Atrocious Arsenal – Are we at the end of an era?

Bradford 1 – 1 Arsenal; knocked out by penalties by KJ

What a disgraceful performance today. This was a match that Arsenal had to win, HAD TO. It is beyond a joke now. We have constantly slipped up against the smaller teams this season. They look completely disinterested and have no ambition to actually win the match for the fans. It’s a disgrace.

Onto the actual match. We were atrocious from the beginning till half time. We couldn’t string two meaningful passes together. We were lethargic and uninterested and clearly complacent. As a result, we were punished by Bradford from a set piece.

A decent ball in from the right hand side and we made a complete meal of it. We failed to clear it and it was an easy goal for their captain. However, this team was good enough to be 10 nil down and to still win it.

Unfortunately, none of the players were taking this game seriously and we were struggling to carve out any chances. Credit to Bradford who were extremely tight with their marking and their positioning. It was a valiant effort.

The second half started and the team still couldn’t be arsed. I was absolutely fuming. These players are playing for Arsenal FC, not Accrington Stanley. Wenger made a couple of changes that saw Rosicky and Chamberlain come on. Instantly it made a difference as there was more width as well as someone who was on the same wavelength as Cazorla.

Wilshere spearheaded our attack for the remaining 15 minutes which saw us score a late equaliser with Vermaelen. It was one of those “Finally” moments. I wasn’t happy that it had taken this long to get back into the game but it was better late than never.

I expected the team really to kick into gear during extra time as Bradford were just running on adrenaline. However, the likes of Chamakh and Gervinho really questioned why they were even professional footballers in the first place. They were absolutely dreadful. They have no understanding or ability to pass let alone score goals. They missed key opportunities to change the match and looked disinterested throughout (especially Chamakh).

We eventually took it to penalties and we all knew the inevitable. Cazorla missed his. Chamakh missed his. The two young Englishman put the rest of the team to shame by scoring theirs and finally, Vermaelen missed his.

There was a picture of the team right after Vermaelen’s miss and the only two players that were in actual distress was Wilshere and Chamberlain. The rest didn’t even look bothered.

This result is due to a lot of things. The team was absolutely awful. Wenger didn’t motivate his team enough. Wenger wasn’t brave with selection and resorted to type rather than actually pushing the boundaries by using Eisfeld/Chamberlain instead of Ramsey or using Podolski as a striker.

It really is worrying times at Arsenal and I do fear that this could really be the end of an era under Wenger.

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58 thoughts on “Atrocious Arsenal – Are we at the end of an era?


    I like the way you protect Wenger in a very subtle way. Yeah right blame the players I bet they forgot to say hey coach we need to practise penalties. You talk about Players that need to be sold we have a long sh%t list starting with Wenger, Gazidis, Hillwood, Kroenke, then we have Fabianski, Squillachi, Djourou, Santos, Yennaris,Coquelin,Frimpong,Ramsey,Diaby and Rosicky (injury prone hardly play),Gervinho,Arshavin,Bendtner,Chamak,Denilson,Park.

    Just imagine what could happen if we sold the sh%t list put 4 million pounds on each players head you get 64 million pounds. Next step get rid of Wenger, and get a good replacement. Take the 70 million pounds in the coffers add it to 64 million and you got R134 million pounds to spend. JUST IMAGINE!!!!
    BUT No !! that won’t happen> WHY?
    Arsenal equalize and the AKB’s start chanting Arsenal is the best club in the world. Delusion filled with mediocrity and a lot of brainwashed idiots who can’t see the light. All of them were out yesterday saying how we turned it around against West Brom. Where are they now? They gave Wenger and the board the power to to mess up the team. Damn Wengerites!!!

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  2. Frank

    I’m not surprised we lost. We are a joke. Half our squad are not good enough to be Arsenal players and Wenger has to go. I’m really sick of this shit.

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  3. Dave

    Gervinho’s miss was absolutely disgraceful. His walking-pace dribbling always slows down our counter attacks, my lord it is frustrating to watch sometimes.

