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At last! A believable Arsenal transfer rumour!

The international transfer window hasn’t even opened yet, but according to the Arsenal rumours doing the rounds Arsene Wenger has already made approaches for Petr Cech, Arturo Vidal, Jackson Martinez, Morgan Schneiderlin, Gonzalo Higuain and many many more, and if we get all of them we will DEFINITELY be in the hunt for the title!

But now I have found a very realistic and more likely rumour saying that the Gunners are preparing an offer for the Leicester City youngster Ben Chilwell, who won his club’s Academy Player of the year award. He is only 18 but is a regular in the Foxes U21 side as well as impressing for the England U19s.

He is apparently an accomplished left-back, which makes the rumour even more believable as we currently only have the injury-prone Kieran Gibbs and the 29 year-old Nacho Monreal fighting for that position. If Chilwell carries on improving at his present rate then hopefully in a couple of years he will ready to replace Monreal as a backup to a younger Gibbs.

It is good that Wenger is still bringing n the best youngsters to compete for future places, but having already bought Kristian Bielik and the Argentine wonderkid Maxi Romero we are all hoping to see a top top top player that can slot straight into the first team.

Enough of the teasing Wenger!

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25 thoughts on “At last! A believable Arsenal transfer rumour!

    1. vince

      i think it s a decent rumour and just a report.
      no harm 🙂

      and we need a lb prospect!

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    2. Gunman

      Even though it is posed as a question, I sense you seem to think it is more bullshit than article. And I do agree the incredible rumour articles are much more entertaining. So, let me relay a story from my extremely reliable sources. This summer we are in for Neuer, Varane, Pogba & Messi. Absolutely 100% verified. There, happy now?

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  1. mike1977

    OT. Every season we’re linked with Higuain and Benzema lol. In the past when we’ve been linked to these players we’ve ended up signing the likes of Giroud, Wellbeck, Sanogo, Gervinho, Podolski etc. I think now is the time to splash out on either of these players or go for some other world class striker instead of going for the lesser players. Got a good feeling about our summer spending.

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  2. Greg

    I personally dont want higuain after he ill speaked about arsenal, when we were trying to sign him! I would rather martinez or lacazette! Coyg!

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    1. Fab

      Henry said, we need a WC ST to win trophies, he is the king in that position and he has spoken. The man also was surprised with the cerebration of Javia Hernandez when RM played against arch rival AM on the UEFA quarter final, but if you analyzes the king’s statement well, you will obviously understand that he was just refering to Cristian Ronaldo because he was the one who cerebrated like he killed a lion by his hand. Hope Messi will prove him wrong today.

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    2. GoonAR

      Exactly. Higuain should’ve joined from Madrid if he was such an Arsenal fan. There are better strikers available than him.

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      1. moneytalks

        Real Madrid wanted more money for Higuain. Higuain was poised to join us but Napoli increased the offer and signed him. Just because he joined Napoli doesnt mean he didnt want to join us.

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  3. jt

    OT but has anyone watched lyon this seaon? I’ve heard a lot of noise being made about lacazette but I’m interested to know if anyones seen fekir play live because he looks like a much better prospect imo and apparently can play across the front line

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    1. WM

      Quality player, but has already declared his ambitions of playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid in the future. I’d stay away tbh.

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  4. kays

    did any of you guys watch holland vs USA match? bradely is such a joy to watch wonder y big european teams dont buy him. even manure’s new signing is a threat

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  5. davidnz

    We need a 3rd LB option
    but needs to be low
    purchase price and
    low wage and does not expect
    much game time so yes sounds logical

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  6. Greg

    Watched the game memphis depay is a very good player! Was always looking dangerous on the attack for holland!

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  7. fred cowardly

    Get Howedes. He can play LB if needed
    Also keep Jenkison for 3rd RB. Chambers can focus on CB

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  8. YingYang69

    So is your man Romero signed sealed and delivered.

    Were all wondering how many players if any Wenger will bring in and whether they will be big names. On a similar note when you think of it we do actually need allot of players – Diaby, Flamini finished, Arteta, Rosicky time almost just about up… Cazorla we have to start thinking about soon. Its wise to begin scouting and maybe even purchasing right now as we dont know what the quality of market might look like on day of departures. This isnt even including the three to four new players many believe are needed. I say this because there does seem to be a large amount of good to very good to top players seemingly for sale.

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  9. Ks-Gunner

    Believe what you want, I know that we are still very far away from being up to with the big boys. A poor Chelsea side became champions bec of the lack of competition in the leuage. We have been beated from a funky team like Monaco. Kondogbia with the help of Giroud send us flying away. Chelsea got beaten against a 10 men Psg side, this team who got then later beaten like they would be nothing from Barcelona.

    A keeper we need when you think this is a goal and he says no goal. A strike who makes something out of nothing. The reason why we lose is bec of this reason alone. We work way to hard to creat something which ends up with a goal. A Worldclass striker is what we need to find.

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  10. Gigi2

    Nice prospect.
    But I honstly wish a statement type signing. Just one. Then two real solutions.
    Then something improved at the medical staff…..

    OT read Platini Maradona Zizou and Paolo Rossi are already agreed

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  11. Gundam

    Backing up Gibbs… doing that gets you 40 games a season at the least.

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