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At least Arsenal didn’t lose! And Giroud breaks another record

St Marys is always a difficult venue for Arsenal and as usual Southampton proved to be tough opponents, and it could have been so much worse if Olivier Giroud hadn’t got his trademark equalizer 2 minutes from the end. Arsene Wenger seemed rather relieved at the end of the game. “We could have lost the game and when you cannot win it you don’t lose it,” he said.

“It is a difficult place to come, Southampton are a good side and I felt again we paid a heavy price for a slow start.

“We continued to attack, you could see that, again these kind of teams are difficult to play, but we were relentless and didn’t give up. I think we could have won, but they as well had a few chances on the counter-attack.”

Giroud is certainly a brilliant player to have on the bench, and he has now equalled the Premier League record for goals scored as a sub (17), an honour previously held by Ole Gunnar Solksjaer for Man United. “He has presence,” Wenger said on our supersub. “You need it [strength] in the air and he is one of the few in the league who can do that.

Giroud breaks another record

Giroud breaks another record

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“You have to be absolutely in admiration of his mental quality but as well when team has its back to the wall, he’s always got something special to help the team.”

Le Prof was also certain that Giroud would not be allowed to leave in January. When asked about the possibility of losing such an important player, Wenger said: “In your question is the answer, because you say he is important – why should we lose an important player?”

“It is up to us. (The club, not Giroud)”

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“He will start more games. I believe as well it’s always the same when you have many good players, some of them cannot play. The question you get is always why does the guy who is good not play? Because if you take him on you have another guy who is good who will not play, it is as simple as that.”

Giroud himself was very pleased with the comeback, and he is more than happy that we didn’t come away empty handed. He said: “I always try to bring something for the team when I come on the pitch. Today we missed having players in the box, so I tried to bring that. It was a good cross from Alexis and I tried to be at the right place at the right time. It’s nice to come back because since the beginning of the second half, we were pushing and pushing. We are pleased with this point because it’s always difficult to play there.

“The boss said we wanted to start strongly and finish strongly. We were caught behind our defenders at the beginning of the game and Charlie did well – he could have scored a brace. Fortunately for us it was only 1-0 and we were able to come back at the end. It’s a good point.”

Every point is a good point, but I would have preferred three!


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20 thoughts on “At least Arsenal didn’t lose! And Giroud breaks another record

  1. McLovin

    He speaks like he’s never had any intention to challenge for the title. Burnley, United and Watford all have gone to St Mary’s this season and won, it’s not that difficult Place to go. Only difficult for Wenger.

    City going to Old Trafford and winning after United’s 40 undefeated matches, now that is difficult.

    He is a specialist in mediocrity.

    1. Vlad

      You also forgot to mention that Chelsea lost to West Ham, and Pool drew with Everton. There are no easy games in EPL. But fans like yourself think that we should be winning every single one. Give Soton some credit. And give our boys some credit too for not giving up.

  2. leo

    Before we go n abt and give effin manager called wenger a leeway…take a look at city…the have possession,attack like no 2morrow,but the difference is that guardiola(bless his soul) built his team to be aggressive without d ball..what counts is a team’s attitude when they dnt have the ball..are we gonna have players who arent interested in getting stuck in…we had an oppurtunity to get past chelsea n we blew it again.. City have nw beaten chelsea manutd arsenal thats stuff of champions…pfft

    1. Nothing changed

      Very important point Leo!!! We suck without the ball and are clearly not coached on how to play without the ball. That is why in my opinion it doesn’t make much of a difference what formation we play. If players are not taught how to defend as a team, like Pep does, then no formation is going to make up for being players out of position, not tracking back in time, only one or two pressing high the rest watching etc.

        1. Nayr

          None based on current form.

          and you have to admire guardiolas tactics…a midfield of silva,debruyne and fernandinho looks weak on paper in terms of strength but in the real game they can keep the ball for ages.
          city are winnning games because of a very good technically gifted midfield.
          made matic and xhaka look like confused hens.

        2. Nothing changed

          How many of players would become better under Pep? He makes players better.

          I am sure he would use Sanchez, he would improve Bellerin who has raw talent but is not improving as a result of lack of proper coaching IMO, I am sure he would improve Iwobi, Nelson, Wilshire and Ramsey and Laca.

          Players like Xhaka and Giroud would just not be his style player, they are slow and not very athletic but look at his back line against Man U hardly his first choice but they all knew what to do.

          Our players look poor because of the manager IMO.

  3. Rkw

    At least we didn’t lose …wasn’t that Nixon’s response to the Vietnam war !!! … seem like our money grubbing owner is cut from the same bloc

    1. Nothing changed

      Pep is in a league of his own IMO. Then you have Conte and Mourinho, then Klopp and Poch and then the rest.

      1. TW14-TH14

        Mourinho is no where as good. I don’t care his previous success. Spends 100s of millions and still plays dreadful football. I will take Wenger over him all day no matter what anyone thinks. Wake me up when “Poch” wins a pin. Guardiola is the real deal.

  4. Mitch Connor

    Not good enough
    Wenger has turned us from a club of Champions to a club of beggars grasping for every little crumb we can find

    Even if we did finish in the top 4 (which is unlikely) we should have had loftier ambitions. The stadium has been paid off for a while now. No excuses
    Wenger Out

  5. tas

    i know we are siting 5th in the EPL and no chance of the title but i’m loving the way we play this season (apart from the Liverpool game which i blame OX for and bad game with watford ) past few seasons we played really bad specially last season it was frustrating but it sesames we are slowly finding our feet and playing some really exiting football like we use to,

    unfortunately City is making every team look bad and will for seasons to come and if we can get to keep Sanchez and Ozil ( if they carry on playing the way they are lately ) and sign two top players we should be OK for second position next few season until the oil runs out in middle east 🙂

    1. Nothing changed

      tas I didn’t see it that way. We played like a pub team and once we fall behind we do a lot of ineffective passing but fail to create any clear chances.

      To me, we were more exciting 5 years ago.

      1. tas

        @Nothing Changed i agree about 5 years ago, personally i’m finding our game exiting to watch with a strong belief that no mater what the score is we will win the game, obviously we don’t win every game but the belief is there for me and i’m enjoying watching more then last season, we have to except that some teams in Europe are almost impossible to catch and City is coming close to that point of dominating years to come and only Man-U or Chelsea could muster up a small challenge, sad but unfortunately we have to face up to reality.

        1. jon fox

          tas, If you really find our turgid, timid, sideways passing style exciting, then I fear for your sanity! Perhaps you have an orgasm watching paint dry!

          1. Tas

            NO I don’t have orgasm watching paint dry my vice is watching grass grow ??

            I just believe we are playing a beter game reacently and just saying that it will soon be financially impossible to catch up to City and we have to except it or we will go mad ?

            1. Tas

              And Jon fox we are improving almost every week and we have a fresh first XI they hardly played this season that will make a huge diferance in the new year

              1. jon fox

                Improving every week are we? Every single week getting better. Well thats great news, since we must therefore be top . I cant work out then why all the tables have us in fifth place, 17 points behind City. Our last game, at SAINTS was scintillating then. presumably!

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