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  4. AOB

    I really don’t know what Wenger thinks in bringing in Gevinho into this game let alone playing him as a striker. Does it mean that when u are a coach you just do thing differently for the sake of it? Podi shd av been played down that centre and Genviho shd be in d bench. His presence was ot felt at the box, he holds on play and let’s opposition regroup easily, this guy is just not good for AFC.there is just too much mediocrity at the club right now and no thanks to Wenger.

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  5. Christian Ethiopia

    I don’t even know what to say…I tried to find positives but I honestly couldn’t (apart from the young Englishmen)…our team really looked like it had no passion…we were given the easiest team of the round on a platter, and we messed up!
    I used to defend Ramsey a lot, but now, he’s really getting to me…he actually does slow play down..and talk of his injury is getting old, Wilshere had a one-year lay off and came back as hungry as ever against QPR!!
    I’m sick and tired of being made fun of by annoying Man U fans (of which there are a lot down here)…the January transfer window can be our savior…we must use it to strengthen…
    Otherwise, keep the faith everyone, our only real competitors for fourth are Tottenham and Everton…we can beat them

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  6. Shankj

    Seeing yeterday’s performance, it can be easily said that wilshere is most overrated player in PL( maybe because he is young English player). Arsene insistance on giving more chances to wilshere and Ramsey is dragging the club down.

    Why Arsene don’t try Eisenfld, who was considered better than Goetz at Borussia Dortmund.Or Chuck Aneke.

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  7. spider

    Time for change, its not rocket science, Wenger has grown bigger than the club, and does what he wants, he is failing at his job big time, yet we take it, the board has no backbone if their scared to sack Wenger.

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  8. goonar


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  9. clarks

    First things first, Wenger got it wrong. Gervinho is and was ineffective as a striker, Podolski who is a fantastic striker was put once again on the wing. Why?
    Ramsey, i personally think people are too hard on him and he’s a quality player, but last night he was abysmal and should have been replaced by Ox or Arteta before half time, not after it.
    And finally, when Plan A failed (which it predictably did) you must try something else Arsene, not stick to Plan A.
    In january we need some new blood, both on and off the pitch. Sorry people, Arsene Knows, but not enough.

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  10. Adekunle Johnson

    I reserved my comment till January transfer window.all d players were indolent not committed

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  11. YoungGooner

    Wow unbelievable this is a huge wake up call because frankly we aren’t just good enough, in January we need to spend on established players forget the likes of zaha we need to get guys like llorente. if GERVINHO can play upfront why cant Walcott we seriously need to keep him and sell the likes of:
    Fabianski, Squillachi,Santos, chamakh and Arshavin or at least give him a pay cut

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  12. goonar

    From the momment that the manager does not respect the fans it is time to go. At least ask sorry for the perfomance not making up excuses. Wenger out

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  13. Mo-mo

    Rumour is out that Man UTD is leading the race for Walcott’s signature. Remember how many assists He gave RVP last season. Now imagine them playing under Fergie. Will we ever compete for honours???? Please Arsenal supporters we don’t have to stoop to the level of Chelsea supporters, but something has to change and soon!!! Let’s start with the banners and take it from there. I doubt if Wenger still loves Arsenal looks like his just holding out for as long as he can. Where is his passion?

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  14. jibber

    i do agree that we need to get rid of players, change board and manager, but your list of players is just insanely long it’s unreasonable.
    the most important thing is to make a little change as possible to get back into top flight.Although we do need certain drastic measures, get rid of a LONG list of players all at once is not a way out.
    even if we have a sugar daddy like mancity, we won’t do that.
    look at QPR, whole team out and a whole team in this season, they didn’t get anywhere better.

    the most important thing is figure out what kind of football we play. And then from there, we decide who to play and who doesn’t.
    And to do that, we need a manager who can change things. As it is right now, it is pretty clear that Wenger is out of tricks under his sleeves. He’s just a frustrated man being screamed” u don’t know what your doing”. He does know, just doesn’t have the right answers for it; like understanding the problem but couldn’t get the right answer in a math problem solving question.

    he’s been too fixated on finding wonderkids, especially ramsey. the results recently suggests that whenever girvinho and/or ramsey plays, the team fails to deliver. It’s even got to the point where even the team doesn’t really believe in them, hence y the lack of ambition.
    No one likes to go in and expect to lose. but if u have players on the field that u kno is gonna make a mess, u’ll not take things any more seriously.

