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What does Steve Bould actually do at Arsenal?

In every organization, including Arsenal PLC, there are structures! There are positions to be filled by people who are considered competent enough to fill them. Before you are employed into such posts, a screening or testing process would have been carried out to determine if you truly fit to occupy such a post.

Arsene Wenger to build yet another Arsenal team?

 Over the weekend, one bit of Arsenal news that went viral on the internet was the supposed meeting that took place between Wenger and Kroenke. Stories have it that the two top Arsenal men agreed that Wenger would be offered a new deal, as long as he was going to overhaul the team! Who is deceiving who? Overhaul what team? A team he had several years to build but failed at it? Tell us another story please!

Surely Alexis Sanchez is worth more than 50m Pounds?

 If recent Arsenal transfer rumours are anything to go by, then there is the possibility of Arsenal selling Alexis Sanchez for 50 million pounds or thereabouts. If he does not sign a new contract with them. 50 million pounds for our best player! Is this a joke or what?

Is Ozil STILL waiting for Arsene Wenger?

Over the course of the last few days, Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has received considerably more media attention in regards to his contract situation. Whilst Wenger and Alexis have received plenty of attention all season about their respective futures, Ozil has managed to hide in the sidelines in regards as to where he’ll be next September.

Cazorla’s absence did not ruin Arsenal’s season, his non-replacements did!

Did Arsenal’s season really end with Cazorla’s injury? By SK

Santi Cazorla is a midfield maestro! He is strong, fast and a bundle of skill. For several seasons, he has been pulling the strings at the heart of Arsenal’s midfield, assisting our strikers to score, while also contributing with goals himself. However, this season, his impact has not been felt because of ongoing issues with injuries.

Arsenal really must beat Man City to keep our season alive

Wenger simply MUST win again Man City! By SK

The match against Man City is fast approaching and the average Arsenal fan is apprehensive; not knowing if we can expect a victory in any match at all at the moment! Such is the low point we have reached at Arsenal that the average fan is not really motivated to watch games again.

Arsenal should NOT consider any of our legends to replace Wenger

No ex-Gunner is ready to coach Arsenal yet By SK

Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Viera; these are all Arsenal heroes. They were part of the team that went a whole season without losing a game and they lifted Arsenal to the pinnacle of football during their time at the club. They are legends in their own right and deserve any accolade thrown at them but when it comes to coaching the same team they played for, it is a different ball game entirely!

Are Mesut Ozil’s problems at Arsenal all in his mind?

Mentality has been Ozil’s weakness this season!

Mesut Ozil hasn’t had the easiest of seasons, but the criticisms have been put upon himself through his own performances. Inconsistent performances have seen him fall out of favour in the starting eleven, whilst niggling injures have also played their role.