average pretenders then the top platers eventually lose interest and form,The signs are clearly there,Cazorla is no longer enjoying his game and soon he’ll be also on his way.Stats also show that every game we atarted with Ramsey the team struggled and lost points.Yet Wenger can’t see that.He gives the impression that he cares f### all and doesn’t want to be questioned.Arsenal gained a massive overseas fan base because of top players in the past like Henry, Bergkamp,Viera etc.That has been replaced by such mediocrity and the club is now rapidly losing support worldwide.Yesterday even Man.u managed to conjure up a win through crosses and headers but Arsenal could not manage a single worthwile cross into the box.This team is a joke.

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  32. geoafrogooner

    u missed it on giroud,he wasnt given any chances.our creative link was missing the spaniards were on holiday.giroud was the best on show,even created a chance for kos6 who spurn player was able to put genuine crosses into the area for g12 to connect.i thought wenger would have brought young strikers from the reserves to burn some energy.the 1st team was tired from the champ league game.

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  33. Sean

    Firstly, Ramsey. Were we watching different games? Ramsey is developing into a great little player. His technique is top drawer and had a better touch than even Cazorla yesterday. His finishing was arse, but I see what Wenger sees in him and think that once he finds and gets comfortable with his true position, he’ll come good.

    Giroud also started brightly and put himself about, but Villa did such a great job of allowing us no space, his frustration led to mistakes, although I do feel he should have been left on as he is still the biggest threat on the pitch.

    I was impressed again with Gibbs and Jenks. The latter gave away a few cheap free kicks and crossed terribly but he’s defensively sound.

    Arsenal clearly lack player in the Vieira mould. A huge weakness of Arsenal is no protection for the back four, which Villa really took advantage of symbolised by their young lad’s strike against the crossbar.

    This has to be a priority for January. Wilshere has the mettle but his creativity would be wasted. Diaby is a similar case. Wanyama looks the real deal and a player like him or M’vila would provide us with what we need. I also believe we need to adjust the formation. Giroud is a little lost by himself so two up front would be ideal. Then there’s the question of how to fit Cazorla in there. He’d be wasted on the wing. Here’s my suggestion:

    ———–New DM/Coquelin————

    I’d love to see a striker like Lewandowski come and add depth to the strikeforce, too. The problem with this would be the opposition’s fullbacks. This could be nullified by a) controlling position through the centre, and zonal marking through the middle, with the two central mids pushing out wide. Having players like Ox and Ramsey would get the best out of them as wingers cum centre mids, both with excellent technique to aid us in controlling the centre. Perhaps we’d miss the wingers, but let’s face it, we don’t have any naturally gifted wingers (youth excluded). This formation would see us not only control games, but create chances. With Jenks and Gibbs bounding forward too, Giroud would get plenty of service. Dm would always be there to protect the defence. We’ve missed this since Song left, and he wasn’t even a natural DM.

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  34. mehedi

    mark my words, before you blame ramsey just glance at the pics of his leg-break at the Britannia. imagine that had happened to you. Would you ever dare to get back to the green grass again to play the beautiful game? Ramsey has the potential to be the worlds best midfielder. Let him take his time….

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  35. davidrusa

    As long as Arsenal is playing against another team expect a result which will either be a draw, win or loss. If games were predestined there would be no need for playing. It’s true Man city beat Villa by whatever goal margin. This is actually one of the reasons why Villa did not lose to Arsenal at home. Villa was a wounded buffalo and never go near one! This is a psychological issue. Villa came out to die on the pitch. In fact am surprised they did not win! They had home advantage as well as more rest days plus that desire to put shame behind them. There are many motivations in games and a good analyst should carefully study these to arrive at correct assessment.

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  36. Joe

    Ramsey had a great game last night
    Our only shot on target
    He didn’t turn over even once
    He was a major threat and was one of the few reasons why we could keep possession

    I don’t know why people are slacking off oxlade
    He offered the only attacking threat. Down the right flank
    I’m not saying I’m happy with the result just recognising the efforts of those who tried

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  37. Vukasin

    Wenger needs to buy a LB and a decent striker who can play with his foot unlikely Giroud who plays only with his head. He needs to give his team a hope for a title not just a participation promise of a championship league tournament…

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  38. James

    Acquire Marco Reuss in 2013. The €35 million buyout clause is fine when looking at the tremendous all around skill of Reuss.

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  39. Okey

    I remember watching Y. Toure for Man shitty and Gallas for rottenham coldspurs panting and gasping for breath two seasons ago when they met Arsenal, even Aston villa were used for trainning on their soil that same season by Arsenal. Our players used to have control of the ball with confidence and fast/swift with their touches, their problem was Wenger’s refusal to buy quality strikers to cement their superb acts. Wenger and Gazidi chose the wrong option and started selling the quality players for chicken change. Wenger has assembled inconsistent, sloppy and very slow squad, players when u send a pass to them, they will be standing on a spot waiting for the ball to get to them. As for Ramsey forget him, he will never improve, he lacks commitment and seriously unserious. even inside six yard box it is extremely impossible for him to bury the ball inside the opponents net, he keeps frittering and fluffing precious chances as if he doesnt understand the purpose the of every kick is to win matches, anyway he can be doing that since AW is not interested in winning trophies. It is so painful that Wenger is now very poor in taking positive decisions, match reading as well as substions at the right time and with the right players. the players are kill joy, no desire, no steel and no bite, most of them earn more than Totteham and Aston Vila players that are playing out their hearts. What is going on Wenger should rise up and SHOUT IT OUT TO THEM ..E N O U G H OF THIS MEDIOCRITY!

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  40. T2T

    Look at how the team has changed over the years. 10 years ago, The Arsenal were the best around when counter attacking. Ever since Cesc was the playmaker, we have laboured and rarely moved the ball quickly from defence to attack.

    Arshavin, Wilshere and Cazorla are all players who can make things happen but then we need the front players to be mobile. Look at how seldom the player with the ball have alternatives in front of him. Look at how seldom the full backs/wings are threatening the room behind the defenders. We need Walcott and Ox on the wings.
    I believe we have the players but they need to work harder and play slightly differently.

    Line up against Everton:
    Sagna/Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny/Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Arteta, Wilshere
    Walcott, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain

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