    Wenger either doesn’t see it, or he’s too arrogant to think everyone will believe in him regardless of results delivered.

    again, Ramsey plz be loaned, girvinho just swap him for any other winger with more potential.
    wenger has only the january window as a last chance to fix his reputation and Arsenals.
    if we end up big names but still couldn’t deliver, then it’ll be clear is wenger’s problem.
    IF he still however signs young guns over anything else, then a gd part of the problem has to be the board as we r clearly heading downwards.
    that being said, i still think the chance Wenger is overly arrogant is higher that than the chance the board isn’t allowing any signings.
    Even tho Gazadis’s track record isn’t great, the wage structure is controlled by wenger and that’s the problem. gazadis’s bottom line should be champions league qualification, because without it, his pay will be cut with definitely no excuse to raise any pay.

    so it’s either Wenger spends real money buying, fix this and we miraculously get to top 4, or we actually change managers before the end of the season.

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  15. Arsenal 007

    Lunacy is best described as doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. AFC management if full of lunatics.
    we sell our quality players, buy less than average, complain about players being too expensive (at £20m), while we sell for(£35m).
    Walcot and Sagna are on their way out.
    We won’t win a ‘tea cup’ if we don’t change this rubbish attitude. imagine we loosing to Bradford…That’s the height of complacency on our side.
    I need my Old Arsenal back.

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  16. KickuPtheArsene

    For freaks sake – this was Bradford! Not Chelsh!t, Man Sh!tty, or Barca. Bradford!
    We truly have no ambition. But what can you say – it starts from the top. If the owner, CEO, or the manager only show 4th place as their priority, why would the players aim higher? The true colour of what our club now believes and stands for is manifesting itself on the pitch. What does it need to take for people to wake up? How much longer will the supporters tolerate this level of medeocraty? It’s time for things to change.

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  17. Ashendren reddy

    Not so long ago in a beautiful land of Arsenal live a brave, fair and just king named king Henry I. King Henry ruled his land from his mighty castle Highbury.

    King Henry was known for his brave exploits. With his fiery left boot and amazing skill he save the likes of Lady League and Lady FA cup from evil monsters like the 2 headed Manchester crab, the terrible Tottenham turtle and the slimy Chelsea snake.

    However the time for King Henry to leave came. He had to go save other lands from terrible danger. Henry did not name a sucessor and thats where the problems began.

    An evil wizard named stinky stan had risen and taken control of Arsenal. He plunder the land of Arsenal and bought a ranch. He raised taxes in the form of ticket prices. He banished the bravest knights like RVP, Song, Nasri and fabergas from the land using salary caps.

    Stinky Stan’s power was so great he even drove the once wise Wenger to comlete madness. He used Wenger’s madness to raise beasts such as the terrible squid, the 2 left foot Ramsey and the evil forehead.

    Arsenal is being over run by no talent beasts and being plunged in the darkness or mid table. Lady League and Lady FA cup has been lost to the monsters.

    Will another king rise and save Arsenal? Will Wenger be saved from the madness. Will arsenal become once again the pride of London or will it be Doom?

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  18. stevo


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  19. austine nosa

    I’m nt suprised about our so call goner fc inability 2 win against smal team bco al d players, coach and board dey were al sick and dey need deliverance.

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  20. JONNO

    Trouble is Wenger knows it dnt matter wot he does,
    as long as he keeps makin money for the club the
    board will never ask him to leave.

    What the board shd be doing is reminding wenger
    that a club like ours shd be fighting for trophys
    and they shd demand success. Wenger needs sum
    pressure from above.

    Same goes for our players, we need a bigger better
    squad so there is competition for places so nobody
    gets complacent. Our club has gone to $hite and
    many people are to blame.

    If things dnt january then our future is
    very very bleak. I love my club just hate the way its
    bein crippled by our twisted owners.

