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Why Arsenal will regret Wilshere transfer to AC Milan

This is all just an Arsenal transfer rumour at the moment and even if it is on the cards then things could change in the coming weeks, as we do not know how the rest of the Premier League season will go for Jack Wilshere at his loan club AFC Bournemouth or even who will be the Arsenal manager next season.

Arsenal get BIG injury boost with Ozil in Germany squad

I am not sure whether it would have been better for the Arsenal and Germany international star to be in the starting line-up against Azerbaijan today, because Mesut Ozil has not kicked a ball in anger for over a month and so could certainly do with the run out.

Latest Ozil news proof that Wenger is staying at Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has already given us a clear indication that the decision about whether he will stay on as the manager of Arsenal has been made and that we should all know pretty soon what that decision is. So far, though, we can only speculate and there have been some very conflicting reports in the football media.

Does Schmeichel transfer show Wenger IS fixing Arsenal problems?

When the Arsenal transfer news broke a few years ago about Arsene Wenger signing the veteran keeper Petr Cech from our Premier League and London rivals Chelsea, it was met with widespread approval from the Arsenal fans and the football media.

Do Arsenal fans need ‘perspective’ or is Wenger stuck in the past?

In some ways it is hard to disagree with Arsene Wenger when he talks about what he has done for Arsenal Football Club. I can also see his point about some Arsenal fans forgetting about that, because as well as the first 10 years of his reign being a time of amazing achievement on the pitch, the years of transition after moving to a new stadium were much better than could reasonably have been hoped for.

Arsenal already blown out of Mbappe transfer race by Man Utd?

If this latest little bit of transfer news from the Premier League is true then I reckon that Arsenal fans can stop thinking about the signing of the exciting young striker Kylian Mbappe, unless our club performs a dramatic U-turn in the way we conduct our transfer business that is.

Confirmation Arsenal are too comfortable and going through the motions?

To win a Premier League title takes a lot of things to go right for you over the course of a long campaign, and while some of those things like a bit of luck along the way with the rub of the green and the decisions o0f the officials, along with a relatively injury free squad cannot be guaranteed, another thing that Arsenal seem to lack is not down to the whims of fortune, a winning mentality.

International injury problems a BIG worry for Arsenal

It appears that Alexis Sanchez is pretty much doing whatever the hell he likes at the moment, as after he insisted on coming out for Arsenal in the second half at West Brom against the wishes od Arsene Wenger and the advice of the Arsenal medical team, he has now taken his injured ankle off around the world to play for Chile in what will be a fiercely contested World Cup qualifier against Argentina.