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Why are the fans and media always so hard on Arsenal?

Media and fans are being too hard on Arsenal by Adewole Oluwafemi Peter

Morning Gunners all over the world, I am still of course enjoying the pleasure of our great victory yesterday, right now I am so excited and I trust am not the only one..

Arsenal were totally brilliant – so how did we lose 9 League games?

Where was that all season? by Konstantin Mitov

I honestly can’t quite believe how easily it looked for us to win this FA cup. I didn’t really think we’d turn up, because of the disappointment of finishing fifth and our defensive crisis, which to my surprise didn’t really show.

Arsenal v Chelsea FA Cup Final Player Ratings – Alexis outstanding as usual

Chelsea looked nigh on unbeatable for most of the season, but Arsenal matched them in every area to give Wenger his 7th FA Cup winning medal. Here is my ratings for the brilliant victory….

He was selected ahead of Petr Cech to many fans’ dismay, but made a number of excellent saves. Deserved his medal.

Was yesterday’s FA Cup win Arsene Wenger’s best ever?

Arsenal have yet again become the team with the most FA Cup wins ever, and Arsene Wenger achieved an incredible 7th winners medal in this historic competition. The Boss admitted that he thought that this was a very special moment for him, having won more FA Cups than any other manager. “I am very proud because nobody has done it. It’s not easy.” Wenger said.

Is Arsene Wenger still a “specialist in failure”?

You Cant Argue With Results by Neil

When you’re as arrogant and obnoxious as Jose Mourinho you have to be able to back it up or people will mock you. Two cups in one season, albeit one is the Mickey Mouse cup, says he is more than entitled to swagger.

Arsenal set to buy two top quality players – but which two?

How do we make the best out of a poor situation? by Galen Sona

Now lets not pretend and go overboard with the planes and the banners. Wenger will be our manager next season. Protesting has only created a negative environment for the team. It won’t change anything really. I came to the conclusion that I would just continue supporting the Arsenal team.