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  21. joel

    I hate arsenal more and more…..I now think of arranging some curse daily on wenger and the so called bored….arsenal is hell and now man-u is heaven and I don’t need to go into hell anymore…… now on my way to heaven…thanks all stay with rubbish

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  22. Aussie Jack

    I don`t understand Wenger at all, the Arsenal era ended some years ago. We (the fans) have been patient, tolerant, understanding and forgiving but that`s at an end now. This is Wenger`s last season, it`s up to him to bow out gracefully.

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  23. Arran

    We are in need of some major changes. !…We need to show intent by signing a top top class striker (Falco) need to keep hold of Walcott, and sign a top class strong tall midfielder as Diaby is too injury prone to rely on, Ship out the deadwood (Chamcrap, Gerv, Ramsey, Squillaci) … Make Wilshere Captain as TV5 has not had a good season and does not lead the team. In an ideal world we then need Pep as our new manager…. But what will happen is: Wenger will stay, We will sign Henry for 6 weeks, Theo will be sold in January, Diaby will come back in the squad and “be like a new signing” for two games max and will then be out for the rest of the season…’s depressing really as the potential is their but for some reason the players are not playing for Wenger anymore and we really lack the steel in midfield and clinical finishing up front.

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  24. ian

    70 mins to get a shot on target against a team like bradford says it all. This team has a few good players but it also has players that should not b in the squad never mind the team. How many matches r we going to have to loss for wenger to do something about it i know some supporters r still sayin wenger is the best man forthe job but this will b 8 years without a trophy not good enough for the arsenal he brings the players to the club so if they fail it is down to him if we dont make it to the top 4 come may then am sorry but he has to go

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  25. ah

    Wonderful piece, there is a difference between tactics and passion I think the latter is lacking. Woeful performance, heard fergie would sack his players who under performs, that I feel is the tactics lacking at arsenal, wenger stop trying to be their big uncle its played out.

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  26. ah

    Wonderful piece, there is a difference between tactics and passion I think the latter is lacking. Woeful performance, heard fergie would sack his players who under performs, that I feel is the passion lacking at arsenal, wenger stop trying to be their big uncle its played out.

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  27. Melvin

    Each time Arsenal attacks, both flank will blew it. Gervinho will slow down the pace thus allow opposition players to regroup easily, And you are most likely to know Sagna’s crosses into the box SUCKS! Sames goes to the other right wingers…Walcot especially. Try watch the last 10 games, almost 80% of those intended crosses from the right doesn’t go through. The goalkeepers were not good enough, I’ve not seen any impressive saves the likes of Cech, Buffon or even Bradford. Arteta starting to show that age is catching up fast. His ball control is slow, many times he was caught napping. But we still have assets like Carzola, Wilshere and Poldoski. However, I reckon if things continue this way, somehow even Carzola will leave. He has impressed lots of managers.

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  28. Keith

    Wenger has created a loosing culture at Arsenal.

    He has become a stubborn moron and should leave.

    Chin up Gooners the 4th place trophy in still on

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  29. J London

    The club should;
    1. Apologise for the result and to all Arsenal fans.

    2. Explain why we could not beat a 4th tier team who were assembled for nothing.

    3. Reimburse the travelling fans who made the eefort to go and witness that performance.

    4. Explain why the players if not motivated to play for the manager, were not motivated to play for the club. If not both, then they are not fit to wear the shirt.

    5. Explain to the fans a) what is going to be done to address the lack of consistency and b) what positions the club is looking to strengthen.

    This is the least they can do to us all.

    I woke up at 3.30 am to watch the game. I realised my subscription to the channel wasnt open so i watched internet updates from radio 5 live. It made me sick everytime there was an update. 16 minutes was all it took and i knew what the night would hold for us. We are one gutless team. We are not confident, have no authority, no plan, no aggression, no guile, no commitment, everything i used to see has evaporated. We are a sorry mess, something has to give.

    Either the club has to release funds to Wenger to get rid of the flops, buy some world class talent, or change the manager and provide the funds to a new manager to change the model.

    I know top talent won’t come, as we dont pay the wages, so we have to buy cast offs. The Capital One may not be a big cup but its the closest to a final that we will come this year. So its another year wasted.

    Something has got to give….we are ARSENAL.

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  30. king henry

    all said and done, i will reserve my ungry comments and only say and emplore all the mangement at arsenal to stop selling our star players,dont sell walcot, do all it takes to get a good deal with him-english players that are as good like the ox,wils and walcot are needed in our team moreso in this time. we dont need nani to replace walcot, all we need is to offload some play wasters and to add to our squad-stop enriching man u with our best players because you know they will take any opportunity they are given to dorminate over us- pls wenger!

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  31. olutemmy j

    4me its time 4 wenger to live bcos he dones not know what is doing again mmay be is old age.let him go another person should and handlle the team.if u look at it wenger promise future 4 how long nd nothing to so 4 it.that’s if Arsenal team need tropy allow him to go pls nd pls

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    @Melvin spot on we don’t have any quality wingers hence the reason why we are creating less scoring opportunities.

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  33. pt

    The board are not interested in football or the fans, Wenger lost his mojo a year ago. Wake up Wengerites, it’s over! We need a dramatic change. Waiting for the January window? Don’t waste your time, under AW nothing great will happen, TH may be back, but we will lose TW, even possibly to Ferguson Utd. New manager, get the shit out (aptly listed by the top comment), start again, new era. Thanks Arsene, you were great, I truly mean it, an Arsenal lengend, time for a new lengend.

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  34. The Beast Gunner

    Shankj don’t talk out your ass you f***en idiot, Wilshere is brilliant and will be one of the World’s best Midfielders in world football

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  35. kevin cook

    crapped on by the canaries. swooped on by the swans. battered by the bantams. give wenger the bird now. no passion no quality no strenght in depth , no leader no goal scorer no defence. from invincibles to humiliation, he says he was happy with the teams performance. well so would i be if we had been palying barcelona, but this was bradford city from division 2. and they deserved thier glory, they showed more passion ability and willingness to score, arsenal palyers were sad slow uncommited, sorry replacemeants for the players we once had, turn back the clock 7 -8 years ,and start again, because every true blooded gooner is as red as santas cloak, of embarrasment,of disgust . of humiliation, to see what scrooge has done to our once mighty ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. so he will sell walcott and sagna, to mke up for the 20-30 million he wont be getting from the champions league when we fail to finish in the top 4, how long must we take this i urge supporters to show thier frustration and concerns, but for us i dont believe we will be having a very merry christmas this year, thanks to mr scrooge,

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  36. Okey

    Let me start by saying soooorrry to all my co arsenal fans for what happened last night, the raeson why you are hurting is that you choose not to see the VERY BOLD hand writing on the wall and your allowing this guy that has been covering up for Wenger to keep decieving youby saying something good is going to happen. Oooh come on, you AW croonies how will this good happening come by?, through this wrong stand that AW,Gazidis, Hilwood,the board and Kronke took? noooo way period. You see, Wenger cant lambast the players, the players are failling because Wenger failled first, a leaders failure is a leading failure, he made sure that Arsenal will not win any thing again. Nasiri said he was leaving not just becuase of money, they are now a selling club not a winning club,COME JAUARY 2013 AUCTION SALE will start, bet me there are tags right now on the likes of Sagna, Walcot, Scessney,TV5, Koscienly and Arteta, after, come next summer it will be the turn of AOC, Wilshere etc. TV5 is bleeding inside and he cant talk, Song sold without replacement exposing the defence he is left with out of form Kos and sleeping sloppy Per Mert. Wenger has lost form and touch, if he charges the players he will be exposing his ineptitude and lack of relevance right now to the club. Is he not the one that sold off our quality players , recruited and retain the likes of Djhoruo, Santos,Diaby, Ramsey, Chammak,Sqiullaci,Arshavin,Giroud Fabiansky, Coquelin etc. Until these rookies, Wenger, Hillwood and Gazidis leaves the club, the fighting spirit and winning mentality that Wenger and Gazidis slaughtered will nevr ressurect. We need Pep G.or Frank Rijkard very fast.

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  37. Mike Dellar

    This team are a disgrace to the Arsenal Badge!…Whatever happened to guts, passion & commitment?…bring back the Invincibles!…it’s crisis time at this club I love!

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  38. hamid

    Cazorla will leave in summer, don’t you worry. Even if we were to finsh 1st, which will not happen, Cazorla would be sold. And not only him, but Sagna as well. Wallcot is gone in January and I expect the majority of this team out in the summer. Ofcourse, dedwood will remain until the end of their contrats, for they are the same as the board, only thinking about profit. I don’t expect Arsenal to be back to it’s glory days ever again. Those glory days attracted the players in the past years, now there is nothing that can attract a decent player to arrive at Emirates, for there is no trophy ambition at Arsenal anymore, and from this year no Champions League. And the wage structure is demoralising as well. Club is falling apart and will never return to normal. Wenger will never be sacked, because he buys cheap and sells high, and that is more then enough for the board. Unless London fans do something now, in two years from now, Arsenal will be relegated, mark my words.

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  39. Gundam

    I think even the most faithful have surely lost faith in Wenger now… Gerviniho alone is enough… not to mention the mindless substitutions week in week out for seasons now.

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  40. fredy

    we are just pussies for how long must we keep on tolerating this shit,it was bradford for hells sake,enough is enough,if we love the club,we should not toothlessly gather in blogs stating our anger like a bunch of 6 year olds but we should do something protest in banners,not attend home games,burn something.enough is enough

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  41. Reality check

    Let this be an eye opener for wenger lovers! If you still believe he got it , then to be honest you are far deluded than the man him self! For a while now I have been saying wenger has no tactical awareness , it don’t take a genius to know the formation is not working, yes using 4231 is not a bad formation bt it is if u have the wrong personal playing such tactics eg poldiski wide right is no no or Ramsey even worse! Our current crop will be far better suited to 442 formation but for the life of me I know this won’t happen and that’s down to wenger ! His post match statement sounded like a man who has run out of ideas, equally in bashing wenger I would honestly say we as great supports needs to back the team as there is nothing we can do now until January , there’s is no point in slaying the team now. We have very important games through christmas and the team need our full backing to get through these games. If we devide now we will fall, we to unite now and stay together till January then two weeks into the transfer if there is know sign of any transfer activity we begin our protest feriously no holding back. Arsenal till I die!!!!!

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  42. rob

    there is only 15 sports teams that pay more money than the gunners for players, 7 of which r football teams, none of which r bradford, wenger is a legend, but even legends have to know when there time is up.

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  43. Empero

    At the begining of the season, I made a comment on one the articles here where I said ”THIS IS NOT THE ARSENAL” and some who felt that they were more ‘Gunner’ than the rest of us gave me the thumbs down. I said that the vast majority of the current were not true Gunners. They donot possess the strenght of the arsenal squads btwn 1997 and 2005. Diaby and Rosicky injury prone. Gervinho is the worst forward ever to have donned the red and white. Podolski is not good enough. Ramsey ought to be loaned out long ago and sold. Oxlade seems better playing in the Cazorla role (AC milan would testify to that). Vermalen aint just good enough so is Giroud, Park and Chamakh who ought to be at Reading with Santos. The team lacks a CDM like Gilberto Sylva.
    This is not just the Arsenal. They are not even entertaining like the Fabregas era.
    Other clubs are thinking buying in-form players whereas Arsenal is thinking of out of favour guys Nani, Lampard, and a quickly ageing Henry( Respect to the King). The Zaha we are rumoured to be chasing is untested in the big waters and lacks impressive stats to boost our attack. Am tired of ‘the young shall grow’ cos they never grew up for us.
    Right now these are the Gunners: Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere, Gibbs. Oxlade, Jenkinson, Mertesacker. Then we hear Sagna, Walcot are on the way out. Thats about it. The others are kids only to be included if you have a strong back bone. May be Wenger should take a walk.
    That is your Arsenal
    for me still: THIS IS NOT THE ARSENAL!

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  44. Polite_Gunner

    I don’t blame the players, I blame the coach 100%, When you buy average players who after pay other than glory, that’s what you get average play and on another note; The Ramsey ghost is back to haunt us again!!

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  45. Ricardo

    We actually have 15 players who can genuinely compete for titles. the problem is we have 10 players in the squad who just are not up to scratch. We do need an overhaul but cant sell all the players at once. Djouro , Sculaaci , arshavin , bendtner , chamack ,denilson it is no secrete that these players are not at the level needed.

    I think the board should terminate / sell these contracts and trust our youth. Ignasi , Frimpong ,Yennaris, earsfiled , joel cambell etc. I mean they cant do much worse then the current deadwood. And the money saved in wages would cover the cost to terminate the contracts of the older guys. We need to trim the fat and promote from within. If we are going to continue to be a feeder club for Manchester, then we should do it properly. Give the youth some exposure !!

    15 points behind the leaders and its nearly Christmas. Even with the jan transfer window, it is too late to salvage this season. fingers crossed we get to 4th. But i dont think we need to panic and sack the manager. we just need to be smart and continue to build our team, and improve our game. Just like all the other teams competing for fourth. Everton , spurs , liverpool etc.

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  46. Arsenal1

    I’m goin to say this and I don’t care what any one says vermealen does not deserve to start never mind be captain..podolski has been a let down I thought capital was a legend in the making but seems to have no drive the last month or two and we can’t keep using the excuse of fatigue week in week out..lately wilshere ox and Walcott seem to be the only people with drive in them and the heart and hunger for arsenal to win don’t get me wrong I wudn sell santo or podolski I think it’s down to a bit of motivation really but as for tv5 I don’t think he is a real arsenal captain and I don’t think he is good enough for arsenal along with mert and Ramsey gervinho diaby rosicksy all our deadwood subs and reservs can’t be bothered naming them there’s just to many then our board and last but no way least wenger !! We need a breath of fresh air !! pride heart and interest in this club is nearly slim to none !

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  47. COYG

    I’m sorry….I thought this was an Arsenal supporters website, but all I read is over-reacting negative BULL.

    D-Boy, stop cut and pasting your comment into every post you can find, it doesn’t even make sense – you going to sell every one of those players for £4m (good luck) and also not bring in any replacements to maintain a full squad? jackass.

    and Frank?? “I’m not surprised we lost. we are a joke” then buzz off and support another team with that attitude.

    Everybody acts like they knew all along that wenger is losing it, but his plan was working an absolute treat until big players started leaving. So yes, I am pissed off that he hasn’t bought any quality replacements with that money, but most of y’all also agree that the board are probably holding him up behind the scenes.

    Not to mention the positives that we still have in our team (Wilshere, Cazorla, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Ox etc)

    So if your going to moan, at least let Wenger know what it is you ACTUALLY WANT (ie plan B if his uncovered gems don’t stay), not just shout ‘Wenger Out, Wenger out! Damn Wengerites!”

    Apologies for the rant, but I love Arsenal and I want to focus on how to get better again, not turn into doomsayers like everone is. Its unacceptable! peace x

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  48. kevin cook


    THE PLAYERS DID NOT START LEAVING, they wanted to stay but wenger did not have thier glorious vision of winning trophies, thats why they left and went to teams they knew would improve their chances of winning trophies., unlike arsenal fc, he let them go he weakened our team and bought in players not good enough to replace them it is wengers doing.

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  49. Uche

    @COYG says, you are talking nonsense. It is people like you that can be led off a cliff and not realize that you are about to perish. We don’t need anybody who supports a club blindly as if it is a religion. Sport is not a religion. Sporting performances are subject to review and criticism. To look at this club and say that things are okay the way they are is to say it is okay for a company that makes average goods to charge their clients the highest product prices. How do you intend to win that argument? It is quality that determines value! Ferrari can justify their huge price tags and so can Rolls Royce. These cars represent the best in the world of motoring. There is a reason Toyota cannot price their cars the way Ferrari does. It is because they are not the same quality! So going by this simple logic, how can you argue that it is okay for arsenal to sell their best players, play sub standard football and charge their fans the highest ticket prices in the land? You cannot justify that and that is why anybody who thinks this arsenal team should not be criticized is either a mental case or a ponzi schemer!

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  50. COYG

    @Kevin Cook – your absolutely right, but if fabregas, van persi, nasri, clichy, song had stayed and played with wilshere,ox and cazorla and poldi etc, we wouldn’t have been likely to win trophies? course they would!

    Wenger has a philosophy of picking gems and developing them into class players – but he’s hurt that they didnt give him loyalty. So he needs to wake up and realise what modern players are like!

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